Synopsis of Gojira 1954 (Japanese Version)


The idea first originated aboard a airplane according to legend. Tomoyuki Tanaka a producer of the Toho Company was flying home home. When a movie called “In The Shadow of Honor ” fell apart at the seems. Tomoyuki Tanaka needed to come up with a new movie and fast. He brainstormed while on the flight going home when he was thinking about the movie “The Beast From Twenty Thousand Fathoms.” Thus the idea of the first Godzilla movie came to life. Godzilla’s birth was a collaboration of many talented people. People like Tomoyuki Tanaka, Ishiro Honda, Eiji Tsuburaya, and many others to mention. If it weren’t for these people Godzilla would have never been born.

This is a movie worth recognizing as a landmark movie. One of the longest-running series in film history. It did start a huge stream of movies that has brought my fans aboard for the ride. The thought or plot of this movie I generally thought was pretty impressive. The bombing of Hiroshima has brought Godzilla to life. The idea of using postwar footage within this movie was a great idea on “Ishiro Hondas’ ” part. He went out and took actual photographs of the post war Tokyo and some how incorporated them into the movie this was a great idea. It has a documentary feel to it. Making it seem a lot more real.

The characters within this movie seem to display emotion that has not been seen in Godzilla movies in a while. A romantic love triangle. The Toho Company perhaps put alot of effort into the making of Godzilla, but one thing sticks to mind and that is the idea of making Godzilla. What I have are some important factors and names that brought Godzilla to life.

No Japanese film studios at the time would even consider Tanaka’s outlandish idea of making a monster movie, when at that time people were watching wartime movies. Iwao Mori was interested in the idea of the movie. And asked Tomoyuki Tanaka to meet with Eiji Tsuburaya, a special effects direct. When they finally met Tanaka had ask Tsuburaya and his craftsmen to create a monster larger then life monster, something the likes of no Japanese film industry have ever done. thus the beginning of Godzilla was underway. Senkichi Taniguchi was originally slated to do the movie, but he was tied up with other projects. Tanaka then chose Ishiro Honda to direct the helm of Godzilla.

Project G is the classified status to the production of the movie it was said that not even the children were to know of its production, or Tanaka would be angered by it . He wanted to be a secret. The next person to come aboard was the script writer for the movie Shigeru Kayama, who has written “Orang-Pendek’s Revenge.”. In case you are wondering about this story it is about a Bigfoot like creature found in the Sumatran rainforests.

Gojira opens with the mysterious disappearances of several Japanese fishing ships. Natives of nearby Oto Island rescue the survivors of these shipwrecks. In the hopes of discovering the causes of these disasters the Japanese government sends a small research team to the island. While on the island, the research team observes a traditional ritual to appease a sea demon called Gojira. That night, during a storm, a strange force destroys several houses in the village.

On the mainland, the survivors of the night’s devastation describe the events to the Japanese officials. In a speech to the Japanese government, noted paleontologist Dr. Yamane advises the authorities to sponsor a full research team to the island. During the investigation the next morning Gojira appears over the hill tops. Meanwhile, Dr. Yamane’s daughter, Emiko, who is engaged to controversial research scientist Dr. Serizawa, has fallen in love with a sailor named Ogata. But when she tries to tell Serizawa of her love for another, he reveals to her the secret weapon he has developed – the Oxygen Destroyer – and swears her to secrecy. With this terrible knowledge, Emiko cannot bring herself to break off the engagement with Serizawa.

After the discovery of Gojira, Dr. Yamane begs the authorities to study the creature. Instead, the Japanese Defense Force attacks Gojira at sea with depth charges. That night, the citizens of Tokyo celebrate Gojira’s destruction, until the monster appears in Tokyo Bay and wrecks the dock area. The next day, the authorities surround Tokyo with electrical towers, but when Gojira returns that night, the monster pushes right through them and destroys the city. The next day, thousands of people are victims of Gojira’s rampage.

Emiko tells Ogata about Serizawa’s work; perhaps the only hope humanity has against Gojira. But later, when she and Ogata confront the doctor, the scientist refuses to use his invention. Finally, convinced that Gojira is a greater threat than his invention, Serizawa agrees to help Ogata plant the device. As Gojira sleeps in Tokyo Bay, the two detonate the Oxygen Destroyer. Serizawa remains behind to die, taking the secret of his ultimate weapon with him. As the sea foams, Gojira surfaces briefly, then sinks to the bottom, where the Oxygen Destroyer melts the flesh from his bones.


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