Kaiju Tales: A Chronicles of Short Kaiju Stories


book cover

Hello and welcome to my mini page based on my novel. I was inspired to do movie scripts because I was bored with my website and I needed to do something a little bit different and the fact that my website is fully loaded with all kinds of technical information, synopsis, statistics on the monsters, and so much more when it comes to writing. In case you’re wondering what I’m talking about I have a website it is called “Daikaijumania” this website is fully loaded with all kinds of Kaiju information and it ranges from the Japanese Godzilla, the American Godzilla, Legendary’s Godzilla, Hanna-Barbera’s Godzilla, all other Kaiju’s, such as King Kong, Gamera, Mothra, and I also have a sci-fi website with other monsters as well as an American patriotic website this site is full of all kinds of websites.

I have spent a better part of 15 years creating over 50 to 60 websites based on certain things that interest me and I applaud him occasionally and I have the majority of them up there now and they are on the website called “Daikaijumania” so check them out and enjoy the websites because there are a lot of them it will keep you busy. Anyway back to the book because of all the from this amount of writing that I’ve done on all my websites I have come to feel and have been inspired to do movie scripts so I decided to do one of which is gonna do one movie scripts but the way the movie laid out in my mind I needed to stretch it so I created three movie scripts based on Godzilla and it is a trilogy pack. I also did a fan fiction version of the trilogy pack you will find it on my website that is called “The Voice of a Writer” that is also on the website called “Daikaijumania” and I also set up this link below all you have to do is click on the link and you can read my first online novel.

I was inspired to do more writing and I was very curious about how to write novels and come to find out when I was faced with the novel it was only 80 pages, so I said to myself how my gonna stretch this to a normal sized book which is about 250 pages to 1000 pages maximum. I thought about it and the only way I can actually stretch a Godzilla type book is to create short stories within the book and that is what the “Kaiju Tales” is all about. It is about short stories based on Godzilla and it also has my story “Daikaiju: Moon Wars” and other stories based on Kaiju’s so download the PDF and enjoy the stories and if you want to those writers who know how to write please send me an e-mail and give me some tips on how to write the perfect book or if I’ve done anything wrong please e-mail me and let me know at bbuckley@triad.rr.com again thank you for your time. To access this PDF simply click on the image below and it should open up and allow you to download the PDF version of “Kaiju Tales”.

Sincerely Barney Buckley

Kaiju Tale Novel


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