Powers of Godzilla

The natural weapons of Godzilla and weapons used on Godzilla.

Written by Barney Buckley

Email Address- bbuckley@triad.rr.com


Has anyone ever really knew the full potential of Godzilla’s powers and what powers he may possess? Well today in this article that I am writing we’re going to find out just how powerful he really is. Throughout the entire history of Godzilla films though there have been monsters that were ostensibly more powerful than Godzilla.

The King and the monsters can you imagine me  saying that because all through Facebook and any kind of fandom they always seem to think that Godzilla is the most powerful and no monster can really come close to him Willis answer that question. Is a reasonable known fact that Godzilla does possess a vast arsenal of powers and abilities which makes him probably the most formidable of all monsters, but is he really the most powerful monster?

Godzilla’s most powerful strength and probably the most forgotten of all powers though it is mentioned is his regenerative powers. The cell regenerative nature of his body allows him to heal quite rapidly more so than any other monster in the effect that he should get injured. You have to keep in mind that when Godzilla 1st came on the scene he was costly attacked by a barrage of military weapons from the Japanese Self-Defense Force and this literally happened in every single movie that was created on Godzilla. And this includes the American versions as well with the exception of Godzilla 1998 of course. One being attacked by the military is obvious that when they fired upon him they seem like small arms weapons that bounce off his tough high however the larger caliber of weapons can penetrate him. A prime example of this would be Godzilla 2000 when he is attacked by the military and issued the special missiles at him they go straight through his body.

There are chemical weapons that are fired at Godzilla the most plausible weapon that the military did fire I Godzilla is what is called “ANEB this is an acronym for (Anti-Nuclear Energy Bacteria) which was used in the movie Godzilla versus Biollante that came in 1989 they fact did fire this at Godzilla and it did penetrate his body. Biollante also has incredible forms that do sliced through Godzilla and cut his skin however because of his regenerative powers he does manage to heal after a while. All the monsters that have done damage to our Mechagodzilla with his missiles, Gigan with his hammer hands and his buzz saw and these are just so my Kaiju that have done damage to Godzilla. Even though they had done damage to him he has healed and as I mentioned before because of the situation is he the most indestructible who knows?

Let’s delve deeper into the G cell and its regenerative powers it all starts with the movie Godzilla 2000 in that movie is called “Organizer G1” and scientists have pondered and wonder how the 1st actual cells made the actual job to status of life and what I mean by that is how they come about that the actual T cells within Godzilla’s body causes him to heal at a very rapid rate and why? According to Godzilla 2000 the movie organizer G1 coupled with Godzilla’s nearly limitless radioactive energy allows him to regenerate and repair his cellular structure at a mind-boggling rate.

This regenerative power if Godzilla is induced within, chemicals the actual T cells will work in a counter manner to counteract the chemical damage as well as a physical damage. Another prime example of this is when Godzilla was fighting Mothra in Mothra versus Godzilla 1964 Mothra would use her last defense which I believe is a yellow powder and the yellow powder would eventually we can Godzilla to the point it would incapacitate him however as time progressed because of the regenerative powers that he has he would increase in strength and up to far is radioactive breath. It is probably a little known fact that once Godzilla came in contact were briefed in that choking dust Godzilla would be immune to a future poisonous attack by Mothra from that point on as he builds an immunity to it.

As time progressed through the entire Godzilla genre by the time he got to the actual movie Godzilla versus Destoroyah the actual runway activity that was in his body had boosted his regenerative power to an unprecedented height. And we all know what happened in that movie! Destoroyah has a pretty effective weapon which is called a laser horn or as some people would like to call it the laser power horn and destroyer would use it once on Godzilla slicing cleanly through Godzilla’s upper torso. Because of his regenerative powers that are at a unprecedented height the G cell repair the damage almost immediately as soon as it cut through it heal that quick saving Godzilla and allowing him to continue the battle virtually uninterrupted. This is another reason why say this Godzilla is the most powerful Godzilla’s because of the powers that he does possess. For obvious reasons if he wasn’t going to this meltdown and his regenerative powers were at an all-time high he deftly would not have survived Destoroyah’s laser horn.


Let’s talk about Godzilla’s atomic breath is a searing atomic blue color Oral-Beam and that is Godzilla’s trademark power. In Godzilla King of the monsters 1954 technically this is the very 1st time you would see the atomic breath even though it is not blue in color because the film is black and white it is used when Godzilla approaches the electrical towers and melts them down. He in fact does use this weapon to his advantage and it is a very effective weapon to say the least. He uses it and every single film with the exception of Godzilla 1998 simply because Godzilla 1998 or Zilla did not have an atomic breath because this Godzilla was not a monster it was a mutated animal. It also had what is called a hyper- breath which this Godzilla has a gaseous breath or superheated breath that was so hot that it ignited the gasoline in the vehicles causing huge explosions.

The actual atomic breath or beam is generated by what is called an “Atomic Furnace” which is connected to Godzilla’s Longs and fed by uranium-absorbing pockets. The atomic breath is then expelled through his mouth, sometimes in conjunction with an exhalation of breath. The beam produces heat in excess of 100,000°C and this would be equivalent to 180,032 degrees Fahrenheit so this is pretty damn hot. At least we know now what his internal temperature is when he uses this atomic breath. The actual release of the atomic breath is usually preceded by a flashing of energy over Godzilla’s dorsal fins or dorsal plates. His dorsal plates with light up and then suddenly you would see the atomic breath.

The next piece of information based on Godzilla’s atomic breath is from the movie Godzilla versus Mechagodzilla 2 that came out in 1993 the elapsed time between the dorsal plates lighting up and actually seen the atomic breath come out of his mouth is anywhere up to 1.26 seconds. Godzilla’s atomic breath is good for searing its enemies and lighting anything on fire such as large objects that would include building, submarines aircraft anything and anything that you can get its hands on. When it comes to using the atomic breath Godzilla has dispatched a few enemies with the atomic breath and they are Mothra, Kamakiras, Kumonga, and Rodan. This would be done by means of a direct hit with his atomic breath.

This atomic breath is so dangerous in a way that as time progressed to the movies it literally got more powerful than usual and a prime example of this would be in the movie Godzilla versus King Ghidorah 1991 he uses his atomic breath on King Ghidorah blown off the middle head with one shot. Also as King Ghidorah slide away it did major damage to King Ghidorah’s wings and it fell into the sea. Another example would be Kiryu in both movies Godzilla against Mechagodzilla 2002 and Godzilla: Tokyo SOS 2003 in this movie it did major damage to Kiryu. It also proven to be very effective against King Kong in the movie King Kong versus Godzilla 1962 as it burned the flash and chest hairs offer King Kong and he looked at Godzilla with such amazement that he was intimidated and turned around and walked away. Another prime example of how destructive his atomic breath is the movie Terror of Mechagodzilla Godzilla would use the atomic breath of Titanosaurus and literally last a minute chest with such power that it flare up his chest and burned the flesh the whole 9 yards and he fell over into the water.

In certain movies Godzilla’s atomic breath which step up a notch in the movie Godzilla versus Spacegodzilla he traditionally had the blue atomic breath however he is also equipped with the red atomic breath which he does use at the last 2nd to destroy Spacegodzilla he acquired this from the last movie Godzilla versus Mechagodzilla to 1993 where Mechagodzilla literally killed fire Rodan and she flew on top of an out that Godzilla and she would disappear and all the radiation from fire Rodan was consumed by Godzilla and he now acquires the red breath making them much more powerful than he was before and this is also the beginning of his meltdown stage as he would consume too much power in the long run. In technical terms his atomic breath is his most impressive offense of weapon.

Now we will move on to his last frequently used powers that he does have and do come in handy at moments of duress. This one that I’m going to talk about is my all-time favorite weapon of his however is only used when a Heisei Series to my knowledge. It is called the “Nuclear Pulse” this particular weapon is when Godzilla generates a burst of nuclear power internally, but instead of expelling it through his mouth he uses it it as a series of shockwaves emanating from his atomic furnace itself. This is an impressive weapon in my opinion to. During the movie Godzilla versus King Ghidorah 1991 he does use it in fashion when the three-headed beast were strangling Godzilla around his neck and this particular moment if you purchase the actual resin statues is called “Godzilla Wrapped” this is where they got it from. King Ghidorah is strangling Godzilla to the point that he is flowing from the mouth he uses a nuclear pulse and suddenly the Golden Dragon is thrown away from Godzilla and onto his back this would allow Godzilla to regain his advantage in the battle. We all know what happened after that.

In the movie Godzilla versus bio anti-which came out in 1989 Biollante herself would feel the power of Godzilla’s nuclear pulse as it is free the monster came from the super plants constrictive vines. Another particular moment when Godzilla uses his nuclear pulse is in the movie Godzilla and Mothra: Battle for Earth which came out in 1992 Godzilla does battle Mothra and Battra, and this is where Godzilla would uses nuclear poles on Mothra rendering her helpless and possibly would have forfeited her life if it was not for the intervention of Battra.

Now were to talk about the Showa Series magnetic power that Godzilla possesses. This would happen when he is fighting Mechagodzilla in the original movie Godzilla versus Mechagodzilla that came out in 1974 he would uses magnetic poles that would literally draw all metal to his body and there were electrical towers stuck to his body as Mechagodzilla flying and being drawn towards Godzilla because of the magnetic poles and that he makes waste of Mechagodzilla after he captures them. This particular magnetic poles is very similar to the nuclear pulse however it is just the opposite instead of forcing out from his body this one is going into his body is just the opposite.


Godzilla does indeed have another power that no Godzilla for would have expected until you have actually solid. Godzilla can fly! This particular moment was demonstrated in the movie Godzilla versus the Smog Monster which came out in 1971 he would eventually draw Hedorah into a fight and then he would walk up to Hedorah and throw a rock at him suddenly started flying and then Godzilla turn around started using his atomic breath as Turbo thrust and he took up slowly into the air with some pretty cool music to go with it and he would eventually knock Hedorah out of the sky. This particular moment obviously there is some puppetry involved but I still like it even though it’s a little campy.

Another particular weapon that you would not even think Godzilla would have is he is an amazing job as big as Godzilla is you would never think this, but you do see this in the movie Godzilla versus Megaguirus that came out in 2000 he literally leads in the air and pounces on top of Megaguirus. On another little-known power that Godzilla has is the ability to regenerate his strength by absorbing electrical charges. The ability may be a result of certain mutant qualities of the G cell within his body however in the early appearances of Godzilla such as the movie Godzilla King of the Monsters, King Kong versus Godzilla, and Godzilla versus the thing it seems that electricity clearly harms Godzilla. However in the movie Godzilla versus the sea monster which came out in 1966 it is just the opposite it wakes him up because they use it to wake up Godzilla inside of the cave and he comes busting out of the cave through the mountainside and he starts to fight Ebirah Horror of the Deep. In the movie Godzilla versus Mechagodzilla which came out in 1974 he does have and replenishes his strength through repeated lightning strikes in the movie. Likewise when Godzilla and 1985 was knocked out or killed I’m not sure which is which method he was killed by cadmium bombs and he was reawakened by lightning.

As we all know Godzilla is a true amphibian monster that is capable of effectively working on land and water and he is a top swimmer as he can reach speeds of 45 kn or 83 km/h this guy is very fast in the water. Godzilla like I mentioned before he’s amphibious he can breathe on the water as well this only happens in the dreams of each each Ichiro during the movie Godzilla’s that came out in 1969 it is stated that Godzilla can breathe underwater but since this happens only in the dream is not necessarily true. Godzilla in fact does have lawns but no gills are evident however in the new movie Godzilla 2014 it is just the opposite he does have gills and he can breathe underwater.

The next consistent weapons that Godzilla has is the innate ability with certain battle techniques in his earlier incarnations he fought in a very animalistic way biting and clawing an example of this would be the fight with Anguirus and Gigantis the Fire Monster that came out in 1955 as we know he bites down on Anguirus’s neck and kills him. Another fighting technique that Godzilla has been shown to do is his humanization especially when the movie King Kong versus Godzilla came out in 1962 he has adopted grappling techniques more in keeping with a variety of combat sports, sumo, karate, wrestling and other boxing methods. This you do see in the movie King Kong versus Godzilla. Another moment were Godzilla does something a little out of the ordinary especially when comes to the fighting techniques is in the movie Godzilla versus Megalon that came out in 1973 he does in fact dropkick Megalon twice this is a different scene LOL. Godzilla also listed throw punches especially at the monsters like King Ghidorah, Hedorah, and Titanosaurus he does it in a boxing fashion. Even though you see a lot of this during the Showa Series as they progress into the Heisei Series he eventually goes back to his animalistic ways instead of the actual boxing, karate, and judo type fighting.

It is doing the Heisei Series he would go back to his animalistic ways as you would chew on Biollante’s vines and Koichi Kawakita would eventually show us that Godzilla can flip King Ghidorah over his shoulders. Godzilla would eventually get into a biting stage especially in the movie Godzilla versus Megaguirus where he bites off Megaguirus’s tip of his tail as Megaguirus screams in pain and then Godzilla blasts him to his death. More on Godzilla’s techniques atomically he is enhanced in strength and power especially in the tail door and the Heisei Series so when he does use the atomic breath is much more balanced.

Now to talk about Godzilla’s dorsal plates it is a little known fact that dorsal plates don’t offer no advantage when it comes to battles especially dorm the Showa Series of films the actual dorsal plates had what is called a fleshy appearance and when the Heisei Series in my humble opinion on the best looking dorsal plates of them all but that’s just me. It is during the Millennium series or the Shinsei Series that the dorsal plates you wrote to their largest yet they are totally redesign and their very spiky and appearance and because of that Godzilla can use these dorsal plates as weapons as he does in the movie Godzilla versus Megaguirus when he suddenly bends over and it does slice of Megaguirus’s pinchers. And it fall to the ground with a mighty thud.

Now to talk about his actual intelligence throughout the entire series of Godzilla films is a little-known fact that a lot of people do not realize that Godzilla is far smarter than any other known animal according to Dr. Arnold Johnson this is his opinion notwithstanding. He is capable of communicating complex ideals as shown by his conference with Rodan and Mothra in the movie Ghidorah the Three Headed Monster which came out in 1964. And later with Jet Jaguar which he has a nice old conversation with him. Godzilla is also capable of formulating complex battle strategies as when he is distracted Hedorah from an impending punch by flipping a rock with his tail. Another particular point of intelligence for Godzilla is the destroying of Fukuoka Tower Through which Spacegodzilla withdrawn his cosmic power he took that out and eventually killed Spacegodzilla because in the more power left. During this particular article we have the very last thing I want to talk about is Godzilla’s fighting spirit Godzilla does show courage in the face of danger and perseverance in overcoming staggering odds and this has always been the case for Godzilla. And he has this never give up attitude and Anguirus has the same fighting spirit as Godzilla. Even though his other powers may be more visually exciting it really comes down to his fighting spirit that sets him apart from any other movie monster, and it does make him the object of admiration for Godzilla fan is all over the world.a


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