Concept Bagan

Written by Barney Buckley

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In and around the 1980s there would have marked the return of Godzilla was something completely different than what we saw. Tomoyuki Tanaka having allowed Godzilla to become a humanized kiddie hero he wanted to correct that fatal mistake and bring Godzilla back to a no-nonsense atomic monster once again since 1954. In 1980 Tomoyuki Tanaka had commissioned a brand-new story from the writer Akira Muroa he would talk to Akira and explained his situation and what he wanted to do with Godzilla. He wants to bring him back to irrational sense and bring him back as the King of monsters. Tomoyuki Tanaka had said “Godzilla is a world-famous character, on a par in terms of notoriety with Superman and Star Wars,” Tanaka had said. He had also said “unfortunately, we had to close down the Godzilla film series wants, because ideas have become so weak and the costs were too much. Despite this… Godzilla is love by several generations, so I think it is a good idea to bring him back for a new film to celebrate Toho Company’s 50th anniversary… Since we had a problem in making Godzilla just for younger ages, we now think I Godzilla must be for a general audience, both older and younger people.

The tentative title for the movie and for his return is called “The Return of Godzilla” is curiously based on the premise that Godzilla himself was not sufficient to carry the story this was the ideal first. This is where we bring on a new enemy for Godzilla and it was called “Bagan” this is a name that seems to continuously resurface and several story proposals through the 1980s and 1990s. This particular Kaiju was created to challenge Godzilla. It is said that they again is a three stage monster similar to that of Destroyah in the Marine Godzilla versus Destroyah 1995 there he was a three stage monster as well. This was the ideal that they originally wanted to go with however the costs and the budget itself did concern Tanaka. They was one of those monsters that was a shape-shifter that adopting unique visage on land, in the water, and in the sky. It is said that they could not win Godzilla completely from his 1970s personality. Our Sheila wrote the actual first act to have Godzilla planet of Bagan before getting down to business providing mankind when the nuclear-fueled nemesis. Our curative use a bevy of super weaponry, but it was Bagan rather than Godzilla that is attacked, ineffectively, of course Godzilla’s battle with Bagan are mostly one-sided, with Godzilla inflicting damage time after time, and Bagan regenerating itself by assuming a new form. Only after Godzilla’s renewed his strength by destroying a nuclear power plant and absorbing is for radioactive output does he defeat Bagan. The scenario without monster versus monster portion and the next act became a not too subtle rehashing of the original Godzilla.

The new story for this particular movie it starts with a scientist who has discovered a new element called ”Reiconium,” which possesses super nuclear energy. This particular source of energy is far more powerful than that of nuclear energy. And it was way more conventional. It is said that the scientist refused to allow it to me is against Godzilla. Only after witnessing Godzilla’s aftermath, and with further pleas from his daughter, though the man finally relent, only to sacrifice himself to detonate the device which defeats Godzilla. Radiation seems to be omnipresent in this story. This was a way to more Godzilla by using this type of radiation they use it as bait to more Godzilla to his demise. And it is apparent that this seemingly super nuclear energy weapon of mass industrial Godzilla.

The whole message of this film is replaced by a new and more contemporary theme, some not in the final lines of the story after Godzilla was lifeless body washes ashore near a nuclear power plant months later, and suddenly realize: “as long as nuclear energy exists, Godzilla will live.” In other words whatever its purpose, nuclear energy will always present a catastrophic danger.

This definitely was a different twist for the original inception of Godzilla’s return it probably would’ve been interesting to say the least. Honestly I like the original weight is now it just marked the return of Godzilla in the proper way however I would have been curious to see what the approach of this new monster would have been and how the fight scenes would have been. I would have been also curious as to see how they would have created Bagan which to me seems to have a lot of connection with Godzilla versus Destroyah 1995. I have to believe possibly that they can is a concept of Destroyah they created Destroyah using the banking concept possibly. Anyway I hope you found this a little bit interesting because I did. Not as interesting as a logon I want to see this but it was a different take on it.


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