Koji Hashimoto

Written by Barney Buckley

Email Address – bbuckley@triad.rr.com


Koji Hashimoto was born on January 21, 1936 and passed away on January 9, 2005 from coronary disease at the age of 64 while he was mountain climbing. He has gone on to direct and produce bills such as the 1984 classic Sayonara Jupiter and the return of Godzilla which came out in 1984 as well. We Sayonara Jupiter stars a rather famous actor that was in the original 1954 classic Godzilla king of the monsters his name is Akihiko Hirata and this would be his last film however he would go on to star in the next movie called “the Return of Godzilla” however he would pass away from throat cancer.

Between these 2 films this great director had gone on to create perhaps some of the most popular films today with the return of Godzilla being one of the most popular and most anticipated DVD releases which is not have been released yet due to the conflicts of obligation with anchor Bay still owns the rights to the return of Godzilla once those rights expire then we will see a new DVD release of “the Return of Godzilla”

Unfortunately there’s not much on this director other than the fact that he did these 2 films that are widely recognized in Japan as well as with Kaiju fan base here in the United States and around the world. In my opinion the return of Godzilla is perhaps one of the best movies when it comes to cinematography as well as musical scores is truly unique to watch and listen it’s one of the better films. And we had this man to thank for it. May he rest in peace you will surely be missed as well as his talent will be missed as well. If you were still around today I am sure we would see the effort films or different Godzilla films in a whole new light rest in peace my friend!


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