The Evolution of Godzilla’s Young

Written by Barney Buckley

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let’s just start with the fact that there is a lot of discrepancies and misinform communications between these Godzilla, so what I will do is start from the very original and work my way up using vital statistics and linear information and any other connection between them to verify and to clear up any discrepancies.

The first Godzilla we are going to start with is the very first original called Minya he first came out in the movie “Son of Godzilla” which came out in 1967 and for some reason he was just suddenly there whether there was a female Godzilla or this whole a sexual thing that I don’t agree with, but somewhere along the lines Minya does exist. It was in the egg and the Kamacuras started pecking at the egg and it eventually cracked open and out bounced a rubbery looking Godzillasaurus type monster. It was in the best looking thing I’ll tell you but that is what the The Toho Company did it was the best they could do at the time. This little creatures height ranges from anywhere from 13-18 m in with me 43 to 59 feet tall his special weapons he is capable of blowing radioactive smoke rings, Kent fire atomic breath from his mouth under conditions of extreme duress an example of this is when Godzilla steps on his tail.

Now I will give you further information based on Minya. Minya appears to be the adopted son of Godzilla (adopted) in the earlier Godzilla films the King of monsters found Minya as a newly hatched infant under the attack of the three Kamacuras that I mentioned earlier. Godzilla would eventually come to his rescue and they stay together from that point on as father and son. In the movie destroy all monsters Minya is presented for the climate battle against King Ghidorah but mostly he keeps a safe distance. Once the Golden Dragon is down Minya then helps finish off King Ghidorah by firing a radioactive smoke ring around its middle neck and it collapses. You pretty much know the rest of what Minya does any of the movies let’s move on from that. The question is where is Minya now and the answer to that is by 1999 he will have been captured and along with nine other giant monsters, he would be confined to monster Island is a research center located on the Ogasawara Islands, where he lives in peace.

Now let’s talk about baby Godzilla this particular Godzillasaurus is first noticed in the movie Godzilla versus Mechagodzilla to which came out in 1993 it was in a located on on Adonoa island is taken off the island by a bond to researchers and Godzilla is in hot pursuit along with Rodan. This little guy hatches and he is not very big not as big as Minya and comes in at a height of 1.64 m or a height of 5.4 feet which is about the size of any average woman. His weight is 924 pounds and technically his birthplace is located at the research center in Kyoto, but the a containing him was collected on the island that I mentioned before in the Bering Sea. The powers and weapons that this Godzillasaurus possesses it has no offensive weapons he can communicate telepathically with Godzilla and Rodan. When it is afraid it’s eyes will glow red. Now the question remains is where is baby Godzilla now and the answer to that is he grew up into our next version of Godzilla and he is called Little Godzilla.

Let’s talk about Little Godzilla is the next stage of growth after baby Godzilla is featured in the movie Godzilla versus space Godzilla that came out in 1994. This little guys height is 30 m or 98 feet tall is pretty decent size. His weight comes in at 8000 metric tons or 8800 tons is powers and weapons are these able to belt radioactive balls is not like Minya can emit a radioactive ring little Godzilla was radioactive version is a little more subtle. This little guy is attacked by Space Godzilla on Birth Island. The Godzilla is unable to defend himself. However Godzilla does intervene and little Godzilla attempts to assist him without much success. He ends up getting himself trapped in a crystal cage that is created by Space Godzilla. You don’t see this scene but in fact Godzilla does finally free little Godzilla from his crystal cage. The question is now where is he now and that is he grows into the next stage of Godzilla we all know as Godzilla Junior.

Now let’s talk about Godzilla Junior it all starts when there is a natural occurring radioactive deposits on birth Island that stimulate the acceleration growth of little Godzilla. If these elements were not in place is possible that little Godzilla could have grown up into an ordinary Godzillasaurus. This guy you will see in the movie Godzilla versus Destroyah 1995 he does battle Destroyah as it changes stages, ultimately defeating the monster but not killing it. When the final stage of destroyer does appear is vastly larger and more powerful than Godzilla Junior and it does eventually kill Godzilla Junior. Godzilla Junior’s height is 40 m or 131 feet tall and he has a weight displacement of 15,000 metric tons and or 16,500 times. The powers and weapons that he possesses are Kent fire a powerful radioactive heat Ray from his mouth. Now the last question to ask ourselves is where is Godzilla Junior now and the answer to that is Godzilla Junior’s lifeless body was revived by the powerful radiation release from Godzilla’s meltdown. A brief glimpse of Godzilla Junior at the end of the film reveals that the infusion of energy from his father has transformed him into a new also, adult Godzilla!

Now the last part of the connection between all the Godzilla Junior’s, little Godzillas, and meaning is in any other that are connected with each other. Godzilla Junior who is now an adult does not continue from this point. There are a lot of fans out there who seem to think that Godzilla Junior is Godzilla 2000 and there are some people who think that Godzilla Junior is the Godzilla in the movie Godzilla Final Wars these are both false accusations and there is no connection between the Heisei Series and the Shinsei Series. The Godzillas in the Shinsei Series have no connection whatsoever with the Heisei Series. There has been big argument over these accusations and the truth of the matter is they are not connected. Godzilla Junior was never reused although I would like to see where they would’ve to this one and they kept it in the Heisei Series tradition, but we may never know.


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