Godzilla Versus Destroyah 1995 Movie Synopsis

Written by Barney Buckley

E-Mail Address: bbuckley@triad.rr.com


A monster from Godzilla’s past will come back to defeat him. It was a monster that was unleashed in 1954 that actually killed the original Godzilla is called the oxygen destroyer. This particular movie starts with a different kind of Godzilla this Godzilla is glowing and burning from inside as he is in the process of having a nuclear meltdown. Although all things that Godzilla has done he has destroyed everything in Japan in this movie is done something completely different the attacks Hong Kong. Destroying everything in his path and in the process Miki Saegusa is joined by another gifted psyche her name is Meru and she has the abilities to control a new monster. Together they head out to Birth Island this would be the home of Godzilla and Godzilla Junior however they discover that it has been destroyed.

These mutations are the direct result of Dr. Serizawa’s invention. Godzilla suddenly appears off the coast of Okinawa. Super-X III is launched against him as monitoring of Godzilla’s vital signs indicate he continues to approach meltdown. Using the Super-X Ill’s freezing ray, the crew manages to slow Godzilla’s metabolism, but it is only a temporary measure. Near the construction site, the military arrives just in time to do battle with a swarm of six-Legged Destoroyah crustaceans. Casualties are heavy and the creatures all merge into a single being-a towering, winged monster. Suddenly, Godzilla Junior reappears. The radioactive destruction of its island has mutated the creature into a much larger monster, more resembling his “father.” Miki is urged to telepathically guide Junior to Tokyo to battle Destoroyah.

The battle is quick, and Godzilla Junior seems to strike a decisive blow. But, as Godzilla meets up with his son at Haneda Airport, Destoroyah rises in its final form-a 120-meter-tall biped. When it attacks, Godzilla Junior is killed. Enraged, Godzilla attacks Destoroyah and uses a final, deadly blast of radiation to obliterate Destoroyah. Godzilla is decimating Hong Kong, but the younger creature is presumed to be College student Kenichi Yamane-the adopted grandson of  Dr. Yamane, the dead. Paleontologist in Godzilla (aka Godzilla, King of the Monsters)-has concluded that Godzilla’s atomic heart has malfunctioned and the monster will soon melt down with catastrophic results. Meanwhile in the Ariake district of Tokyo, an area created by land-filling sections of Tokyo Bay, construction of a tunnel has been interrupted by strange events. An analysis of the soil reveals no trace of oxygen because, it is learned, this is where died from the Oxygen Destroyer’s deadly effects in 1954.Microscopic creatures destroy all sea life in a public aquarium.

Then Godzilla approaches Junior and tries to breathe radioactive life into the little creature, to no avail. Suddenly, Destoroyah rises from the ashes for one final assault. Godzilla, despite his weakened condition, fights on. But it is the Super-X III that deals Destoroyah the death blow. It is too late to save Godzilla, who disintegrates. High levels of radiation hover over the scene in a smoky mist. But, as the scientists watch, the radiation levels begin to plunge. The mist clears and a familiar roar is heard. Godzilla Junior, absorbing the radiation from his father’s body, has revived and mutated into his final form. Godzilla is reborn!!!


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