Shodaigoji Godzilla Suit statistics


Films: Godzilla King of the Monsters (1954)

Height: 50 Meters ( 164 feet)

Mass: 20,000 metric tons (22,000 tons)

Powers/Weapons: atomic Ray, super regenerative power (Godzilla can be wounded, but his G cells heal very rapidly.

Trivia: Godzilla’s original statistics remains the same numbers 15 films. His appearance is the one thing that seemed to change. Notably the loss of the year like appendages on his head and having three toes rather than for those earning one.

Wins 18, Losses 3, Ties 7

Box Office Sales: 1954-$9,610,000

The creators of the suit were Ryosaku Takayama and Iwao Mori, and they would properly named the suit Shodaigoji. Weighing in at a extremely heavy 220 lbs. This suit was the very first suit used in a Godzilla film. It is also one of the largest and bulkiest in that film. The actor wearing this would faint because of the intense heat it would hold inside; and could only take around 5 minutes inside this huge suit. Also there was two latex suits made for this movie. Both having four toes little ears behind his head.

This suit also had a inner lining of cloth like substance with bamboo for the durability of the suit. The suit was painted a brown color different from all the rest. They were grey or green in color. The only exception to the suits was its color.

Several versions of the origin for the name ‘Gojira’ (pronounced GO-dzee-la) have been told, but according to [Tomoyuki] Tanaka himself, the name was brought to his attention by his friend Ichiro Sato. In the course of their conversation, Sato mentioned a burly man on the Toho lot whose physical presence was so imposing that he was likened to a gorilla and whale. The staff had given the man the nickname ‘Gojira’–a combination of the words ‘gorilla’ and ‘kujira’ (whale). Tanaka took a liking to the name and decided to use it for his monster.

The Shodai-Godzilla is popular with fans who prefer the first, serious tone Godzilla film. This suit featured a heavy lower body, small arms and a large, round head. The face had pronounced brows while the eyes were completely round with tiny pupils, a feature unique to this costume. The suit also included several features particular to itself and to the Gyakushu-Godzilla: fangs, four toes, a rough underside for the tail and pointed tail tip, and staggered rows of dorsal plates (these features would reappear with the “second” series of Godzilla films from 1984 to present). The dorsal plates for both the Shodai-Godzilla and the Gyakushu- Godzilla were dynamic in design and unique to the two costumes. During filming, a separate pair of Godzilla legs were used for close-up shots of Godzilla’s feet.


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