Judgment Day

Revised Edition

Written by Barney Buckley

E-Mail Address: bbuckley@triad.rr.com


This story starts in the year 1992, after the attack of Godzilla on the beautiful city of Tokyo , which laid in ruins back in 1954. This city which had been rebuilt  was peaceful enjoying life and pleasures as usual, but all that is about to change. You see Godzilla has hit Tokyo in so many different ways and times that the people simply expect Godzilla to show up at random. Meanwhile back at the science lab where our famous psychic Miki Saegusa has been working with another team of scientists who study Godzilla’s are staidly working fast on trying to predict Godzilla’s return.

Miki Saegusa who has a connection and made her first connection with Godzilla when she was young , Miki does know when Godzilla is restless or on the move. Just as we speak, Miki senses Godzilla’s movements underwater. Godzilla comes crashing up with such force that the ships around him wash and smash against their piers like toys, Godzilla proceeds towards the outer city limits to the mountain ranges of Mt Fuji, a long walk I might add. Miki senses something is wrong with Godzilla and follows Godzilla in a chopper across the city, behind him.

Once Godzilla approaches the bottom of Mt Fuji, a very large mass of green smoke is emulsifying in the air. When all of a sudden, it surrounds Godzilla. Godzilla uses his atomic breath, but no prevail does it work. Godzilla stood there shaking and shivering while sparks of blue light surround his entire body. They were flying around like fireworks, as if energy or something was being taken from his body.

Godzilla then collapses to the ground. Meanwhile Miki is watching and is shocked to see now Godzilla’s body was turning a grayish color, Godzilla was no longer moving. Then suddenly, Godzilla’s body was now turning white as if it he was freezing, the green mist disappears. Miki sends a message to headquarters that something has happened to Godzilla, he was dead or some stage of sleep depravation. Miki heads back to headquarters to find out what has happen to Godzilla. Suddenly Miki and the science team show up in a giant command ship that would hover above Godzilla   They fire two missiles into  Godzilla ,when they hit Godzilla, they drill into his body. In the command ship, the missile are probes feeding the onboard computer information, it needs to understand what has happen to Godzilla. Some days later the scientists have figured out what is wrong with Godzilla and why this Green fog has effected Godzilla.

In such a way as to believe Godzilla died. Miki thought Godzilla was dead, she could not feel him , but in fact Godzilla was alive in a frozen coma. Godzilla lies helpless, people and scientists and Miki are all around study Godzilla in his sleeping state, an opportunity that don’t come along that often. Scientist have figured that the green mist has infected Godzilla with some altering DNA, scientists took samples of his DNA and discovered that Godzilla is changing. To what we do not know or where this green mist came from or why it did what it did to Godzilla. When all of a sudden Godzilla was fading in and out.

Meanwhile back on the command ship, startling information comes through of what is happening to Godzilla. Miki and the scientists could not believe what they were seeing on the screen. The information was typing out teleportation, which can only mean one thing, Godzilla is being transported somewhere else in time. But where and what will be taking Godzilla’s place, that green mist was indeed a time warp.

Days go by, Miki and the scientists watch and discover that Godzilla’s skin is now changing to a different color a pitch black color, darker then charcoal, and the texture is rocky like. Also he is growing in length and in width. He was 80 meters tall and is now 100 meters tall also weighing at 88,000 tons, where before he was 66,0000 tons, he has grown a bit. Everyone including Miki now realize what this new monster was that was being transported or taking Godzilla’s place it was definitely another Godzilla from another time His features are now changing to. His head is stretching to an evil monstrous looking Godzilla with very long teeth and fangs resembling of which we have never scene before.

Miki and the scientists knew what is happening now, its only a matter of time before this new Godzilla wakes up and what will it do. Well the wait wasn’t a long one , this Godzilla stood up and it was the most terrible thing people have ever seen. It was a demon from hell, this was not Godzilla, it was death itself.

Shaitan is the name of the demon monster, simply because the word Shaitan means demon. Well Shaitan proceeded to destroy everything in its path, luckily the command ship took off as this monstrous Godzilla woke up. Shaitan headed towards Tokyo and like always all Godzilla’s do one thing good to destroy is the city. Now in Tokyo, Shaitan is destroying the city’s if it were its own not knowing where it is. Everyone knew they had to do one thing, stop this demon. But what could they do? They fired everything at the monster, but it acted like it was impervious to all that was thrown at it. The military were stumped, what could they do? When suddenly “bang,” they needed to stop Shaitan with none other then its twin. But how, when suddenly one of the scientists from a team that work on  Gödel Island came up with the idea of getting The Dimension Transporter back online or getting it started. What is the Dimension transporter, Miki asked the question with a pondered look one of the scientists spoke boldly of a new project  that is on  a small island off the coast of Japan near Okinawa an island called Gödel island. This is not an island of peace and tranquility, it has inhabitants on this island (Military). It is a scientific military base that stores not only weapons for Japanese military, but also the scientific project  called  the Dimensional Transporter which houses a time machine of gigantic portions. It is large enough for the transportation of monsters, this is how they transported all the monsters to monster island back in the 60’s.

The idea was to send Miki through time in the past to retrieve Godzilla before this event happened and transported him back to this time. This would be a very hard task to do especially a monster of Godzilla’s size and how would they do it. They planned for hours and finally came up with an idea to lure Godzilla on to the Dimension Transporter’s pad. They will have Miki go back into the past and summon Godzilla Junior and lure him to the pad with both of them on the pad “POW!” Meanwhile, back on Gödel island, scientists and military are trying to get things together and get The Dimension Transporter online. 3 hours go by and finally the military and scientists are ready to transport Miki back.

There are 2 pads to launch from; one is for the people and the other one is for the monsters. Miki stands on the pad and the scientists and technicians are standing by to get ready for the countdown. Countdown commences in 5,4,3,2,1,0 “wooooosh!” Miki disappears and reappears on their time scope. This scope enables them to see where movements are made by a little red dot of the scope in another time zone. They watched as Miki reappears on Mondu island, where Godzilla Junior would be located at. Lying in a very peaceful way, Godzilla Junior sleeps under a rocky ledge that hangs over the beach about 50 feet to allow shade and a cool breeze to slide by occasionally. But the Question remains of just exactly where is Godzilla the King of Monsters, no one knows exactly. Suddenly, the grounds shakes very quickly then stops. Junior opens his eyes to see not moving from where he lies, and gently closes his eyes again. The ground shakes again and Junior gets up, this time to see what the heck is making the island do this. He looks all the way around him but nothing, he sees nothing. Junior is befuddled.

Meanwhile, while Junior was wondering, where the sudden earth shattering movements are coming from. They are caused by the ripping of time around the island where Miki has landed. Miki searches the island and finds Junior gradually going towards the sea for a nice little dip. When Junior suddenly turns around, Miki is now telepathically connected to Junior as well as Godzilla. The unique feeling that is coming over Miki is that she can feel Godzilla’s presence somewhere near by. Junior follows Miki to the pad. When suddenly, back in the water begins to splash upward like a tidal wave. Blasting up like an atomic bomb, Godzilla appears. Godzilla walks out of water after Junior, towards the launch pad. Miki hides near the launch pad, while Junior proceeds to walk up on the pad and starts to look around. Not far behind the rumbling of huge feet come crashing the trees, towering over Junior, Godzilla steps up on the pad without hesitation. Miki gives the scientists the go ahead to transport both junior and Godzilla. “Wooooosh!” The transportation begins, soon they are gone. Miki then steps up on her pad she is sent into the future. But the question remains what happen to the other Godzilla , where did he go. No one knows for sure. This remains an unanswered questions ?

Everything is a go, but where is Godzilla been transported to? Suddenly in Tokyo Bay, the water begins to boil and rumble, Godzilla appears with such a furious roar. Godzilla shatters glass through out the buildings around him. Godzilla walks out of Tokyo Bay, towards Shaitan. But Godzilla is not aware of Shaitan’s presence until he enters the heart of the city . Shaitan notices Godzilla and charges Godzilla. Godzilla then uses his nuclear pulse. It thrashed threw the city wiping every building away like an atomic bomb. It was burning Shaitan’s skin because of the intense heat of this nuclear pulse.

Shaitan can’t figure out how to stop this monster known as Godzilla. Shaitan knows it’s like him and has the same powers with few exceptions. Shaitan starts to shake and rumble smoke bellows out all over his body covering it until you cant see it. Then all of a sudden it transforms into a King Shaitan-like monster. King Shaitan is now  fully armor plated like the Mechagodzilla (Kiryu). Godzilla stampeded towards King Shaitan; King Shaitan turned full circle and whipped Godzilla in the head with his tail knocking him to the ground, dazed and confused. Godzilla got up and looked on and they both stood in silence and just stared at each other. Now what would happen next, soon will tell the tale of these two Godzilla’s. they fought like never before, they were going to kill each other. They blasted and fought their way to the city and they finally got to the heart of the city. They approach the nuclear power station on the outskirts of the city, where they remain to finish what they started. Meanwhile, it seems that King Shaitan seems to be getting the better of Godzilla, while Godzilla is severely damaged from the intense blast from King Shaitan radioactive blasts. Godzilla was not getting up, King Shaitan was just too much.

King Shaitan blasts Godzilla one more time, and Godzilla screams out in pain, because  Godzilla now has a huge gaping hole in his chest! He lays there, barely alive. Meanwhile, Miki shows up and sees what is happening to Godzilla, it’s a sad site to see. The ocean is being disturbed by something coming up from the bottom. Out comes Godzilla Junior, he has sensed and heard the cries of Godzilla. He’s not liking what he is now hearing because he is close by and approaches to see what is going on. Junior sees King Shaitan and blasts King Shaitan in the back, not knowing Junior was there. King Shaitan turns to see what some might say that could have been him, but that is a different timeline. King Shaitan runs towards Junior and knocking Junior down to the ground. Junior gets up and roars, but what could Junior do with this monster? Well, he tries his best. King Shaitan uses his radioactive breath and blasts the buildings above Junior and buries him under them, perhaps killing Junior. He doesn’t seem to be moving. Meanwhile, this gave Godzilla a chance to regain his strength somewhat. He is not fully healed he gets up still damaged from the previous event, but Godzilla marches on for another attack. but King Shaitan turns and blasts Godzilla again in the chest knocking him down again. Then blasts him constantly to the body and head, causing severe damage.

While blasting him with his intense ray, it reflects off of Godzilla as he is falling down to his death or what might seem his death hits the nuclear reactors behind him, exploding them releasing radioactivity. You can hear Godzilla’s scream in agony for miles. Miki listens on in terror that Godzilla might not make it, and she begins to cry. Finally, there was no more screams. Godzilla slowly dies from the terrible attack from his predecessor. Godzilla was gone now, what  will happen next is truly amazing?

There was radiation coming from Godzilla and the nuclear reactor was also leaking. Now all is silent, both Godzilla and Junior seemed to be lifeless. King Shaitan turns to destroy Tokyo with his fiery breath. While busy destroying all of Tokyo, out of the crumbled building where Junior lied lifeless, was not lifeless under that crumbled building and came to life. Now with all the radiation floating around something is happening. When all of a sudden a mighty explosions happens, it was Junior and was alive! But what happened to him? Junior has now grown to a monstrous proportion  , not to a full size Godzilla but an even larger Godzilla then anticipated. This Godzilla is about 100 meters tall and has the destructive power of Sokogheckigoji Godzilla (GMK) and the soulless spirit of this Godzilla look like its eyes were a glowing red with no pupils, way more powerful then anything seen on the planet. Miki looks in shock at what she now sees as Junior was huge and it had lifeless spirit. Well, it looked at King Shaitan with the coldest look, we all know with a look like this, it was bye bye for King Shaitan. Junior charged at King Shaitan, knocking him down stomping him to the dirt. With his foot on King Shaitan, Junior looked at King Shaitan, as if he smiled and said “Guess your day has now come.” His eyes lit up with a fiery glow. His back was glowing and launched his head back, blasted King Shaitan for all he was worth, burning and burning. King Shaitan now was screaming in pain while Junior kept going until King Shaitan caught fire. But that was not enough for this soulless and lifeless Godzilla they call Junior. He blasted even more until he disappeared into the air, just like Biollante did when she caught on fire. Junior stepped back and watch the sky turn gold with sparkles of the remnants of what was left of King Shaitan. when the sky cleared Junior turned to see his father lying dead badly burned by King Shaitan. Junior stared at his father endlessly as if to see a tear in his eye.

Junior also realized there could only be one Godzilla, so Junior did the thing is he would regret the most as regular Godzilla would, but this was not a normal Godzilla. Junior launch his head back and blasted Godzilla’s dead body until it burned to nothing and disappear into the sky, ending all hope of any Godzilla’s returning here in this time. Junior would now be the only force on the planet now. Junior turns and looks straight at Miki and stares at her as if to say everything will be ok. He turns and heads out to sea, not to be seen again for a while. Meanwhile, back where Miki was in the totally devastated area known as Tokyo City, she looks around in disbelief. But Miki knew everything would be ok for now.


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