A Kaiju Christmas Carol

Written by Barney Buckley

E-Mail Address- bbuckley@triad.rr.com



Have you ever wondered? What it would be like if Godzilla hated Christmas? I’ll bet no one’s ever really asked that question before. So with this in mind this is my interpretation of Godzilla actually hating Christmas. He will have many other Kaijus trying to convince him that Christmas is good. However we all know Godzilla as grumpy as he is he has only three words to say to people, and that is “Humbug on Christmas” well he will be visited by his very close friends Anguirus Marley who passed away seven Christmases ago. He will tell Godzilla that he will be visited by three other Kaiju Christmas ghosts. Hopefully it all as well Godzilla will like Christmas again.

Chapter 1: The Death of Anguirus Marley

Anguirus Marley is dead: it seems that he died working very hard for Godzilla and with no appreciation whatsoever his death was in vain. Anguirus Marley his death was registered and signed by the clergyman, the clerk, the undertaker, and the chief mourner all at once. It would be Ebenezer Godzilla who would sign the paper mind you ever need to Godzilla as I have already mentioned is one grumpy Kaiju and totally resents the fact that he has to pay the undertaker the undertaker to take care of Anguirus Marley. Ebenezer Godzilla had to pay the undertaker with a few of army tanks left behind from his last fight with the military, and he wasn’t happy about that.

We all know that Anguirus Marley is truly dead. They finally put the nail in the coffin before Ebenezer Godzilla removed the tanks that were left in Anguirus Marley’s mouth. We know Ebenezer Godzilla is now the sole executor, and sole administrator of his new business called Ebenezer Godzillas city extermination. He was happy about that he was on about his business and for seven straight years got absolutely rich destroying cities on himself. It would soon be that his least favorite nephew would come to his business to discuss a Christmas dinner with the family. Minya would greet his uncle Ebenezer Godzilla and he would go on to say “A Merry Christmas to You Uncle! May the spirit of Christmas save you on who Godzilla! Cried a cheerful Minya. It was then that uncle Ebenezer Godzilla says to his nephew came upon him so quickly that he abruptly said “Bah!” Says uncle Godzilla, “Humbug!”

By this time Ebenezer Godzilla was so curious at the likely comments of Christmas that he lit the entire building on fire burning everything inside why they ran outside. Minya and Rodan Cratchit who work for ever neither Godzilla for a very long time both looked at him as if to say are you crazy. Suddenly his nephew Minya abruptly says “Christmas a Humbug, Uncle Godzilla!” “You don’t mean that, I am sure.” As Ebenezer Godzilla looks set Rodan Cratchit and his nephew Minya he proceeds to say abruptly “I do,” “Merry Christmas! What right have you to be merry? What reasons do you have to be merry? Minya you do realize you don’t matter. Because you should not exist in the eyes of man! “So humbug on your Christmas” said Ebenezer Godzilla to his nephew Minya.

Chapter 2: Ebenezer Godzilla is a grumpy old Godzilla

Ebenezer Godzilla looks at the both of them turns and walks away and disappears into the ocean. It is by this time that Rodan Cratchit and Minya need to do something about his anger for Christmas. It will be a few days later Ebenezer Godzilla would come out of the ocean and again to stop a nearby city in Florida. That said he would be Miami because there are too many hotels in the area so Godzilla says to himself I shall destroy all these hotels and the reason I’m doing this is because people don’t need to go after Christmas they need to stay in their homes so I don’t have to see their ugly faces. Ebenezer Godzilla would return back to his resting place as he begins to eat some fish and crackers. He would be looking straight at his fireplace which nobody really knows he has a fireplace, but he does.

While he is eating something is happening he is hearing noises. He looks around abruptly not to find anything and then he suddenly looks at the top of his door to see the many heads other Kaijus he has beaten before. He then looked back into the fireplace only to hear another noise. He suddenly looked back up at the heads and they begin to talk to him. These heads are Oodako, Unukundru, Gaira and Sanda the gargantuan’s. They are screaming at him telling him someone that he knows from the past will be visiting him. Ebenezer Godzilla tells them to stay off the crack. They suddenly start laughing and Ebenezer Godzilla is your taken by this and decides to put an end to it so he breathes is atomic breath on all four of these characters as they look at each other and realized they need to be quiet.

Suddenly the door handle starts to giggle and Ebenezer Godzilla is now starting to get irritated by all the sudden noises and distractions.

“Who was at my door” said Ebenezer Godzilla!

And suddenly coming through the door is his old time friend and enemy Anguirus Marley!

“It is I am ghosts from your past” said Anguirus Marley.

“And who might you be” said Ebenezer Godzilla.

“Oh you don’t remember me” said Anguirus Marley.

“I am your longtime partner in crime Anguirus Marley” said Anguirus Marley.

“What do you want of me” said Ebenezer Godzilla.

“You seem to be rather disappointed or perhaps dismissing Christmas altogether and we need to change this” said Anguirus Marley

“What do you mean I do not like Christmas as you are correct about that I do not see anything about Christmas that is Merry” said Ebenezer Godzilla

Suddenly Anguirus Marley screams such exploding anger that literally startles Ebenezer Godzilla and Ebenezer Godzilla starts to shake and shudder because now he is afraid of what this post might do.

Anguirus Marley moves in very close to Ebenezer Godzillas face and martyrs these words…

“You will be visited by three special Kaiju ghosts. One will be of your past and one will be of the present and the last one will be of your future Ebenezer Godzilla” said Anguirus Marley

“Can I get this all done in one night” said Ebenezer Godzilla

Screaming again Anguirus Marley approaches him with such anger and shouts these words…

“No Ebenezer Godzilla they will come one at eight o’clock, nine o’clock and maybe 10 o’clock” said Anguirus Marley

“Oh okay I understand!” Said Ebenezer Godzilla

Ed Anguirus Marley finally gets his point across it makes his way towards the window and looked back at Ebenezer Godzilla and says…

“I just hope for your sake that you stop destroying the cities without other Kaijus help. Quit being so damn greedy” said Anguirus Marley

Anguirus Marley suddenly disappears out the window and Ebenezer Godzilla laughs it off as if it didn’t really happen. Neither Godzilla decides to go to bed it was a rough night for him he jumps in that and falls asleep only to suddenly be awoken by an apparition. Ebenezer Godzilla startled at the sight because it is a monster that he thought when he was younger. It was the Ghost of Christmas Past King Kong.

Chapter 3: The Ghost of Christmas past King Kong

Ebenezer Godzilla is suddenly startled by the appearance of his past enemy and his past enemy is just floating around and he begins to say something to Ebenezer Godzilla…

“Ebenezer Godzilla you have been a bad dinosaur” said past King Kong

“Are you not the enemy that I fault and ended up in a draw in our fight, are you not? Said Ebenezer Godzilla

“I am, I am. However I think I won that fight and this is my humble opinion!” Said past King Kong

“Let me take you on a journey Ebenezer Godzilla so you can get a better understanding of who you really were.” Said past King Kong

“Take my hand, Ebenezer Godzilla and let’s get!” Said past King Kong

They suddenly disappeared into what seems like a Dimension Tied Wormhole as they are passing through this wormholes they see visions of other monsters that have been in the Kaiju movies. They suddenly pass Megaguirus and they suddenly pass the meganulas. As they continue into the wormhole they pass Space Godzilla looks very familiar to Ebenezer Godzilla. It also pass Baragon, Kumonga, Kamacuras, and suddenly they are at Tokyo Bay. Is there that past King Kong and Ebenezer Godzilla suddenly remembers where he is at. This is when he first appeared as he is seen attacking Tokyo and totally turning it into a sea of fire. Ebenezer Godzilla looks at past King Kong and realizes what he did he now regrets.

Past King Kong takes Ebenezer Godzilla’s hand again and suddenly disappears back into the wormhole and reappears in a different time it would be the 1970s where he sees all the pollution of the world. This is where he does good and decides to rid the planet of pollution so Ebenezer Godzilla feels really good about this and realizes somewhere along the lines he’s lost his way. Past King Kong looks at him as he sees Ebenezer Scrooge had a tear in his eye. Past King Kong takes his hand again and disappears back into the wormhole where he is now into 1989. Here we see the destruction of a plant that clearly did not deserve to die however Ebenezer Godzilla be in the Godzilla that he is decided to destroy her anyway. It is at this point he is starting to see the error of his ways. By this time Ebenezer Godzilla is now consumed with guilt. Ebenezer Godzilla is frustrated now because past King Kong has taken him to places that make him feel guilty and good at the same time.

“Be gone with your monkey ass! Go now before I burn your ass!” Said Ebenezer Godzilla

“I will leave you but at the strike of nine o’clock you will be visited by another ghost, so keep this in mind!” Said past King Kong

Past King Kong steps back as Ebenezer Godzilla watches him he suddenly disappears into the night air!

Chapter 4: The Ghost of Christmas Present Mothra

Ebenezer Godzilla suddenly wakes up in his bed again and realizes it was just a dream or was it! He lays his head back down to rest when suddenly the entire room is engulfed in high winds as Ebenezer Godzilla puts his arm over his eyes and suddenly has a reason to look as the winds calmed down he suddenly sees a gigantic winged moth. He says to himself…

“Oh no not her again!” Said Ebenezer Godzilla

“Yes Ebenezer Godzilla is I Mothra and no I do not have the twins with me for I am a ghost version of who I am and yes I had beat your ass quite a bit!” Said by Present Ghost Mothra

“Present Ghost Mothra what would you have me. What would you show me that will convince me that Christmas is worth it?” Said Ebenezer Godzilla

“If you will Ebenezer Godzilla please take and hold my wing and we will go on a journey just of you can say what people really think of you Ebenezer Godzilla?” Said Present Ghost Mothra

He does exactly what she says and they disappear only this time it is happening at that very moment what people are saying about him. He is suddenly taken to the scene where he is fighting Orga no one there to see him neither can see him as Present Ghost Mothra begins to explain to him what order is saying about him…

“I just don’t understand why Ebenezer Godzilla had to blow off my head?” Said Orga

“Orga you seem to be a nice monster and for the most part I think you just want to primarily exist however we all know that Ebenezer Godzilla has no respect for life.” Said the people on top of the building while watching.

“Orga starts crying” said Orga

“I am sorry Orga you just don’t matter to Ebenezer Godzilla!” Said the people

Ebenezer Godzilla looks at Present Ghost Mothra and says…

“Take me out of here immediately!” Said Ebenezer Godzilla

“You asked for this so you need to say what kind of a ass you really are!” Said Present Ghost Mothra

That remark irritated Ebenezer Godzilla so much that he opened fire on president goes Mothra only his atomic breath goes directly through her as she is laughing at him.

“Are you finished Mr. Ebenezer Godzilla!” Said Present Ghost Mothra

Ebenezer Godzilla just looked at her and says to himself “okay what was I thinking” said Ebenezer Godzilla to himself

Suddenly Present Ghost Mothra takes Ebenezer Godzilla again and then reappear in his office which is now completely destroyed because he got pissed off and burn the place down. It is here he sees Rodan Cratchit walking around in such sorrow.

“Do you see what Rodan Cratchit is going through right now? Do you understand what is really happening with him? Said Present Ghost Mothra

“You need to understand that Rodan Cratchit has a baby Rodan that is terribly sick and needed his job to support himself and his family and to try to take care of that baby Rodan.” Said Present Ghost Mothra

“I did not realize he had a son that was terribly sick! Maybe I can put a fire under his ass? Said Ebenezer Godzilla

Present Ghost Mothra looks at Ebenezer Godzilla as if to say are you really taken a stand? With his sarcasm it seems that Present Ghost Mothra is a really sure he’s going to learn a lesson here. It is then she proceeds to explain to him that you need to understand that the people and Kaijus around you have bigger problems than your rich ass. Keep this in mind when you are visited by the next ghost who hopefully will snap you out of your Christmas hate. Evan is a Godzilla looks at Present Ghost Mothra as she suddenly disappears he is left standing in his bedroom again.

Ebenezer Godzilla just want back to bed only to be woken once again. This time Ebenezer Godzilla did some rip roaring mad and is lighting up the entire room with his atomic breath and while he is doing this you suddenly sees gigantic golden wings coming out of his fire. Ebenezer Godzilla steps back and sees this monstrous final form and we all know it is The King Ghidorah of Future Past.

Chapter 5: King Ghidorah of Christmas Future

Yes we have another aberration that will take Ebenezer Godzilla into his future or a future that could possibly happen if you don’t change!

“Do you know who I am?” Said King Ghidorah of Christmas Future

“I have fought you on many different occasions and with the help of my Kaiju friends we had beat new every time!” Said Ebenezer Godzilla

“Oh that was my cousin King Ghidorah I am King Ghidorah of Christmas Future!” Said King Ghidorah of Christmas Future

Ebenezer Godzilla is not going to be taken into his future only to find out that it is not a good one as in hopes he will change and understand that this future is a path he does not want to take! Once again Ebenezer Godzilla is asked to grab a hold of King Ghidorah’s wings and they take off into the future. They finally land in the home of Rodan Cratchit as everyone is trying their best to enjoy the Christmas without Tiny Rodan. He is now suddenly gone where he went they will soon find out!

“I do see a lot of sadness in this house. Why is everyone so said?” Said Ebenezer Godzilla

“It is because of Tiny Rodan is no longer with the Rodan family he flew off because he knew he was sick and took a nosedive straight into the active volcano!” Said by King Ghidorah of Christmas future

Ebenezer Godzilla is now extremely said in bawling his eyes out because now he realizes what an ass he was!

“I am so sorry that this happened to the Rodan family I promise you King Ghidorah of Christmas Future I will change!” Said by Ebenezer Godzilla

King Ghidorah of Christmas Future just looks at Ebenezer Godzilla without even realizing he is sincere and there is hope and suddenly they disappear from that spot to the spot that is going to push Ebenezer Scrooge over-the-top.

“What is this place King Ghidorah of Christmas Future can you tell me?” Said by Ebenezer Godzilla

King Ghidorah of Christmas Future just points in the direction of a of a wormhole that now both of them have to go through and they landed in the year 1995 at an airport where it is seen that Ebenezer Godzillas son had died at the hands of the mighty oxygen destroyer. Ebenezer Godzilla does not understand why he is watching this as he sees his former self trying to wake up his son. However he cannot wake him up and he does die. Ebenezer Godzilla looks at King Ghidorah of Christmas Future but doesn’t say anything and then suddenly King Ghidorah of Christmas future points in the direction of his own death!

“What is this? What are you showing me here? Said by Ebenezer Godzilla

“Look Ebenezer Godzilla look at your death. This is what happens to you and it seems your entire life is about your death!” Said by King Ghidorah of Christmas Future

He is looking as he sees the super X3 and all of the military firing upon him with freeze rays as they try to control the escape of all the radiation as Godzillas body melts down. By this time Ebenezer Godzilla sees that his entire body just melts away to nothing! He begins to panic!

“What is happening to me?” (Frantically saying) said by Ebenezer Godzilla

King Ghidorah of Christmas Future just looks at him and he knows what is happening?

“Please King Ghidorah of Christmas Future I don’t want my life to end this way?” Said by Ebenezer Godzilla

“I beg you please I will change I promise I will do better in giving the other Kaijus a chance at destroying the cities I promise!” (Crying Ebenezer Godzilla is now a sissy Godzilla) said by Ebenezer Godzilla

Chapter 6: A Changed Ebenezer Godzilla

Suddenly Godzilla wakes up in his room as he feels himself and realizes that all three ghosts have done their job and did it in one night. He rises out of the ocean and asks one of the Kaijus King Caesar and asks him what day is this.

“Why it is Christmas day sir!” Said King Caesar

At this time Ebenezer Godzilla is extremely happy because he did not miss Christmas and now has a new found love for Christmas! He celebrates by breathing fire into the sky and King Caesar is absolutely happy at what he sees.

“My dear Kaiju can you tell me if that gigantic Shokilas is still hanging in the window at the Kaiju shop!” Said by Ebenezer Godzilla

“I believe it is their and there is also a small one there!” Said by King Caesar

“My dear Kaiju again could you do me a small favor could you go to that shop and get me that extremely large Shokilas every intimate and I will give you a city to destroy!” Said by Ebenezer Godzilla

“I surely will sir!” (King Caesar roars and leaps into action) said by King Caesar

Meanwhile Ebenezer Godzilla has a new found love for Christmas and he is going to do everything in his way to make it right by the other Kaijus. He had straight over to Rodan’s family house and greets them with such joy and he proceeds to say to Rodan Cratchit

“I will let you destroy all the cities in the world, and furthermore we will travel around the world destroying cities together what you think?” Said by Ebenezer Godzilla

Rodan Cratchit looks set Ebenezer Godzilla as if the was on crack, but realizes that Ebenezer Godzilla has a new found love for Christmas again and he is definitely happy about that!

“Rodan Cratchit we will take care of little Rodan we will make sure that the Rodan will be okay in the future!” Said by Ebenezer Godzilla

“Thank you, thank you Mr. Godzilla!” Said by Rodan Cratchit

The whole family has now accepted the fact that Ebenezer Godzilla has changed and they enjoyed dinner together laughing and being merrily! It would be later seen that Godzilla is stomping the United States along with little Rodan and Rodan Cratchit as well as many other Kaijus destroying the entire country!

Suddenly this Christmas just changed! While they are destroying the city and all the other cities in United States of America. Something strange has happened going through all those time warped wormholes suddenly brought something into the present day. It is a gigantic monster that stands over 355 feet tall and it does resemble Godzilla in so many ways. All the Kaijus look in shock at this gigantic creature and the question is what will this creature do! But we will save that for another story!

The End


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