M-11: The Last Hope

Written by Barney Buckley

Email Address – bbuckley@triad.rr.com


The story begins with a scientist (Dr Mako Honda) and his four comrades in arms who are assistance and under the lineage of Dr Mako Honda and they are on a small cruising boat heading for the islands of Iwato Island and Odo Island. They are traveling there to do radioactive studying because of the monster Godzilla hitting both of these islands and you want to do some radioactive studying because of that. They are traveling to Iwato Island because it is the bigger of the two islands and as they get there they notice heavy traffic of what looks like the Japanese military patrolling the borders of Iwato Island.

They are not seen as there too far away to be any kind of threat however they do stop their boat to study to see what is going on here and for obvious reasons they cannot find out what it is unless a girl walked to the island because it is heavily guarded so there is something on the island and Dr Mako Honda wants to know what is on that island that he needs to be so heavily guarded.

Dr Mako Honda-(looks directly at his four students) “Now what you make of that kids”

Sako-“I do not know Sir. However there must be something on the island for them to heavily guard this!”

Miori-“I have to agree with Sako there is something strange on the silent. What it is we do not know?”

Dr Mako Honda turns his boat around and try to find an opening somewhere on the island that is not heavily guarded and he does manage to find a peninsula and slowly pulls in and pulls his boat up on the island so it does not get washed away. All five people are now on the beach and they work their way into the island through heavy brush. Iwato Island is very heavy with plant life as well as heavy tall trees so it is shrouded from the public eye.

They are all scrambling and working away through the island to the center of the island when they come across what looks like a gigantic warehouse and this warehouse is big enough to store anything. The question is why is her a gigantic warehouse and a center of an uninhabited island. The doctor is very curious as he looks around to see it is heavily guarded by one looks like Japanese soldiers and he looks at his students…

Dr Mako Honda-“I am going to try to sneak in there to see what is going on!”

Sako-“Are you crazy! You will get caught and there is no telling what they would do to you!”

Dr Mako Honda-“I have to see what’s in the warehouse!”

Dr. Honda takes off when the soldiers are not looking as Sako reaches out to try to grab him but barely misses him. Nervously Sako runs right directly behind him along with the rest of the crew they follow in his footsteps. As they make their way to the out skirts of the warehouse as they are hidden behind three gigantic air conditioning units where they cannot be seen by the soldiers. They inch their way in as they make it into the entrance of the warehouse without being seen.

What they see totally surprises them as they see in different areas there are scientists as well as workers working on what looks like mechanical Dragon heads and it seems to be three of them as they are in three different departments and they are all heavily working on these robots.

Dr. Honda-(whispers at the kids) “What do you make of this! It seems they are building a gigantic robotic monster that has Dragon heads!”

Sako-“I think I heard something about our military wanting to build a robot on gigantic proportions to fight Godzilla this possibly could be that robot!”

Miori-“I read somewhere that they called this project “Project Dragon” I heard they were building a three headed dragon and this possibly could be the project!”

cybernetic grand king Ghoroah

Suddenly Dr. Honda silences the kids because he hears footsteps as there I am buying a bunch of crates. The soldiers are running to get to their destination and do not see them and they look further on and further back towards the other end of the warehouse they could see what looks like a torso and this entire thing was like is made of gold. The torso looks like it’s all metal it does not have anything that resembles animal like tissue as it seems to be totally mechanical in nature.

Dr. Honda carefully observed every inch of this warehouse and over to the very last away from this gigantic mechanical Kaiju there lies one looks like a human inside of a dome is completely surrounded by these plastic dome and it has wires and tubes running completely in and out of it and curiosity gets the best of Dr. Honda. He makes his way over to what looks like a respirator as he carefully sneaks past all the scientists and the workers and the soldiers and he manages to peek inside to see what looks like a 7 foot man however it is not a man is cybernetic it looks human but it is not because part of the face has been removed it seems robotic in nature. On the glass that is covering this cybernetic humanlike robot are the acronym “M-11, suddenly two sides is walk over to the machine and forces red button and Dr. Honda suddenly hides when he cannot be seen.

The one sees activate the robot as a suddenly opened his eyes and all the computers around the robot start to activate and at the same time the computers are feeding this robot information into his computer brain. We overhear the scientists talking…

Scientist 1-“M-11 is our greatest achievement as you will control “Project Dragon” which we will call now cybernetic Grand King Ghidorah. This is a mechanical version of King Ghidorah however it is totally mechanical there is no animal like flesh whatsoever it is totally robotic and M 11 will control this robot for us!”

Scientist 2-“I must agree with you this is our greatest achievement so far and we can pretty much program M-11 to do anything that we wanted to we could even destroy this planet with this mechanized King Ghidorah!”

Overhearing the conversations Dr. Honda knows he needs to get back to the mainland and warned the military all what is going to happen here and what they plan on doing. The scientists finally leave to go do other work and it gives Dr. Honda a chance to ease back to where the kids are and he wants them we got it out here.

Dr. Honda-“Okay did we get here back to the mainland!”

Miori-“what is wrong Dr.?

Dr. Honda-“over there in the cylinder -like canister is a cybernetic robot that is going to program and control this monster that you see here and they call it cybernetic Grand King Ghidorah and as their intentions are they are going to destroy the world with this robot and they are using the cybernetic man they call “M-11” to control the monster so we need to go back to the mainland and worn the Japanese Self-Defense Force of this impending danger.

All 5 people managed to slip back out of the warehouse and back the same way they came in as a slip past the guards they run straight through the wall of greenery and head back out to the beach where the boat is. Once a make it to the beach it is surrounded by soldiers as they notice the boat they are searching for ever had the boat. Dr. Honda leads the kids back into the woods and they make their way to what seems like a cave that was hidden by the greenery they slip into the cave and they stay there for the night wore until the soldiers leave. They make their way back to the beach and noticed that none of the soldiers are there. They pushed the boat back into the water they jump in and they ease the way out of the Peninsula back out into the main waters in the head towards the mainland of Japan once again. They managed to escape impending danger.

They finally make it to the mainland and work their way to the headquarters of the Japanese Self-Defense Force where they talk to their leader and his name is “Colonel Makano” he is in charge of the mainland Japanese self-defense force and Dr. Honda proceeds to have a conversation with him and warning him of what’s going to happen.

Dr. Honda-(looking directly at Colonel Makano) “Excuse Me Col. I need to let you know what’s going on we went over to Iwato Island and Odo Island to do some radioactive studies on the island when Godzilla attacked the islands and we came across on Iwato Island gigantic warehouse that is secretly hidden from the public view and in that warehouse there are scientists and workers building a gigantic robot that they call cybernetic Grand King Ghidorah.”

Colonel Makano-“are you serious sir!”

Dr. Honda-“Yes Sir I am! They also have a cybernetic robot that looks like a human who will control this mechanized demon. They have programmed this robot they call “M-11” to destroy Japan with his robot as well as the rest of the world that is their intentions and that is why I am letting you know what’s going on so we can stop this from happening!”

Colonel Makano-“I hope you are right about this because Iwato Island and Odo Island are protected by the Japanese folklore reservation Conservatory and we cannot do any harm to these islands because they are protected!”

Dr. Honda-“yes sir I do understand, but we need to stop them before they actually build robot they are very close to completing the robot.


Meanwhile the active volcano Mount Ontake suddenly explodes and lava and ash is exploding everywhere and as onlookers see of the very top to gigantic hands reach over the top and what comes out is a horrible demon and the people of Japan know what that demon is. A head rises out of the volcanic ash and it is Godzilla he climbed out of the volcano as he is a fiery red from the heat of the lava and you can see lava slide down off his body as it does harden and cools off and Godzilla suddenly walks off. Godzilla has for the ocean to completely cool off as he is awakened from his slumber for some strange reason.

Later that night in a small village we see a certain amount of Japanese people looking towards the sky as they see a fiery red ball flying towards their village as it crashes outside of their village.

Teenage Villager 1-(looks at the other teenage villager) “We should go check that out!”

Teenage Villager 2– “Are you crazy! There’s no telling what that is!”

Teenage Villager 1-(started running towards the meteor) “Well I am going to check it out, you can stay here if you like. It is your choice!”

Teenage Villager 2-“okay I just hope we don’t get into too much trouble here!”


Both the teenage villager’s head towards the landing area where the meteor went down it would literally take them 30 minutes to get to that point, but once they are there they see a fiery orange glowing ball that is steaming and has a tremendous amount of heat to as they hide behind rocks and they study it for a little bit and then it suddenly cracked wide open steam envelops the sky. The 2 boys are startled as they wait to see what happens next and what happens next literally scares the crap out of the boys. They suddenly see a gigantic snake like Dragon had sneaking out of the ball and I suddenly I’m not what shows up in yet another one after that. Whatever’s inside this thing it has 3 heads suddenly flies out of the orange ball and into the night sky and its wings fully fan out this monster is huge and it has 3 heads and 2 tails it is a strange monster from space. That has a bobbing back and forth as if they were confused and it lets out a loud screech and suddenly takes off into the night sky.

The boys are so startled they run back to their village to warn the villagers of this great monster that came out of the orange ball that fell from the sky. The villagers are looking at the 2 boys as if they are crazy however they soon realize that they are not crazy monster vastly shows up flying overhead as it heads towards the mainland of Japan. The monster is called King Ghidorah it is from Planet X which is located just past Mars. It was sent to destroy the planet Earth by an alien race they call Xilliens where they monitor King Ghidorah’s progress from their planet.

King Ghidorah suddenly comes crashing down right in the heart of Tokyo as its fans its wings it starts to destroy all the buildings from his tremendous force of wind that is created by the wings and then suddenly all 3 heads start to shoot the lightning bolts as it destroys everything in its path and it continues to walk through the city streets fully annihilating the entire city with his destruction.

Meanwhile at the headquarters of the “Japanese Self-Defense Force” on the monitors within the building they see that the alien creature King Ghidorah has shown up on earth and is destroying Tokyo as we speak.

Dr. Honda-(looks at Colonel Makano) “What are we going to do about this? There is a mechanical version of this guy over on Iwato Island and now we have the real thing destroying Tokyo!”

Colonel Makano-“I honestly do not know what we can do and I know our military might is no match against King Ghidorah!”

Meanwhile in the Sea of Japan were Godzilla lays resting and he suddenly wakes up and heads towards Tokyo to fight the mighty monster they call King Ghidorah he would reach Tokyo in less than a half hour destroying everything in its path because he is such a massive beast. Godzilla stands over 100 m tall as King Ghidorah is even taller than Godzilla. He makes his way to his destination where he is confronted by King Ghidorah suddenly shoots bolts of lightning at Godzilla. Godzilla is suddenly shocked by the feel of these shots of lightning bolts it really knocks him to the ground.

Colonel Makano-(grips his fists in excitement) “Yes this is what we need to stop King Ghidorah let’s just hope that Godzilla can do this.

Dr. Honda-(looks back at the kids and then looks at Colonel Makano) “I too hope this works because I don’t see no other solution to stop in this space Dragon.”

Sako-“there is another solution sir and it is a crazy one!”

Dr. Honda-(turns around look straight at Sako) “OH what do you suggest?”

Sako-“it’s crazy but as soon as they finished building that robot over there on Iwato Island we could steal “M-11” and reprogram him to use the “Cybernetic Grand King Ghidorah” against King Ghidorah if Godzilla should not be able to complete the task!”

Dr. Honda-(looks at Sako as if he was crazy, but does not rule out the possibility) “Sako we will take that in consideration if we need to do this!”

Meanwhile back in Tokyo it seems that King Ghidorah is getting the better hand of Godzilla. With King Ghidorah using his wings to keep knocking Godzilla off balance Godzilla suddenly falls to the ground but he uses his atomic breath and blasts King Ghidorah directly into the chest knocking him into the buildings behind him. This gives Godzilla a chance to recoup and reset. Godzilla suddenly charges King Ghidorah as he tries to get up on the building and Godzilla pounces on King Ghidorah at the both crash into the buildings. Godzilla continues to punch all 3 of King Ghidorah’s heads and suddenly they should bolts of lightning that literally knocked Godzilla off of King Ghidorah into the buildings below.

Meanwhile back on Iwato Island the news of the real King Ghidorah showing up in Tokyo has got the scientists and workers their excited because they want to use their mechanical version against King Ghidorah to see if he could stand a chance against the real King Ghidorah. Their evil intentions have changed because now there is a bigger threat as they hastily try to finish building “Project Dragon.”

Dr. Honda-(watches on the screen as Godzilla is losing considerably and is now getting desperate) “Excuse Me Colonel Makano I think we need to come up with a different plan as you remember I told you about the mechanical King Ghidorah located on Iwato Island I think if we go and head over to the island and somehow convince them to use their mechanical King Ghidorah against King Ghidorah it is possible it could defeat King Ghidorah. We cannot rule out this possibility and we should try!”

Colonel Makano-(looks at Dr. Honda with desperation) “Okay go ahead and do that Dr. Honda take your crew with them and I will send some men with you to protect you and here are some orders that you can give them so they understand that we are not a threat!”

Dr. Honda was giving a red envelope that is stamped in Japanese top-secret. Dr. Honda and is for students head back out and this time with the help of the military they have a military ship that takes them directly to the island there their approach by the military ships that are bordering Iwato Island and they discuss their situation and they contact their leader inside of the military warehouse and it come to terms and allow them to enter the island straight to the warehouse. Dr. Honda walked into the warehouse with his students and is shocked that the actual robot is completed it looks just like the King Ghidorah that was in Tokyo however it does have more Dragon like features and it is totally mechanized. As they walk into the warehouse and gaze upon the amazing sight of “cybernetic Grand King Ghidorah” they walk up to the military scientist who was head of the project.

Dr. Honda-“Excuse me sir I am with the “Japanese Self-Defense Force” and I have specific orders to give you and I hope you will come to terms with the fact that we need your cybernetic human robot to control this gigantic machine of yours.

(He has in the red envelope and the lead scientist looks at it and begins to read what was inside.)

Anton Sakharov-(the lead Russian scientists that has this project) “I understand you need our Dragon to stop King Ghidorah and we will help you in any way we can!”

Dr. Honda-(looks at Anton Sakharov with such confusion because you overheard the other 2 scientists and their evil intentions and it seems that Anton Sakharov is not on the same wavelength as his 2 other scientists) “Mr. Sakharov it seems I had a different impression about your crew here because I wasn’t as warehouse not just 3 days ago as I snuck in because I was curious as to why you guys are on this island so the curiosity got the better of me is how we discover this and that’s how we know you exist. However I do see your intentions are good but I did overhear 2 of you scientists talking about programming your project “M-11” for bad intentions they wanted to program his robot to control your “Project Dragon” to destroy Japan and the rest of the world you need to find a scientist placed him under arrest and a dissenting time you need to check the programming of your robot!

Anton Sakharov-“Oh, I see!”

He looks at his military because he knows which 2 scientists they are talking about and they are immediately arrested and they checked the programming of “M-11” and yes he was program to do that heinous act and he calls onto his other scientists to reprogram “M-11” to assist Godzilla in defeating King Ghidorah.

Anton Sakharov-“the project is complete and now that “M-11” is reprogrammed we will send out “cybernetic Grand King Ghidorah” To assist Godzilla in defeating King Ghidorah.”

Dr. Honda-“thank you sir for doing this we do greatly appreciate your service and sometime down the line I would like to talk to you further as to why you would create such a robot!”

Anton Sakharov-“sure no problem we will do this in the future!”

Dr. Honda-“okay kids we need to head back to the mainland”

Sako-“this is absolutely amazing, I am so excited that they’re going uses gigantic robot against King Ghidorah.”

Miori-“I just hope that this robot can handle King Ghidorah and even with the help of Godzilla will it be. King Ghidorah!”

Everyone takes one last look at the mechanical wonder as they walk out of the warehouse and back onto the military ship and the head back towards the Japanese mainland as a way patiently for the cybernetic King Ghidorah to show up. Meanwhile they had back into the main headquarters of the “Japanese Self-Defense Force” and they began to have a conversation with Colonel Makano once again…

Colonel Makano-“How did you make out?”

Dr. Honda-“we did just fine! However their intentions wasn’t what we thought it was!”

Colonel Makano-(looks confusingly at Dr. Honda) “Oh I am confused?”

Dr. Honda-“it seems there were 2 scientists there that want to take control of the robot user for their own purpose and as I spoke to the lead scientist. His name is Anton Sakharov and that was not the case he had those 2 scientists immediately arrested and the robot there was going to control the mechanical King Ghidorah was once again reprogrammed for good intentions and as we speak is being activated and sent to Tokyo!”

Colonel Makano-“That is a relief because I also don’t think we could I handle all that wants this is a good thing!”

M-11 will be programmed and monitored from the Iwato Island warehouse where he is constantly monitored as they give him commands through programming and tell me exactly what he needs to do and his basic commands in response to these commands are he would simply say “Yes My Boss.” M-11 is programmed and ready to go as they take the cybernetic robot and place them on a helicopter where he will do all of this programming from the helicopter and suddenly he takes to the air programs Grand King Ghidorah and the warehouse roof suddenly opens up and as the doors are completely open Grand King Ghidorah suddenly wakes up and is heads are swinging around rapidly as his eyes lit up green red and yellow he has a wonderful array of colors and all 3 has looked towards the opening in the roof.

It suddenley takes off because he has jet packs along with his wings he suddenly flies into the sky and heads towards Japan. M 11 and the rest of the crew had towards Tokyo where they take safe haven and land on top of a building that is within sight of both Godzilla and King Ghidorah and M 11 programs Grand King Ghidorah meanwhile Godzilla is doing his best to fight off King Ghidorah and then suddenly a gigantic shadow looms over both the monsters as they see in all of its glory and splendor no mighty Grand King Ghidorah hovering over both the monsters. The cybernetic Grand King Ghidorah comes crashing down as he is literally twice as heavy as the original King Ghidorah however is about the same size and Godzilla looks at King Ghidorah and this mechanical counterpart that looks just like King Ghidorah and he is saying to himself is this guy a friend or do I have to fight both of these monsters.

They give M-11 a command that he responds with “Yes My Boss” and that is a sure sign that he is going to give King Ghidorah a command to do something. Meanwhile M-11 programs Grand King Ghidorah to attack and the question is will it attack Godzilla or King Ghidorah. Grand King Ghidorah suddenly screeches into the night sky and begins to emit a rainbow color of gigantic electric bolts measured directly at King Ghidorah and Godzilla realizes he is here to help. Grand King Ghidorah continues his onslaught as King Ghidorah is being attacked by both Godzilla and the Grand King Ghidorah he takes to the night sky it is then that the Grand King Ghidorah also takes to the night sky after King Ghidorah they both collide however because the Grand King Ghidorah is much heavier he remains almost unscathed and knocking King Ghidorah out of the sky back down to Tokyo.

M-11 gives Grand King Ghidorah another command as well as the Iwato Island team gives M 11 that very same command to give to Grand King Ghidorah and he responds once again with the words “Yes My Boss” it is then that King Ghidorah managed to get back up on his feet on to be confronted by Godzilla’s tail and his King Ghidorah directly in the chest knocking him to the ground and Godzilla rapidly swings around uses his atomic breath and glasses King Ghidorah directly into the chest as the blast works its way up to one of the heads the one on the left suddenly gets blown off and now King Ghidorah is totally in distress. The mechanical Grand King Ghidorah comes crashing down to earth and uses his bolts of lightning I guess King Ghidorah and both Godzilla and Grand King Ghidorah simultaneously blast King Ghidorah until it burns into ash. King Ghidorah is now dead and Godzilla looks at Grand King Ghidorah and wants to fight him was something in the back of his mind says no I am tired of going back to the ocean and he looks at the Grand King Ghidorah as if to say thank you for your help.

Godzilla walks away really tired as he jumps into the Sea of Japan to disappear and rest for a very long time. The Iwato Island team realizes they have beat King Ghidorah and all is well and they give M-11 one last command of and that is to self-destruct “Yes My Boss”…


M-11-(looks at Dr. Honda, Sako, and Miori and warns them) “I am order to self-destruct!”

Dr. Honda-(looks at M-11) “why do you need to self-destruct!”

M-11-“My Boss has ordered me to self-destruct because he does not want my technology in the hands of anything evil and he realizes creating me along with the Grand King Ghidorah simply was a bad idea! (Very similar to Dr Serizawa with his intentions of not having his oxygen destroyer placed in the wrong hands of the wrong people this is very similar in that way)

Dr. Honda-“do we need to clear out here!”

M-11-“yes sir when I do self-destruct I will explode and everything about me will no longer exist. I will explode into many tiny little pieces!”

Dr. Honda-“What about the Grand King Ghidorah what will happen to that!”

M-11-“I will be given one last command and it will send the Grand King Ghidorah into outer space and to travel as far as he can and then explode.”

Dr. Honda-“we do understand we will be leaving now!”

Sako-“oh my God this is just crazy! All this technology gone to waste!”

Miori-“M-11 you did such a fine job in helping us to stop King Ghidorah and it is a shame that they want you to self-destruct like this. You will be missed!”

Then you eventually leave the head down the building and outside and then suddenly M-11 gives the final command to Grand King Ghidorah and Grand King Ghidorah suddenly takes to the skies and heads straight into space by the time he reaches the moon is then that M-11 stands tall and proud and suddenly his eyes wrote him as he explodes into 1 million pieces. It is then once we get past the moon that Grand King Ghidorah should have self-destructed however it was thwarted by a Xilliens spaceship they took control of the robot and took it back to their planet. So as far as the earthlings know everything went according to plan. What happens to the Grand King Ghidorah from this point that is another story!


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