Godzilla Timelines #2


        The second timeline follows the continuity of the first four Godzilla film, plus Mothra, but now continues with the next four films in the series.  In addition it is now necessary to include the 1956 production of Rodan in the Timeline to explained the flying creatures return in Ghidora the Three-Headed Monster.  While the films produced from Ghidorah the Three-Headed Monster onward would be geared more towards a children’s audience, Godzilla in these films has not yet completely transformed into the savior of mankind he would eventually become beginning with Destroy All Monsters.  From this point on the continuity begins to break up, as films like Monster Zero take place during an unnamed future date, and the events in the two South Sea Adventure films are not connected at all.  Where the first timeline ends with Godzilla’s death at the hands of Mothra, this one ends with Godzilla and his son in deep hibernation.  Now assuming that Godzilla was still a problem for Japan, it is not impossible to think that the UN would want to keep Sollgel Island in a deep freeze and thus Godzilla asleep.

1956-Godzilla, King of the Monsters

1959-Gigantis the fire monster

1963-King Kong versus Godzilla

1964- Godzilla versus the thing

1964-1965 Ghidorah the three headed monster

Rising from the sea Godzilla battles Rodan across the Japanese countryside. Meanwhile a three headed space monster named Ghidorah arrives on planet Earth and begins destroying the Japanese cities of Japan. The twin fairies (Mothra Priestesses) these are the fairies of Mothra of Infant Island, they convinced Godzilla and Rodan to stop fighting and join forces. Together, Godzilla, Rodan and Montrose larva defeat the space monster Ghidorah.

1968-Monster Zero

Aliens gain control of Godzilla and Rodan, and along with King Ghidorah attack the planet Earth. Discovering the alien’s weaknesses, that Japanese scientists free Godzilla and Rodan, Who Eventually Dr., King Ghidorah off the planet.

1968-Godzilla versus the sea monster

A group of Japanese kids are shipwrecked on the South Sea island-base of the Red Bamboo, an organization bent on world power. The island is protected by the giant sea monster called Ebirah this sea monster is a gigantic lobster like creature. While trying to escape the kids discovered that Godzilla is sleeping and cave. Waking him would be a big mistake, but they have no choice if they are to get off the island. Godzilla would eventually defeat the sea monster and destroy the red bamboo base. Mothra would come to rescue the people and the castaways on the island and Godzilla would eventually lead off the island before it explodes and swims out to see.

1968-Son of Godzilla

On the South Sea island of Sollgel, a United Nations experiment to control the weather goes horribly wrong, destroying equipment and creating mutated creatures. While assessing the damage the scientists discover a giant egg, and soon discovered that it is a baby Godzilla called Minya. Suddenly drawn to the baby Godzilla arrives to the island to protect that with its parenting skills. They would eventually fall into hibernation but not before Godzilla defeats a giant spider Spiga (Kumonga). Also on the island along the mutated creatures there are gigantic grasshoppers called Kamacuras, Kamakiras, and Gimantis.


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