Godzilla Movie Quotes

Written by Barney Buckley

E-Mail Address: bbuckley@triad.rr.com


His footsteps quake the earth and echo like thunder. This deafening battle-crying strikes fear in the hearts of his enemies, both man and beast. His wives-hot radioactive breath sets entire cities ablaze and obliterates the most sophisticated and powerful military weaponry.

According to the legends of Odo Island, he was a malevolent God living beneath the sea, whose wrath. Only be appeased by human sacrifices and rituals.

Scientists believe he was a creature of the Jurassic. That defy the laws of evolution, living peacefully through the ages on the ocean floor until an atomic bomb baptized him in radiation, creating a grotesque mutation unlike any creature known before. A prehistoric giant resurrected by modern-day technology. Enraged, he emerged from the depths seeking one thing: Revenge.

The 1950s

“Godzilla… Was the most massive full of all the dinosaur movies because it made you believe it was really happening?”-Steven Spielberg

“Without the bomb, there could not have been a monster.”-Kimi Honda

“George, here in Tokyo time has been turned back to me in years. This is my report as it happens.”-Steve Martin

“I sped through a bank of clouds that made my vision difficult and momentarily impossible. Then, as I flew through the haze, I looked anxiously below-searching, searching, searching…”-Tsukioka

The 1960s

“For a people who love the delicate beauty of a flower arranging and tea ceremonies, the Japanese can dream up some of the most nightmarish monsters ever projected on movie screens. The reasons are simple: monster films are hits and great moneymakers.”-The Associated Press

“Japanese monster films have all the signs of a catchpenny productions-rated American stars in future roles, abysmal dubbing, on even special effects.”-John Baxter

“Godzilla has a brain about this size.”-Dr. Arnold Johnson

“You There! Don’t touch that egg. You might damage it, and I certainly don’t want that to happen.”-Mr. Kumayama

“Oh, Godzilla! What a terrible language!”-The Mothra twin fairies

“Double-Crossing Finks!”-Astronaut F.Glenn

“You must be losing your site!-Red Bamboo Leader

“This shirts not yours, is a girls shirt. Unless maybe you are a girl.”-Saeko

“The question is, who will be first? Godzilla? Rodan? Angilas? Which of the giant creatures will lead the others into the attack? Ah, there, now! I believe I see something stirring there beyond the trees!”-A newscaster, in AIP’s release of Destroy All Monsters

“Godzilla says we had to fight our own battles and not be cowards.”-Minya

The 1970s

“In the first Godzilla film, I think Godzilla himself is used symbolically. The represents. But in the Godzilla films that were produced in the 1960s and certainly gonna 1970s, is there much you can read into that, is there some sort of subtext? No. Not at all.”-David Milner

“As part of the drive for new stories, Godzilla became more human. He was called upon to perform more, to play a role. And as time passed, he became a force for justice.”-Film director Jun Fukuda

“Don’t lose your courage. One place where there is no pollutions in our hearts. Come on now. All of us. Our message is loud and strong. We’re going to send it up higher.”- Yukio, the Youth Movement Leader

“I think it stinks!”-Comic Book Editor

“Megalon! Megalon! Wake up, Megalon! Come on, rise up now, to the Earth’s surface! Destroy the earth! Destroy our enemies! Rise up! Go on! Megalon!-Antonio-King of Seatopia, beseeching them. But

“Damn Godzilla. You’re mistaken if you think your powers are a match for Mechagodzilla.”-Kuronuma, the Alien Leader

“(Sinister Laugh) Come on and shoot. You can’t kill me anyway, so what’s do your bullets matter? (More Sinister Laughter)”-Mugar

The 1980s

“In 1975, Tanaka for his reptile out to pasture. But then looted not sit well with the lizards many Japanese fans. [In 1983] the 10,000 member “Godzilla Resurrection Committee” gathered 40,000+ signatures on a petition demanding a rebirth of the great monster. By then, the nuclear arms race has heated up again and Tanaka thought the world was ready for another reptilian allegory.”-From an article and people magazine, January 14, 1985

“… And just for the record, 30 years ago they never found any corpse.”-Steve Martin

The 1990s

“As always, the 90s Godzilla films offered precise miniature models of big cities for the trashing. Much of the fascination for Japanese fans seeing familiar urban areas reduced to rubble. Hardly a prominent new structure can be raised in Japan-the Tokyo City Hall and Yokohama Landmark Tower are recent examples-before Godzilla turns into dust.”-An article in the international Herald Tribune, September 23, 1994

“The samurai spirit is to obey one’s overlord no matter what, always moving forward and never looking back. And I saw that as similar to the spirit of Godzilla-he always rushes ahead for tech and never retreats, no matter how dangerous.”-Kenpachiro Satsuma, Godzilla suitmation actor, and a Reuters wire story.

“If we don’t produces bacteria, they sure as eggs is eggs someone else is going to do it.”-Mr. Okochi

“Take that, you dinosaur!-Maj. Spielberg

“My company has destroyed forests. I feel very guilty.”-Mr. Ando

“The time has come, finally, to put our technology to the final test.”-The redundant Dr. Asimov

“Life would be said without love.”- Shinjo

“Apparently something is happening there. In the reactor. A Godzilla’s heart.-Prof. Marvin

“This testing done by my country left a terrible mess. We are here to clean it up.”-Agent Philip Roache


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