Godzilla Timelines #3


        The third timeline contains all the films in the original Godzilla series, with the exception of Godzilla Revenge, which is outside the Godzilla universe.  While continuity clearly exists within the first four Godzilla films, and films from Ghidorah the Three-Headed Monster to Son of Godzilla loosely follow the first four, after Son of Godzilla the films begin to stand alone. Therefore trying to make sense out of the series after Destroy All Monsters becomes a daunting tasks.  In addition we made two simple changes to the timeline.  First, we have placed the events of Destroy All Monsters within the limits of its production date, as the technology shown on screen is clearly more 1969 “state-of-the-art” than 1999, and secondly, we have listed the films from the 1970s in American release order.

1956-Godzilla, King of monsters

1959-Gigantis the fire monster

1963-King Kong versus Godzilla

1964-Godzilla versus the thing

1964-Ghidorah three headed monster

1965-Monster Zero

1968-Godzilla versus the Sea monster

1968-Son of Godzilla

1969-Destroy All Monsters

All of the world monsters have been placed on Monster Island for monitoring. Aliens from another planet they are called the Kilaaks and they take control of the monsters and use them to attack the planet Earth’s cities. They are defeated when the Earth Defense Forces regained control and use Godzilla and the other monsters to destroy their base.

1971-Godzilla versus the smog monster, Godzilla versus Hedorah

Hedorah is a monster that was created from pollution because in that 1970s and early 1980s we had a serious problem with pollution and factories creating all kinds of pollution for the planet. This is a mixed message kind of a movie that pretty much says we are polluting the planet and killing the planet.

1976-Godzilla versus Megalon

Upset over underground nuclear testing, the underworld kingdom of Seatopia says the monster Megalon and Gigan to destroy the surface world. The creatures are stopped by a giant robot named Jet Jaguar and Godzilla.

1977-Godzilla on Monster Island

Godzilla teams up with Anguirus to defend the Earth against Gigan and King Ghidorah. These two monsters are being controlled by giant cockroaches (this is rather strange) and they are working out of a Godzilla sized tower of himself were of initially Godzilla has appointed himself.

1977- Godzilla versus the Cosmic Monster

Gorilla like aliens who are located and came from a black hole in space come to earth and tried to take over the planet with a robotic version of Godzilla that is called Mechagodzilla. Eventually confronts Godzilla a long-winded a line like dog like monster whose name is King Caesar, King Seesar, and King Shisha and these are the names that were given to this monster who helps Godzilla fight off this mechanical Godzilla called Mechagodzilla. They would eventually rip off the head of the Mechagodzilla throw it into sea.

1978-Terror of Mechagodzilla

The very same aliens from the black hole once again try to invade the planet Earth again with a newly rebuilt Mechagodzilla and with the help of a Japanese scientist and his pet dinosaur called Titanosaurus who is technically no match for Godzilla. Godzilla eventually destroys Mechagodzilla again and possibly could have killed Titanosaurus, but we do not know for sure if he is dead or not.


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