The Monsters of Godzilla Final Wars

Written by Barney Buckley

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As we already know most of the monsters in the film Godzilla: Final Wars are actually a recreation of the old classic kind use when an exception of a few of them. What this will be are pretty much the vital statistics based on the new Kaiju most of them are 100 m or taller I don’t think there’s any smaller.

Hedorah the Smog Monster

Hedorah is 120 m tall and only a screen time of exactly 12.5 seconds and that in my opinion literally pissed me off. Because this is my all-time favorite Showa Series enemy of Godzilla and we only get to see him only 12 seconds. Are you kidding me! Let’s talk about the comparison between the 2 Kaiju 1st the old Hedorah was much more detailed and sludgy looking, while the Godzilla final word version is humanoid and shiny looking and very plasticky looking as well. The original Hedorah was resistant to Godzilla’s atomic breath while his new one it didn’t fare well. The original in my opinion is a lot better.


Now let’s talk about this Kumonga as compared to the one from the 1967 movie “Son of Godzilla.” The Kumonga in Godzilla: Final Wars is approximately 60 m long and his legs are 40 m long in itself. The actual screen time is 35.4 seconds and that’s a decent amount of time as compared to Hedorah the smog monster. This is a more accurate constructed giant spider than the previous version this in my opinion it looks more realistic but his movements are nothing like the Sollgel Kumonga because of the movements they really did a spectacular job in the 1967 version just like a spider wearing Godzilla Final Wars not so much it is too busy being swung out of sight.


Zilla is exactly 90 m tall and had a screen time of 35.4 seconds. Godzilla 1998 is 60 m tall and the dorsal plates on both of these Kaiju’s point in the opposite direction they are 2 separate Kaiju 2 separate colors 2 separate heights. It’s funny how people seem to ignore all these facts still want to call Godzilla 1998 Zilla is just beyond me why they do that.

King Caesar

The original King Caesar was seen in the movie Godzilla versus Mechagodzilla 1974 and this is my all-time favorite version of King Caesar. This particular version that’s in Godzilla: Final Wars there is not that much detail in this particular suit. However it is 100 m tall is the same height as the Godzilla in this movie. The screen time for this particular Kaiju is 39.5 seconds.


The original mandate came out in 1963 in the movie called Atragon. It did feature a dragon like snake monster or Kaiju is called Manda does wraps itself around the Gotengo and in the movie Godzilla: Final Wars this is no exception he does the same thing in this one except he is over 300 m long and his free time is only 34.6 seconds. Now when you compare the technology back in that day as compared to today for obvious reasons the Godzilla: Final Wars version wins hands-down when it comes to movements and looks. This is my favorite version.


Now I want to talk about the Kaiju Anguirus 1st my all-time favorite version is the 1955 version from Gigantis the Fire Monster. I think this is a perfect design for the monster Anguirus. The 1968 version is also another favorite of mine I do like the way it looks. The Godzilla: Final Wars version is my least favorite the colors and the way it looks is all wrong it just looks kinda cheap to me. But it does have a very nice weapon now that the other Anguirus’s do not have. That is the rollerball effect and it seems that Anguirus can jump in the year rolling and destroying things this is a cool effect. This particular Anguirus is 180 m long this thing is huge. Is screen time is exactly 1 minute and 50.6 seconds. The Anguirus of the 1968 version is a lot thinner for obvious reasons that’s just the way they made this new one he is extremely fact it’s different. However you know my all-time favorite is a 1955 version and then comes the 1968 version and then this version.


My all-time favorite incarnation of Kamakiras is the 1967 version that comes from the movie “Son of Godzilla” I do like this version better than the Godzilla: Final Wars version. However because Kamakiras in this movie is CGI its movements and is cause a very spectacular. The Kamakiras in this movie is 90 m long though it does not seem like that. It seems smaller that’s only because of the way it looks. Because it is CGI its movements and the way that it looks can be a step up however I am fond of the original design. The screen time for this Kamakiras is 43.7 seconds.


Now this particular Mothra is the very same prop that was used in the movie Godzilla: Tokyo SOS which came out in 2003 this is the very same Mothra that they used in this movie Godzilla: Final Wars. According to the statistics here this Mothra is 72 m long and 216 m from tip to tip of the wingspan. The screen time for this Mothra is 50.9 seconds. I don’t have a favorite here unless we go outside of this particular movie my all-time favorite version of Mothra is the wasp version in GMK. I also like the original because I prefer the old school versions of these Kaiju.


This Kaiju is probably one of the most popular in the entire series of Godzilla films. It also has its own separate film of its own simply called Rodan. That came out in 1956 that was 2 years after the original Godzilla film was released and it was in color. My all-time favorite version of Rodan is the Heisei Series Rodan from the movie Godzilla versus Mechagodzilla 1993 and the reason I like it is because it has pteranodon or to pterodactyl features to it. This version itself is a combination of the Showa Series in the Heisei Series it’s got very cool colors in this thing is extremely fast in the movie. It has supersonic speed. It won’t Windows apartment flies by the skyscrapers and buildings. This Rodan from the movie Godzilla: Final Wars is 100 m long and has a wingspan that is over 200 m long. It screen time is 56.6 seconds.


Ebirah Horror of the Deep

This guy is a gigantic lobster who fights Godzilla in the original film in 1966 and it was called Godzilla versus the sea monster or Ebirah Horror of the Deep. I do prefer this version over the Godzilla final wars version because I prefer the old school versions of the suits. This new version because of the background colors of the sky’s details are nice but as far as I’m concerned they did not utilize this Kaiju correctly. It seems that Ebirah Horror of the Deep dies at the hand of super soldiers which in my opinion they need to be in the movie were done just fine without them but that’s my opinion. This particular lobster in Godzilla: Final Wars is exactly 100 m long and it did have a screen time of 1 minute and 17.8 seconds. I will give this lobster credit did in fact a little bit more than he original it did manage to walk on land and smashed stuff.

Kaizer Ghidorah

The Kaiju of all Kaiju this is the badass that Godzilla almost dies from. My opinions on this particular Kaiju is it is not the best incarnation of King Ghidorah in my opinion. I do like the colors however the actual suit in itself is not detailed enough especially the heads it’s like most of the suits in Godzilla final wars are not detailed enough unless they are CGI just like Kamakiras, Ebirah Horror of the Deep, Manda these were highly detailed Kaiju when it came to the suits put too much of an effort into them they were recognizable don’t get me wrong. This one is no exception and I don’t like the four-legged version of this Ghidorah. They took this idea from The Rebirth All Mothra which came out in 1996 and it did feature the Kaiju Death Ghidorah which is a quadruped. However this design stands out over Kaizer Ghidorah any day is a much better design. My all-time favorite King Ghidorah is the Grand King Ghidorah which is in the movie The Rebirth of Mothra 3 which came out in 1998.

The version is very Dragon like and very detailed. I am also fond of the original 1964 1965 and 1968 version as well. I too also like all of the Ghidorah’s including the 1991 version he was absolutely badass and probably the largest incarnation of King Ghidorah to date. The one I do not like is that GMK version that one just as all kinds are wrong. It has short legs it’s wingspan is cool that hence because they resemble and are attributed to the monster Varan the Unbelievable in my opinions the face looks rather fake the whole entire thing just seemed wrong to me. Now Kaizer Ghidorah is the largest Kaiju in this movie it stands at a height of 140 m tall and it did have a screen time of 3 minutes 11.8 seconds. On a keynote the voice on this Ghidorah is the weakest and not even the least bit intimidating it had a strong retail and his ways were pretty much useless in the actual skin texture of this pseudo-site is made out of leftover vinyl and it seems that Wakasa created the suits was burned out himself LOL.


Let’s talk about Gigan I like both versions equally I think they’re both impressive looking. The original is absolutely amazing as it is different parts from an old King Ghidorah suit and a Godzilla suit this is a very cool idea when it did Gigan. Then we get the new version which is definitely an upgrade I do like this one just as well. This new design is absolutely amazing and the weapons on this Gigan really stand out. Gigan in this movie stands at 120 m tall is the 2nd largest Kaiju in the movie he is even bigger than Godzilla. The screen time for Gigan his 3 minutes 24.1 seconds. Oh by the way this Gigan finally has that Laser comes out of his eye that a lot of people thought that the original would have. It was incorporated into this new design.


This particular design of Minilla is definitely an improvement over the 1967 version. In my personal opinion this is the most worthless of all the Kaiju’s in this movie. He pretty much just exists and bounces all of the country with an older man and a young child. The whole point of his character in this movie didn’t really make sense, but I guess it is what it is. When it comes to which one is my favorite I have to give it to this one simply because this suit looks better. But when it comes to the actual character and emotions I have to give it to the original. This particular guy is 20 m tall and had a screen time 4 minutes and 2.5 seconds.

Monster X

A brand spanking new Kaiju this guy has never been made before so I cannot compare this to any other Kaiju because he is brand spanking new. This particular Kaiju stands at the same height as the new Gigan and it is 120 m tall. The screen time for this guy is 1 minute and 54.8 seconds. It seems according to some of the fans out there that they did not like this particular Kaiju in my opinion this is absolutely the most amazing newly created Kaiju that The Toho Company has done so far. I love the whole gray and white and black color scheme on this guy as well as his long cable light whipping tail.


Now here’s well I will disappoint the fans. I am not a fan favorite of this suit with the exception of one thing and that is the dorsal plates do go back to the Showa Series Godzilla films and I do like them I think they’re amazing looking. On the net this suit is just all kinds are wrong. The thighs away to then the whole suit is to then he moves too quickly. Godzilla in my opinion is a slumbering beast and he should not move like a ninja that’s one thing about this movie like. When Godzilla was released he went through all of these Kaiju’s that he has fault in the past and literally struggled with them and went through them like they were nothing. It makes no sense the way they did this movie in that aspect.

This is why people have a misconceived notion that this Godzilla is Almighty powerful in this movie. It is a way he is portrayed. The suit itself is too skinny and his head is too small so he does have a funny look about him in my opinion and I’m sure there’s a lot of people out there that like this suit design is not one of my favorite. In all honesty the worst of all the suits is the Musukogoji suit that was used in the movie called “Son of Godzilla” which came out in 1967 this is the worst design in my opinion and then this one comes in a close 2nd and all the other rest of the Godzilla suits I do like in their own way and that includes Godzilla 1998 that is a drastic design but a very cool looking design in my opinion. This particular Godzilla is 100 m tall and it had the most screen time all the Kaiju in this movie. It screen time is 12 minutes 53.3 seconds.

I guess that’s it I went through all of the Kaiju in the Godzilla: Final Wars movie and compare them to their retro counterparts. I would have to say the majority of them I do go for the original designs because like I mentioned before I have always been fond of the old ways of doing things. There are people out there especially new fans the younger fans they are totally locked on the ideal of CGI and the whole realistic look thing. I can understand that and I can appreciate however because I am old school I like the way people what about in creating these things and doing special-effects without the technology that we had today is very old school and very interesting to say the least anyway I am going to end it here I hope you enjoy this and I hope I wasn’t too biased about it but I am into the Toho Motion Picture Company and all of their movies I do favor them over the American counterparts. However I am also into summation more so than CGI but that’s just who I am. Anyway I hope you enjoy this article!


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