Godzilla Timelines #6


1944: A Godzillasaurus is discovered on Lagos Island. The Futurians, thinking it would turn into Godzilla, transport it to the modern day Bering Sea. However, that dinosaur was actually Godzilla’s parent. Godzilla is still created and the timeline remains unchanged.

1954: Godzilla attacks Tokyo and is apparently destroyed by the Oxygen Destroyer.

1955: What was left of Godzilla’s cells reconstitute the monster, and Godzilla is resurrected. He battles Angilas, then afterwards is buried on an arctic island.

1960: Aliens from the Third Planet of the Black Hole infiltrate earth. They work alongside earthman scientist Shinzo Mifune. When his daughter is electrocuted, they bring her back to life as a cyborg.

1962: The island breaks apart and pieces start drifting towards Japan… one of which has Godzilla inside. Godzilla breaks free and battles King Kong.

April, 1964: Godzilla is caught in a hurricane and is buried in the Japanese coastline. He breaks free and begins a march across Japan. Mothra is called in to battle him and is defeated. Her progeny hatch and wrap Godzilla into a cocoon. Godzilla has no choice but to fall into the ocean only to come back later.

December, 1964: Godzilla returns and immediately engages in a war with the recently revived Rodan. Eventually, Mothra convinces him to join forces with Rodan and Mothra to defeat King Ghidrah, a creature that could wipe out all three of them, if they were to face him alone.

1965: Godzilla and Rodan are transported to Planet X by the Xians. They battle and chase off Ghidora again, then are taken under control by the Xians and forced to attack the earth alongside Ghidrah. Once the control is broken, Godzilla and Rodan again chase Ghidora into the depths of space. The two go their separate ways (unseen by humanity).

March, 1966: Godzilla attacks Japan’s clean-energy plant, then disappears.

September, 1966: Godzilla heads to his homeland of the South Pacific and burrows into the side of a mountain on Letchi Island for some much-needed rest. He is reawakened and battles Ebirah, a giant condor, and– because they attacked him with their air force–the Red Bamboo. Godzilla escapes the island moments before it is destroyed and wanders the ocean.

1967: Godzilla begins hearing cries from an unknown source… it is the egg of Minya, a creature similar to Godzillasaurus, but also mutated by radioactivity. He goes to Soll-Gell Island, saves the hatchling Minya, then takes up residence on the island and begins teaching the young monster to become like himself.

1968: After the snow blanket disappears, Godzilla and Minya leave the island and head to Ogasawara Island. Other monsters like Godzilla and Minya also arrive and thus the island is dubbed by humanity “Monster Island.”

1969: Minya begins sending telepathic thoughts to a young Japanese boy similar to himself about the troubles he and his father are having with a beast called Gabara.

1971: Seeing his home of the oceans being destroyed, Godzilla wages a war against humanity’s pollution, destroying sea waste whenever he can. This brings him into direct conflict with Hedorah, a creature that feeds off pollution. Godzilla is outmatched, but finally triumphant with humanity’s help. After the battle, Godzilla makes it clear to humanity, that if they continue, he will not hesitate to do to them what he did to Hedorah.

1972: Aliens from Star Hunter Nebula M try to take over earth with Gigan and Ghidrah. The buzzing on their tapes are understood by Godzilla and Angilas (who survived his severe burns in 1955) on Monster Island. The two monsters head to Japan, chase off the invaders, then return home.

March, 1973: The kingdom of Seatopia sends Megalon to attack Japan. The Nebulans send Gigan to help. Humanity sends robot Jet Jaguar to call Godzilla, and the two earth monsters defeat the invaders.

1973: Godzilla stays in Japan to help a group of peaceful aliens known as the Zone Family battle a series of monsters attacking Japan.

1974: Aliens from the Third Planet of the Black Hole create a mechanical Godzilla to destroy the real thing so they can conquer the earth. With the help of lionine god monster King Seesar, they fail.

1975: The Black Hole aliens rebuild Mechagodzilla and are ready to attack Japan with remote controlled Titanosaurus. While Godzilla defeats the monsters, Interpol kills Mifune, and Katsura (once and for all). Godzilla destroys the invaders as they try to escape.

1984: Godzilla’s hunger for radioactive substances bring him back to his territory of Japan. Humanity winds up trapping him inside a volcano.

1989: Terrorists from the Middle East release Godzilla. He is called to Japan by Biollante, a sister created by Dr. Shiragami, with the spirit of his daughter trapped inside. Godzilla defeats Biollante, then heads off to destroy Osaka. Godzilla is injected with an anti-nuclear energy bacteria, and during his next battle with Biollante, he is forced to withdraw and collapses into the sea. The water cools him down and he heads off to the cold waters of the Bering Sea.

1991: The sleeping Godzilla’s cells eventually overcome the anti-nuclear energy bacteria, eradicating it from his body like a bad cold.

March, 1992: Godzilla returns to Japan when the Futurians try to destroy Japan with a clone of his arch nemesis, King Ghidorah. Godzilla defeats the three headed doppleganger, then marches off to destroy Japan anew. Mecha-King Ghidorah arrives from the future and is defeated by Godzilla, but nonetheless succeeds in dropping Godzilla into the ocean.

October, 1992: A meteor crashes into the earth, awakening Godzilla from his sleep at the Ogasawara Trench (near Monster/ Ogasawara Island). Godzilla attacks a barge carrying a new Mothra egg and commences a brief battle with the hatchling worm. Godzilla is attacked by Mothra’s evil twin  Battra. During the battle, an underwater volcano erupts. Battra escapes, but Godzilla is caught and dragged under. Godzilla swims through the magma up to Mt. Fuji where he surfaces, then marches to Yokohama where Mothra and Battra have been battling. Godzilla attacks the two moths, who eventually team up and defeat him. In a vengeful counterstrike, Godzilla kills Battra, but not before the two moths succeed in dropping him in the ocean.

February, 1994: Godzilla appears on Adona Island, answering the cries of another Godzilla-like hatchling, but winds up in a battle with Fire Rodan, a Rodan type creature who thinks the egg belongs to him. G-Force creates their own MechaGodzilla. When Godzilla comes to Japan in search of the newly hatched Baby Godzilla, he defeats Mechagodzilla, then returns o the sea childless. Fire Rodan reappears and captures the Baby Godzilla. MechaGodzilla is sent out and mortally wounds Fire Rodan. Godzilla appears, responding to Baby G’s cries. Godzilla is killed, but Baby G calls for Rodan to help him out. Fire Rodan gives the rest of its energy to Godzilla. which is enough to repair his damaged spinal brain and revive him, with a new weapon– the red beam. Godzilla destroys Mechagodzilla, then returns to the sea with his new adopted son.

November, 1994: Godzilla and his son, now much bigger and called Little Godzilla, are living on Birth Island when they are attacked by Space Godzilla. Space Godzilla defeats Godzilla, then imprisons the smaller monster and heads to Fukuoka. Godzilla frees his son (cut from the film), then swims to Japan to destroy his cosmic doppleganger.

1995: Godzilla begins feeling the effects of a disease he contracted while battling Spacegodzilla that makes him unable to control the nuclear fission in his own body or according to the movie his body is going through the change due to massive nuclear fission in his body caused by the destruction of Bath Island.. He begins taking on a red glow. The uranium deposits of Birth Island react with Godzilla’s new energy and explodes. Godzilla vacates the island, but Little Godzilla is left behind. The younger monster survives, but is mutated into Godzilla Junior.

January, 1996: Junior begins heading to his home of Adona Island in the North. Godzilla follows him. Junior is called in to battle Destroyer, which was born from the Oxygen Destroyer, who apparently has a hatred for the Godzillas. When fully grown, Destroyer kills Junior, then faces the wrath of Godzilla and is destroyed by him and G-Force. Due to the battle, Godzilla’s body temperature reaches 1,200 degrees Celsius and he melts, dying forever. However, the excessive nuclear energy released from the meltdown is enough to revive and mutate Junior into Godzilla, the new King of the Monsters.

March, 1996: With Godzilla apparently dead, G-Force is disbanded. A new group of hopefully more effective G-fighters are established, the G-Graspers.

August, 1996: Godzilla returns to attack Japan. The G-Graspers stage their first battle with the giant monster, but prove about as effective as G-Force.

August, 1999: Humanity succeeds in keeping the monsters on Monster Island. They also succeed in corralling Godzilla onto the island. Godzilla adopts the growth-stumped Minya as his own son. The monsters are taken under control by the Killaks, who cause them to attack worldwide. New York City gets a taste of what a REAL Godzilla attack is like. Eventually, humanity breaks the aliens’ control and the monsters launch an all-out offensive against the aliens. The Killaks bring in King Ghidrah (grown from the severed wing of the one who appeared in “Mothra 3”), but is outmatched and killed once and for all by the earth monsters, who then return to Monster Island to live in peace.

December, 1999:    Godzilla  encounters a French radioactive submarine and grows to 55 meters and becomes much more violent (both in actions and appearance).

2000: Godzilla begins trying to destroy the energy sources of Japan and also wards off an attack by the Millennia Aliens. which comes to a head when one of them transforms into Orga.

2001: Japan’s self defense force hires scientists to create an artificial black hole to get rid of Godzilla. The black hole tests bring forth Meganurons and Megaguirus. Godzilla appears to rid his territory of this pest (like a mobile can of Raid). Godzilla is hit with the black hole and is nowhere to be found when the smoke clears. However, six months later, Godzilla returns, having simply been pushed beneath the ground by the force of the black hole.


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