Godzilla Timelines #4


        The fourth timeline follows the films in the Heisei series (the original series being called the Showa series) and begins with the original Godzilla, and then picks up with the 30th anniversary film Godzilla 1985.  It was decided that with this return Godzilla would revert to his early roots of being a menace, rather than a hero to Japan.  The Heisei series officially ended with the 1995 release of Godzilla vs. Destroyah, the films produced after the release of the American Godzilla simply being referred to as “the new series.”  We however feel that the films produced from Godzilla 2000 onward can be directly linked to the Heisei series, and so have included them within this timeline.

1956-Godzilla, King of the monsters

1985-the return of Godzilla/Godzilla 1985

After 30 years another Godzilla rises from the sea, and attacking Tokyo and destroying pretty much of the city just before being awarded to Mt. Mihara only to be trapped within the volcano. In this particular part of the timeline some people believe that Godzilla did die in this movie however that is inconclusive and at the same time it can’t possibly be true because in the next movie Godzilla versus Biollante 1989 he walks out of that very same volcano.

1989-Godzilla versus Biollante

Released from Mt. Mihara by a bio terrorist who set off explosives to release Godzilla from the mouth of the volcano he returns to wreak havoc on a monster called Biollante the Rose Form however it does get the best of this form and eventually she would return to flight him in a different form and she is very huge. Godzilla within this movie gets infected by bacteria disposed to supersede his body however he was affected by after finding Biollante he eventually goes back to the city.

1992-Godzilla versus King Ghidorah

Travelers from the 22nd century return to Japan with a plan to destroy Godzilla. Traveling back the second world war they removed the dinosaur that was on Lagos Island and return it to the sea where there is no nuclear energy to revive him has Godzilla. They want ahead with this plan while within the process of going into that has to do this they left through a little tiny dragons called Dorats and when they finally returned back to the present day they have found out there with nuclear testing back there that these three Dragon like creatures have formed into a mighty Dragon or monster called King Ghidorah. However even though they thought they got rid of Godzilla he somehow managed to come back. This time with modern nuclear submarine he manages to destroy it and consume all the energy only to return even bigger than he was before. He is grown from 80 m to 100 m and eventually finds King Ghidorah. As biggest King Ghidorah is no match for this Godzilla and eventually gets destroyed and falls into the same. They managed to go into the kitchen to get King Ghidorah rebuild him and return him back to the present day which it then becomes Mecha-King Ghidorah. He finds Godzilla picks him up and takes them out to see where that would be the last of Mecha-King Ghidorah and Godzilla is stored down there only to survive and come back in the next movie.

1993-Godzilla versus Mothra: The Battle for Earth

An ancient battle between Mothra and a new evil Mothra called Battra is talked about and eventually comes back to light in this movie. There’s just one problem they have to deal with the mighty Godzilla. Mothra is awakened to fight Battra only to be confronted by Godzilla thus justifying Godzilla. Godzilla just recovered from fighting King Ghidorah in the last movie. Mothra and Battra eventually team up to defeat Godzilla and don’t him back out into the city.

1994-Godzilla versus Mechagodzilla 1993

Using the remains of the Mecha-King Ghidorah the Japanese Self Defense Force creates a mechanical version of Godzilla once again. Meanwhile on Adonea Island and egg hatches and it is Rodan the mighty flying pterodactyl who eventually starts fighting with Godzilla as the scientists fly away with another egg that they assume was in and out Rodan. Once again back to the lab they find out it is a baby Godzillasaurus who when frightened its eyes glow red. Mechagodzilla fights Rodan who is by this time a fire Rodan and eventually dies at the hands of Mechagodzilla only to land on a already dead Godzilla. However with the radiation from this fire Rodan Godzilla would consume and regenerate only to come

1995-Godzilla versus space Godzilla

Cells from the Biollante plants are mutated in a black hole creating space Godzilla. Godzilla confronts this space Godzilla and this space Godzilla eventually traps little Godzilla and the fight ensues. The fight goes on with Godzilla fighting with a robot called Moguera and eventually they were killed space Godzilla.

1996-Godzilla versus Destroyer

Nuclear fission is building up in Godzilla’s body and is causing it to overheat to the point where she will melt down. The temperature from meltdown is exactly 1200°F. Within this process of the island which created this extreme heat in Godzilla’s body being destroyed has altered and changed little Godzilla into what is called a Godzilla Junior. Meanwhile a new monster is created from by the oxygen destroyer which killed the very first Godzilla in 1954. The creature does confronts Godzilla Junior and eventually Godzilla Junior would get the better of him however by this time Destroyer would go through his final stage. Only to grab that now tiny Godzilla Junior and drop him to his supposed death. The problem with this is a lot of people think Godzilla Junior died, what exactly did not he was on the order of death Godzilla approached him and gave him a little radiation which kept him alive long enough before Godzilla eventually killed Destroyer. It is then Godzilla was reached is meltdown point of 1200°F and die however all the radiation would eventually be consumed by Godzilla Junior forming a new Godzilla. This timeline has never been continued as some people think. It is believed that Godzilla from Godzilla Final Wars is Godzilla Junior and some have said that Godzilla in Godzilla 2000 is Godzilla Junior when in fact they are both wrong. This timeline was never continued Godzilla from Godzilla Final Wars and Godzilla 2000 are two completely different Godzilla was from different Godzilla timelines.

2000-Godzilla 2000/Godzilla Millennium

An alien spacecraft buried some 65 million years ago away from lights has been discovered and has resurfaced. It would eventually get the needs of getting Godzilla was regeneration one cell and consume it form a body in which you couldn’t do before. They would fight Godzilla was win.

2001-Godzilla versus Megaguirus

Trying to trap Godzilla in a man-made Dimension Tied machine that would send Godzilla to a prehistoric past. By doing this they open up a time warp/wormhole that allows Meganulons to pass through and consumed Godzilla’s energy and they wouldn’t turn pass it on to a bigger monster that would create a new Megaguirus. And eventually Godzilla would find this creature and win.

2003-Godzilla against Mechagodzilla


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