Godzilla Timeline #1


This is the very first of the timelines and they will pertain to the first four Godzilla movies and they are Godzilla 1954, Gigantis the Fire Monster 1955, King Kong versus Godzilla 1962, Mothra versus Godzilla 1964. These are classified as Showa series movies. Within this timeline as of 1961 when the movie Mothra came out it did explain the presence of “The Thing” which is what the movie was called in 1964 it was titled as Godzilla versus the thing and Godzilla versus Mothra 1964. Is believed that when Godzilla fault in the movie with Mothra when she passed away there were two larva that for Godzilla however it is hard to imagine that these two larva would have killed Godzilla in this case simply fell into the ocean and was never seen until the next movie of course. The years are corrugated by their U.S. Release.

On another note I like to point out that since the very first Godzilla in 1954 was destroyed by the oxygen destroyer all subsequent appearances of Godzilla are in fact the Gigantis creature in the next film what I mean by that is that you Godzilla’s are two completely different monsters.

1956-Godzilla, King of the Monsters:

Created out of H-bomb testing, Godzilla attack the Japanese mainland before being destroyed by the oxygen destroyer.

1959- Gigantis: The Fire Monster

A second Godzilla as well as an Angilas are discovered on you on Iwato Island. The two creatures battled in Osaka were Godzilla kills the Angilas. Tracking Godzilla to a nice field, the Japanese Self-Defense Force very Godzilla in a huge avalanche and into the main the creature in the ice.

1963-King Kong versus Godzilla

Escaping from the tomb of ice, Godzilla battles a gigantic eight called King Kong in Tokyo Japan, before being defeated by Kong and disappearing below the surface of the sea. (This is not true because in the Japanese version of the movie is set it was a stalemate and thus it was a draw)

1964-Godzilla versus the Thing

Lost in a storm, a very huge egg washes up on Japanese shores. The egg, does in fact belong to Mothra, the God of Infant Island she is a very large butterfly (a very gigantic moth) the Navy is now put on display. Meanwhile suddenly Godzilla shows up and grease fanatic and goes after the egg, but has to battle Godzilla but eventually dies because Godzilla is too much for her within the process the egg hatches outcomes tomorrow will eventually defeats Godzilla by cocooning him in when and he falls into the sea.

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