Biography of Motoyoshi Oda

Written by Barney Buckley

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Motoyoshi Oda is from Moji city, Fukuoka Japan. He was born on July 21, 1910. He was a Japanese film director. Motoyoshi Oda did major and graduated from Waseda University with a degree in English. At this happened in 1935 Mr. Oda was promptly accepted into the director’s chair and program at Tokyo’s P.C.L. (Photo Chemical Laboratories this was a film company that later would be incorporated into The Toho Motion Picture Company.

Motoyoshi Oda would later study under the direction of Kajiro Yamamoto as did that famous director Akira Kurosawa, Ishiro Honda and Senkichi Taniguchi. Just like Ishiro Honda and other directors during this time Motoyoshi Oda was drafted into the Japanese war in China. Motoyoshi Oda would do the same thing as Ishiro Honda and his career would accelerate. He was then shortly after the war promoted to a director in 1944 the movie Song of Kunya and this would happen after a relatively scant few years of training you would direct his movie. During his stay at P.C.L. and the Toho Motion Picture Company would keep Mario she Oda going as a maker of programmers and this would be trivial pictures that had to be made in order to keep the production flowing properly. The one major problem with this situation as it did not leave room for any artistic achievements.

They say his most distinguished credits are the film “Lady from Hell” which came out in 1949 and it was based on a script that was created by Akira Kurosawa. Tomei Ningen was a Japanese horror classic that was created at the same time as that classic gigantic monster movie they call Godzilla this particular movie was made in 1954 as well. This movie also inspired other movies such as “the invisible man, and Ghost Man. This particular director is rather famous because he would direct the 2nd Godzilla film that would come out in 1955 called “Godzilla Raids Again” and also tentatively titled in the United States as “Gigantis the Fire Monster.” It was the intentions of the Toho Motion Picture Company to have Motoyoshi Oda to direct 7 additional films each year knowing that they could trust him to deliver them in a timely manner. Over his entire career Motoyoshi Oda did in fact direct over 50 films. That’s quite impressive!

Not only is this impressive it does not mention the fact that he did work as an assistant director and 2nd-unit direction on Ishiro Honda’s Eagle of the Pacific which came out in 1953. It is a well-known fact that there was no credit available for Motoyoshi Oda’s career in the last 15 years of his life after 1958. When it comes to this impressive career of this man the only recognizable Kaiju type film that he has done was indeed “Godzilla Raids Again” which came out in 1955 and we have him to thank for this because he is one of the main reasons as well as many other reasons as to why we have the Godzilla films of today. So we need to personally thank him in our hearts and our minds for what he has done for this particular genre!


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