GMK Timelines


100’s of Years Ago

3 Great Guardian Monsters emerge: Baragon of the land, Mothra of the Sea, and Ghidorah of the Sky. These Monsters are somehow subdued and imprisoned. They are held in place by the three sacred Yamato Stones, and if the stones are moved, the Guardian Monsters will rise again to defend Japan from any threats.


American and Japanese soldiers slaughter each other in that particular theater of World War II. Once the war had ended, the souls of all those killed in the war wander, looking for a body in which to manifest themselves.


A nuclear bomb test creates a 60-meter tall mutant. During the mutation, the souls, angered by the lack of respect the world has shown them, enter the beast, causing it to become violent and hateful towards humans. The mutant begins attacking ships, and destroys a village on Ogasawara Island. The islanders believe that the monster is Gojira, a sort of monster-god to them. The name Gojira stuck, although the rest of the world mistranslated it as Godzilla. His reputation as a monster is increased when he devastates Tokyo. The JSDF claims that it fought off Gojira and killed it, but the top brass know that it was a secret weapon called the Oxygen Destroyer that finished of the monster.


A similar mutant attacks New York City, but the US military kills it. The Amercians believe it was Godzilla, but according to the Japanese, “it wasn’t really.”


Over the past decades, Gojira has regenerated. The youth of Japan have become rebellious and violent. Their disrespect to the war and those who died fighting have again enraged the collective souls, and Gojira awakens once again.

By several strange coincidences (or are they?), the three Yamato Stones are removed. One by one, the Guardian Monsters awaken.

One by one, the Guardian Monsters try to defeat Gojira, but one by one, they are all killed. Gojira is finally destroyed when he swallows a submersible armed with special drill-torpedoes. One drills a hole in his neck, which prevents him from firing his nuclear ray. The reaction somehow causes Gojira to explode. However, his heart is seen still beating, so there is still the possibility of Gojira returning.


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