Godzilla Movies Synopsis

Written by Barney Buckley

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Godzilla 1954

The idea first originated aboard a airplane according to legend. Tomoyuki Tanaka a producer of the Toho Company was flying home home. When a movie called “In The Shadow of Honor ” fell apart at the seems. Tomoyuki Tanaka needed to come up with a new movie and fast. He brainstormed while on the flight going home when he was thinking about the movie “The Beast From Twenty Thousand Fathoms.” Thus the idea of the first Godzilla movie came to life. Godzilla’s birth was a collaboration of many talented people. People like Tomoyuki Tanaka, Ishiro Honda, Eiji Tsuburaya, and many others to mention. If it weren’t for these people Godzilla would have never been born.

          This is a movie worth recognizing as a landmark movie. One of the longest-running series in film history. It did start a huge stream of movies that has brought my fans aboard for the ride. The thought or plot of this movie I generally thought was pretty impressive. The bombing of Hiroshima has brought Godzilla to life. The idea of using postwar footage within this movie was a great idea on “Ishiro Hondas’ ” part. He went out and took actual photographs of the post war Tokyo and some how incorporated them into the movie this was a great idea.   It has a  documentary feel to it. Making it seem a lot more real.

     The characters within this movie seem to display emotion that has not been seen in Godzilla movies in a while. A romantic love triangle. The Toho Company perhaps put alot of effort into the making of Godzilla, but one thing sticks to mind and that is the idea of making Godzilla. What I have are some important factors and names that brought Godzilla to life.

          No Japanese film studios at the time would even consider Tanaka’s outlandish idea of making a monster movie, when at that time people were watching wartime movies. Iwao Mori was interested in the idea of the movie. And asked Tomoyuki Tanaka to meet with Eiji Tsuburaya, a special effects direct. When they finally met Tanaka had ask Tsuburaya and his craftsmen to create a monster larger then life monster, something the likes of no Japanese film industry have ever done. thus the beginning of Godzilla was underway. Senkichi Taniguchi was originally slated to do the movie, but he was tied up with other projects. Tanaka then chose Ishiro Honda to direct the helm of Godzilla.

     Project G is the classified status to the production of the movie it was said that not even the children were to know of its production, or Tanaka would be angered by it . He wanted to be a secret. The next person to come aboard was the script writer for the movie Shigeru Kayama, who has written “Orang-Pendek’s Revenge.”. In case you are wondering about this story it is about a Bigfoot like creature found in the Sumatran rainforests.

          Gojira opens with the mysterious disappearances of several Japanese fishing ships.  Natives of nearby Oto Island rescue the survivors of these shipwrecks.  In the hopes of discovering the causes of these disasters the Japanese government sends a small research team to the island.  While on the island, the research team observes a traditional ritual to appease a sea demon called Gojira.  That night, during a storm, a strange force destroys several houses in the village.

        On the mainland, the survivors of the night’s devastation describe the events to the Japanese officials.  In a speech to the Japanese government, noted paleontologist Dr. Yamane advises the authorities to sponsor a full research team to the island. During the investigation the next morning Gojira appears over the hill tops.  Meanwhile, Dr. Yamane’s daughter, Emiko, who is engaged to controversial research scientist Dr. Serizawa, has fallen in love with a sailor named Ogata.  But when she tries to tell Serizawa of her love for another, he reveals to her the secret weapon he has developed – the Oxygen Destroyer – and swears her to secrecy.  With this terrible knowledge, Emiko cannot bring herself to break off the engagement with Serizawa.

        After the discovery of Gojira, Dr. Yamane begs the authorities to study the creature.  Instead, the Japanese Defense Force attacks Gojira at sea with depth charges.  That night, the citizens of Tokyo celebrate Gojira’s destruction, until the monster appears in Tokyo Bay and wrecks the dock area.  The next day, the authorities surround Tokyo with electrical towers, but when Gojira returns that night, the monster pushes right through them and destroys the city.  The next day, thousands of people are victims of Gojira’s rampage.

        Emiko tells Ogata about Serizawa’s work; perhaps the only hope humanity has against Gojira.  But later, when she and Ogata confront the doctor, the scientist refuses to use his invention.  Finally, convinced that Gojira is a greater threat than his invention, Serizawa agrees to help Ogata plant the device.  As Gojira sleeps in Tokyo Bay, the two detonate the Oxygen Destroyer.  Serizawa remains behind to die, taking the secret of his ultimate weapon with him.  As the sea foams, Gojira surfaces briefly, then sinks to the bottom, where the Oxygen Destroyer melts the flesh from his bones.

Synopsis by Barney Buckley

Gigantis the Fire Monster 1955

Tsukioka and Kobayashi, are two pilots for a cannery in a small fishing community near Osaka, one of the pilots came up missing in the other one was looking for him, and he flew over and island and noticed the plane in the water and landed. They drew a campfire and suddenly the island started taking when suddenly they noticed to gigantic monster fighting with each other. One was an Anguirus and the other was a Godzilla. They fall ferociously until they both fell into the water, and disappearing without a trace.  The two pilots manage to make it back to the cannery, and they were in telling their story to the people in the cannery they found the account a bit far-fetched and hard to believe.

      They were searching through a couple books which had allowed mug shots which pertain to paleontology and identified that the dinosaurs worry in fact a Godzilla an Ankylosaurus called Angilas (Called this at that time).

     As fear sets in the monster Gigantis eventually shows up on the beaches of Osaka and immediate evacuation in the area occurs.  Meanwhile, a group of convicts managed to break out of a transport vehicle carrying them from a prison out to the countryside, the escaped prisoners steal a charge and the police gave chase.  Meanwhile back at the shores of Osaka the army is fighting off the monster Gigantis, and all seemed successful as the monster starts to drift back out to sea, but suddenly the resulting explosion lights up the Osaka skyline, attracting the monster.  The monster eventually works his way back to the shores of Osaka when suddenly the monster Angilas he shows up jumped up on the pier, Gigantis and Angilas continue their on slot with each other.

    The monsters continue to fight all through Osaka and eventually tearing down the famous landmark the Osaka Castle.  Managing the monster Angilas falls into the ravine after Gigantis rips another chunk of his neck.  The monster believes to death, but Gigantis is not satisfied with that, so he burns him to death.  This marks the first time that the monster Angilas or as some people call him Anguirus would be an enemy of Godzilla.  After this the monster would come back as a friend of Godzilla.  Now that Anguirus is dead Gigantis goes on a rampage throughout Osaka.  The army continues to battle with his monster as the monster grows bored of Osaka he eventually works his way back out into this sea.

      The army eventually meets up with Gigantis and finds him on an island where he meets his demise.  Then the army is trying to figure out what can they do to stop this monster where they come up with the idea of burying him in ice.  They continue the onslaught of ice crashing down on him as he is stuck in the ravine.  There is no where he can go he is stuck in the ice ever so slowly being buried in ice eventually submerging him in complete and total ice damage.  For some may think that he is dead but he slips into a hibernation only to eventually show up in the next movie which is called King Kong versus Godzilla.  Each and every one of these movies has a certain connection to them until we get to later films.

Synopsis by Barney Buckley

King Kong vs Godzilla 1962

    East meets west as the fate of Japan hangs in the balance in this colossal clash between two of the mightiest movie monsters of all: Godzilla, who is soon to return to the big screen, and King Kong.

     No one can say better “Clash of the Titans” this should be the all time famous quote for this movie.  And the film stars you know what Eric Carter, anchorman for the United Nation’s news service, he reports that there’s abnormally high temperatures in the Bering Sea.  The United Nations says the submarine “Seahawk” to investigate the phenomenon.  Meanwhile a pharmaceutical company has discovered red berry juice that can produce a non-addictive narcotic effect.  This red berry juice can only be found out one island in the entire world, and that island is called Faro Island which is guarded by a giant monster.

     Mr.Tako, head of Pacific pharmaceuticals, has found out that there might be a monster on Faro Island, so he generates a massive campaign to boost arrays of a television show he sponsors.  Meanwhile the Seahawk approach is a glowing iceberg, and aboard the Seahawk there are adequate amounts of scientists aboard. 

     They tried to figure out what this light is coming from the iceberg.  One of the scientist figures it is a radiation like to it is a Russian term for light that emits from nuclear reactors.  Then suddenly as they approached his eyes were the submarine burst in flames, and you ask yourself how to the flames emit to out the submarine it had to be Godzilla but no one knows for sure.

     A crew from Mr.Tako office was sent to Faro Island to search for this god like monster.  When they get to the island they find very colorful natives who or a little apprehensive about their presence, but they are tree would guess and are be fair and befriended.  The two main characters within this group their names are Sakaurai and Kinsaburo don’t seem to believe it is a god like monster.  All seemed quiet on the island when suddenly they hear a vicious roar then they suddenly realize that there could possibly be something on the island, and later that evening they are attacked by a gigantic squid or octopus. Oodako is the name of the octopus. The Islanders attacked the octopus and realizes they are no match for its. Then suddenly they hear a familiar roar in a pan towards the gate and suddenly a gigantic ape shows up at the gate it was King Kong (Japanese version).

     King Kong begins to fight with the octopus and eventually ends up winning chasing the octopus back to where he came from.  A little bit of a note about the octopus is that it is the same octopus that was seen in the alternate versions of Frankenstein conquers the world which eventually brings Frankenstein to his demise after Frankenstein has killed Baragon.

      Frankenstein eventually gets pulled into the water by the octopus. Meanwhile back on the island King Kong has conquered the octopus and is drinking the red berry juice.  He is getting very tired while the natives to a chant put him to sleep.  Then we pan back to the ship where we see King Kong being dragged back to Tokyo on a raft.

     The mighty Kong suddenly wakes up.  And begins to wrestle around and the people of the ship feel is time to get rid of Kong. They shoot to at the dynamite and blown up the raft.  But Kong comes back fast and furious.  He makes his way back to Tokyo.  Meanwhile back at the Seahawk where a helicopter is a protein to find the Seahawk they noticed that yellow marker next to the iceberg that is beginning to break apart. Then suddenly the helicopter pilots noticed some is pushing the ice away it to us Godzilla.

     Godzilla makes his way towards Tokyo as well as King Kong making his way.  To gigantic monstrous monsters are now roaming Tokyo. The scientists and the people of Tokyo figure they should bring King Kong and Godzilla together to clash.  This eventually happens only to have King calm being intimidated and running away.  Eventually they get together one more time only to have the mighty Kong defeat Godzilla to the point it was a draw. 

     A little tidbit about some say there was two different endings to this movie.  This is not true; however the American release of the movie has been added it so much that it seems like a different movie and its entirety.  There are two different endings for the monster roars in the Japanese version you will hear Godzilla’s voice as well as King Kong.  In the American release you do not hear Godzilla’s voice at all.

Synopsis by Barney Buckley

Mothra vs Godzilla 1964

Sakai, a reporter, and his photographer, Junko Newton investigates an egg that was washed ashore. Only to have Kumoyama and money hungry investor buys the egg. And a little-known fact that he was purchased for ¥914,038, reasoning that the egg is worth 153,000 chicken eggs.  Soon after knowing the egg was taken the Priestesses of Mothra eventually shows up asking to return the egg.

     But unfortunately Kumoyama refuses to do such a thing.  Sakai and Junko confront the Twins about their situation and find that it seems to be the right thing to do is to return the egg.  So they try to convince Kumoyama to return the egg, but he refuses.  The Priestesses they are also known as Shobijins.  While talking to the Shobijins they are pointed in a direction to look for something up in the back parts of the forest and they finally see the monster is Mothra.

     Meanwhile in a different location there is a very high case of radioactivity.  Scientists from all over our tests and the grounds there was suddenly the ground such a move and out pops a tail, and suddenly spines start to show up and eventually a giant monster pops out the ground.  It was Godzilla and he was searching for something, so he shakes off the dirt and goes for a nice stroll downtown. He eventually finds what he was looking for in that my friends is the egg is time for some serious omelets.  Mothra will not tolerate then, so she goes into attack and protects her egg with everything that she has to offer.  She whoops on Godzilla and eventually succumbs to a serious beating and eventually dying.

    She dies right on top of her egg, but the egg hatches and out pops a larva; however it is not one, but two of them come out.  They chase Godzilla to an island that is inhabited by people tour.  The Twins catch up to him and eventually spin a web that he can I get out of.  He falls into the ocean never to be seen again. And the larva twins swim back to their island called Mothra Island or Infant Island.

Synopsis by Barney Buckley

Ghidorah the Three Headed Monster 1964

A princess from Selgina, a small Himalayan country becomes possessed by the spirit of a Venusian (a Martian in the American version) and escapes a plane just as it explodes. As this happens a meteorite falls from the sky containing Ghidorah, the monster responsible for her planet’s destruction. At the same time, Godzilla and Rodan emerge from hibernation and not only attack Japan, but each other as well. Mothra, along with its twin priestesses, attempt to convince Godzilla and Rodan to stop their fighting each other and to team up to fight the new monster. At the same time, the princess is being hunted by a group of assassins who want to kill her so that her enemies can take over her homeland. Then, just when the only living assassin is about to kill the princess, Ghidorah crushes him by knocking over a pile of boulders on him. Godzilla, Rodan, and Mothra finally drive Ghidorah off. The movie ends with the princess going back to her home land and Godzilla and Rodan watching Mothra swim back to Infant island.

Synopsis by Barney Buckley

Invasion of Astro-Monster 1965

“We need an exterminator”

     A mysterious planet has been discovered beyond Jupiter and earth has launched an exploratory spaceship. P-1 is a ship that carries astronaut Glenn and Fuji towards the planet X. which has a strange magnetic field.  They come in contact with the aliens or should I say Xilians. The Xilians are asking the astronaut’s for help on their planet which contains a monster that terrorizes the planet.  This monster is called monster zero.  They are asking for the monsters Godzilla and Rodan to transport them back to planet X., and get rid of monster zero which is formally known as King Ghidorah.

What eventually happens is the Xilians are promising the cure for cancer, but to plans backfire once they get to Godzilla and Rodan on planet X. Once have the monsters at their call.  They threatened the planet Earth and taken over by using the monsters to destroy the planet.  What happens next is Godzilla and Rodan and King Ghidorah go all out a demolition spree.  Continuing their on slot something changes they find a way he to take the Xilians and leave them defenseless by using an invention used by one of the people of the earth. 

The Xilians lose control of all the monsters eventually lose in this spaceship that they are in.  Godzilla and Rodan come back to their senses and give King Ghidorah a serious ass whuppin’. Sending King Ghidorah back to where he came from.  Godzilla and Rodan live happily ever after the end.

Synopsis by Barney Buckley

Ebirah Horror of the Deep 1966

     A fisherman named Yata winds up missing after the boat he is working on sinks. His younger brother Ryota decides to search for him, but when the authorities refuse to help him he tries to enter a dance contest to win a boat to go search for Yata. When Ryota arrives at the contest he finds out he is too late by a few days, but meets up with two contestants who had already been eliminated named Nita and Ichino. The three youths then head for the marina to look at different boats. After they board one, they meet a rifle toting man named Yoshimura, whom they assume is the owner. However, he is a bank robber who is using the boat to hide out. After a few minutes, Yoshimura decides to let the youths stay the night. The next morning the they wake up to find out that Ryota has set sail with them on it to search for his brother. A few days into their trip they are caught in a storm and as the boys try to keep the boat from sinking they see a giant claw emerge from the water. The next morning they wake up on Lechti Island, which serves as the base for a group of international terrorists called Red Bamboo, who have a heavy water factory on the island. They also observe as a boat belonging to the group arrive with slaves from Infant Island, the home of Mothra. Some of the natives try to make a break for it, but they are caught and eaten by the same monster that wrecked the boys boat, a giant lobster named Ebirah. During the commotion, a slave girl named Daiyo manages to sneak away and runs into the boys. They then find a cave where they hide out. But also in the cave is Godzilla, who is hibernating. They then try to head for the base to see if they can save the slaves, but their plans are thwarted and Ichino becomes a prisoner while Ryota gets caught in an observation baloon and drifts towards Infant Island where he is reunited with Yata. In the meantime, Ichino gets an idea to awaken Godzilla with lightning to not only distract the soldiers but to fight Ebirah.

Synopsis by Barney Buckley

Son of Godzilla 1967

Son of Godzilla (1967)

          The film starts off in the middle of a storm as an army plane is experiencing “brain wave” related turbulence, It’s at this time, just seconds into the film that we see Godzilla (played by Haruo Nakajima) in this incarnation. The pilots of the plane deduce that “something” is calling Godzilla to Solgel Island in the Pacific as the opening title scrolls onto screen followed by the opening credits, accompanied by panning shots of a tropical island.
           Shortly afterwards we see scientists reporting to HQ about current weather conditions and their current state, followed by them getting chastised by their boss before they hear an unearthly sound which then dies off to silence for now.
          We then find out that the scientists are conducting weather control related experiments on the island, recruiting a reporter named Goro Maki (played by Akira Kubo) as a full fledged member of their experimental team (and cook) after he parachutes onto the beach looking for a story. Anyway… before they can begin they discover giant praying mantises known as Kamakuras inhabiting the island but it’s too late to explore at the time so that will have to wait till morning. Goro then sees a young native girl swimming in a nearby pool (played by Bibari Maeda)
            They decide to go ahead with the experiments, which plan to use otherwise useless jungles and wastelands to make them inhabitable, however… after believing the experiment to be a complete success, there’s a malfunction in one of their radioactive capsules and as a result creates a radioactive storm that pushes the temperature up to Two hundred degrees, damaging said device. Whoopsiedoodle eh?
          After the storm, the temperature has returned to normal on the island, however they don’t plan to end the weather control experiments yet. Goro then tells his boss about the native girl who brushes him off, claiming that she couldn’t have possibly survived un the heat. They then discover the Praying Mantises (Kamakuras) have grown to Kaiju proportions stampeding around the island, destroying a huge mound of rocks, revealing a giant egg under the rubble.
           The Scientists decide that it will take about 10 days to repair their equipment after the storm, causing mutiny amongst the ranks but to no avail as their communications have been destroyed (or so the scientists are to believe) thus leaving them LOST on the island for now. Later that night, various pieces of clothing are missing, revealing the native girl before she runs off into the night.
          The next day the Kamakuras are revealed to be named *sigh* Gi-Mantis. Anyway, the “Gi-Mantis”es *sigh* go back to breaking open the egg, until none other than a Baby Godzilla is hatched, defenseless against the Kamakuras. It’s at this time that Big-Daddy G makes his second appearance of the movie, coming to Manilla’s aid, on his way however destroying the scientific laboratories. Godzilla then lays a lil smack down on the Kamakaras, landing a huge body slam, allowing Manilla to get to safety. Godzilla then slaps the other Kamakaras around a lil in a fairly amusing scene with Manilla getting hit in the head with a rock *YES!*  Anyway, you know the drill. Godzilla owns them cause they suck but in his victory celebration smacks Manilla in the head with his tail. Should somebody call the child abuse hotline?) The native girl then calls to Manilla to calm him down, offering him fruit. It’s at this time that Godzilla returns, smacking Manilla around again with his tail. (Owned!) Manilla leaves the area with Godzilla and then it’s back to the human story.
          We then find out that the native girl’s name is Riko and a lil argument about a flowery shirt ensues (for some reason), so let’s check in with the other scientists shall we?
          They’re looking around at the damage and wondering how it’s all going to get fixed now Godzilla unleashed an unholy shizstorm on it. Goro then introduces Riko to the group, revealing that she’s the daughter of Dr Matsumiya who had died on the island while doing various experiments. It’s at this time that more Kamakaras attack as the scientists shoot at it (like that ever works), so the Kamakaras leaves and the scientists discover that Riko must have lived in a cold cave, explaining how she survived the heat wave, and plan to move their remaining equipment there.
          The scene then changes to a slightly more grown Manilla (Played by ‘Little Man’ Machan) playing with rocks and falling over like the bad comedy relief he is. Manilla then gets into some trouble with Godzilla, everybody laughs…. internally I guess.
           We then find out that Riko wants to go to Tokyo and Manilla comes onto the scene… again and Godzilla takes him away.
           Back in the cave the scientists start to wonder about what exactly a “Spiger” is (I’m wondering that myself, I know what a Kumonga is though so I think I’m more or less safe for now) but before the conversation can go any further we discover that all the scientists have a high fever which we then find out is a tropical disease and that the only cure is the warm red water located in Godzilla’s nest… or valley, I dunno “Spiger” is around there too but is sleeping. Anyway, Riko and Goro leave to get the water from the pool, explaining that the web of the Kumon- Spiger can only be cut by heat.
          On their journey Goro clumsily drops rocks into Kumonga’s lair but not waking him. However we go back to Godzilla and Manilla in a scene where Godzilla is teaching the token comedy relief how to roar and shoot his radioactive beam, however Manilla being the ungodly suck fest he always is, can only blow smoke-rings to start with but gets it in the end. Riko and Goro get the red water they needed and administer it to the sick scientific team however Furakawa (played by Yoshio Tsuchiya) goes a lil doolally and shoots the professor (played by Tadao Takashima) but it’s only a scratch so no worries.
           Riko then goes out alone and is attacked by a Kamakaras but Manilla comes to the rescue, blowing a smoke-ring at it. *sigh* (I’m trying so hard to be neutral about Manilla but he sucks so much) anyway, Kamakaras throws slightly down a hole, waking Ku- Spiger from his sleep.
            Manilla and Kamakaras have a lil fight for a bit with neither of them really getting an advantage  until Godzilla shows up and blasts Kamakaras in the face (strangely enough not killing it) THEN, the monstrous Spiger then wakes up and spits a web at Riko and Goro, trapping them. Goro then burns away the webbing and frees them but Kumonga isn’t ready to give up yet and traps them in a small crevice and spits webbing at them again before Riko and Goro hit the bricks via the roof of the cave and escape to safety but you know Godzilla films as well as I do, the monster never stays down for long unless Godzilla has blasted it to hell and it follows them to the camp on it’s way back to it’s lair.
           Later that evening Kumonga has spun a web, sealing them in the cave which they live in, grabbing one of the scientists but they all escape “yay”. The radio starts working however they don’t have an outside antenna so it’s no use for now but Riko shows them a hidden tunnel out of the cave.
          Manilla comes out again and starts to annoy Riko and Goro now instead of just the people watching the movie until Kumonga attacks Manilla, covering him in webbing.
           There’s some filler for a couple of minutes until the professor decides that they can freeze the island to stop the monsters. The mainland then send in a ship to investigate the missing scientists and they agree to freeze the island with their remaining power.
           Back to Kumonga slapping Manilla around a lil, it’s all good stuff as Riko and Goro get the escape boat ready.
           They begin the experiment again. Back to Kumonga and Manilla. Manilla is worn out and webbed up now, so Kumonga starts picking on a stray Kamakaras who just happened to wander onto the screen and the countdown to the freezing experiment begins. Kumonga then stabs Kamakaras with a poison stinger, killing him before turning his attention to Manilla BUT Godzilla isn’t going to take that lying down and makes his way onto the scene to save the baby Godzilla. The Experiment then goes well and Godzilla gets PO’d, throwing rocks at Kumonga, leading to a generic Godzilla fight of the 60s.
            The experiment is a complete success and it starts snowing while Godzilla stomps a mud hole in Kumonga, however the spider shoots a poison dart into Godzilla’s leg. Now it’s a fight in the snow,  “oooo”. however the fight is just as generic, however Godzilla is now feeling woozy from the poison but it seems not woozy enough and Godzilla starts up his breath and burns Kumonga to the ground, yay the king of the monsters (apart from King Ghidorah but he’s not in this one so we’ll let Godzilla have his moment in the sun, or the snow as the case may be) Godzilla roars and Manilla pines in the snow, not sure why but I guess he’s just too young for that kind of cold and the two then begin hibernation (something we’ve never heard of before or since in a Godzilla movie to the best of my knowledge)
          A Submarine comes to rescue the scientists, Goro and Riko as they explain that Godzilla and Manilla will probably live on that island when they wake up and be okay. Reverse zoom shot of the island and the end.

Synopsis by Warren Ogilvy

Destroy All Monsters 1968

By 1999 all the earth’s monsters have been confined to Ogasawara Island, and this is a scientifically controlled environment called MonsterLand. Katsao is a space engineer or astronaut who was ordered to fly his spaceship, the SY-3, to MonsterLand.  A race of Kilaaks come from a small planet in the asteroid belt and head taking complete control of MonsterLand.  The Kilaaks have complete control over the monsters Godzilla is loose in New York City Rodan is attacking Moscow Mothra is invading China door source destroys Paris there are monsters old world now.

     Godzilla and company make their way to the base of Mount Fuji, and the SY-3 flies to the moon to attack another Kilaak base there.  The Kilaaks send the monster Ghidra, Ghidra is a three headed monster who is sent to the planet Earth to destroy everything on earth, but is foiled when the Kilaaks eventually lose control of the monsters on earth.  The monsters Godzilla, Mothra, Rodan, Anguirus, and Gorosaurus all eventually start giving Ghidra a butt whuppin’.  The monsters eventually take control and all ends well leaving the Kilaaks to die in the mountainside where they were located at.

Synopsis by Barney Buckley

Godzilla’s Revenge 1969

Godzilla’s revenge starts out to with a boy named Ichiro who has parents who worked long and hard hours, and is being in watched or babysat by a local inventor who is quite familiar.  He also stars in the movie King Kong escapes as well as Godzilla, Mothra, and King Ghidorah: All Monsters Attack. 

     By day Ichiro lurks in the ruins of an abandoned factory, and one day he came across a couple bank robbers who were using the building as a hideout.  Ichiro find some headphones and has a tendency to daydream, and what he does is he dreams he is owned Monster Island with Godzilla, and other monsters.

     In a dream state he is befriended by Minya, and they are best friends while teaching each other how not to be bullied around.  Minya is being pushed around by a big ogre called Gabara who seems to be up Minya all the time.  Godzilla also teaches Minya how not to be afraid of the big bad ogre.  What eventually happens is Gabara eventually clashes with Godzilla and get his butt whooped.

     Ichiro slips in and out of these dreams needs only to recall by the bank robbers and eventually he learns how to help the police catch the bank robbers, then he takes vengeance on the boys who tormented him.

Synopsis by Barney Buckley

Godzilla vs Hedorah the Smog Monsters 1971

A marine biologist Dr.Yano is intrigued when a fisherman brings man in a strange salt water Tadpole.  They examine this product only to find out that is made of sludge, a pollutant’s sludge. Which eventually forms into a monster the monster is called the door it grows in various stages.  Its first stages a water form, second stage is a flying form, and is third stage is walking form.

     Hedorah pollutes everything in his site killing people as he flies over them steel and as much pollution as he possibly can from the smokestacks of a factory or cars, and eventually Godzilla comes to the rescue burning all the pollutants that are floating on the ocean’s top.  Godzilla and Hedorah fight at Mount Fuji only to have Godzilla fall into a muddy situation with the Hedorah but eventually come in and on top.

     It seems that the only thing that would kill Hedorah is electricity, so the army builds gigantic electrical panels and tried to lure Hedorah in between the panels by having the army line there tracks up in flesh and their lights only to have that fail.  Godzilla managed to push him between the panels, but the panels fail to shoot off enough electricity to kill Hedorah.  Godzilla looks on and shoots his breath towards one of the panels only to activate it and eventually killing the monster war so we thought.  Godzilla takes on the make sure he’s dead, but Hedorah flies away.

     Godzilla then turned around use his breath as the jet propulsion system.  He eventually flies through the air only to topple he door to the ground.  (Tidbit: This Is the First Time Godzilla Has Flown and the Only Time.) Godzilla managed to push Hedorah back between the panels and this time killing him, and making sure that he is dead Godzilla ripped him apart piece by piece.

Synopsis by Barney Buckley

Godzilla vs Gigan 1972

Here we have my all-time favorite monster enemy his name is the Gigan he eventually fights Godzilla.  A comic book artist lands a job at the Worlds Children’s Land, an amusement park and museum dedicated to all the worlds’ monsters.  The company headquarters is located inside

     Godzilla Tower, a building that looks like a huge statue of the King of monsters is the main attraction in this movie.  What entails after this they find out that there are aliens are trying to conquer the planet Earth.  In this film we had Godzilla and Anguirus coming to the rescue and this is the only film that you will see Godzilla and Anguirus speaking with bobbled letters this is coming cheesy.  When they reach their destination only to be confronted by King Ghidorah and Gigan, and a fight ensues.

     Here we have King Ghidorah and Gigan circling all round the King of monsters building called Godzilla Tower and eventually they start fighting with Godzilla and Anguirus. These monsters King Ghidorah and Gigan are controlled by the aliens, but they eventually lose control the monsters where Godzilla and Anguirus easily defeat the monsters after that.

     The part were Godzilla and where is speak is a distorted English voice in the US version of the movie only.  Word balloons appear above the monsters heads, imitating the look of a comic book.

  Synopsis by Barney Buckley

Godzilla vs Megalon 1973

Inventor Goro has just invented a robot called Jet Jaguar.  It seems that’s a Seatopians one a get their hands on this robot. Seatopia has been rocked with the ecological disasters due to nuclear testing because of mankind, and now they want to retaliate. They send the monster Megalon to destroy mankind.  They want the robot Jet Jaguar to use him as a guide for Megalon while he wrecks Tokyo.  They eventually steal the robot and use them for just that.

     Goro manages steal the robot back, he tells Jet Jaguar to go get Godzilla and he does so willingly.  Jet Jaguar flies to the air to Monster Island were Godzilla is waiting patiently for what we do not know.  When Jet Jaguar arrives there he tells Godzilla he needs his help and they somehow understand each other.  Once Godzilla realizes what Jet Jaguar wants Jet Jaguar heads back to stop Megalon.

     Jet Jaguar finally reaches Megalon, and programs himself to grow to Megalon size.  Megalon is in shock at what he sees, and as Jet Jaguar approaches him he punches him with a karate chop.  And the fight ensues thus the battle keeps go on one suddenly in the sky a big bright red ball starts last in and explodes into a monster the monster is Gigan.

     Gigan sneaks up behind Jet Jaguar knocks him down, and Gigan and Megalon have now a mutual agreement they will fight with each other at the tag team.  Meanwhile Godzilla is traveling the ocean to Tokyo while he’s doing this Jet Jaguar is getting beat up.  Jet Jaguar tries to hang on as long as he possibly can, and he fights back is best is a can.

      Godzilla is now on the ground heading towards Jet Jaguar when he does approach than he realizes that get Jaguar is getting tag teamed. That makes Godzilla very angry and thus puts up his dukes and gets ready for battle.  The stars kicking Gigan butt and Megalon’s butt, and he finally made his way towards Jet Jaguar who is hurt.  He finally gets to his feet.  They both fight Megalon and Gigan to eventually Gigan gets his arm broke engaged robbed twice by Godzilla, and he flies away defeated.  Megalon is lying on the ground.  Jet Jaguar picks him up and they beat the crap that it him sending him back into the earth where he belongs.  In

     The fight has ended Jet Jaguar shakes Godzilla’s hands and Godzilla reciprocates by saying your welcome.

Synopsis by Barney Buckley

Godzilla vs Mechagodzilla 1974

This movie marking Godzilla’s 20th anniversary and by being that the Toho company want to create a new of point for Godzilla in his image.  They created the monster known as MechaGodzilla, a mechanical version of himself.  How the story transpires is aliens from another world create this Mecca monster to attack Godzilla and get rid of Godzilla so they can take over the planet.

     In Okinawa out a prophetic person who worships the God which resembles a statue of a lion like creature.  They call this statue King Caesar, and it is written “When a black mountain appears above the clouds, a monster will common try to teach drawer the world,” this is what the hieroglyphics said on the statue.

     Meanwhile Godzilla approaches Anguirus, who is a friend of Godzilla’s, but something seems to be wrongly Godzilla is attacking Anguirus.  Anguirus suddenly attacked him and people can not understand why. Suddenly Anguirus strikes the Godzilla on the shoulder noticing that there is a metal casing underneath.  The metal casing underneath is called space titanium, and Dr. Mifune chosen studies this metal.

      As this fake Godzilla approaches Tokyo something comes crashing of the buildings.  It was a real Godzilla. They fight and eventually Godzilla overcomes the other Godzilla who eventually reveals himself as MechaGodzilla.  Godzilla is a shocked in what he sees the fight ensues and eventually Godzilla falls to Mechagodzilla’s constant attack. 

     Only to be buried alive.  The people of Tokyo realize that Godzilla needs help, so they summoned the monster King Caesar only one person is capable of doing this she is Okinawan who realizes that King Caesar cannot be awoken without the statue.  She is part of the royal Azumi Family, these are the only people to wake him. Once they get the statue she goes to the beach and chants the words that will wake up King Caesar.  What song is over King Caesar’s eyes are open eventually breaking free from the mountain?

     King Caesar attacks MechaGodzilla doing the best they can to fight him off.  Eventually Godzilla burst out the ground with a new found power called magnetism.  He uses his power to draw MechaGodzilla to him, and holding him why King Caesar crashes into him doing some damage.  After a while Godzilla gets fed up and proceeds to rid his head off.  By twisting into a snapped off those MechaGodzilla is defeated.

Synopsis by Barney Buckley

Terror of Mechagodzilla 1975

This movie would be the second part to Godzilla versus the cosmic monster.  Only this movie has a different set of aliens rebuilding Mechagodzilla, and also a new dinosaur is found called Titanosaurus.

      The movie starts with a research submarine searching for the wreckage of Mechagodzilla, but there are no remains of Mechagodzilla anywhere. In the first movie he was thrown into the ocean in the million pieces.  But while they’re searching for the wreckage of Mechagodzilla the sub is attacked by a giant dinosaur called Titanosaurus. 

     Katsura when she was young working with her father Dr. Mifune she was accidentally killed in a freak scientific accident.  The aliens the aliens brought her back as the cyborg with the controlled of Mechagodzilla inside her body.  Dr. Mifune thanks them ever gratefully, but was apprehensive about Katsura being a cyborg. Katsura also controls Titanosaurus.  The movie goes on with Mechagodzilla and Titanosaurus clearing out Tokyo, and while this is happening Godzilla and moves in on Titanosaurus.

      With the help of the scientist to create a new weapon that will render Titanosaurus helpless Godzilla eventually defeats Mechagodzilla which has newfound weapons, and yet still of rips off his head again only to find something else on any.  What was it, it was a new laser ray then we cut through Godzilla like butter.  And he also had a force field that when Godzilla tried to approach him he would end up burning his fingers.

        But eventually he got a hold of Mechagodzilla and gave him a nice tossed across a field use in his radioactive breath he destroys Mechagodzilla once again.  Then he goes at the Titanosaurus, and he eventually beats him up cause and Titanosaurus all over the edge into the ocean.  Godzilla is seen with a big smile while in the ocean get ready to go home.  Here we are with a happy ending.

Synopsis by Barney Buckley

The Return of Godzilla 1984

Godzilla 1985 is the third Godzilla movie to feature inserted American footage. In terms of the amount of damage done to the original version, the “Burrization” of this film falls somewhere between John Beck’s reworked King Kong vs. Godzilla (the most severely re-edited Godzilla movie) and Godzilla; King of the Monsters! (the most respectful of the full-blown Americanization’s). New World tampered more heavily with the sequence of events, the character relationships, the music soundtrack, and even the story subtext, than did Terry. In the Japanese version, the Japanese prime min- Morse’s 1956 effort; but Godzilla 1985 is far less  appealing  from the u.s. and Russian ambitious by comparison. Less new footage was ambassadors to allow a nuclear strike against shot and there was no attempt to integrate the Godzilla offshore. In the U.S. version, this new material into the story: No body doubles, sequence is condensed into a succinct scene in no telephone calls to the Japanese actors, no which the prime minister rebuffs the button- Iwanaga-Iike interpreter. “When you look at the happy diplomats. There are pros and cons to this finished film, you can tell that Raymond Burr is -on the one hand, the original sequence had a just commenting on the action, he’s not propel- very “Japanese” feel and illustrated the prime ling the story in any way,” said Randel. “His minister’s philosophical dilemma (i.e., which is scenes absolutely don’t need to be there, but the greater evil, Godzilla or the Bomb?), but it somehow it all fits.” was too long and dull for an American audience.

In the Japanese version, the Japanese prime minister listens to appeals from the u.s. and Russian ambassadors to allow a nuclear strike against Godzilla offshore. In the U.S. version, this sequence is condensed into a succinct scene in which the prime minister rebuffs the button- happy diplomats. There are pros and cons to this -on the one hand, the original sequence had a very “Japanese” feel and illustrated the prime minister’s philosophical dilemma (i.e., which is the greater evil, Godzilla or the Bomb?), but it was too long and dull for an American audience. On the other hand, the u.s. ambassador (Walter Nicholas) had many more lines in the Japanese version, and the u.s. re-editing mercifully cuts out most of his awful acting. Also sliced was a short, but meaningful scene in which the prime minister explains how he convinced the ambassadors  that nukes are not the answer. “I asked them, if Godzilla appeared in Moscow or Washington, would you have the courage to use nuclear weapons? …They finally understood,” he says. In the Japanese version, the meeting between the prime minister and the diplomats takes place after Godzilla’s attack on the nuclear power plant, but in the u.s. version, the meeting takes place first.

Godzilla’s rampage is heavily restructured in the u.s. version, with Godzilla first appearing in the harbor, then suddenly in Shinjuku (the business district) and then again advancing toward the center of the city. (In the original version, Godzilla comes ashore at Harumi, then marches to Yurakucho, the Ginza, then Shinjuku).

In the Japanese version, Godzilla picks up a Shin- kansen (bullet train) car and peers inside at the passengers. A shot of a long-haired Christian priest smiling at Godzilla -a bit of intended humor that doesn’t translate well to non-Japanese audiences -was thankfully cut out of the U.S. print. Next, Godzilla walks past the Yurakucho Marion building (former site of the Toho Nichigeki Theater, which Godzilla destroyed in 1954), a structure with a mirrored glass exterior that impressively reflects the monster’s image. Inexplicably, this wonderful SFX shot (which was a tribute to a painting by Yuji Kaida on the cover of the CD Godzilla Legend Chronology 1, released by King Records in 1986) was eliminated.

Early in the Japanese version, Professor Hayashida visits Okumura in the hospital and shows him some photos from Godzilla’s 1954 rampage. This explains how the government knows that Godzilla has shown up again, and why everything is being kept secret. Hayashida’s photos are the only visual reference in the Japanese version to Honda’s Godzilla, whereas the U.S. version includes actual footage from the 1954 film.

In the U.S. version, the reporter Maki tells Naoko that her brother is being confined in a hospital because he saw Godzilla, and the girl rushes to Okumura’s room. But the last part of the scene is omitted, showing Maki and a photographer snapping photos of the brother-sister reunion for a newspaper story. The Japanese version makes it clear that Maki, at first, is only interested in the others for their news value.

This is perhaps my all-time favorite Godzilla movie because Godzilla goes back to his evil roots.  This movie is also called “The Return of Godzilla.”

     Reporter Goro discover they were a ship in the middle of the ocean.  There’s only one surviving member on board, and while he is on board he is attacked by a giant sea louse called Shockirus.  Killing the creature by stabbing him with an axe and the lone survivor is taken back to Tokyo.

     We pan to another part of the ocean were strange explosions are occurring on a nearby island a ship is stranded on the nearby island.  Explosions are happening everywhere a familiar voice is heard it is Godzilla he has come back.  Godzilla makes his way towards Tokyo, and his first stop is a nuclear reactor word he rips out the reactor holds it to his chest and consumes all the radiation.

     He then notices a bunch of birds flying above and starts walking towards them as if there was some kind of a connection between Godzilla and the birds.  Within this movie there is a nuclear message between United States and Russia, and in the US version it shows the Russian setting off the missile.  At this time when this Godzilla movie was made there was tension between Russia and United States.  Also in the next movie Godzilla versus King Ghidorah 1991 there is in other message there to. 

      Godzilla disappears after consuming the radiation, and he finally makes his way to Tokyo there he does some destructive damage as he usually does.  The Japanese army tries to stop Godzilla with their firepower, but to no avail does it work.  The Japanese army sends out their new weapon called the Super X. This new ship is capable of carrying new weapons such as the all-new cadmium bombs, another various freeze weapons.  This new weapon gives Godzilla a hard time but eventually falls by being crushed by falling building that Godzilla pushes over.  When this happens you will see Godzilla laughing with his sinister laugh.

     While this all happening there is a scientist trying to figure out the connection between Godzilla and the birds and he figures it’s a sonar type of sounds that he has a connection.  He reinvents a fictitious sound and tested on Godzilla and found out that it does work, and they set up a new satellite system on the island that has an active volcano.

     The ideal is to lower Godzilla to the silence and dump them into the volcano killing him.  This plan eventually does work he makes his way to the island, and he makes his way to lead to the volcano where there are tons of bombs located strategically waiting to be set off.  They said the bombs off breaking away the ledge causing Godzilla the slip into the volcano, and he eventually falls into the volcano according to this movie.

Synopsis by Barney Buckley

Godzilla vs Biollante 1989

Tokyo’s destruction when Godzilla first came in 1985 lead to a group of mercenaries in the biological team are retreating Godzilla’s DNA was cells for further research.  Meanwhile back at the lab is suddenly explodes and Dr.Shiragami rushes to the lab because his daughter was inside the lab when it exploded.  Only to find out that his daughter had died in the explosion.

      Dr.Shiragami quits his job and lives a life of a hermit by doing extreme studies of cell merging and hopes to create or bring his daughter back in some sort away.  The thought of this came to the creation of a plant that he eventually merges his daughter cells with the plant creating a totally new species.

     This plant grows to gigantic proportions were Dr.Shiragami finally noticed it and ponders the fact why it was created such a way.  Meanwhile we have a bunch of mercenaries, who threaten to use bombs on the volcano to release Godzilla, and the timer is set and we have some people trying to deactivate it, but they fail releasing Godzilla.  Now we have Godzilla on the same path as he was before had no his way back towards Tokyo, but he is detoured by the sense of another being.  He senses or he feels something that draws him to the monster Biollante.

     Godzilla shows over Biollante is, and violent he is in rows form Godzilla has his first confrontation with this plant.  He burns the plant while it dissipates in the air.  Now that Biollante is gone Godzilla can go back on his rampage, but the Japanese army try to stop him and all kinds of ways.  When all else fails Biollante returns in monster form he is larger than Godzilla.  They fight to where Biollante used a special dust to slow Godzilla down, and before the Japanese army shot a bomb into Godzilla’s mouth that had bacteria that should have killed Godzilla, but it did not.  It only slowed him down.  Biollante uses this weapon to try and defeat Godzilla.

     Godzilla of actually slows down and falls into the water, and he seems like he is sleeping.  Biollante feels that Godzilla is dying and disappears into the sky where you see Dr.Shiragami’s daughter Erica face disappear into the midnight sky.  But suddenly Godzilla gets up and roar to and turns and walks back into the sea.

Synopsis by Barney Buckley

Godzilla vs King Ghidorah 1991

This is the movie that I said there was a message involved in it.  Godzilla versus King Ghidorah examined Japan’s emerging dominance in the world economy and the nation’s internal debate about its international political future.  The movie starts with an author Terasawa who wrote a book based on the real origins of Godzilla during world war two, and a group of Japanese soldier stationed on Lagos Island was protected from harm by a giant dinosaur Godzillasaurus.  The soldiers left near the end of the war, and the island was destroyed by a hydrogen bomb test in 1954-just much before Godzilla first attack Tokyo.  This is where a new timeline begins.

     Shindo was the leader of this group of soldiers who manage to survive, and now is a powerful businessman who denies the knowledge of the dinosaur.  Meanwhile UFO landed on Mount Fuji, and three aliens approach the humans and asked that they get rid of Godzilla.  The visitors, are called the Futurion’s, they come from the year 2204.  They insist that the Japanese give her the Godzilla, but they are wondering how to do such a thing.

     The Futurion’s come up with the ideal of transporting back into the past two where the soldiers were on the island that day.  What they would do would be taking the Godzillasaurus and placed far away from the island from the hydrogen bomb testing.  Thus they succeed in doing so, but they had three Dorats aboard the ship and now they are gone.

     Back in the future where they were brought back they realize it is in his intentions.  Their intentions were to take over the planet Earth and use King Ghidorah as their weapon of destruction now that Godzilla is gone.  How did King Ghidorah come to be, they were left behind as Dorats when the hydrogen bomb testing happened in 1954 that created or combined the Dorats into King Ghidorah.

     King Ghidorah is spot over Fukuyoka, and King Ghidorah is destroying the area as we know it.  The people of Japan need to come up with an idealist on King Ghidorah in the aliens.  Their idea was to try to bring Godzilla back, and they send a nuclear submarine out to find Godzilla only to be destroyed by Godzilla.

     Godzilla comes back nine and 80 m but at 100 m.  He is larger than he has been before, and he’s stomping through Tokyo with a nonstop relentless attitude.  He is approached by King Ghidorah only to have King Ghidorah stomped on with the slightest of these, and King Ghidorah is seen flying out to sea and Godzilla blasts his atomic breath at King Ghidorah’s wings cause and in the crash into the sea.

     Emmy is one of the good guys, and she wants to help Japan get rid of King Ghidorah.  To try and stop Godzilla Emmy has an idea she would go forth into the future and bring that King Ghidorah.  Doing this is because in the future the technology is way more advanced. 

      Suddenly she comes back with King Ghidorah but he is mechanized, and now he is called Mecha-King Ghidorah. Godzilla fights Mecha-King Ghidorah until Mecha-King Ghidorah picks of Godzilla takes him out to sea. Mecha-King Ghidorah is destroyed and lying at the bottom of the ocean floor with Godzilla, and suddenly Godzilla wakes up and breathing radioactive breath.

Synopsis by Barney Buckley

Godzilla vs Mothra: Battle for Earth 1992

This is a modern story of Mothra versus Godzilla 1964.  With a little and an extra feature called Battra.  A meteor strikes the ocean floor awakens Godzilla creating a storm that uncovers a giant egg won’t infant island.  When some visitors arrive on InfantIsland, they discover the egg.  They bring the egg back to Tokyo or tried to, and it seemed they had to release the egg where he was because of Godzilla showing up and Battra on its way.  Once Godzilla gets close enough to egg and it hatches the larva escapes.

     Godzilla begins to fight with Mothra’s larva and it seems that the larva was losing badly when suddenly Battra shows up.  Battra and Godzilla flight to the points where they both go underneath the ocean and fight in the ocean only to be swallow up by a volcano.  The larva shows up in Tokyo looking for the Twins that were abducted earlier in the movie.  The Twins reassure the larva that everything is OK.  The larva is ending its larva stage and must form a cocoon.  It formed a cocoon at The Diet Building, and it is the capital of Tokyo.

     It eventually forms into Mothra while she is coming out of her cocoon Godzilla is seen and Battra shows up.  Battra transformation is complete and now Mothra and Battra are fighting with each other and as Godzilla is approaching Tokyo.  Battra flight the Godzilla and eventually gets seriously wounded, and Mothra teams up with Battra to fight Godzilla.

     Godzilla, Battra, and Mothra are now fighting and they are trying to get rid of Godzilla.  It seems like the battle to be Godzilla is a never ending situation.  But they eventually sub two subdue and carry Godzilla out to sea where he is dropped off after Battra dies in flight.  Mothra seals him in and flies away. Tokyo is safe once again.

Synopsis by Barney Buckley

Godzilla vs Mechagodzilla 1993

Here is in other remake of the classic Godzilla versus Mechagodzilla, and it has Rodan and fire Rodan along with baby Godzilla.  The United Nations Godzilla countermeasures Center (UNGCC) this is what to created Mechagodzilla.

     The first weapon, and flying machine called Garuda, is considered a failure.  But the second Mechagodzilla is a crowning achievement in the program.  Meanwhile back on Adonea Island scientist discovered an egg which is glowing, so they decided that they would take it back to Tokyo.  When transporting the egg Godzilla suddenly shows up on the island only to fight the monster Rodan and protection of the egg.  No one is sure whether the egg is a Godzilla egg were a Rodan egg that’s why they are fighting.

     They fight viciously until Rodan gets knocked out.  Godzilla jumped into the ocean and goes after the people who talk the egg.  Godzilla approaches Tokyo does his usual thing it is his favorite stomping grounds and he is looking for the egg, but now they has already hatched into a baby Godzilla.  Meanwhile they send out Mechagodzilla to stop Godzilla when they ensue into a fight to that people think that Mechagodzilla has one, but the machine overheats and guests alike is a better of them not to came down.  Godzilla was walking away from him like he did not matter at all. And Godzilla approaches the building that the baby Godzilla is in and we find out that the baby Godzilla is afraid, and how do we know this his eyes glow red.

     Godzilla leaves after a while and now he is heading for Kyoto were again and Mechagodzilla is the one after Rodan because Rodan has stolen the boxcar that had the girl and baby Godzilla in it.  They fight were Mechagodzilla one of his eyes and eventually came near killing Rodan in the end.  Godzilla’s is now approaching to find out their Rodan is badly hurt and is now ready to fight Mechagodzilla again.  Only this time he dies at the hands of Mechagodzilla, and how did he do this by aiming for the spinal brain in his tail he shot at it with electric bolts and blew apart killing Godzilla.

     Rodan suddenly gets up what little life he has and flies towards Godzilla will need to get shot down by Mechagodzilla, and Rodan flies on top of Godzilla and dies giving off tremendous amount of radiation and bringing Godzilla back to life.  A new fight is about to begin this time Mechagodzilla fall short and eventually dies.

Synopsis by Barney Buckley

Godzilla vs Space Godzilla 1994

     With the failure of MechaGodzilla, the UNGCC quickly moved to develop a brand new weapon, this being MOGERA (Moble Operation Godzilla Expert Robot Aero-type). Unlike MechaGodzilla, MOGERA could split into two individual robots, the burrowing Land Mogera and the flying Star Falcon, allowing for twice the attack power. However, Dr. Okubo and Dr. Gondo have a different idea, that being to implant a psychic receiver in Godzilla’s brain and control the Monster King’s every move, thereby avoiding any future attacks on Japan, but Miki Saegusa is opposed to the project. Meanwhile, G-Force Lieutenants Shinjo and Sato are sent to Birth Island, home of Godzilla and LittleGodzilla (formerly BabyGodzilla), where they are ordered to carry out the first stage of the plan, planting the psychic receiver in Godzilla’s brain stem with a large injection gun. On the island, the Lieutenants meet up with their commander, Major Akira Yuki, who is conducting a personal war against Godzilla. When Godzilla finally arrives on the island, Sato and Shinjo successfully fire the receiver into Godzilla’s brain stem and Miki is now able to control Godzilla. Meanwhile, a space monsters is discovered heading for Earth from the depths of space and MOGERA is sent to engage him, but the space monster makes short work of the robotic kaiju and continues on his journey to Earth. Finally, the space monster, dubbed SpaceGodzilla, arrives and lands on Birth Island, where he defeats Godzilla and traps LittleGodzilla in a crystal prison.

     Meanwhile, Dr. Obuko is revealed to be a criminal and with the help of a mercenary group, captures Miki and using the psychic technology, plans to sell the controlled Godzilla to the highest bidder. However, Yuki, Shinjo, and Sato soon arrive and save Miki as SpaceGodzilla flies overhead, destroying Dr. Obuko and his mid-control technology. SpaceGodzilla destroys everything in his path on his flight over Japan, heading straight for Fukuoka to use the city’s tower as an energy receiver to charge his body. Meanwhile, Major Yuki, Shinjo, and Sato take control of MOGERA and are sent to confront SpaceGodzilla, but briefly goes after Godzilla instead, forcing Sato and Shinjo to take total control of MOGERA and heads for SpaceGodzilla once again. Godzilla arrives as well and a three-way battle ensues, with Godzilla and MOGERA uniting to defeat SpaceGodzilla, but MOGERA is destroyed in the battle. Godzilla then heads for the ocean while back on Birth Island, LittleGodzilla is freed from his crystal prison.

Synopsis by Barney Buckley

Godzilla vs Destroyer 1995

After killing SpaceGodzilla, Godzilla swims back to Birth (or Bass) Island. However, the Monster King’s atomic heart starts to malfunction and he ends up losing control, decimating the entire island. His adopted son, Little Godzilla, is presumed dead at first but later reveals himself as a larger and more powerful sub-adult due to the excess radiation Godzilla Junior. Godzilla, covered in glowing lava-like rashes, enters Hong Kong and destroys it. G-Force representatives hire college student Kenichi Yamane, adopted grandson of Dr. Yamane who witnessed the original Godzilla in 1954, to come work at the center in an attempt to unravel the mystery of Godzilla’s condition.

Yamane suspects that due to his out of control radioactivity, Godzilla will soon explode, taking much of Japan with him. G-Force immediately deploys a flying combat vehicle outfitted with anti-nuclear cold weapons to forestall the event; the Super-X III. Meanwhile, in the area where the original Godzilla died, strange life forms begin to rise, and a host of deadly creatures called Destoroyah begin wreaking havoc. Soil samples reveal that the existence of Destroyah is directly connected to the Oxygen Destroyer used against Godzilla in 1954, which mutated pre-cambrian era life forms. After several deadly skirmishes with the Japanese Self Defense Force, the Destroyah evolve beyond the JSDF’s containment abilities and psychic Miki Saegusa must use her failing powers to lure Godzilla Junior to the area in an attempt to combat Destroyah in Tokyo. Godzilla, who is tracking his offspring, follows Junior and will soon arrive in as well, but complications arise. Due to his encounter with the Super X III, Godzilla has now bypassed an explosion and will ultimately melt down once 1200 degrees Celsius has been reached; an even that will burn straight into the core of the planet and destroy all of Earth.

The first time the monsters fight Junior is greviously wounded but manages to destroy his opponent. However, as Godzilla and Junior meet in Narita, Destroyah returns in his final form: a monstrous gargoyle-like creature. Swooping down upon the surprised monsters, Destroyah snatches the little Godzilla away; dropping the small creature from high above and killing him. Enraged, Godzilla attacks Destroyah and a back and forth battle ensues that destroys much of Tokyo. Born from the weapon that first defeated Godzilla, Destroyah shows an obvious advantage from the start, but Godzilla’s runaway radioactivity has pushed the monster’s power to unimagineable levels and he soon destroys his son’s killer. Unwilling to die easily, Destroyah’s body decomposes into many smaller Destroyah which attempt to swarm Godzilla from all sides, but the attack ends in futility.

Alone at last, Godzilla attempts to breath life into his fallen son but to no avail, and even as he grieves, Godzilla’s heart continues to fail, causing even more pain within the monster. Suddenly, Destroyah returns in his final form for one last attack! The battle is fierce but short; enraged by the loss of his offspring and maddened by the pain within him, Godzilla drives Destroyah back to the brink of death as Tokyo is bathed in fire. As the battle reaches fever pitch, the ghastly creature attempts to flee, but just as Destroyah lifts off, the Super X III attacks and disables the creature’s wings, causing Destroyah to plummet back to earth where he explodes and is consumed in a fiery inferno at Godzilla’s feet.

His son gone and his foe defeated, Godzilla stands alone and dying, but the human race cannot afford to give Godzilla a quiet funeral. As the monster begins to melt, the JSDF bombards the dying beast with a plethora of ice weapons, successfully neutralizing the immense heat that is given off and preventing Godzilla’s remains from melting into the center of the Earth and igniting the planet.

The victory is a costly one however, for the radiation has made Tokyo an uninhabitable ghost town. Suddenly, radiation levels begin to drop, and from within the thinning smoke a roar can be heard. The younger Godzilla rises from the ashes a child no more. In death, Godzilla had passed on his excess radiation and life essence as a final gift to his son, reviving and mutating the next generation. The spitting image of his father, the new adult Godzilla flexes his claws and bellows a challenge to the world! The future becomes reality as the new Godzilla is the Godzilla that never destroys Japan in the future! Since the new Godzilla will move on to the next adventure on his new journey to follow his father’s footsteps to a next new generation of all history.

Synopsis by Barney Buckley

Godzilla 2000 (1999)

This movie would mark the turned of what he should have been a great movie for the Americans. Godzilla 1998 was a complete failure to fans as well as the box office, and the Toho Company decided to bring Godzilla back for that very reason.

     The movie starts with a person in a light tower looking on only to find a boat floating by the window.  This person versus out of the lighthouse and starts running away only to be called to by the both falling out of Godzilla’s mouth, and while he’s walking my tower falls on top of him missing and completely but scare the crap him.

     Godzilla heads towards the power lines and destroys them in a matter of seconds.  Meanwhile a new discovery is found within the depths of the ocean, so they bring it up and it does strange things and eventually comes to life.  Meanwhile the Japanese army is trying to stop Godzilla in his usual stomping patterns on the country of Japan.  The ship eventually faces Godzilla they both fire on each other to a major damage to each other.

     What this shape wants is to find a form that he can take shape to, and it found it in Godzilla it is called regenerator one.  So the ship is destined to take what it needs from Godzilla, so he keeps fighting with him until he gets what it wants.  And it gets what it wants.  Then it takes on new form.

     His name is Orga, and now the fight is a totally new fight for Godzilla who has to fight an alien like creature that resembles a very deformed Godzilla 1998 and it does have some slight resemblance to that Godzilla if you look closely at the face.  Anyway they fight and Godzilla keeps blasting Orga and it does some major damage to Orga.

     Orga keeps coming back for more punishment until he finally tries to swallow Godzilla, but Godzilla is not going to have that.  Godzilla decides it’s time to fry this baby from the inside and he doesn’t precariously, blow toward a completely in half.  Godzilla that approach is a building with the people at and takes out Kataguri who has been a pain all to the movie.

     Godzilla is seen incinerating and burning everything in his path, and he’s like a kid in a toy store.

Synopsis by Barney Buckley

Godzilla vs Megaguirus 2000

An experimental weapon that fires miniature black holes, called the Dimension Tide, opens a wormhole and through which a giant prehistoric dragonfly enters the present. It deposits a single egg and before exiting through the wormhole. A boy finds the egg and takes it with him when he moves to Tokyo. The egg starts oozing a strange liquid, so the boy throws the egg in the sewer. The egg, actually a mass of hundreds of eggs, splits up and starts growing. The eggs hatch into giant dragonfly nymphs called Meganurons that come out of the sewer to feed. They flood a portion of the city and moult on the sides of buildings, becoming adult Meganuera.
     The swarm of Meganuera attack Godzilla, who is in battle with the G-Graspers, the anti-Godzilla section of the JSDF. Most Meganuera are killed, but a few drain some of Godzilla’s blood and return to the sewer. With the last of their strength, the Meganuera inject Godzilla’s blood into a huge, sleeping nymph. It molts and appears from the water as Megaguirus, the huge Meganuera queen.
     After destroying part of the city with shock waves generated by her beating wings, Megaguirus heads to the waterfront and faces Godzilla. Being territorial, Megaguirus considers the city to be her hunting ground. She uses her speed to avoid Godzilla’s attacks, but Godzilla eventually uses her speed against her. As she flies toward Godzilla, he lunges forward with his dorsal spines in her path. She flies into the spines, and one of her arms is severed.
     During the battle, a special ability of Megaguirus is revealed: Having grown on blood from Godzilla, she can generate a blast similar to his atomic ray. She fires a huge ball of radiation, knocking Godzilla down. He gets back up, and Megaguirus goes in for the kill. She speeds forward with the stinger on her long tail lowered, trying to stab Godzilla between the eyes. But Godzilla catches the stinger in his mouth! He bites down, crushing the stinger. Megaguirus rears up in pain, and Godzilla takes the chance to finally blast her with his atomic ray. She bursts into flame, and after being hit a second time falls to the ground and explodes, ending her savage life.

Synopsis by Barney Buckley

Godzilla, Mothra, King Ghidorah: All Monsters Attack (GMK) 2001

Strange incidents occur when an American submarine has been destroyed by a mysterious force at sea off the shores of Guam. Only Admiral Tachibana was certain that behind the disaster was none other than the destructive King of the Monsters, Godzilla! 50 years after his attack on Tokyo in 1954, Godzilla has mysteriously returned to life to destroy Japan, and General Tachibana, whose parents died in the monster’s destructive wake, was prepared for his return to protect Japan from yet another tragic disaster, but is dismissed by the overly confident Japanese government, who underestimate Godzilla’s power.

     But to further prove Tachibana’s claim, his daughter Yuri, who works for the TV news program “Digital Q,” investigates strange phenomena in three separate areas in Japan (two of which involve the deaths of immoral youths), and meets a mysterious old man named Isayama, who proclaims that aside from his infamous nuclear origins, Godzilla is an accumulation of vengeful souls (of both Japanese and non-Japanese) abandoned to die in the Pacific War, and thus, mere weapons cannot kill him. While Tachibana has now been vindicated by the government, Isayama awakens the Three Sacred Guardian Beasts of Yamato, which protected Japan in its ancient past, and were then put into hibernation in the aforementioned three areas of Japan. The three monsters, King Ghidorah (sky), Mothra (water) and Baragon (earth), fight the ravaging Godzilla, while Tachibana also prepares to go into battle against his old radioactive nemesis . . .

Synopsis by Barney Buckley

Godzilla against Mechagodzilla 2002

In the year 1999, following a violent typhoon, Godzilla comes ashore at Tateyama, in the Chiba Prefecture. This is Godzilla’s second appearance in Japan [on this timeline], having attacked and decimated Tokyo back in 1954 until the kaiju was annihilated by Dr. Daisuke Serizawa’s deadly weapon known as the Oxygen Destroyer (whose workings are now lost forever due to Serizawa’s suicide). This “new” Godzilla appears to have re-formed himself from the radioactive cellular material left over from the skeletal remains of the “original” Godzilla over the course of the past 45 years.

     As later revealed in the film, Japan was attacked by other dai kaiju between 1954 and 1999, specifically by Mothra in 1961 and by Gaila in 1966. To deal with these periodic but highly destructive kaiju incursions, the Japanese government worked on developing highly advanced energy-based weaponry, which included the Atomic Heat Cannon used (unsuccessfully) against Mothra and culminated in the invention of the maser tanks, which were used (successfully) against Gaila a few years later. By 1966, the maser tanks were part of an elite military unit known as the Anti-Megalosaurus Force (AMF), exclusively designed to defend the island nation against dai kaiju, and the unit successfully defeated Gaila during its initial outing that year [in the English dialogue from the American version.

     Mothra was incorrectly explained as having been spawned by atomic radiation and destroyed by the atomic heat weapon; instead, she simply returned to Infant Island upon recovering the Shobijin as recorded in Mothra (1961), much the same as in the Showa timeline, as would be revealed in the next G-film; it was implied in both the Japanese and American versions of the film that the events of the movie War of the Gargantuas (1966) occurred somewhat differently in this timeline than in the Showa timeline, as the second Gargantua, Sanda, apparently never appeared to rescue his “brother” Gaila from the maser tank attack in Chiba].

     Due to Godzilla’s reappearance in Tateyama in 1999, the AMF was mobilized once again. However, Godzilla proved considerably more resilient than Gaila, and the full spectrum of the formidable military unit’s weaponry proved incapable of neutralizing this newer version of the Atomic Titan (partially due to the difficulty of battling the kaiju in the midst of a typhoon). Godzilla roundly defeated the AMF in battle (not helped by the fact that it was determined that the incessant rain of the typhoon weakened the power level of the maser beams by about 70%!), and one of the maser tank pilots in the unit, Akane Yashiro, blamed herself for the death of her commanding officer, whose vehicle was knocked into the path of Godzilla’s crushing feet. After causing great destruction in Tateyama, the kaiju returned to the darkness of the sea.

     Hoping to prevent another such costly failure on the part of the AMF, the Japanese government resolved to construct the most powerful and advanced anti-Godzilla weapon that their present technology could muster. This project progressed rapidly over the following four years with the discovery of the skeletal remains of the “original” Godzilla…it was decided to combine advanced AMF military and robotics technology with Godzilla’s own DNA and skeletal structure to create a greatly powerful cybernetic dai kaiju version of Godzilla himself, who would be under the control of the Japanese government. This was known as the Mecha G Project, and the cyborg kaiju Mechagodzilla, also called MFS-Kiryu, was completed by the year 2003. This project was hastily expedited in anticipation of another attack by the “second” Godzilla, all at the command of Prime Minister Machiko Tsuge.

     The technology to cybernetically combine organic material with a robotic exterior was invented by Dr. Tokumitsu Yuhara, who first demonstrated his technical skill on a small scale by building an animated, remote-controlled cybernetic trilobite (this is the second time a trilobite appeared in a G-film; one also appeared in Godzilla, King of the Monsters [1954]…those critters who ruled the primordial seas of the Devonian Period have always been quite popular!). Dr. Yuhara was encouraged by his young daughter Sara to take the job with the Japanese government, since he was initially resistant to using his new bio-technology to build a cybernetic weapon of mass destruction. However, the ever-introspective Sara was saddened by the fact that her father’s technology and scientific skill with genetic engineering could create a new, bio-mechanized version of Godzilla, but couldn’t revive her deceased mother (she died during her second pregnancy, when Sara was four, and Dr. Yuhara was unable to save either his wife or his second child [thanks to correspondant Ken Arromdee for this tidbit of info]).

     Upon the completion of the Mecha G project, the result was the powerful cybernetic replica of Godzilla as intended, which would be remote-controlled by a crew in a nearby AMF warplane known as the AC-3 transport craft, and the cyborg would be armed with a variety of advanced missile and maser weaponry, as well as his most powerful weapon, the freeze-producing Absolute Zero Cannon that was mounted in the cyborg kaiju’s chest region.

     Akane was to be part of the Mecha G crew, but she still hadn’t recovered emotionally from her perceived complicity in the death of her commanding officer in the AMF battle against Godzilla a few years earlier. Worse, one of her new teammates was her late commanding officer’s brother Hayato, who castigated her for the death of his sibling, thus worsening her feelings of guilt.
However, during the course of the Mecha G Project, Akane met and worked closely with Dr. Yuhara and Sara, and the two provided her with much needed support and encouragement (when Hayato pushed Dr. Yuhara, who tried to defend Akane from the man’s taunts, she demonstrated her fighting skills by putting him in a painful jiu jitsu hold). Soon after this, Mechagodzilla was unveiled to the public, and presented as the ultimate answer to protecting Japan from Godzilla. Kiryu was able to battle for up to two hours on stored power, after which he could be remotely recharged.

    No sooner was the Mecha G project completed, than Godzilla reappeared and began moving towards Tokyo Bay (talk about precision timing!). Kiryu was promptly launched to counter the Kaiju King’s arrival on Japanese soil, with several large cities near Tokyo also being evacuated. As Godzilla came ashore and began wreaking havoc on Tokyo’s mainland infrastructure, the AC-3 finally towed Mechagodzilla into the vicinity. Upon first confronting his cybernetic duplicate, Godzilla appeared so taken aback by the confusing sight that he stood transfixed. Taking full advantage of this, the AC-3 crew programmed Kiryu to assault Godzilla with his shoulder-mounted, computer targeted missiles and the cyborg’s extra-powerful oral maser beam. Though Godzilla seemed resistant to this barrage, the Kaiju King suddenly turned and began to retreat back to the Pacific Ocean. As Akane, piloting the AC-3, attempted to program Kiryu to strike the retreating Godzilla with his Absolute Zero Cannon, Godzilla suddenly turned and roared in protest. For some strange reason, this roar triggered an extreme autonomic response in Kiryu, summoning memories of his organic predecessor being obliterated by the Oxygen Destroyer as if it was imbedded within his genetic “memory.”

     Immediately afterwards, Kiryu suddenly broke from the control of the AMF and began attacking their warplanes, as well as striding into Tokyo and beginning a devastating assault on the metroplex, unleashing the full gamut of his weaponry on the hapless city’s infrastructure (which included the cyborg’s shoulder missiles and the rapid fire laser weapons mounted in his wrist gauntlets). The AMF was then forced to begin a military assault on the rampaging Mechagodzilla, who was now acting as savage and bestial as his fully organic predecessor. However, Kiryu easily knocked the warplanes out of the sky, and continued his assault on Tokyo undaunted. When the plane piloted by Hayato was downed, Akane pulled herself out of the wreckage of her own plane, and courageously extricated her late commander’s brother and his co-pilot from their plane before its ruptured fuel tanks could explode, saving both of their lives. This later resulted in the crew insisting that Hayato cease and desist his bitter attitude towards Akane.

     AMF Central Command decided that they had no choice but to simply allow Mechagodzilla to run rampant through the evacuated city for the next two hours, until his power supply ran out, and he became immobile. Once this occurred, the cyborg was retrieved and returned to AMF headquarters for a full systems diagnostic, to determine why the cybernetic kaiju ran amok. In the meantime, Godzilla appeared to have vanished from sight.

     Upon investigating the apparent design flaw in Kiryu, it was determined by Dr. Yuhara and his team that the reason the cyborg ran amok at the sound of Godzilla’s roar was due to the identical genetic similarity between the two, something that the sound of his fully organic duplicate could somehow influence. It was then decided that by changing part of the base DNA of the cyborg, as well as altering how the computer interacted with the DNA in their interface, this loss of control could be avoided in a rematch. Nevertheless, Sara roundly protested the use of Kiryu in battling Godzilla, since she felt that the Kaiju King was created by no fault of his own, and so was Mechagodzilla; both were life forms with the right to exist, as she was quite sensitive and respectful to all life due to the situation involving her mother’s death. Sara also continued to be a big help to Akane during their conversations, reminding her that all life has inestimable value, and that she was fully capable of redeeming herself.

    Godzilla soon resurfaced in Tokyo Bay one evening, and easily ploughed through the attempts of the JSDF and the AMF to stop him with their various weaponry, resisting even the full power of the maser tanks, and soon arrived on land in the Shinigawa district. When the AMF realized that all of its weaponry was ineffective in stopping Godzilla’s rampage through the city, Central Command once again resolved, with much reluctance, to send the reprogrammed Kiryu against his fully organic counterpart.
This time, when the two kaiju titans confronted each other, Godzilla wasn’t taken aback, and Mechagodzilla remained under the control of the AC-3. An extremely grueling battle between the two ensued, with Kiryu proving a formidable opponent, but ultimately falling before Godzilla’s might following an exhaustive battle.

      After the cyborg fell and became inoperative, Akane, once again acting with great courage and audacity, entered the mechanized kaiju’s form herself through a specially designed hatch, activated the cyborg’s secondary power unit and effected repairs with Dr. Yuhara’s guidance via commlink, and began piloting the cybernetic kaiju manually. Thus, with Akane now directly in control, Mechagodzilla returned to battle, despite the great risk to the intrepid pilot’s life. Because of Kiryu’s greatly diminished power level, the AMF initiated a plan to have the cyborg’s mechanical systems tap into all available electrical power in the city of Tokyo, not only to recharge to full capacity, but also to enable him to fire his Absolute Zero Cannon, the weapon that the Japanese government hoped could truly defeat Godzilla, at maximum power.

     The resumed battle resulted in severe external damage to Kiryu, and the mighty cyborg was again laid low by the Big G. Hayato, who was piloting an AMF warplane, was determined to not only avenge his brother, but also to prevent Godzilla from fully defeating Kiryu with his atomic breath. Thus, in an extremely audacious maneuver, Hayato decided to sacrifice his life by deliberately attacking Godzilla with his warplane, and lodging the flying vehicle in the great kaiju’s maw, thus temporarily preventing him from firing his atomic breath at his recovering cyborg opponent. The still living Hayato then yelled into his commlink to Akane, telling her to blast the Atomic Titan with Kiryu’s Absolute Zero Cannon while Godzilla was still unable to fire his atomic heat beam. Akane activated the weapon, but she could not bring herself to kill the brave Hayato, her former detractor, as she refused to allow him to be killed as occurred with his equally brave sibling a few years earlier if it was in her power to prevent it. Hence, she deactivated the freeze cannon, and instead activated Kiryu’s shoulder-mounted rocket launcher harness, and flew at Godzilla at high speed, tackling the Kaiju King and wresting what was left of Hayato’s warplane from the creature’s maw, ensuring that the pilot was able to eject safely. Akane then programmed Mechagodzilla to hold Godzilla’s jaw shut to prevent him from firing his atomic breath, and to fly him into the water of Tokyo Bay, where she planned to conclude the battle.

      Once the flying Kiryu, carrying Godzilla, crashed into the bay, Akane had the cyborg fire the Absolute Zero Cannon at the Big G underwater at point blank range. A huge mountain of ice appeared above the surface of the water to announce the usage of the cyborg’s ultimate weapon. Moments later, the mountain of ice was shattered from within, and Godzilla arose from the ocean, albeit with a nasty red wound visible on his chest area. The great beast then turned and casually headed away from Japan, back into the depths of the Pacific Ocean.

     Immediately after this, Mechagodzilla likewise rose from the water, visibly damaged but still operating. Akane, at the controls, contacted Central Command and informed them that the Absolute Zero Cannon was wrecked, and Kiryu’s power cells were depleted. She then apologized for her failure to destroy Godzilla, but Dr. Yuhara begged to differ, telling her that though she didn’t kill the monster, she nevertheless drove him from Japan and ended the conflict in a draw, thus proving that humankind could indeed resist the power of Godzilla. She had also fully redeemed herself from her previous failure, having saved both her country and the life of Hayato for a second time.
The young woman then stoically stood atop the immobile standing form of Kiryu and watched the mighty Godzilla slowly wade into the horizon, away from the shores of Japan. 

Synopsis by Barney Buckley

Godzilla Tokyo SOS 2003

A year after Godzilla and Kiryu’s (Mechagodzilla’s) first battle, Kiryu is still under repairs at the Japanese Counter-Xenomorph Defense Force (JXSDF) dock in Hachioji.

     In Hawaii, an unidentified flying object is spotted on American radar flying towards Tokyo. Jets are sent out to investigate this mysterious being tunneling its way through the clouds. While chasing the object, the pilots hear singing in the background and fire missiles on the target. The object then shoots a shiny yellow powder that destroys the missiles and flies away from the screen. A satellite though captures a portion of the mysterious being which discovers it to be the wings of a moth. The title then rolls, “GODZILLA X MOTHRA X MECHAGODZILLA: TOKYO S.O.S.”

     While Shinichi Cujo is vacationing with his grandon Shun and nephew Yoshito, a member of the Kiryu ground crew, in his country home Karuizawa, the ground begins to shake.  Shinichi is suddenly called by mysterious female voices and looks down on a table to find some old acquaintances, the Shojobin. Cujo had helped them 43 years earlier when Mothra (remember, this movie is a direct sequel to Mothra (1961)) rampaged through Tokyo.

     The Shojobin tell Cujo that Godzilla’s bones, which were used to construct Kiryu, must be brought back to the sea because, “No human being may touch the souls of the dead,” the Shojobin say. They warn that if the bones are not returned, then Mothra will declare on the human race and both the Shojobin and Mothra do not want that war to happen.

     Yoshito is very skeptical because Mothra had destroyed Tokyo 43 years before and that Japan would be helpless without Kiryu. The Shojobin though try to reassure him that Mothra will protect the people if Godzilla ever returns.  The Cujos soon hear Mothra’s sqeak and find her outside the house. The giant moth then flies away with the Shojobin.

     Yoshito returns to work in the Kiryu repair dock. A group of new Kiryu Squad Members walks by and Yoshito recognizes one of the ladies. That evening, a banquet is held for three Kiryu Squad Members, Akane Yashiro, Susumu Hayama and Kenji Sekine. The three are studying advanced military strategies in the U.S. At the banquet, Yoshito meets up with the girl he saw before whose name is Azusa Kisaragi. The two had worked together four years before. Kisaragi is the new pilot for the Shiragashi. “Sure, he may be a good pilot, I grant you, but the way he treats machines, it’s a wonder there’s anything left.” Akiba then makes a fist and thrusts it a couple of inches in front of Yoshito’s face. He then opens his palm to reveal a dead fly.

     Yoshito then walks to the Kiryu repair dock. Yashiro soon comes in and they both look at Kiryu. “I get the feeling it doesn’t want to fight Godzilla anymore,” she says. “Maybe it’s better if it stays that way, in disrepair.”

     The next day, Cujo visits his old friend, Prime Minister Igarashi, and tells him of the Shojobin’s plea. Igarashi of course is skeptical because of Mothra’s 1961 attack and because he cannot give up the country’s only line of defense. “It’s my duty to protect every citizen of this nation,” Igarashi says as he looks out the window. Cujo stands up and replies, “Even if that defense brings disaster to those you’re trying to protect?”

     Meanwhile, the carcass of a species of giant turtles named Kameoba is found on Kujukuri Beach in the Chiba prefecture. The claw marks on the creature’s neck only confirms that it was killed by Godzilla.

     In the Pacific, off Guam, an American nuclear submarine detects and unidentified object on sonar. As it gets closer, one of the crewmembers detects big heartbeats but by then it’s too late. Godzilla destroys the submarine and absorbs its radiation.

     In the Kiryu repair dock, Kanno tells government officials that a synthetic diamond 1.25 M in diameter would be needed to replace the Absolute Zero, which was damaged a year earlier. Unfortunately, the government has budget restrictions and would be unable to purchase one. Secretary of Defense Dobashi then tells Kanno about the Guam incident and asks if Kiryu will be able to move without the Absolute Zero. Kanno says yes but Yoshito bumps in and says that it will be impossible to pull off because they have not done the final checkups yet and that it will take at least two weeks to do so. “I don’t have the time!” Dobashi explains. “What happens if Godzilla attacks within the next two weeks?”

    As Yoshito is walking with his fellow mechanics down the hall, Akiba yells out to him. “You don’t want Mechagodzilla to fight?” Akiba says. “Somebody told me your uncle went to see the prime minister to try and stop the Kiryu project. If we dump Kiryu, do you think Mothra will defend the country? What is it? Maybe you’re just scared of fighting Godzilla.”

     Angered, Yoshito tries to fight Akiba but is restrained by his colleagues. “I’ve worked here for over four years, you hear me?” Yoshito yells. “No one knows Kiryu better than me!” Yoshito escapes the restraint while Akiba evades a punch and trips Yoshito on the ground. “You’re just a mechanic,” Akiba says. “Don’t mix it up with a professional fighter.”

     Soon enough, Godzilla’s is spotted and heads towards Shinagawa. The JXSDF tries to neutralize him but fail. Godzilla soon arrives on shore and all targets are aimed at a scar on Godzilla’s chest that was left where by the Absolute Zero a year earlier.

     Meanwhile, Shun goes to a local school and sets up Mothra’s symbol with desks and chairs. Shinichi arrives to find his grandson. When Shun’s finished, Mothra immediately flies over and attacks Godzilla. The two monsters fight until sundown. Suddenly, Mothra sprays a golden powder, her final line of defense – a sign that she’s going to die.

    Igarashi cannot stand watching Mothra die and despair and decides to launch Kiryu. Before it is launched, the JXSDF replaces the damaged Absolute Zero with the Triple Hyper Maser. Kiryu makes it on time before Godzilla gives Mothra the final blow with his atomic ray.

     Meanwhile in Himagojima, a lone Mothra egg hatches twin larvae, much to the Shojobin’s surprise. The two caterpillars then swim towards Tokyo to fight Godzilla. Kiryu is hit badly with Godzilla’s atomic ray and needs repair. Before Godzilla is able to destroy it, the Mothra larvae shoot their silk cocoon. Yoshito rushes towards Kiryu and quickly fixes it while the maser tanks, the Shiragashi and the Mothra twins distract Godzilla. Yoshito is unable to get out of Kiryu but says everything is all clear anyways. Kiryu takes off and continues its battle.

     Godzilla kills the adult Mothra with his atomic ray. The twin Mothra’s eyes turn from a blue to a red and charge at Godzilla in anger. Kiryu and Godzilla meet again and destroy the Diet Building in the process. Kiryu soon gains the upperhand and Akiba transforms Kiryu’s right arm into a giant drill. Kiryu jams the spinning drill into Godzilla’s scar and the king of the monsters cries in pain. Godzilla stumbles back a few steps and Kiryu fires both the Triple Hyper Maser and the Twin Maser from the mouth at Godzilla’s open wound.

     Godzilla roars again. Suddenly, images of a mushroom cloud, Godzilla’s 1954 attack on Tokyo, the Oxygen Destroyer and Akane yelling “Kiryu!” flash through Kiryu’s head. Kiryu just stands still while a wounded Godzilla gets covered in silk.

     Dobashi orders Kiryu to finish Godzilla but Kiryu does not respond. It is running amok again! Kiryu then talks towards a cocooned Godzilla, grabs him with his hands and cover plates and takes off. Dobashi orders Kiryu to be shot down but Yoshito’s voice comes through the speakers. “Kiryu wants to fly toward the Sea of Japan, to sink to the bottom of the sea together with Godzilla,” Yoshito says.

      The hatch on Kiryu burst open and Yoshito is almost thrown out of Kiryu. Azusa flies towards Kiryu to rescue Yoshito who is hanging off of Kiryu. Yoshito then looks at the monitor inside Kiryu and the words “SAYONARA YOSHITO” flash across the screen. “Sayonara, Kiryu,” Yoshito whispers before he lets go. Yoshito flies through the air and Akiba ejects from the Shiragashi, catching Yoshito in time and activating the parachute. Kiryu plunges into the sea with Godzilla and sinks to the bottom. The Mothra larvae swim back to Infant Island with the Shobijin. As Yoshito sits safely in an emergency life raft, he wonders aloud, “Did Kiryu save me?” Akiba laughs and replies, “Idiot! I’m the one who saved your ass!” The Shobijin’s voice can be heard, thanking everyone for their courage and that the souls of the dead can finally rest in peace.

    The ending credits roll and we are then shown a DNA storage device being closed. One of the labels read, “1954 Godzilla DNA. Date of Extraction: 11/03/1999.”

Synopsis by Barney Buckley

Godzilla Final Wars 2004

Godzilla Final Wars received mixed reviews from fans. It was intended to be a “monster mash” to celebrate Godzilla’s long history, but due to the large cast of monsters, each was only allowed limited screen time. Furthermore, the movie departed from previous films in the series by introducing elements of human-focused action — an addition that was variously praised and condemned. The film makes a number of obvious references to The Matrix, X-Men, and Star Wars, which attracted some criticism from audiences.

Godzilla Final Wars would be a movie that is set apart from all the other movies that Godzilla has starred in. It would make this the final closing of the Godzilla genre to be the most exciting of all. This movie captures the familiarities of most of the Godzilla films in the past. The movie was built on alot of anticipation and hype which is pretty much true, but it lacks alot things where it makes up in action.

      Let me start with the scene where the Gotengo runs into Manda. This scene to me was catchy in computer generated imagery. Manda looked like a serpent should look like. They did a nice job on the movements of Manda. The next thing is Anguirus arriving in Shanghai. The negative side to Anguirus is his looks. Anguirus seems a little too fat looking. The design of Anguirus could have been more detailed. He should have been streamline. Now his movements the rolling ball effect were sweet the way he was bounce around, and no he does not befriend Godzilla. All the monsters are controlled by the aliens called the Xiliens in this movie, except Mothra and Minya.

     Zilla is the name of the American Godzilla that is transported down from the alien ship to Sidney, Australia where he does destroy most of the main street in Sidney. This Zilla is more tenacious then  its predecessor. This Godzilla looks very much like the Godzilla in 1998. I am sure that they could possibly be the same creature, but are they really the same. First if you notice they have different statistics in an height and probably in mass also. In my opinion I think this is a completely different creature from the one that died on the Brooklyn Bridge in 1998. It maybe an off spring of this creature but again that really don’t make to much sense because of the height of the two creatures are to different. The one in Godzilla Final Wars is 90 meters tall and Gino is only 60 meters which is an extreme difference. Anyway they did a nice job on the monster, but when he comes down a second time to battle Godzilla well it is a short fight. He dies quickly.

      I will describe the negative and positive points in the rest of the monsters. Rodan, his flying is really cool and swift. He sweeps through the city with his supersonic speed destroying everything. They did a nice job on this monster. Rodan all in all was positive you will like this Rodan its true to the original Rodan, but makes brief appearance in the movie. He even attacks Godzilla along with King Caesar and Anguirus. Rodan crashes in the earth dying.

     King Caesar, the suit was ok his neck was a bit long. The cool thing is his ears pop up like they did in the original Godzilla vs the Cosmic Monster. His martial arts movie art pretty nice too, but he gets a big headache in the end. Ebirah makes an appearance that lasts longer then it should. The super soldiers or the Earth Defense Force take Ebirah for a nice ride they keep shooting at him eventually killing him. The detail of this monster suit was almost perfect sometimes he seems a little blurry, but that could be because of the graininess of the film.  The fight scenes were something you have to see. He loses his mandibles. They kick his ass. All through the movie is an all out bash or clash of all titans. Mothra is the only monster not controlled by the Xiliens other than Minya who is in the movie just to be in it.

     Gigan is the mummified monster that is hanging from the ceiling of the building. The Xiliens set him free to wreak havoc on Godzilla. Gigan fights the good fight, but dies by getting his head blown off. The Xiliens later bring him back to battle Mothra. Gigan trashes her ass. Mothra ends up dodging blades that were shooting out of Gigan this is a new weapon of Gigan’s, but the blades make a return trip back to Gigan cutting his head completely off killing him twice. The final monster is Monster X from space. This monster has some pretty cool moves, but is over come by Godzilla thus turning into Kaiser Ghidorah. Kaiser Ghidorah eventually subdues Godzilla to almost killing him, but with the help of the Gotengo and mutant powers from the soldier aboard Gotengo. Godzilla comes back full force tearing off the heads of Kaiser Ghidorah throwing him up into space. Godzilla blasted him with a special orange and more power atomic breath burning Kaiser Ghidorah to dust.

     Now how do I feel about this movie all together? I am little apprehensive about the story line of this movie it’s all action and it moves to quick. It goes from one extreme to another the fight scenes between the monsters are way to short and they are killed off to quick. You take Hedorah the monster is stabbed by Ebirah and both of them are then destroyed by Godzilla. Hedorah personally would have made cool comeback in another Godzilla movie. Gigan as alot of you already know is my favorite enemy of Godzilla. He should have been more sinister or powerful in this movie instead of getting his head lopped off. I must say though the design of this suit is pretty awesome they kick ass on Gigan’s suit and his weapons are pretty unique giving Gigan a new arsenal.

      My closing statement is Godzilla Final Wars is a good movie. The special effects help this movie alot. The story, and the way it was progressing it was to quick, but I guess it has to be this way to cram all the monsters, and the story into a movie less the an hour and half. Definitely it will be worth it to some people to wait for it to come to the states.

Synopsis by Barney Buckley

Godzilla 1998

Giant lizard stomping through New York City what will be next. It starts in the south part of the Pacific Ocean where atomic testing is done. The French government set the bomb off on a near by island you see iguana dispersing, but are their eggs on the island. They are shrouded by the snow from the nuclear bomb going off. Years later we zoom to a fishing boat where you see wrestling on TV, and fishing gutting on this ship. All at once the ship is being destroyed, and things are flying around. Only one man survives the shipwreck, and the man is a mess. He saw something terrible. He was radioactive and chanting the “Gojira” repeatly.

Nick Tatopoulos is from the Nuclear Regulatory Commission. He is studying earth worms in Chernobyl, singing the song “I’m singing in the rain”. He drives the worms out of the earth for study. We will later learn that they are seventeen percent larger than normal. Nick Tatopoulos is immediately taken off in helicopter to an island called Papeete, Tahiti. Where you see across the island are alot of gigantic footsteps. Then we go to the shoreline where you see a ship wrecked on shore. It has huge tears as if some giant monster literally grabs it and clawed through like a can opener. Nick takes samples of some organism found in one of the tears in the metal of the ship. Some more strange events are occurring three fishing trawlers were pull under the sea. Which would lead Nick to believe that what pulled the trawlers underneath the water was not a dinosaur? It was much larger Audrey is a reporter who works for Charles Caiman in New York. She was originally Nick’s girlfriend before taking off New York to pursue her career as a news reporter.

Mean while at the fishing docks in New York men are unloading fish from crates, and an old fisherman decides he wants to go fishing, and catch him a whopper of a fish. A whopper will be getting, so he castes his line eventually losing the pole, and all. When suddenly the water raises to tidal wave proportion it heads towards the fisherman. Something is busting the pier while the fisherman is running. Meanwhile we hear noises of something huge then it appears a huge monster resembling a gigantic lizard. It is carrying the trawlers it pulled under the water. Godzilla is the name of this monster. Now don’t mistake this monster tom be the Godzilla in Japan. This is a completely different monster. It rampages through New York while the Army chases him. This monster is very keen. It out smarts the choppers chasing. The army can not understand how a monster over 200 feet tall can disappear in mid air. He went underground. They try to lure out several times only Godzilla manages to escape each time.

The French CIA have been involved since the beginning of the movie. Nick Tatopoulos gets fired from his job because of Audrey stealing the tape. Nick later joins The French CIA, and helps them to retrieve the tape. The Question remains as to why is Godzilla here. Nick figures it out it came to the island or Staten Island to give birth. The main thing was to locate the eggs. They find the eggs in Madison Square Garden, but they find more then would have hoped. They found over two hundred eggs. Meanwhile Godzilla has just escaped in the river where he is attacked, and everyone thinks Godzilla is dead. Back at the garden Audrey and Nick finally get through to the army telling to destroy the garden with all the eggs inside. They do just that. When everything had calm down a familiar sound has come on to the scene Nick and Audrey, and the crew turn around to see that Godzilla is not dead. Godzilla notices his young are dead and gets really pissed off. They run jump into a cab, and are being chased through the streets of Staten Island where they end up on the Brooklyn Bridge. Godzilla gets hung up in the cables. A command is sent out to Jets to make a return trip, and finish the job. They fire on Godzilla killing him. Meanwhile back at the garden where everything is ion fire except one area which is smoky. There is an egg still left it hatches with the baby inside of it. This would be the start of another movie that would never come to be.

Synopsis by Barney Buckley

Legendary’s Godzilla 2014

“Godzilla” unfolds across multiple continents and spans several decades, tracing the impact of a series of mysterious and catastrophic events through the eyes of a handful of people caught at the epicenter. “Our film doesn’t tell this story from an omnipotent perspective,” Tull explains. “In the midst of this crisis are people whose lives are irrevocably changed by it. These aren’t super heroes, but regular human beings caught in extreme circumstances, which made casting such a vital component of our film.”

In this spirit, Edwards wanted to populate the film with actors who could deliver a level of performance that brought truth to the characters’ extraordinary journeys. “In a film like this, you get one buy, which is that there are giant monsters in the world,” he says. “The rest has to be as believable as possible, which is one reason I feel incredibly lucky with this cast. They were able to take what was on the page, bring it to life, and create an emotional reality that helps you believe everything else.”

For the cast, the combination of a cinematic icon and Edwards’ vision for his epic rebirth made “Godzilla” an irresistible prospect. “When Gareth and I first talked about the film, he told me to forget that it was a big monster movie,” recalls Aaron Taylor-Johnson. “I loved what Godzilla meant to him, and that he wanted to bring him to the screen in a big disaster spectacle, but to tell the story with a high level of artistry and emotion. That’s what made me want to do this project, and Gareth made the experience incredibly special.”

The actor takes on the central role of Ford Brody, a Naval officer specializing in disarming bombs, who has just reunited with his wife and young son in San Francisco when he is called away to help his troubled father in Japan.

“Ford is the hero of our film and sees a lot of action,” Edwards comments. “And because so much of the storytelling is visual, it was critical that we understand what he’s thinking and feeling, so we needed an actor capable of communicating a lot in a single look. I’d seen ‘Nowhere Boy,’ in which Aaron played John Lennon, and it was such a soulful performance. There was so much intensity and emotion behind his eyes. I knew from that moment we’d found the guy.”

Ford’s expertise at disarming bombs draws him to the frontlines of humanity’s united defense against the greatest threat it has ever faced, but he’s torn between duty and the need to find and protect his young family. “He’s the kind of specialist the military needs and it’s all hands on deck,” Taylor-Johnson explains. “At the same time, his mission is to get back to his family, and his work in the military becomes the only way he can maneuver himself closer to San Francisco. But it’s heartbreaking because he knows he might not make it home at all.”

Trapped in the city when Godzilla zeroes in on San Francisco is Ford’s wife, Elle Brody, played by Elizabeth Olsen. A nurse at a busy hospital, Elle is forced to make tough choices to both cope with the human toll of the disaster and to protect their four-year-old son, Sam, played by newcomer Carson Bolde. “Elle’s story is heroic in that she has a job to do, but she is also desperate to protect her own child,” Olsen details, adding, “Their story and Ford’s journey to try to get back to them is part of what I love about this film—how the value of family is at its core, and how moments of crisis bring out the courage and heroism that lies within everyone.”

For Edwards, her feel for the emotional material made her riveting to watch in the role. “Elizabeth has this documentary style to her performance—It just doesn’t feel like acting at all. With her, it was like doing some serious drama that just happened to have giant monsters in it.”

Olsen got her first taste of the level of realism Edwards wanted to bring to the film when she first saw the evocative teaser piece he’d made. “Gareth’s approach to it is what hooked me, and how it reflected some of the imagery of disasters we’ve seen around the world,” she notes. “What Elle deals with in this film taps into what it’s like for the people caught in these kinds of events, and the lengths you’d go to in order to save the ones you love.”

This same impulse drives Ford throughout his journey, and Taylor-Johnson admits that even amid the film’s tremendous action, the physical demands of the role were trumped by the emotional challenges his character faces. “Ford is really put through the ringer over the course of the film, both internally and externally,” he says. “When we meet him, he’s a husband, father and son, and is trying to do all those things correctly under the weight of some serious emotional baggage. He has unresolved issues with his father, and his efforts to try to mend their relationship places him far from home when his family most needs him.”

Ford carries with him the weight of an incident from his childhood that tore his family apart 15 years earlier, when he lived with his parents in Japan. But the events leading up to that fateful day in 1999 originate farther south, in the Philippines, where the film begins.

A remote mine in a Philippine jungle collapses, revealing beneath it the fossilized, highly radioactive remains of something very big and very old. A pair of scientists from a secretive government organization, Dr. Ishiro Serizawa and Dr. Vivienne Graham, arrive on site to examine the bizarre relic.

Ken Watanabe plays Serizawa, a Japanese scientist who has devoted his life to the search for Godzilla and hopes to find in the cave evidence of the mythical creature’s existence. “His quest goes deeper than scientific curiosity,” Watanabe describes. “He is concerned about the kinds of terror that could exist in the world, and has his own theories about what he calls the ‘Alpha Predator’ and the role it plays on the planet.”

In the film, Godzilla’s origins are linked to an alternate take on recent history, a dark legacy that haunts Serizawa, who is both named for and inspired by a key character in the original Japanese film. “Dr. Serizawa is the scientist with the deepest insight into the creature, and Ken brought so much complexity and depth of feeling to this character,” Edwards says. “We used to joke when we were filming that no one’s got more different looks than Ken. He is such a fascinating actor to watch because you can see all of his internal thoughts on his face. When we were shooting, he would always do another look or take a breath or go to leave the room and you’re saying, ‘Oh no, don’t stop, don’t stop.’ The takes would just go on and on because you’d never want to yell ‘cut.'”

Watanabe responded to Edwards’ desire to draw upon the thematic threads of the original within the context of the contemporary world. “I feel that Japan and, really, the entire world, are facing similar challenges today as we were at the time the first film was made,” Watanabe reflects. “Godzilla cannot be separated from the nuclear element, and serves as an urgent reminder that we have to look to the future and think about what kind of world we want to have. So, when I read the script, I was impressed that Gareth’s film maintains Godzilla’s connection to the consequences of trying to harness forces we barely understand.”

Sally Hawkins, who plays Serizawa’s colleague, Dr. Graham, adds that Edwards’ passion for the project illuminated every creative decision on set. “He had so much else to contend with, but really showed care towards the actors and the story, always emphasizing the need to keep the heart and truth in it.”

With all her scenes done in partnership with Watanabe, the two formed an immediate connection. “Graham and Serizawa are on this journey together because it is both their life’s work,” Hawkins shares. “When we meet them, you see that they’re almost telepathic in how they communicate. And I think Ken’s brilliant. He’s got such a presence, and working with him to convey their relationship was a real pleasure.”

As Graham and Serizawa move deeper through the mountain, they discover that the entire cave system once encased the carcass of a giant creature, but that it also held something else. And at its end, they are shocked to discover that the mountain has been blown out from within, giving way to a pulverized trench etched through the forest, leading straight to the ocean.

North through the East China Sea, a series of tremors rock the Janjira Nuclear Power Plant near the Tokyo district where Ford, played as a youth by CJ Adams, lives with his parents Sandra and Joe Brody, played by Juliette Binoche and Bryan Cranston. In 1999, both are scientists at the power plant, and the morning after tremors hit, his father is the first to raise alarm bells. Cranston details, “Joe is a nuclear engineer and very good at his job. He has detected anomalous sound patterns in these tremors that others are trying to write off as mere earthquakes, but his data doesn’t support that. He knows there’s something more here and wants the nuclear plant shut down, but nobody listens. And when they finally do, it’s too late. He’s a whistleblower in all the good ways that one can be, and that troublemaker streak follows him into the present.”

Though Cranston is best known for bringing to life the thrilling, tragic arc of Walter White on TV’s “Breaking Bad,” Edwards remembered him as the father in the series “Malcolm in the Middle” and envisioned him as Joe from the start. “I was an avid fan of that show. I think it’s often harder to be a good comedic actor than it is to be a good dramatic actor, and Bryan can nail the joke every time, but he’s also able to convey so much emotion in everything he does. So the whole time we were writing this part, Bryan was always Joe in my mind, and, fortunately, he said ‘yes.’”

For his part, Cranston, in spite of his stated affection for Godzilla movies, never imagined that he’d be in one. “But, as Gareth said to me, this film is different,” the actor relates. “It’s steeped in character, which makes the fantastic elements of the story more fulfilling because, as you follow these people through this adventure, you see good and bad decisions being made and relationships being pulled apart and brought together. All the elements of any good drama are here, wrapped up in big, epic monster movie.”

Juliette Binoche agrees, noting, “Monsters have an enormous power for catharsis. These stories help us to understand something about ourselves and to see our emotions on a big scale, and Gareth as a storyteller understands that instinctually. He’s a great talent, and I was thrilled to work with him on this film.”

Binoche’s character Sandra Brody is, like her husband Joe, also a dedicated scientist, but on the morning of the accident, Sandra’s instincts as a mother override all other considerations. “When the situation at the plant escalates into a crisis, she has to make a choice,” Binoche relates. “These situations can often be moments of total truth, and in that moment, her actions are driven by her love for her son and her husband.”

Fifteen years later, when Ford travels to Japan for his uneasy reunion with his father, he finds Joe still consumed with the accident that destroyed the plant and shattered his family. Cranston comments, “Joe has spent his life trying to unravel the mystery of what happened that day, but the greatest casualty of his obsession is his relationship with his son.”

Even as his son arrives to take him home, Joe is on the cusp of proving that the powerful forces that destroyed the Janjira Power Plant in 1999 are happening again, and that reports of leaking radiation are lies the government has concocted to hide the truth. With one last plea, he persuades Ford to venture back to their ruined home to retrieve evidence that the disaster was anything but natural. But after being ambushed by security forces, what they discover inside the quarantine zone is much worse.

Within the hollowed-out relic of Janjira itself, they are confronted with the enormity of the government’s secret: something has been feeding on the plant’s nuclear reactors, and after 15 years, it’s finally awake. Mary Parent remarks, “In our film, we introduce a destructive force that is, in some ways, a consequence of humanity’s hubris in the face of nature. And how that conflicts with Godzilla’s agenda is what draws us into a massive conflict that plays out against our planet.”

In the terrifying events that follow, Ford and Joe are swept away with Dr. Serizawa and Dr. Graham to the Navy vessel that will serve as a command center for the rapidly escalating crisis. Heading the multi-force tactical operation formed to defend the planet in the face of a terrifying new paradigm is Admiral Stenz, who tracks Godzilla across the Pacific toward the continental U.S.

Acclaimed actor David Strathairn, who plays Admiral William Stenz, offers, “No one on Earth has encountered anything of this magnitude before, so Stenz is a little out of his depth in postulating ways to deal with it. You can’t take down monsters with normal munitions, so what do you resort to? A nuclear device? That’s the military’s last resort, but it ups the ante dramatically, and as the officer in charge of the joint task force, Stenz is strategically at odds with Serizawa.”

Strathairn relished exploring this philosophical conflict with Watanabe. “Serizawa is a very passionate and deeply committed scientist; he also carries deep sadness and fear about our arrogance as a species in the face of nature,” Strathairn observes. “Stenz has some very crucial decisions to make, which conflict with Serizawa’s ideas of how to resolve the situation, and Ken brought such grace to these very intense moments between them. Serizawa is the heart of this story’s compassion.”

Like his fellow cast members, Strathairn was impressed with Edwards’ acuity for capturing the human dimensions of the Godzilla story. “I feel that this film is basically about how we, as a fragile, too often environmentally irresponsible creature, respond to the symbol of Godzilla, a metaphorical construct for so many things that we are still working on as a species. Gareth had a monstrous task with this film, so to speak, and I’m really impressed by the way he’s held this franchise, this dinosaur, in his hands while still respecting and honoring the human aspect.”

After witnessing Godzilla’s earth-shattering entrance at the Honolulu Airport, Ford joins up with a military unit headed for the mainland, following a colossal wake of destruction through towns and cities that have been leveled by forces of unimaginable power and menace. Seizing his only chance to secure his family, Ford volunteers himself for what may end up being a suicide mission to plunge into the heart of a besieged San Francisco in a desperate bid to save the city from imminent nuclear annihilation.

With its skyscrapers shattered like broken toys, and its underground shelters overflowing with terrified refugees, the fragile human city has become a monster-sized arena where the Alpha Predator closes in on his malevolent prey, unleashing the full weight of his fury in an epic battle for dominance, with the future of humanity hanging in the balance.

“We made a choice about how to reveal Godzilla to the world in this film,” says Edwards. “It was a difficult choice, but it has to do with the question of whether Godzilla is good or bad. I think he represents something entirely different. It’s like asking if a hurricane is good or bad. Godzilla is a force of nature, but its more violent, unpredictable side. What he’s up against in our film very much represents our abuse of nature, so when Godzilla rises, it’s to set things right.”

Written by Barney Buckley


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