Godzilla versus King Ghidorah 1991 Origins and Timelines

Revised Version


1st of all let’s express the facts about how these Godzilla films order me and how the Japanese perceive the periods that these movies are made in. 1st of all let’s understand what these periods are about the very 1st series of movies that came out from 1954 to 1975 they were done in what is called the Showa Period and this particular period is called “the period of enlightened peace” this is a particular rain according to the Japanese Emperor Hirohito.

After the Showa Series of Godzilla movies ended in 1975 it was in fact that Tomoyuki Tanaka decided to bring Godzilla back and revived the franchise as the Godzilla franchise when it’s a hiatus for 9 years they would eventually bring it back. The movie that they would bring back would be the return of Godzilla which would hit theaters in 1984 and 1985 respectively.

This particular movie “The Return of Godzilla” is a direct sequel to the 1954 movie Godzilla King of the monsters, and it would ignore all the movies from 1955 to 1975. By doing the movie “the return of Godzilla 1984” it would mark a completely different reign in Japan and he would be called the Heisei Series or the Heisei Period which would garner an additional 7 films altogether in this particular period for the Toho Company. The Heisei Period and the Emperor at this time is Emperor Akihito and this would be the 2nd cycle of Godzilla films to be made on the Toho Company.

As we know when the return of Godzilla came out in 1984 in Japan it along with other movies such as Godzilla versus Biollante which came out in 1989, Godzilla versus King Ghidorah 1991, Godzilla versus Mothra 1992, Godzilla versus Mechagodzilla 1993, Godzilla versus space Godzilla 1994, and yes the final episode or movie Godzilla versus the Destoroyah 1995.

Now that we have an understanding of how the Showa Period and Heisei Period works let’s concentrate on the most confusing aspects about movies. The movie Godzilla versus King Ghidorah 1991 had an absolute adverse timeline that see-through awful lot of people and confused a lot of people. By the time this particular film came out it was based on time travels going back to 1944 in an attempt to prevent the creation of Godzilla so far this with this move was about. It seems after many many years ever since this film was released a lot of the fans are still confused about the whole entire timeline thing. It has been a very long time possibly more than a decade that books, fanzines, message boards and websites have tried to create a better way to explain the airflow timelines within this movie.

The most common theory so far about this movie is that Godzilla versus Kanga door erases the events depicted in Godzilla which is the original the return of Godzilla and Godzilla versus Biollante and it does start a new Godzilla that would appear in 1992. While this could possibly be the easiest explanation to tell the story it does misinterpret what actually happened in the movie. It is contradicted by the later Heisei Series Godzilla versus space Godzilla which came out in 1994 and Godzilla versus Destroyah which came out in 1995.

The most logical answer to this problem is that according to the Toho Company it is said that the Heisei timelines do include Godzilla 1954 and the 7 monsters that range from the return of Godzilla 1984 all the way up to Godzilla versus Destroyah 1995 this is an accurate explanation of the timeline and should not be contradicted that anything shown in any of these 8 movies or that it includes additional movies that the Toho Company set are not part of the series. The viewer should also add a little guesswork to the story as possible because the explanation that requires a lot of fan created events is never shown on screen and will not reflect what the Toho Company or the filmmakers intended.

Let’s talk about the very 1st Godzilla since Godzilla versus Kanga door 1991 there has been concerns of its origin and were talking about the original 1954 version. Godzilla was conceived by Tomoyuki Tanaka when you want to produce Godzilla and all of the Showa Series and Heisei Series movies the script was indeed co-written by Takeo Murata and the director Ishiro Honda.

It is said according to the original film that a monster is in fact destroying all the ships near Odo Island and according to the legend Godzilla was in fact a sea monster that inhabited the waters of Odo Island. Whenever someone was actually fishing by the island the beast would rise in anger from the ocean floor and feed on the people in the Islanders would appear that the beast’s anger and ancient rituals as well as human sacrifices are given.

Is doing the expedition on that Professor Yamani sees Godzilla with his own eyes. In a certain presentation that was given by Japanese officials it is theorized by scientists that Godzilla is a hybrid of land and sea reptiles and that he lives among the deepest parts of the ocean where it does in fact feed on fish as well as other deep-sea organisms. It is in fact that due to the H-bomb testing in the Bikini Atoll that took place on March 1, 1954 that it did in fact disturb the monsters natural habitat and did bring it to the surface.

Your money goes on further to support his theory that the evidence recovered from one of Godzilla’s footprints was in fact a trilobite from the Jurassic period. By his deductive reasoning he figures that Godzilla comes from an undersea pocket or a trap world were prehistoric animals still exist. Even though Yamani’s theory is never officially confirmed in Godzilla is never explained this in fact is the only explanation that the monsters creator Tomoyuki Tanaka and Ishiro Honda had given by both of them. According to the Toho Company’s English-language material for this particular film it does in fact describe Godzilla as an immensely huge reptile said to have inhabited the seas over 2 million years ago none of the following entries in the 1st cycle Godzilla films contradicts this what was established in the original film.

As we all know Godzilla was killed at the end of the film he totally disintegrated and keep in mind by the oxygen destroyer there was nothing left not even the bone he did in fact sink to the bottom of the ocean and it does in fact show the audience that’s Godzilla skeleton did in fact melt away to nothing. Prof. Yamani did more of these last words “I can’t believe Godzilla was the only survivor of an extinct species. If we continue testing H-bomb another Godzilla will one day appear somewhere in the world.”

In the American release of Godzilla 1954 with Raymond Burr those traditional words or less lines were actually cut from the film. He was a little known fact that when the US version was released he did soften some of Godzilla symbolization and the monsters origin and connection to the H-bomb were also maintained in this film.

Now we jump ahead to Godzilla 1985 wore the return of Godzilla 1984 according to this movie Godzilla is awakened by a volcanic eruption on Daikoku Island. Godzilla does make his way towards Japan Tokyo to be precise where he does battle with the military and destroy pretty much the entire city sky skyscraper district of Shinjuku. However towards end of the movie Godzilla is eventually bored with a sonic beacon to Mt Mihara their explosives obviously detonate and slips into the room of the volcano and eventually Godzilla falls into the molten depth of the volcano.

In the Japanese version of the return of Godzilla 1985 it was never made clear that Godzilla in this film is the same or the original Godzilla somehow return to life as a new member of the same species. The American version of Godzilla 1985 is a different story US distributor New World pictures decide to follow the example of Godzilla cannula monsters and shoot brand-new scenes with Raymond Burr. As we all know if you have ever seen the Japanese version as compared to the American version they are different in a lot of ways.

The New World footage strongly implies that this Godzilla was the original Godzilla and their Godzilla 1985 trailer featuring Raymond Burr stating “30 years ago they never found any corpse” it is a little-known fact that anyone is actually watches this film is not surprised at Raymond Burr’s statement. As we all know in the original Godzilla 1954 as mentioned before it does as you watch Godzilla’s bones do dissolve and settle to the bottom and slowly disappear into nothing so there will be no corpse whatsoever. Now keep in mind the 40s that was shot in the American release of Godzilla 1985 was not created by the Toho Company and did not reflect back on what the filmmakers intended with the Japanese version of the felt.

The Toho Company officially announced plans for a Godzilla to but seemed at a loss on how to best follow the actual film the return of Godzilla 1985 it was then that Tomoyuki Tanaka decided to hold a nationwide story contest to drum up some ideals. The Toho Company received more than 5000 submissions with fan author Shinichiro Kobayashi this particular screenplay went on to win for the movie Godzilla versus Biollante.

To bring the actual movie Godzilla versus Biollante to the silver screen Tomoyuki Tanaka and his associate producer Shogo Tomiyama who has a lot of you already know is now the producer of the Toho Company when I had and hired the writer/director Kazuki Omori and special effects director Koichi Kawakita these 2 particular directors would go want to be a very well-rounded creative team for the Heisei Series of Godzilla films that would come out after Godzilla versus Biollante.

Kazuki Omori will go want to use the script from the winter and create the film as we know it today. This particular film will also introduce us to the official Godzilla girl for the Heisei Series of Godzilla movies Megumi Odaka who is better known as Miki Saegusa.

The next movie we are going to talk about is Godzilla versus King Ghidorah 1991 with the whole entire timeline confusion began. As we all know this is one of the most popular movies of the series as it did garner some serious profit for the Toho Company because it had some major characters in that being Godzillasaurus, King Ghidorah, and Godzilla. These are major heavyweights for the Toho Company other than the fact that Godzillasaurus is a brand-new Kaiju.

Kazuki Omori was able to create an engineer and completely different Kaiju rather than how can good door come from outer space like they did in the Showa Series it totally chases origins in this film as he is created by 3 tiny Dragon like Dorats who were left in 1944 and after a while the US would eventually bombed the Bikini Atoll and eventually they would mutate into can good door from the radiation.

Kazuki Omori also took a great opportunity to reveal that a Heisei Godzilla and re-introduce this Godzilla and let everyone know that the Godzilla that was in the return of Godzilla is not the monster from the original Godzilla this is what he is saying within this timeline that this Godzilla that came from the return of Godzilla is a completely different Godzilla from the 1954 version. Unfortunately because of Kazuki Omori’s sloppy writing and inheriting contradictions of any time travel story it just move everything out of proportion and made everything confusing when he made the film.

It would be Kenichiro Terasawa (Isao Toyohara), a successful non-fiction writer for Super Mystery Magazine according to the film’s editor would ask him to write about a UFO that was spotted in the skies over Tokyo, but he is more interested in following up on the rumors that a dinosaur had been seen by Japanese troops stationed on Lagos Island in the Marshall Island chain during World War II. He was also interviewed by a billionaire businessman and dinosaur enthusiast Yasuaki Shindo. He was the former commander of the Lagos garrison. Shinto does made confirmation that the stories and photographs that were given to him were in fact the actual dinosaur back in 1944 which they are referring to is the Godzillasaurus.

It would be after a while that the Japanese officials and military leaders in fact hold a conference to discuss the actual UFO that just landed. During this particular meeting Miki Saegusa presents satellite photos that would show the UFO and briefly appeared near Godzilla’s resting place in the Sea of Japan. Mickey goes on to say that Godzilla has not from that particular location in over 3 years and the reason she says this is because the monsters two-week and is infected.

The official members would eventually meet with the crew of the UFO that is actually a Time Machine that they call Mother. Wilson (Chuck Wilson), Grenchiko (Richard Berger) and Emi Kano (Anna Nakagawa) (had recently passed away May she rest in peace) they all reveal that they are from the year 2204 and they came to Japan to warn them of Godzilla’s impending danger and and they also threaten Japan with the fact that Godzilla will be revived and destroy all nuclear power plants in the area. This would cause wide spread radioactive contamination throughout the entire country of Japan and it will become uninhabitable for many centuries to come. The future is present them with a copy of a still unwritten book that is called “the Birth of Godzilla” it also states that in fact they have a 90% chance of whatever’s in that bloke would be correct they also suggest that the only way to save Japan is to travel back to 1944 and move the dinosaur to a different location. Away from hydrogen testing or hydrogen bombs.

The android that they call M-11 teleports the dinosaur to the Bering Sea in 1944. Now this particular scenario does not hold up because Terasawa’s theory is refuted by the movies in the Heisei timelines that were both made before and after Godzilla versus King Ghidorah 1991. The 1st thing I like to point out is that the origin that Ishiro Honda and Tomoyuki Tanaka established for the original Godzilla and beyond that Kazuki Omori also rejected Terasawa’s explanation in the script for Godzilla versus Destroyah 1995 at that film clearly states that the 1954 Godzilla and the Heisei Series Godzilla were actually 2 different beasts.

If the Lagos Island dinosaur was the 1954 Godzilla as Terasawa believed preventing its transformation would have 0 effect on the Heisei Series Godzilla. The Futurians plan is based on incorrect theory and therefore it is flawed from the start. Terasawa and Miki Saegusa and the paleontologist Hironoro Masaki are also invited to join Emily and her android assistant M-11 (Robert Scott Field) on this particular mission. They would head back to 1944 and there they would actually witness the actual dinosaur’s battle with the American forces Miki Saegusa using her psychic abilities Mickey had determined that that this in fact was Godzilla. There is just one problem to the situation Miki Saegusa has never met the original Godzilla 1954 and can only match the dinosaur to the actual monster that she encountered in Godzilla versus Biollante. That is the only way she can make a connection.

M-11 does teleports amended dinosaur from Lagos Island to the Bering Sea where as in the frigid waters between Alaska and Siberia contrary to popular belief the dinosaur is not transported through time so from 1944 on, it does in fact live frozen at the bottom of the Bering Sea. Before actually leaving 1944 and am he does in fact release 3 small Dragon like Kaiju that they call Dorats these are bio engineered animals that remain on Lagos Island until the 1954 hydrogen bomb testing’s and it eventually fuses and transforms them into King Ghidorah.

Even though Godzilla supposedly erased from history Miki Saegusa senses that the monster is still alive and is moving around in the Bering Sea. The time travelers would eventually make it back to 1992 and Wilson does in fact inform them that the Japanese self-defense force say Godzilla no longer exists in the Sea of Japan. Wilson also announces the mission is a success and that Godzilla has been removed from history. Much to everyone’s confusion Godzilla versus Kanga door does stem from viewers accepting Wilson’s claim at face value. But Wilson is wrong and the film quickly points that out. The 1st and most obvious hint is that everyone in Godzilla versus King Ghidorah still remembers Godzilla and why is that?

If Godzilla was actually completely erased from history no one would ever remember if he ever existed. However that is not the case here. Also I like to mention that if he didn’t exist all the death and destruction that Godzilla had caused in the last 2 films would never have occurred. None of that happens in fact later Heisei movies would refer back to events from those films so they clearly were not erased from the timeline. The only corroboration that Godzilla had disappeared constant on the Japanese self-defense force the same JSDF not track Godzilla underwater movements in Godzilla Biollante. Would be Kazuki Omori shows that if Godzilla moved unexpectedly the Japanese self-defense force would eventually lose him.

The funny thing about Miki Saegusa she does in fact senses Godzilla and not the dinosaur. It is moving slowly in the Bering Sea and satellite photographs of the location she indicates confirms her vision. It seems that Terasawa is quite confused as to why Godzilla still actually exist when they have supposedly gotten rid of the dinosaur from history. Emi also mentions that if this dinosaur didn’t fact come in contact with any kind of radioactive materials at any given time back in 1944 it could have transformed into Godzilla back then. M he also proceeds to tell Terasawa that the story about Godzilla destroying Japan was a complete lie. It seems that Godzilla has never recovered from the ANB which by the way of you don’t know what that is is the actual bacteria that was and injected into him in the movie Godzilla versus Biollante when it collapsed into the water and then he slowly rose up he is still recovering from that.

For all intents and purposes he was definitely beaten. The Futurians real plan was to create King Ghidorah and use this monster to force Japan to submit to their rule however we all know that didn’t come out right. It seems that the Futurians thinking with Godzilla out of the way there is nothing they can stop them from taking over Japan with King Ghidorah.

Not knowing that Godzilla was in fact never erased from history it seems that Terasawa tries to figure out what went wrong. He takes through the archives at Mu and finds a news report from the 1970s about a Russian nuclear submarine sinking in the exact same spot that the dinosaur had moved to. Terasawa now realizes that this nuclear accident did in fact mutated the dinosaur into Godzilla did in fact attack in 1984. His theory has been completely wrong by going to 1944 and moving the dinosaur to the Bering Sea the Futurians didn’t “on create” the original Godzilla they call the creation of a 2nd Godzilla. Aha now we figure it out this is a 2nd Godzilla yes it makes sense now!

Unbeknownst that even though Terasawa has discovered the real truth of the whole thing it seems that the Japanese officials decided to combat the Futurians and King Ghidorah by re-creating Godzilla. This makes perfect sense as Shindo is against the window when this new Godzilla walks up to him and totally destroys him simply because this is not the same Godzilla. Talking about Shindo he is the only of multinational companies that own nuclear submarines which in this case they just dispatch a nuclear submarine to irradiate the dinosaur they incorrectly believe is dormant in the Bering Sea. En route the suffering does in fact intercept the ANB weekend Godzilla proving once again that the monster still exists and nothing has been erased from history. Godzilla then proceeds to attack the sub and absorb all of the nuclear energy. By consuming all of this nuclear energy it did in fact burn off any of the ANB bacteria that was weakening him the infection is now gone the infusion of the radiation also increases Godzilla size from 80 m to 100 m.

Now believing that the false claims that Godzilla had been erased from history Japan sends a nuclear submarine to find the dinosaur and turn that into a new Godzilla. Instead the submarine encounters Godzilla itself then absorbs the sobs energy and becomes bigger and rawer than before.

The 3rd Godzilla in the end of the Heisei Series according to the remaining filled in the Heisei Series that it in fact reestablishes that Godzilla versus King adore and 1993’s Godzilla versus Mechagodzilla to a 65 million year-old dinosaur egg is found on Adonoa islands it is a radioactive site located in the Bering Sea. The actual egg that actually hatches is a Godzillasaurus it is the same species of dinosaur that was seen on Lagos Island back in the movie Godzilla versus King Ghidorah 1991. This particular Godzillasaurus is called “Baby Godzilla” is named by scientists who were active taking care of the creature. While this is not directly related to Godzilla the exit is adopted by the adult mother at films and and would return for the next 2 movies as Little Godzilla and Godzilla Junior.

When the movie Godzilla versus space Godzilla came out in 1994 it did feature several references to Godzilla versus Biollante which came out in 1989 it does reaffirm that the older films are still part of the Heisei Series timeline. 2 of the main characters Chinatsu Gondo (Towako Yoshikawa) and Akira Yuki (Akira Emoto) are the sister and best friend, respectively, of the movie Godzilla versus Biollante. I also like to mention that Lieut. Goro Gondo in addition the new monster space Godzilla is connected to Biollante cells that drifted into space.

The movie Godzilla versus Biollante which came out in 1989 does in fact within the Heisei Series it is confirmed by flashbacks and characters within the movie Godzilla versus space Godzilla which came out in 1994. Kazuki Omori does in fact return to write the last Heisei film which is Godzilla versus Destroyah and like I mentioned before this is my all-time favorite Godzilla film within the Heisei Series. The movie does contain numerous links to the original Godzilla one keynote is Prof. Yamani’s daughter Emiko played once again by Momoko Koichi was the original actress in the 1954 movie she played a small part in this particular movie. It is while the children of Dr. Yamani’s adopted son Shinkichi had a major role in the film. The new monster destroyer is an offshoot of the original creation that they call the oxygen destroyer and it was created by Daisuke Serizawa who is the original Dr. what the eyepatch that originally killed the original Godzilla back in 1954 taken his own life as well.

The Kaiju used in this movie Destroyah is also repeatedly referred to as the death of the 1st Godzilla and Kenichi Yamane suggested that the oxygen destroyer be created to kill Godzilla the “way we 1st killed the 1st Godzilla”. Once again Kazuki Omori states that there was in fact to Godzilla’s. The 1954 original and the Heisei Series Godzilla. The film also introduces an actual 3rd Godzilla in this timeline it is after the Heisei Godzilla dies in a nuclear meltdown that the younger Godzilla Junior absorbs all the radiation and transforms into the next Godzilla. More than one Godzilla and Godzilla versus Destroyah that came out in 1995 refers to the death of the 1st Godzilla in 1954 and suggests is that the same method be used to kill the current Godzilla that is going through a nuclear meltdown. It is following the death of the Heisei Godzilla in 1996 Godzilla Junior becomes the 3rd Godzilla in the Heisei timeline.

Now let’s talk about the Heisei timeline 1st pre-1944: the legends of Odo Island tell us of a sea monster called Godzilla.

1944: dinosaur on Lagos Island is moved to the Bering Sea.

March 1954: Bikini Atoll hydrogen bomb testing.

1954: events and Godzilla. Mutated and driven from its underwater environment by hydrogen testing the 1st Godzilla appears on Odo Island and attacks Japan as well as it is killed by the oxygen destroyer in 1954.

Late 1970s: a Russian nuclear submarine accident in the Bering Sea transforms the Lagos dinosaur into the 2nd Godzilla.

1984: the 2nd Godzilla awakened by volcanic eruption, attacks Japan, and is built into a volcano at Mt. Mihara

1990: events and Godzilla versus Biollante 1989 Godzilla escapes from Mt. Mihara and battles the monster Biollante and is infected by ANB which is a bacteria that slowly weakens Godzilla.

1992: events and Godzilla versus King Ghidorah 1991.

1993: events and Godzilla and Mothra: the battle for earth 1992.

1994: events and Godzilla versus Mechagodzilla to each came out in 1993 prehistoric egg found on island and hatches as baby Godzilla.

1995: Godzilla versus space Godzilla which came out in 1994 refers to the events in Biollante proven that the film is still part of the timeline. Baby Godzilla becomes Little Godzilla.

1996: Godzilla versus Destroyah refers to the events in the original Godzilla, and states clearly that the original and Heisei Godzilla’s are not the same monster. The Heisei Series Godzilla does die, Godzilla Junior becomes the 3rd Godzilla.

Well I hope by reading this this gives you a better perspective on the entire timeline thing because it help me out so I hope it helps you out anyway this is the timelines for Godzilla versus King Ghidorah 1991 alternate timelines and the confusion that it created I hope it this helps a little bit straightening out that confusion!


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