Shin Gojira: A Tokyo Nightmare

Written by Barney Buckley

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It is a very calm day in Tokyo the year would be 1954. The citizens of Tokyo are going about their lives going to work doing what is necessary in everyday routines. However something is just not right, but the people of Tokyo are not aware. We zoom out to a small island located outside of Japan where the island is suddenly sinking due to the nuclear fission that is slowly destroying the island and creating such great energy.

As the island is sinking the nuclear fission that is being created by the sinking of the island as somehow created an anomaly which is slowly taking shape. It is festering in the waters where the island was originally located before being destroyed by nuclear fission. We now zoom to the future it would be 2016. That particular anomaly is now taking a very large shape and is floating around in the water. It is a large rock like formation that is roughly over 350 feet long and about 80 feet wide.

The military had out to that particular location because that particular anomaly is giving off tremendous amounts of radiation and the military are monitoring his progress. With sonar and radar they figure out the size and the shape of this anomaly. The monitor the progress of the radiation and they realize it is increasing in nuclear fission. Suddenly the anomaly begins to crack open with glowing effects and outcomes a giant monster is just floating there whether it is alive or not we do not know.

They don’t dare send divers into the water because they have to leave immediately because now the nuclear fission or radiation has increased tenfold. They do not leave they will get sick and die. However because of the tremendous increase of radiation the entire crew is affected. The ship that they are on is called the Kata Maru. It is a Japanese freighter that has military equipment on their to monitor progress of radiation that is our main job. The entire crew slowly started dying because of the radiation is so high that only a few are now surviving.

All of the few that are surviving they suddenly see something rising out of the water very slowly. They 1st see a very grotesque head with creepy little eyes as he slowly rises out of the water they realize it is a monster. The size of this monster is extremely huge as it continues to rise out of the water now stands at waistline over the ship. The few men that are surviving are looking at this monster as he towers over the ship. This monster lets out a tremendous roar it is a deafening roar. One of the crewmembers suddenly gives it a name before he dies he calls it Shin Gojira. The word “Shin” can mean a lot of things but in this case it means “True” and “Gojira” simply means any combination of 2 words meaning gorilla, and Kujira which means whale in Japanese. So we will interpret the meaning of “Shin Gojira” as being a “true, gorilla like whale” or as big as a whale which in this case he is.

Shin Gojira is a gigantic monster that stands over 350 feet tall and has a very huge head and his entire body is rippled with torn flesh and a burn like feature all over its body. This is because this monster was created by the nuclear fission caused by the destruction of the island. Shin Gojira’s head is rippled with this affect and he has very small beedy eyes. His mouth is gigantic and has 2 sets of very short jagged in like teeth. Along his back are 5 rows of what looks like gigantic dorsal place that are ridden with glowing red and torn flesh that is hanging off the dorsal place. This monster is absolutely terrible looking.

Shin Gojira suddenly looks to the sky and all of a sudden his dorsal place start glowing red and his mouth is festering with fire. Suddenly he raises his head and then looms down at the ship firing on the ship. He fires on the ship with such destruction that it literally rips the ship apart. The Kata Maru is completely destroyed with all hands on deck dead. It is then that Shin Gojira suddenly roars and it rips through the sky and the people of Tokyo here this is suddenly realized there is something dangerous coming. It is then that Shin Gojira suddenly lowers into the water and heads for Tokyo.

Meanwhile on Tatodohama Beach people are frolicking and have a good time and suddenly they hear a loud boom. The entire beach suddenly shakes and all is quiet as people look out into the ocean and all around them to see what made the noise. They don’t see nothing at 1st until someone notices a gigantic head rising out of the ocean. It is Shin Gojira he is now at the beach. You rises out of the ocean as people run frantically to get away from this gigantic monster. Shin Gojira lets out a gigantic roar and people run even faster as they are now petrified. Shin Gojira works his way to the beach and suddenly makes his 1st for print into the same. He looks at the people and suddenly his dorsal place light up and suddenly he lights up the entire beach with his fire.

This particular monster is not friendly at all as it has no respect for human life. It lights up the entire beach and the mountainside connected to the beach and all the people suddenly burned into ash. Only if you manage to make it up off the hillside and away from Shin Gojira. Shin Gojira makes his way past the beach and works his way towards Tokyo. It is then that the entire nation is now under attack by gigantic monster called Shin Gojira. The military advance and create formations all over Tokyo as a realize this monster is heading for the city. Along with the military are science as trying to figure out what this monster is what his intentions are and how he was created.

The one scientist name is Dr. Ishiro Honda (Appropriately Named) this particular doctor is a doctor of paleontology as well as radiology. He proceeds to study this monster while the military bands and get ready. Dr. Honda is in a helicopter and he heads towards the shoreline to get a look at this monster. He suddenly sees the monster is is looking as he studies that he realizes that this monster is in development. He studies the torn flesh all this monster and realize that this torn flesh is falling off the monster as he slowly develops into something new.

They follow Shin Gojira as he heads towards the city and then suddenly Shin Gojira is waving back and forth as if he is going to faint. Shin Gojira is very weak as he was 1st born is not totally full strength. He collapses outside the city limits and passes out. Meanwhile the military and the scientists gather around the monster as close as they can without getting any radiation poisoning. Suddenly the monsters skin and body development is slowly changing before their eyes. He is shutting at a rapid rate and slowly his skin texture becomes more reptilian like.

Shin Gojira suddenly wakes up as he gained strength and he does look different no longer has torn flesh or a radiative feature is slowly developing into a smooth skin monster. Shin Gojira makes his way to the city crashes through the buildings as if they were made of cardboard and destroys everything in his path without hesitation. Suddenly Shin Gojira is in the heart of Tokyo and his dorsal place begin to light up as he lights up the city with his fire. He slowly makes his way through the entire city burning the entire city down to ash. He continues to light up the city and the military are attacking him with their helicopters as they shoot missiles at, but with little or no effect. Godzilla continues to destroy the city as a military try to stop him he doesn’t even notice them there and this is because he such a massive monster and has an indestructible nature about him.

Suddenly Shin Gojira makes his way towards the Diet Building which is located at 1-chome, Nagatachō, Chiyoda, Tokyo. He suddenly looms over top of the building looks around and we have helicopters such as Apache helicopters that are shooting at him at a constant rate. He fires on some of the helicopters catching them as they fall to the ground in fire. Suddenly Shin Gojira begins to way back and forth once again as his body goes through another change he suddenly collapses on top of the Diet Building. Completely destroying the building and everyone in it. Once again the military and the scientists gather around watch and study as once again Shin Gojira goes through his final stage of change.

It will not be long before the final stage is complete and we see a much cleaner looking reptilian looking monster they call Shin Gojira. Shin Gojira is now fully developed as he went through 2 different stages of growth and change. Being born of nuclear fission as he walks out all the nuclear fission and a developing stage is now fully developed what he will now be from this point on. Shin Gojira lets out a gigantic cry and echoes across the sky. The military and the scientists realize they cannot stop this monster as he is now full strength and fully developed into the most powerful incarnation of Godzilla to date.

The question is how are they going to stop this monster? Dr. Ishiro Honda has study paleontology and radiology and realize this is a gigantic dinosaur like monster that is fully irradiated. The key is the radiation! The question is can they irradiate this monster to the point of meltdown or would it change him into a different monster. They try to come up all kinds of ideals, but they always seem to have an adverse ideal effects that would not simply work. Or they simply wouldn’t take a chance on it. Shin Gojira proceeds to continually destroy Tokyo as the entire city is now in a flame. There is not much left of Tokyo as Godzilla lays waste to the entire city he is now heading outside of the city to Fukuoka. In Fukuoka there is a gigantic warehouse that the government has been hiding from the people and it has something very secret as it has time machine hidden within this gigantic warehouse. This warehouse is heavily guarded and it is over 400 feet tall and about 1000 feet long. It is the biggest building in Japan.

Shin Gojira starts destroying everything in his path as he has towards Fukuoka. The scientist in the military follow Shin Gojira as he makes his path towards the city they had towards Fukuoka and then when just in front of the warehouse where it is heavily guarded by the military. They in turn talk to the people in charge of this warehouse and Dr. Honda proceeds to explain that there is a gigantic monster they call Shin Gojira he is heading towards your warehouse. You must set something inside this building. Dr. Honda asked them what is in this building. They hesitate to answer that they eventually answer because they need to stop this monster.

They tell them is a time machine that can transport just about anything they have been working on for the last 20 years. Dr. Honda comes up with the idea of possibly luring Shin Gojira into the warehouse and possibly transporting him to a different time and place. They gather all the resources. They agree and then the doctor and the military into the warehouse as a walk-in they see a gigantic teleport. The answer is would Shin Gojira be able to be lured onto the pad. They are not sure of this ideal is actually going to work.

Suddenly the routes are shaken as they realized Shin Gojira is heading toward the warehouse he crashes through the gate as he makes it to the concrete area where he comes crashing down with the gigantic feet crushing everything on his feet. Shin Gojira looks at the gigantic warehouse and suddenly the doors open up and Shin Gojira is curious as he walks towards the doors. This monster is curious as to see what’s inside and everyone inside realizes that when Shin Gojira walks inside he is absolutely massive. He looks at all the people and then looks at the teleport. He walks towards the teleport. And as easy as it seems he literally steps up on top of the teleport and the scientist look at each other as if to say that was easy. They fire up the teleport and suddenly Shin Gojira lets out a gigantic cry and suddenly from the feet straight up to his head slowly disappears into a different time zone or so they think.

They monitor his progress and realize he was teleported back to 1954. However this is another story to be continued�

The End


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