Shin Godzilla’s Requiem


Shin Godzilla Movie Synopsis

Written by Barney Buckley

A movie synopsis that is filled with all kinds of spoilers and this is all of the movie synopsis for Shin Godzilla. If you do not want to know about the film and it spoilers my suggestion is not to read the synopsis.


The movie itself begins with the Toho Motion Picture Company and its new logo. Shortly after this new logo is followed by a more traditional 1960s version of their logo. Soon after the logos appear we do here Godzilla’s footsteps as well as the 1954 famous roar. This is a dedication to the entire franchise as it celebrates Godzilla’s 62nd anniversary. Finally before the movie actually begins we do see Shin Godzilla and Katakana. This is Japanese lettering and it is very similar to the 1954 original movie which has the logo in giant letters that are white with a black background.

The Actual Movie Synopsis

There is a very small boat located in Tokyo Bay and it is completely empty. The government officials climb aboard the boat and realize it is completely empty. What they find is an origami swan, a pair of glasses, and a pair of shoes. (This is very odd) they are under the assumption that the owner and crew of this boat must have jumped overboard and committed suicide. The question is why would they do that?

Suddenly, the entire boat is rocked by a huge explosion, from underneath the boat. Suddenly a fountain of red bubbly like blood seems to from within the water itself. Meanwhile they had to Aqua line tunnel that is located beneath the bay and his son starts (Spoiler Alert) “the second stage of Godzilla has made its way out all the bay and into the mainland. As it makes its way does matter is to slither into the city and then suddenly as a military is called upon it manages to slip back into Tokyo by.

The next time we would see him it would come back again it has gone through another stage of development and this time it is called the third stage. Suddenly the third stage manages to crawl and slithers way into the city where it is seen and it collapses on the streets above the Aqua line and suddenly blood is pouring out of its gills.”

The Japanese government is prompt to take action. Rando Yaguchi our main character in the movie is a Deputy Chief Cabinet Sec. with aspirations of being a Prime Minister for Japan one day. The current Prime Minister (Ren Osugi) seems, pretty much a pushover, and as we soon realize not the best man for the job. When it comes to a crisis control. There is a lot of chatter or talk between the officials as they discuss at length what they must do about the situation that just occurred in and out of Tokyo Bay. The scenes are carefully crafted by director Hideaki Anno and the special effects for this film is done by Shinji Higuchi who has done the special effects for the Heisei Series Gamera films. As well as the Attack on Titan films. During this particular film they handled this situation very similar to what actually happened in real life in Japan on March 2011.

On March 2011 Japan was rocked by a huge earthquake and soon after that they were hit by a tsunami. Hideaki Anno took advantage of this particular situation and you do see as it does heighten the sense of tension and dread within this film. Rando Yaguchi believes that this incident was created by the fault of a strange creature, and there are images seen popping up on the Internet through videos within the next few days. However his client is refuted in the government sites the situation as being an earthquake or possible volcanic eruption or disturbances as being the cause.

However they would soon change their mind and they do in fact see a gigantic tail emerge out of Tokyo Bay. They now realize it is a creature of gigantic proportions. Suddenly it is seen slithering out of the bay this would be the second stage which is called the platypus stage or giant turtle. Oatami Hiromi (Mikako Ichikawa) is the National Conservation Bureau Dir. and he manages to call in the specialists to try and identify this particular creature.

However they come to the conclusion that they are clueless as to what it might be. It is then that the Prime Minister is now in a conference and letting people know of the situation and he is making promises that this particular creature will not make landfall. (Spoiler) “This Eventually Does Not Come True!)

The Prime Minister while in the conference is informed that, well… You guessed it? It does in fact, sure in Kamata. However it is slithering through the city. The creature does eventually reveal itself (Spoiler) “the four stages of Godzilla are very similar to that of Hedorah.” There is a clay rendition of the tadpole version on the Internet as you do not actually see this stage at all during the film. This would be the first stage of Godzilla’s development.

Now back to talking about the third stage and it vaguely resembles that of a dinosaur creature that is bulging, with fish like eyes or squid like eyes, it has little nubs that would be where the arms are. As they are not fully developed yet! It does in fact have a very long tail, with several rows of underdeveloped Mapleleaf-like dorsal plates. The monsters actually seen essentially crawling across the ground horizontally. Its dinosaur -like legs are not fully developed as it manages to slither across the ground using its chest. It slithering around like a snake.

We would classify this monster formation that is very similar to that of a “Proto-Godzilla and is seen dragging boats and cars along with the rising of the water and its ensuing carnage clearly reflects that all the horrible destruction that is eerily similar to the tsunami that occurred on March 2011. Now during this scene this is where the composer Shiro Sagisu and his chilling peace from the first video that you do see all the trailer is located on the Internet and it is called “Persecution of the Masses” as it suddenly appears.

The Prime Minister is now being pressured by the cabinet to declare a state of emergency in Japan. The Japanese Self-Defense Force (JSDF) is suddenly called into action. This prototype version of Godzilla manages to slither and crawl up a building inside it collapses from his weight and somehow manages to get back up on its feet now. This is because its legs and ankles as well as his feet are growing even stronger. It does in fact certainly stand up and now goes through another stage of development as a slumbers enters a sleep like pattern.

There is another reason that this particular scene is quite noticeable it is when it’s going through his transformation stage is set to the musical score of “Akira Ifukube” this generally original thing from Godzilla 1954 where he does in fact arrived on the mainland of Tokyo Bay. It is called “Godzilla Comes Ashore” this is very Showa Series like and very cool to say the least. I will tell you this is the actual original score that was used 62 years ago. Not a re-orchestrated version by Shiro Sagisu. While you are listening to is very startling and unexpected, but hauntingly appropriate for this particular scene.

It is during the transformation stage that he does go through a moment where he does attain the original 1954 Godzilla more. This again is neither edited nor changed. Again I have to say this is a very nice touch.

The Japanese Self-Defense Force finally arrived on the scene to attack the monster. However they are suddenly forced to call off the strike when they discover that there are still civilians in the area. This is where the third stage Godzilla manages to slip back into Tokyo Bay. It does in fact disappear right off the radar.

The government is now deliberating on how to deal with the situation and Rando Yaguchi has been vindicated for his opinion that the creature existed in the first place does in fact receive permission to start a specialized group to study this monster. Because I realize they made a mistake, so they honor him with this particular responsibility. The “Enormous Creature Special Disaster Headquarters”, or “Team Yaguchi” is finally established and in their first discovery they realize that the creature did in fact the something behind. It was determined that this monster is emitting radioactivity, although not seriously high levels of radiation. At least not yet.

Now this is where we get to meet that pretty little Japanese-American girl her name in the film is Kyoko Ann Patterson (Shitomi Ishihara) she comes off as being somewhat a cocky Japanese-American girl. Who is a special envoy for the president of the United States of America. She certainly arrives on the scene and this is where you get references and connections (although not canonical) to the previous Godzilla films or they were suddenly introduced at this particular point in the film.

Kyoko is looking for the scientist named Goro Maki (Akira Kubo’s Name in the movie “Son of Godzilla” and also the lead character of the movie “The Return of Godzilla”, and this to me was a nice touch.) This person has been working on an energy research in the United States, and ultimately determined that it was Goro Maki who in fact committed suicide in Tokyo Bay. Leaving the people with both the mysterious envelope along with the origami crane. They now realize that these are strange maps and documents that have been recovered and they were shown to Kyoko. She does in fact share some information with Rando Yaguchi and when he looks at these documents he notices a strange word or an unusual word in English “Godzilla”.

Kyoko does inform Rando Yaguchi that this is a codename that was used by the United States of America for a creature that did attack Japan and its true name is “Gojira”. It was Goro Maki who actually name the creature and he took the name from… Wait for it… The name of a giant God revered on the island grew up on… Odo Island.

Goro Maki as it turned out have been studying this bizarre life form known as Godzilla for many decades. It had been over 60 years earlier (Circa 1954) the lawsuit was discovered feeding off of nuclear waste and was studied in secret. Now the exact origins of Godzilla and for what purpose the United States was studying him is still left a mystery.

What is ultimately discovered by Team Yaguchi is the fact that this particular monster they call Godzilla does contain a great amount of radiation within his body. They also know that this monster does emit great heat and radioactivity when it does move. As they do further studying there are suddenly interrupted by yet another interruption of the great monster Godzilla as he makes his way out of Tokyo Bay once again and this time he does make his way to landfall again.

This time Godzilla lands in Kamakura. Now suddenly this beast has taken on a different form that does closely resemble that of the classic Godzilla and it appears as the “Shin Godzilla Design” that we are all familiar with. We have seen this particular design in trailers, posters, and toys. Now whether you want to believe it or not this is the fourth stage of the monster with the previously seen Proto-Godzilla and it’s two other forms being the second and third form overall. This is the fourth stage as you do not see the first stage (Tadpole Stage).

I did mention earlier that we do not see the first agent all in the film. But there are images out there that are based on a play form of the actual image. Before stage is the biggest and most powerful version of Godzilla so far. While watching this on screen the name is mentioned as “Shin Gojira” several times during the film. Let’s further elaborate on the word “Shin” in Chinese it simply means “Evolved” or “Evolution” and it also means in Japanese “New”. There are other meanings to the word “Shin” it could mean… “True”, “King”, and “God”. It just simply means is another new version or description of the “King of the Monsters”.

I’d also like to mention that a lot of people assume that this is the final form of Godzilla. It is for this film. However I do not think is the last form as we have not seen a truly developed Godzilla yet! I believe it will need to go through further development (Spoiler) we see Godzilla walking through Kawasaki and certainly more “Akira Ifukube” music makes an appearance. When the monster son emerges from the water before walking to Kawasaki the famous Godzilla theme thunders across the film. Now during this particular scene the soundtrack is from and composed by “Akira Ifukube” and it is the score from “King Kong versus Godzilla 1962” and that it does certainly transition into Godzilla’s theme that was used in the movie “the Terra Mechagodzilla” which came out in 1975. Keep in mind as you are watching the film you are going to see that it is a very classic Godzilla in nature and as the scenes themselves when the monster is slowly advancing through town and crushing the buildings and causing panic throughout the entire city as it is crushing the buildings and causing chaos you do see the people fleeing from the monster and tear. Hearing this for during the scene it does in fact feel very appropriate or welcome to the longtime friends. You will appreciate this particular part!

Tomogawa is the particular line of defense against the monster and the Japanese Self-Defense Force five began their attack by having their helicopters fire their Gatling guns directly into Godzilla’s face. The tanks themselves dear fire artillery shells at the monster’s legs and torso, what to know about because we all know that Godzilla is damn near indestructible and unstoppable. Does in fact keep walking like nothing is happening. This my friends is the nature of Godzilla. In this particular film it is said that the military in this film do not miss their shot. Every single shell and bullet that is fire on Godzilla does in fact hit the monster.

Yet again and all Godzilla films with the exception of Godzilla 1998 (That One Is Not a Monster. It was a gigantic Animal) we do see human weapons can’t stop or even attract the attention of Godzilla. They were in fact ricochet off his skin and the artillery shells would literally bounce off and explode in the air right in front of his body. It is the most hauntingly effective attack seeing in the history of the Godzilla franchise. I also like to make note that there is a use of some classic Eiji Tsuburaya sound effects of explosions when the missiles are fired onto Godzilla. They give you that Showa Series sound effects (Very Cool Concept).

Now we’ll talk about the special effects and at this time we were clear up some confusion that seems to come out from “The Toho Motion Picture Company” and the promotion of the film as it features nothing but an all CGI Godzilla and rest assure Tokusatsu fans “This Is Not the Case”. They do use CGI in some aspects however Godzilla is in fact suitmation with CGI. I will tell you this the CGI in this film has improved immensely as we all know Japan was a little behind the eight ball when it comes to CGI as compared to American films using CGI in their films.

I will tell you this that the CGI in this film as I have not seen it yet, but I have been told that it is nothing short of astonishing. Let’s compare if you have seen the now famous “Ultraman 2016” trailer that uses Ultraman entirely in CGI and is seeing in Tokyo fighting a monster. That is naturally comparable to Shin Godzilla is very similar to that, so you will be impressed with the CGI in this film with a few exceptions of course. If you are picky and you are trying to compare that to Godzilla 2014 and you’re obsessed with the whole realistic CGI concept that my suggestion is not to watch this film.

The Toho Motion Picture Company as I mentioned has made leaps and bounds with their computer-generated imagery abilities in the last decade or so. You would be hard-pressed to believe that this is the same company that animated that passable, but definitely clearly CGI fact films such as Godzilla Final Wars. As well as other Godzilla films you will be impressed. I will say that the CGI in this particular film according to what I have been told is very much in the Tokusatsu spirit. It does make you feel very authentic.

However as good as the CGI work is in Shin Godzilla the practical effects are truly breathtaking as well. So whoever stays or even mentions that this movie is not that good CGI wise and along with the practical effects are either expect too much, or are spoiled, or just simply don’t know what they’re talking about. How about this maybe they’re overly opinionated!

In short Shinji Higuchi has achieved what I consider to be a new gold standard for not just a Godzilla series, but Tokusatsu in general. Now Godzilla is handled in an old-fashioned white with a large-scale pop. With only a few shots mostly involved in the mosses maneuverability and contorted in the ways that it seems to be very difficult to pull off with a gigantic puppet. These particular scenes were created digitally, so keep that in mind. However that would be the case in most movies anyway. Much of the CGI used with this so-called final form involves atmospheric embellishments such as the smoke and the debris. This is one of the CGI steps and does what he needs to do. The incorporation of all the CGI practical effects used for Godzilla in the real world environment of this film are absolutely flawless. With the combination of Hideaki Anno’s tight and all inspiring directing simply based Godzilla filled more realistic and terrifying at the same time. This will make Godzilla even more powerful.

Now Godzilla is directly in the center of Tokyo and suddenly the B-2 bombers suddenly drop MOP2 bombs directly onto Godzilla’s back and when explode it causes is back to explode with that red fluid coming out of his back. In this aspect when they are bothering him and he does do damage I think it is because he is still very sensitive as he is not fully healed as it can be easily will until his skin hardens. When the bombs hit there are geysers of blood that come from his back is then that we suddenly see his entire body started blowing purple. The actual color emanates from Godzilla’s back to dorsal plates as well as his entire body. Godzilla certainly bends over with his face almost to the ground and suddenly Godzilla opens his mouth and it hinges as well as the lower jaw although split wide open very similar to that of the movie “Blade 2” where the vampire’s lower jaw split wide open and this is very similar. It kind of reminds me of Orga from Godzilla 2000 or even better yet it reminds me of that of a mandible stretching like a snake you’re all that on hinges itself in a natural way. These are some of the elements you see Godzilla doing at this particular point in time.

It would be a few seconds later that that purple glow within the beast does in fact give way to a massive belt of high intense energy which starts out like a bluish fog like substance which erupts from Godzilla maw (This Is Just the Beginning). It is then it certainly ignites into a fiery substance that is so destructive in nature that it is flooding the entire city when a mass energy and it is flooding the city and it is very similar to that of the movie “Independence Day” where you see the spaceships firing down on the cities is that kind of destructive nature that Godzilla uses. It is literally bursting out of Godzilla’s mouth like a rocket engine in the fire spreads throughout the entire downtown Tokyo. At a tremendous rate that at the same time it will impress every viewer that is looking at it with extreme shock as it is impressive to look at.

Then suddenly it changes into something a little bit more accurate very much like the Gyaos in the Gamera series. He has a very accurate laser light weapon that shoots out of his mouth Godzilla has something very similar. And it is ridiculously accurate and even more destructive than his initial atomic breath. As he uses this weapon and if he his head to the right or left it will slice and destroy anything in its path. It slices through these buildings and will he shares them into dust. I have never seen anything this destructive. Godzilla 2014 does not stand a chance against this Godzilla. I will tell you this after he is done the entire downtown Tokyo is a flaming wasteland of rubble as if it were in an apocalyptic wasteland.

I will tell you this many famous landmarks and that includes the Waco building and in case you don’t know what this is it is a famous landmark that was used and destroyed by the original Godzilla in 1954 it has a clock tower within this establishment. I will tell you this as he is lighting up downtown Tokyo the composer Shiro Sagisu hold a beautiful piece that they call “Who Will Know?” Is heard when the second trailer when he makes his first appearance.

Even though Godzilla lays Tokyo and a fiery wasteland the destruction is not over yet. He has yet another weapon that is even more impressive. This new Godzilla has lasers shooting out of his back. He can manage to shoot an average of 12 of those impressive laser beams simultaneously and as he moves his back they move simultaneously with him until they hit their target in the sky. If you look at the scene they do resemble that of Godzilla’s dorsal plates looking like searchlights (If You Can Imagine That). As I mentioned before the actual purple beams that are shooting directly Godzilla’s dorsal plates they have incredible accuracy. They do hit their target every time.

I do want to add one more thing and that is the fact that when he shot those laser beams out of his back he did manage to destroy the choppers and even the shopper there was carrying the prime minister and the cabinet. They all perished! The thing about his atomic breath in its atomic laser stage does have to gear down and when he does it returns to its fiery destructive nature as he continues to burn the entire city and the Holocaust claims. If you remember back in the original Godzilla 1954 movie either the entire city up in flames this is reminiscence to that.

In the meantime we see Godzilla is surrounded by fire like some primordial devil. When his purple glow does subside does manage to close his mouth and he slowly, but surely comes to rest and freezing in place like an enormous statue. Now it seems Godzilla has expended all of his energy and decay of monsters must recharge much like Gamera did in his films. Gamera in the movie “Gamera: Attack of Legion” falls into a temporary stay of dormancy, slowly building up his strength for the next attack and this is what this Godzilla is doing.

It is during the total destruction of downtown Tokyo that the Japanese people are left in a state of confusion, panic and terror. It seems all the attempts to kill this monster and this was even with the combined efforts of the Japanese and American military has simply failed. This monster now simply rests and is a stiff statue right in the middle of a burning Tokyo. He is in the process of recharging his energy.

Well it seems that Godzilla’s devastating attack simply left the city of Tokyo and a smoldering wasteland as it seems that with the Prime Minister and the entire cabinet all gone in one big shot. They all know that in due time they will be able Prime Minister to assume control. The UN has a plan to deal with Godzilla and the solution is simply to hit the monster with a nuclear attack. This is their believing that the monster will not survive a full on assault by nuclear weapons. I will say this this has been tried or they made the attempt of using nuclear weapons on Godzilla on several occasions. It simply will not stop Godzilla.

There is a third main character in this film and he does assume the role of the new prime minister and his name is Akasaka (Yutaka Takenouchi) ultimately does support the fact and use of atomic weapons. Believing that they had enough time to evacuate the entire city and sacrifice whatever is left. This new prime minister does assure the UN it will help rebuild and so comes the ideal of peace with the atomic bombing on Godzilla’s homeland.

Rando Yaguchi and Kyoko both are steadfast and opposed to the ideal nuclear weapons. Rando Yaguchi does believe that there are alternatives less destructive methods to dispose of the King of monsters. Kyoko displayed pressure from her American father who is a powerful government official and her old political aspirations doesn’t want Japan to suffer from the destruction of nuclear weapons. Furthermore Kyoko does inform Rando Yaguchi that there are plans for to transfer control over Godzilla and the decision to use nuclear weapons on Godzilla. This would be transferred to the UN. It is then that Rando Yaguchi refuses to accept this and quickly reforms Team Yaguchi to further study the monster while it is in a dormant state.

On the first major discovery by Team Yaguchi and this is courtesy of some rapidly growing Godzilla tissue samples (this is most likely small tissue samples from the red liquid that erupted from his body when the B-2 bomber attacked it. He found out that the monster cells do reproduce asexually. They also discover that allowing the individual G cells to grow and develop an alarming rate this also tells them that it does have the capabilities of feeling very fast. They also fear that this is less likely due to the fact that it is an asexual reproductive system very similar to that of the TriStar Godzilla and a bit more comparable to Sanda and Gaira from the 1966 movie “The War Other Gargantua’s”. In this movie there is tissue samples that were from the original Frankenstein monster that fault Baragon in “Frankenstein Conquers the World” which came out in 1965 and in this movie it seems that these tissue samples I reproduce asexually and re-created the monsters Sanda and Gaira. We now realize that Godzilla being in his dormant state he is in fact recharging.

They have done scientific studies and realize that he will eventually way from his dormancy on according to what they think would be 360 hours and that gives Team Yaguchi at least two weeks to come up with a formula or a possible solution to actually disposing of Godzilla.

Rando Yaguchi is pleading with Akasaka and Team Yaguchi are desperately trying to find a solution to the Godzilla cellular structure and internal mechanisms as Tokyo is slowly evacuated. We now know that the clock is finally counting down and certainly a breakthrough would be discovered. As Rando Yaguchi realize that the answer is right in front of him the whole time it was cleverly hidden within the artifacts collected from the boat from the late Goro Maki. The man who made and actually studied this Godzilla it was Brown right there in the envelope that was located on that desert is ship in Tokyo Bay. It also have strange diagrams that could not be deciphered.

This along with that origami crane. Rando Yaguchi unfolds the actual origami crane and discovers a map that was hidden inside. The resulting data finally reveals that the molecular structure of Godzilla and with Goro Maki’s writing code that was actually meant to protect his work are very similar to that of Daisuke Serizawa and is very coincidental that he would mentally take his work with him after he killed the very first Godzilla. This is a similar scenario. It was ultimately discover that Godzilla’s process of cooling down or is in the process of going down within his body are very similar to that of a nuclear reactor.

Godzilla body and the radioactive heat that generates within his body needs a cooldown. Rando Yaguchi and his team also theorize that as they create a coagulant that can be actually developed that would actually speed up the process of is: and go beyond that and actually freeze Godzilla’s circular system and keep his body from reheating naturally. This would be a way to stop the monster. Now there is a race against time to actually develop a coagulant before Godzilla would actually return reach some more havoc on Japan or the UN is forced to use nuclear weapons on the monster.

Now that I have exactly 2 days left before the creature actually wakes up and reset it on Tokyo you. However there is a tragic situation that does develop (Uh-Oh). They are facing insurmountable pressure and Team Yaguchi is desperately seeking a chemical property for the coagulant. They look for outside help and they seek help from friends in Germany as a step in to help them develop the coagulant. Finally on the morning of Godzilla’s return Team Yaguchi’s plan goes into effect and it is Japan’s last hope.

Shortly after delivering a rousing speech to his men Rando Yaguchi begins the operation to bring Godzilla down for good. Certainly triggering explosions brings Godzilla back out of his state of dormancy and a series of further explosions incur the wrath of the beast. This is where we suddenly see Godzilla unleashes highly destructive weapon right directly from his mouth and yes from his tail. However this would quickly expand his energy. It is during this scene that most people would appreciate the musical score of Akira Ifukube this is probably the most exciting part as we now hear the march from the movie “Battle in Outer Space which came out in 1959.

Here is a little known fact that most fans know this particular piece as you listen to it is an adaption from “Japanese Military March” written for the original 1954 Godzilla film which in itself was later developed for a World War II March named “Kishi Mai” this was later fully developed for the now famous theme “Monster Zero March” this is the main theme from “Godzilla Versus Monster Zero” which came out in 1965.

By this time Godzilla will eventually expend a great deal of his charged energy with a series of explosions arbitrator this time in the surrounding buildings around him. The massive structures do eventually collapsed on top of the monster knocking into the ground and into the city streets below. It is door this point in phase 2 the operation does go on to a friend and all the tanker trucks that are loaded with the coagulant speed towards the downed monster. These particular machines have massive hoses that can be extended and are extended directly into the creature’s mouth and the trucks begin to pump coagulant down his throat.

However we all know Godzilla is not yet, and he begins to quickly struggle and ultimately rises back on his feet again and wreaks havoc once again. There was a first attempt and suddenly it does fail. Rando Yaguchi initiates a backup plan. It would be moments later that the Japanese famous bullet trains that are all loaded with explosives begin to shoot down the tracks at a very rapid rate and suddenly crash directly into the front of the trash and into Godzilla and they begin to explode on impact around the monster’s feet and chest. Now Godzilla is pissed off… Once again Godzilla unleashes a purple atomic breath however this time reviewing a terrible new ability with the purple being now escaping from the tip of his tail allowing the monster to attack front and back as Godzilla’s tail whips across slicing everything in his direction.

Unfortunately and eventually Godzilla does fall into Rando Yaguchi’s trap. Is then we see a sudden burst of atomic energy that was expended from the monsters body and then it suddenly falls from yet another massive explosion that is triggered by Rando Yaguchi’s men. This time the tanker trucks are able to deliver massive amounts of coagulant into Godzilla’s body.

We do see Godzilla eventually recover again however this time it is too late. The coagulant suddenly takes effect as a monster does prepare for another attack however his entire body again solidifies like a statue. This time it was against Godzilla’s will. With his body no longer be able to recharge Godzilla the bizarre and nightmarish beast suddenly emerges from the sea like an angry God and manages to level Tokyo into a fiery wasteland stands peacefully directly in the center of the city and Godzilla was defeated at last.

Highlights and Cast of Shin Godzilla



The latest movie in the Toho vault is simply called “Shin Gojira”, “Shin Godzilla”, “Godzilla Resurgence” these are the 3 tentative titles for the new movie that will be coming out on July 29, 2016. The tentative title for the American release is simply called Godzilla Resurgence this is the upcoming Japanese science fiction Kaiju film featuring the latest incarnation of Godzilla and it is produced and distributed by The Toho Motion Picture Company.

This particular movie is intended to be The Toho Motion Picture Companies own reboot of the franchise. This particular film is the 31st entry in the franchise and it is the 29th Godzilla film that was produced by this company.

This film is co-directed by Hideaki Anno and Shinji Higuchi with the screenplay written by Hideaki Anno. The special-effects will be directed by Shinji Higuchi who also did the triple threat of Gamera movies that came out in the Heisei Series and they were spectacular to say the least. The 3 Gamera movies that came out in the Heisei Series surpassed all other Godzilla films and special-effects and storyline. These movies were hard to match however bringing these 2 guys on board want to make this movie that much better.


Hiroki Hasegawa – Hasegawa will play a government official. After Toho offered him the role, Hasegawa immediately accepted, stating, “Who wouldn’t want to be involved in a Godzilla production?”

Satomi Ishihara – Ishihara will play a U.S. agent. She became excited after accepting the role but stressed that her character features “English-heavy dialogue”, stating, “Sometimes it’s so frustrating, I just want to cry.”

Yutaka Takenouchi – Takenouchi will play a government official. He stated that the film will contain a “deeper message”.

Production of Shin Godzilla


As of December 2014 the Toho Motion Picture Company announced plans for a new Godzilla film that will target the year 2016 for release. One of the members of Toho did quote “This is very good timing after the success of the American version this year: if not now, then when? The licensing contract we have with legendary pictures places no restrictions on us making domestic versions. So what this means is they can simply make their own version of Godzilla without any copyright infringements of the Legendary Pictures Godzilla. As we already know there are 2 more films coming to the horizon of Legendary Pictures.

The next one is set to come out in 2018 and it will feature classic Kaiju such as Mothra, Rodan, and King Ghidorah. How this movie is going to work storyline is yet to be seen. In my opinion I think Godzilla needs to team up with Mothra and Rodan to defeat the incredible monster King Ghidorah. The next movie for Legendary Pictures is said to be released in 2020 that will be 2 years after this release. This one will be as I expected before it even came out King Kong versus Godzilla or as a lot of people will probably call it Godzilla versus King Kong. This movie should prove to be interesting.

Minami Ichikawa will serve as the film’s production manager and Taiji Ueda as the film’s project leader. Ueda confirmed that the screenplay is in development and filming has been planned for a summer 2015 shoot. Toho will additionally put together a project team, known as “Godzilla Conference” or “Godzi-con”, to formulate future projects.

As of March 2015 The Toho Motion Picture Company did mention that Hideaki Anno and Shinji Higuchi will both collaborate on this particular film and just for the record Hideaki Anno is a director who created the anime series Neon Genesis Evangelion. Both Shinji Higuchi and Hideaki Anno also did the film the live action film called “Attack on Titan” which features gigantic humanoid monsters that eat humans and there are supergiant beings called Colossus which have a part in sworn flashlight feature to them this is also rumored to be incorporated into the new Godzilla design as well as possibly a deformed arm giving Godzilla a nuclear holocaust look. In my opinion this is going to be the truest evil incarnation of Godzilla to date.

The principal photography for this film started in September 2015 in the greater Tokyo area. According to Shinji Higuchi he has stated that he does want to provide what is called “most terrifying Godzilla that Japan’s cutting-edge special-effects movie-making can muster.” The special-effects technology will be a hybrid of computer graphics as well as practical special-effects, similar to the work I did on the live action film “Attack on Titan”

more on the principal photography for the film it did in fact start on September 1, 2015 with an online location film shooting at Kamata Station in Tokyo under the working title “Shin Gojira” on September 23, 2015 the Toho Motion Picture Company revealed the film’s official title as Shin Gojira in Japan this was chosen for the film for a variety of meanings that it conveyed such as either”, “true”, or “God”. These are the meanings of Shin Gojira.

The principal photography for the film did wrap up an end on October 2015, with special effects work scheduled for November 2015. In November 2015 without any prior announcement the Toho Motion Picture Company screening a promo reel at the American Film Market for a potential sale for overseas market, revealing the film’s official English title as Godzilla Resurgence.

In December 2015 the company did reveal the films 1st teaser trailer and teaser poster revealing Toho’s new Godzilla design and the film’s July 29, 2016 release date. Chunichi Sports reported the size of the new Godzilla to be 118.5 m tall make it 389 feet tall and that Mason 10 m taller than the Legendary’s Godzilla.

On Gino about the teaser trailer it does not show anything significant it pretty much just shows people running in the streets looking up in the sky for obvious reasons the running from Godzilla, but that’s all you see and then towards the end of the trailer a big right in white letters it shows the release date of Godzilla as well as the 1954 classic roar of Godzilla. I am pretty sure that I modified the roar and make it much more monstrous sounding.

Shinji Higuchi and Hideaki Anno

Shinji Higuchi

Written by Barney Buckley


Shinji Higuchi was born on September 22, 1965 he is 49 years of age as of today. He was born in Shinjuku, Tokyo, Japan. His spouse’s name is Noriko Takaya and Shinji Higuchi is a storyboard artist. He has done some notable work: Lorelei: The Witch of the Pacific Ocean, Nihon Chinbotsu, Hidden Fortress: The Last Princess. Even one a Japanese Academy old war or prize for special technology award based on special effects in movies.

During his teenage years he has become a fan of this particular genre. Started out as one of the founding forefathers our company call Daicon films is now called “Gainix” all along with fellow director Hideaki Anno, Yoshiyuki Sadamoto and Takami Akai. A highly talented artist, he worked on many of their early anime and tokusatsu productions, doing storyboarding as well as special effects.

Soon, he got to help out special effects director Teruyoshi Nakano as an uncredited assistant for The Return of Godzilla (1984). But his first major FX credit came with Daicon’s 1985 low-budget daikaiju epic-comedy, The Eight-Headed Giant Serpent Strikes Back. He continued to be a storyboarder for anime such as Gunbuster (1988) and Otaku no Video (1991), and was the special effects director for Toho/Tsuburaya Productions’ 1991 SF-thriller, Mikadoroid.

Shinji Higuchi was a key player and member of Daicon/Gainix and he also played a major part in the creation of one of the most popular anime series in Japan. This anime series is called Neon Genesis Evangelion. He was a writer and assistant director and art director as well a story border for the series. According to the anime series ShinjiIkari is the namesake to Shinji Higuchi. A little-known piece of trivia you would later voice at a musician modeled after himself in episode 2 of Karekano.

It would be later that year would have a turning point for Shinji Higuchi as he would eventually go on to direct the special effects for the highly acclaimed revamped or remastered Gamera trilogy. All 3 films were directed by Shesuke Kaneko. Shinji Higuchi proved himself to be a top master in the field of Japanese special effects with the final film of Gamera 3: Awakening of Irys which would come out in 1999. He continued to direct FX for movies such as Sakuya – Slayer of Demons (2000), Princess Blade and Pistol Opera, both 2001. That same year, he helped out with the sequence in Kaneko’s Godzilla film, Godzilla, Mothra and King Ghidorah: Giant Monsters All-Out Attack, where Godzilla is confronted by JSDF jet fighters, and retaliates with his radioactive breath.

Shinji Higuchi also provided the CG animation for the 1st Hamtaro movie and storyboards as well as the fight scenes for the CGI tokusatsu superhero epic Casshern which came out in 2004 is based on the 1973 anime series of Tatsua Yoshida.

By the year 2005 he would go on to direct the tokusatsu SF/World War II epic, Lorelei, which became a box-office success in Japan. His next project was a remake of the classic 70s Toho disaster film Japan Sinks, released in 2006. The latter film was a massive success at the box office, but was poorly received by critics and won second place at the Bunshun Kiichigo Awards (the Japanese equivalent of the Razzie Awards) in 2006. Recently Shinji Higuchi directed Hidden Fortress:

The Last Princess, released on May 10, 2008. It is a remake of Akira Kurosawa’s The Hidden Fortress. The next film is a live action film of the animated series they call “Attack on Titan” which has already been released and I believe it is a two-part series the 1st part is already out there as you would go on to do the next project that most Godzilla fans will appreciate and it is remake of Gojira, which is based on a screenplay by Hideaki Anno.

Hideaki Anno

Written by Barney Buckley


Hideaki Anno born May 22, 1960 in Ube, Yamaguchi) is a Japanese animator, film director and actor. He is best known for his part in creating the popular anime series Neon Genesis Evangelion. His style has become defined by the bits of postmodernism he instills into his work, as well as the extensive portrayal of characters’ thoughts and emotions, often through unconventional scenes incorporating the mental deconstruction of those characters. He married manga artist Moyoko Anno on April 27, 2002.

Anime directed by Anno that have won the Animage Anime Grand Prix award have been Nadia: The Secret of Blue Water in 1990, Neon Genesis Evangelion in 1995 and 1996, and The End of Evangelion in 1997.


Childhood and personal life

Anno was born in Ube City; he attended Wakō Kindergarten, Unoshima Municipal Elementary School, Fujiyama Municipal Junior High School, and Yamaguchi Prefectural Ube High School where he was noted for his interest in artwork and making short films for Japanese Cultural Festivals.

Anno is an agnostic and has stated that he has found Japanese spiritualism to be closest to his beliefs. Anno is also a vegetarian.

Early work

The God Warrior from Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind, which Anno animated.

Anno began his career after attending Osaka University of Arts as an animator for the anime series The Super Dimension Fortress Macross (1982–1983). Wrapped up in producing the DAICON III and IV Opening Animations with his fellow students, he was eventually expelled from Osaka.

Anno did not gain recognition until the release of his work on Hayao Miyazaki’s 1984 film Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind. Running short on animators, the film’s production studio posted an ad in the famous Japanese animation magazine Animage, announcing that they were in desperate need of more animators. Anno, in his early twenties at the time, read the ad and headed down to the film’s studio, where he met with Miyazaki and showed him some of his drawings. Impressed with his ability, Miyazaki hired him to draw some of the most complicated scenes near the end of the movie,[9] and valued his work highly.

Anno went on to become one of the co-founders of Gainax in December 1984. He worked as an animation director for their first feature-length film, Royal Space Force: The Wings of Honneamise (1987), and ultimately became Gainax’s premiere anime director, leading the majority of the studio’s projects such as Gunbuster (1988) and Nadia: The Secret of Blue Water (1990–1991). However, Anno fell into a four-year depression following Nadia — the series was handed down to him from NHK from an original concept by Hayao Miyazaki (of which Castle in the Sky is also partly based upon) and he was given little creative control.

Neon Genesis Evangelion

Anno’s next project was the anime TV series Neon Genesis Evangelion (新世紀エヴァンゲリオン Shin Seiki Evangerion?) (1995–1996), which would be touted as an influential animated series.

Anno’s history of clinical depression was the main source for many of the psychological elements of the series and its characters, as he wrote down on paper several of the trials and tribulations of his condition. During the show’s production, Anno became disenchanted with the Japanese “otaku” lifestyle. For this and other reasons (although perhaps by design as well), Evangelion’s plot became increasingly dark and psychological as the series progressed, despite being broadcast in a children’s television timeslot. Anno felt that people should be exposed to the realities of life at as young an age as possible, and by the end of the series all attempts at traditional narrative logic were abandoned, with the final two episodes taking place within the main character’s mind.

The show did not garner high ratings in Japan at its initial time slot, but after being moved to a later, more adult-oriented venue, it gained considerable popularity. Budgeting issues at Gainax also forced Anno to replace the planned ending of Evangelion with two episodes set in the main characters’ minds. After these last two episodes were aired, Anno received numerous letters and emails from fans, both congratulating him on the series and criticizing the last two episodes.

Among these were death threats and letters of disappointment from fans who thought Anno had ruined the series for them. In 1997, Gainax launched a project to re-adapt Evangelion’s scrapped ending into a feature-length film. Once again, budgeting issues left the film unfinished, and the completed 27 minutes of animation were included as the second act of Evangelion: Death and Rebirth. Eventually, the project culminated in The End of Evangelion, a three-act film that served as a proper finale to Neon Genesis Evangelion.

In September 1999, Anno appeared on the NHK TV-documentary “Welcome Back for an Extracurricular Lesson, Sempai!”, answering some Evangelion related questions, including the origin of the name Evangelion, and teaching children about animation production.

Shin Gojira: A Tokyo Nightmare

Written by Barney Buckley

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It is a very calm day in Tokyo the year would be 1954. The citizens of Tokyo are going about their lives going to work doing what is necessary in everyday routines. However something is just not right, but the people of Tokyo are not aware. We zoom out to a small island located outside of Japan where the island is suddenly sinking due to the nuclear fission that is slowly destroying the island and creating such great energy.

As the island is sinking the nuclear fission that is being created by the sinking of the island as somehow created an anomaly which is slowly taking shape. It is festering in the waters where the island was originally located before being destroyed by nuclear fission. We now zoom to the future it would be 2016. That particular anomaly is now taking a very large shape and is floating around in the water. It is a large rock like formation that is roughly over 350 feet long and about 80 feet wide.

The military had out to that particular location because that particular anomaly is giving off tremendous amounts of radiation and the military are monitoring his progress. With sonar and radar they figure out the size and the shape of this anomaly. The monitor the progress of the radiation and they realize it is increasing in nuclear fission. Suddenly the anomaly begins to crack open with glowing effects and outcomes a giant monster is just floating there whether it is alive or not we do not know.

They don’t dare send divers into the water because they have to leave immediately because now the nuclear fission or radiation has increased tenfold. They do not leave they will get sick and die. However because of the tremendous increase of radiation the entire crew is affected. The ship that they are on is called the Kata Maru. It is a Japanese freighter that has military equipment on their to monitor progress of radiation that is our main job. The entire crew slowly started dying because of the radiation is so high that only a few are now surviving.

All of the few that are surviving they suddenly see something rising out of the water very slowly. They 1st see a very grotesque head with creepy little eyes as he slowly rises out of the water they realize it is a monster. The size of this monster is extremely huge as it continues to rise out of the water now stands at waistline over the ship. The few men that are surviving are looking at this monster as he towers over the ship. This monster lets out a tremendous roar it is a deafening roar. One of the crewmembers suddenly gives it a name before he dies he calls it Shin Gojira. The word “Shin” can mean a lot of things but in this case it means “True” and “Gojira” simply means any combination of 2 words meaning gorilla, and Kujira which means whale in Japanese. So we will interpret the meaning of “Shin Gojira” as being a “true, gorilla like whale” or as big as a whale which in this case he is.

Shin Gojira is a gigantic monster that stands over 350 feet tall and has a very huge head and his entire body is rippled with torn flesh and a burn like feature all over its body. This is because this monster was created by the nuclear fission caused by the destruction of the island. Shin Gojira’s head is rippled with this affect and he has very small beedy eyes. His mouth is gigantic and has 2 sets of very short jagged in like teeth. Along his back are 5 rows of what looks like gigantic dorsal place that are ridden with glowing red and torn flesh that is hanging off the dorsal place. This monster is absolutely terrible looking.

Shin Gojira suddenly looks to the sky and all of a sudden his dorsal place start glowing red and his mouth is festering with fire. Suddenly he raises his head and then looms down at the ship firing on the ship. He fires on the ship with such destruction that it literally rips the ship apart. The Kata Maru is completely destroyed with all hands on deck dead. It is then that Shin Gojira suddenly roars and it rips through the sky and the people of Tokyo here this is suddenly realized there is something dangerous coming. It is then that Shin Gojira suddenly lowers into the water and heads for Tokyo.

Meanwhile on Tatodohama Beach people are frolicking and have a good time and suddenly they hear a loud boom. The entire beach suddenly shakes and all is quiet as people look out into the ocean and all around them to see what made the noise. They don’t see nothing at 1st until someone notices a gigantic head rising out of the ocean. It is Shin Gojira he is now at the beach. You rises out of the ocean as people run frantically to get away from this gigantic monster. Shin Gojira lets out a gigantic roar and people run even faster as they are now petrified. Shin Gojira works his way to the beach and suddenly makes his 1st for print into the same. He looks at the people and suddenly his dorsal place light up and suddenly he lights up the entire beach with his fire.

This particular monster is not friendly at all as it has no respect for human life. It lights up the entire beach and the mountainside connected to the beach and all the people suddenly burned into ash. Only if you manage to make it up off the hillside and away from Shin Gojira. Shin Gojira makes his way past the beach and works his way towards Tokyo. It is then that the entire nation is now under attack by gigantic monster called Shin Gojira. The military advance and create formations all over Tokyo as a realize this monster is heading for the city. Along with the military are science as trying to figure out what this monster is what his intentions are and how he was created.

The one scientist name is Dr. Ishiro Honda (Appropriately Named) this particular doctor is a doctor of paleontology as well as radiology. He proceeds to study this monster while the military bands and get ready. Dr. Honda is in a helicopter and he heads towards the shoreline to get a look at this monster. He suddenly sees the monster is is looking as he studies that he realizes that this monster is in development. He studies the torn flesh all this monster and realize that this torn flesh is falling off the monster as he slowly develops into something new.

They follow Shin Gojira as he heads towards the city and then suddenly Shin Gojira is waving back and forth as if he is going to faint. Shin Gojira is very weak as he was 1st born is not totally full strength. He collapses outside the city limits and passes out. Meanwhile the military and the scientists gather around the monster as close as they can without getting any radiation poisoning. Suddenly the monsters skin and body development is slowly changing before their eyes. He is shutting at a rapid rate and slowly his skin texture becomes more reptilian like.

Shin Gojira suddenly wakes up as he gained strength and he does look different no longer has torn flesh or a radiative feature is slowly developing into a smooth skin monster. Shin Gojira makes his way to the city crashes through the buildings as if they were made of cardboard and destroys everything in his path without hesitation. Suddenly Shin Gojira is in the heart of Tokyo and his dorsal place begin to light up as he lights up the city with his fire. He slowly makes his way through the entire city burning the entire city down to ash. He continues to light up the city and the military are attacking him with their helicopters as they shoot missiles at, but with little or no effect. Godzilla continues to destroy the city as a military try to stop him he doesn’t even notice them there and this is because he such a massive monster and has an indestructible nature about him.

Suddenly Shin Gojira makes his way towards the Diet Building which is located at 1-chome, Nagatachō, Chiyoda, Tokyo. He suddenly looms over top of the building looks around and we have helicopters such as Apache helicopters that are shooting at him at a constant rate. He fires on some of the helicopters catching them as they fall to the ground in fire. Suddenly Shin Gojira begins to way back and forth once again as his body goes through another change he suddenly collapses on top of the Diet Building. Completely destroying the building and everyone in it. Once again the military and the scientists gather around watch and study as once again Shin Gojira goes through his final stage of change.

It will not be long before the final stage is complete and we see a much cleaner looking reptilian looking monster they call Shin Gojira. Shin Gojira is now fully developed as he went through 2 different stages of growth and change. Being born of nuclear fission as he walks out all the nuclear fission and a developing stage is now fully developed what he will now be from this point on. Shin Gojira lets out a gigantic cry and echoes across the sky. The military and the scientists realize they cannot stop this monster as he is now full strength and fully developed into the most powerful incarnation of Godzilla to date.

The question is how are they going to stop this monster? Dr. Ishiro Honda has study paleontology and radiology and realize this is a gigantic dinosaur like monster that is fully irradiated. The key is the radiation! The question is can they irradiate this monster to the point of meltdown or would it change him into a different monster. They try to come up all kinds of ideals, but they always seem to have an adverse ideal effects that would not simply work. Or they simply wouldn’t take a chance on it. Shin Gojira proceeds to continually destroy Tokyo as the entire city is now in a flame. There is not much left of Tokyo as Godzilla lays waste to the entire city he is now heading outside of the city to Fukuoka. In Fukuoka there is a gigantic warehouse that the government has been hiding from the people and it has something very secret as it has time machine hidden within this gigantic warehouse. This warehouse is heavily guarded and it is over 400 feet tall and about 1000 feet long. It is the biggest building in Japan.

Shin Gojira starts destroying everything in his path as he has towards Fukuoka. The scientist in the military follow Shin Gojira as he makes his path towards the city they had towards Fukuoka and then when just in front of the warehouse where it is heavily guarded by the military. They in turn talk to the people in charge of this warehouse and Dr. Honda proceeds to explain that there is a gigantic monster they call Shin Gojira he is heading towards your warehouse. You must set something inside this building. Dr. Honda asked them what is in this building. They hesitate to answer that they eventually answer because they need to stop this monster.

They tell them is a time machine that can transport just about anything they have been working on for the last 20 years. Dr. Honda comes up with the idea of possibly luring Shin Gojira into the warehouse and possibly transporting him to a different time and place. They gather all the resources. They agree and then the doctor and the military into the warehouse as a walk-in they see a gigantic teleport. The answer is would Shin Gojira be able to be lured onto the pad. They are not sure of this ideal is actually going to work.

Suddenly the routes are shaken as they realized Shin Gojira is heading toward the warehouse he crashes through the gate as he makes it to the concrete area where he comes crashing down with the gigantic feet crushing everything on his feet. Shin Gojira looks at the gigantic warehouse and suddenly the doors open up and Shin Gojira is curious as he walks towards the doors. This monster is curious as to see what’s inside and everyone inside realizes that when Shin Gojira walks inside he is absolutely massive. He looks at all the people and then looks at the teleport. He walks towards the teleport. And as easy as it seems he literally steps up on top of the teleport and the scientist look at each other as if to say that was easy. They fire up the teleport and suddenly Shin Gojira lets out a gigantic cry and suddenly from the feet straight up to his head slowly disappears into a different time zone or so they think.

They monitor his progress and realize he was teleported back to 1954. However this is another story to be continued�

The End


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