Daikaiju: Rodan

Written by Barney Buckley

E-Mail Address: bbuckley@triad.rr.com


We are flying over the Siberian Arctic shelf located by the Greenland glaciers and the head towards the mining post of Ice Shelf 15. This is a mining post that takes core samples from the ice and sends it back to their lab to see how the conditions of our planet is doing. We had two scientists were at this post and the temperatures here are reaching at least 15° below zero wind chill factored. They’re taking samples even though the winds are high today. As they are taking their samples the Earth begins to rumble as they run and head back towards base the entire shelf starts cracking wide open. They managed to survive as they make their way towards the edge of the shelf without actually falling in as they look deep down inside it seems like it goes on forever because you do not see the bottom.

Both scientists look at each other with shock because they know that the earth and its climate is changing. As they look down inside they notice on the other side of the wall of the ice shelf is a huge black spot, but they can vaguely see it however they are capable of climbing down there to check it out if they choose too. What it looks like is a gigantic hole in the ice. Curiosity gets the best of them as they grab their equipment and they proceed to climb down, but there is one problem this so-called cave is on the other side of the shelf and they are on the opposite side. The shelf cracked wide open and the distant is a good 50 feet across, so there is no way they can get across unless a travel to a point where they can get across.

They finally do this they jump into their Land Rover and they travel along the ice shelf to find an area where they can get across because as scientists that so-called cave is getting the best of them. It would be a half a mile down the shelf they managed to see an opening that still has a connected ice bridge, so they grab their equipment and they drove to the other side, so they don’t have to carry the equipment cross. They carefully walk cross this so-called ice bridge which is about 50 feet wide so it should be plenty enough to hold them. They start walking across very slowly and the ice bridge start to crack because it is not being held up by much. They start running and they managed to get across before the ice bridge collapses. They look at each other and say to each other…

Max-“How are we supposed to give back to the other side?”

Joseph-“I don’t know Max, I just don’t know?”

Max-“I do have my phone I will call ahead for help when we are finshed exploring this cave ok!”

Joseph-” Yes Sir!”

They gather themselves and they grab their equipment and they head towards the where the cave entrance is located which will take them a while to get there because it is a half a mile down, so they got themselves a serious walk. It would be 30 min. later they finally reach their destination and they look down the shelf and they are directly above the entrance of the cave. They get their equipment set up an anchored the ropes that will take them down to the entrance. They finally settled to the base of the cave and they begin to walk into the cave very slowly as they turn on their flashlights. As soon as they entered it had a dead animal like smell coming from this ice cavern.

Joseph-“Max would you make in this?”

Max-“Joe it looks like a huge cave and it is very dark thank God we got these flashlights!”

Joesph-” That smell what is it!”

Max-“It smells like dead flesh!”

They proceed to walk slowly into this cave as a notice the deeper they go into it there are stalagmites hanging off the ceiling like that of a traditional cave, but they seem to have melted then suddenly freeze forming the stalagmites. It was brought to their attention that possibly something warm was building up in this area what it was we do not know what was causing the melting formation of the crystallized stalagmites. They walked deeper into the cave and noticed that there are several deep tunnels going through this ice cavern. They look at each other with amazement to see what the beauty of how the ice in this cavern has crystallized to something beautiful. It was truly amazing to see such a shimmer light all over the cavern.

Max-“Wow Joseph this is absolutely amazing I’ve never seen anything like this!”

Joseph-“I have to agree with you Max this is a spectacular sight to see everything is so crystallizing in here!”

Max-“What is that?”

They look over towards the very back part of the cave and they notice a gigantic egg and it has a height of roughly around 200 feet this thing is huge.

Joseph-“Oh my God is that an egg?”

Max-“It looks like it, let’s go check it out!”

Joseph-“Are you sure you want to do that Max!”

Max-“I am sure, I am definitely sure!”

The scientist in Max gets the best to him as his curiosity is what drives him to check this thing out. They carefully walk up to it and as they do Max carefully puts his hand on the egg and to Max’s surprise it does feel warm to the touch, so there’s definitely something inside. Living and breathing possibly. Suddenly they hear the screeching sounds, from all over this ice cavern as they look to find out what’s making that sound. They soon discover what it is. There are gigantic insects that had laid dormant inside this ice cavern for who knows how long and they are called Meganulon. These are prehistoric dinosaur type insects that have been extinct for over 20 million years.

Joseph-“Oh my God what the heck are those!”

Max-“Joseph I am not an expert in these type of dinosaur discoveries I just study the samples of ice so I do not know!”

They start running to get away from the Meganulon as they move quickly to avoid these insects and they hide behind the shelf and stalactites that have grown up from the floor they are extremely huge, so they can easily hide behind them. When they cannot be seen by the Meganulon. They watch them carefully and suddenly Joseph hears sounds coming from above as he looks up along the walls of this ice cavern he notices black spots all over the ice cave are starting to move. They start flying around as the Meganula fly towards the scientists they now discover the second stage of the Meganulon and they are called Meganula. These are the flying versions of the insects that face all over towards egg.

Max-“I think we need to get at here Joseph!”

Joseph-“Max I do agree with you we need to get back at here!”

They slowly make their way out of the cavern without being noticed and if they are noticed it might send a signal to these prehistoric creatures and they might escape. They do not want to draw attention to themselves, so now the scientists know they need to seal of off the ice cavern. They make their way out of the cavern as they slowly climb up the ropes back up to the top of the shelf and pull the ropes back up, so these things can crawl up and escape. Once Max and Joseph make it to the surface they radio in that they need help because they’re stuck on the opposite side of the shelf and they warn them that the ice shelf could possibly break all.

Max-“Greenland Main Station, Greenland Main Station, come in! Can anyone hear me?”

Greenland Main Station-“This is Greenland Main Station, we read you loud and clear, come in?”

Max-“This is Max from Ice Shelf 15 Post we have a problem!”

Greenland Main Station-“What is the problem Max?”

Max-“The ice shelf around the base is completely cracked wide open is at least 50 feet across in certain areas, but that is not the major problem?”

Greenland Main Station-“Max what what is it?”

Max-“When the shelf broke open we headed over towards the edge of the shelf to check it out and we noticed a black spot over on the other side of the shelf and we worked ourselves over to it and found out to be an ice cave. Now here is where it gets interesting as we went into the cave we noticed that there is a gigantic egg yes I said gigantic egg that stands over 200 feet tall and we did check it out and it is warm so whatever is inside that egg is still alive. Also I might let you know we came across an extreme amount of huge insects that crawl and flying that is in this cave and we somehow need to manage to close off this cave before they escape, and they will wreak havoc on this planet.”

Greenland Main Station-“Oh my Fucking God! Are you guys doing crack! Because if you are I will fire your asses!”

Max-“As crazy as it sounds I am not lying to you everything that I mentioned to you does exist and if you don’t believe me get your asses down here and find out for yourselves!”

Meanwhile back at the Greenland Main Station the crew heads over to Ice Shelf 15 and they soon discover that Max was absolutely correct in his notions. They make their way into the cave and yes he did tell the truth. Shocked at what they are seeing they now make their way back up to the top of the ice shelf and their intentions is to contact the military to warn them about the incoming danger. They head back with Max and Joseph to the Greenland Main Station and immediately contact their supervisors as they contact the military and warn them of the impending danger. Once again we go through optimism as if they were crazy, but they managed to convince the military to fly some military planes over the site to verify the truth.

Pilot 1-“We are heading over the ice shelves now commander!”

Pilot 2-“We are directly over the ice shelf in the location that you mentioned and yes I do see a gigantic black spot down inside the crevice. It has been confirmed that there is a cave there!”

The two pilots had back to the military base as they did confirm the actual cavern does exist they prepare to drop bombs in that immediate area in order to close off that cavern and hopefully they will be successful in doing it. The military together and their forces head towards the Siberian Arctic shelf close off that cavern. The EOD( Explosive Ordnance Disposal) are sent ahead.

The rest of the military arrived at their destination and begin to unload their military might from the ship. The soldiers will walk off first and then they will unload three of the military hovercrafts that float on air which will get them to their destination in a timely manner. They have arrived just 25 miles short of their destination because they have to cross at a certain point where the shelf was beginning to break off and travel 25 miles up to their destination. They finally arrived and start climbing down as a slowly walk into the cave they see exactly what Max saw. They are extremely surprised because the Meganulon and Meganula are going crazy inside this ice cave. The military gather around and look at the extremely huge egg and then suddenly everything starts to shake it seems like it takes forever, but it does calm down after 30 seconds. They all looked at each other and suddenly they hear cracks they look up to see that this gigantic egg is getting ready to hatch.

The military scramble to find hiding places and keep an eye on the egg to see what comes out of this egg and the surprise would not be a long wait. Out pops a gigantic beak and his head is shaped like that of a pterodactyl like bird. It lets out a very loud squawk that is so deafening that it literally pierces the ears of all the military people there.

Max-“Is that what I think it is, is that a pterodactyl, that thing is fucking huge. It must be at least 100 feet high and it is a baby, but the shelf is more like 200 feet. It must be it needs room to grow pending on the size of this monster for the egg to be that big or this thing is going to be huge was full grown.”

Cmdr. Chase Head of the Military Squad-“I don’t know what it is but we are going to have to destroy this thing. We do not need this thing escaping this cave because if it does this note on how would I be able to stop this thing.

Meanwhile the military are saying that the bird is trying to escape its shell and along with the military group they happen to bring a paleontologist with them because Max mentioned that it was a gigantic egg, so they brought this guy for scientific reasons. The bird is breaking free from its shell and it is bouncing around inside and it settles down because it is just a baby and sees the Meganulon and starts feeding on it eating it like a can of worms and every once in a while and Meganula would fly by and get caught in the bird’s mouth.

The Paleontologist – “As I am watching this bird I am completely impressed that these kind of birds actually still exist. This is definitely a species of pterodactyl however judging from its legs and its weightings this thing is probably going to be over 200 feet tall. It’s absolutely amazing to see why these things are alive. It’s just a baby right now and its wingspan is already 100 feet across.

The bird continues to feed on the Meganulon’s as it nurtures itself it starts flapping its wings and the military immediately start running outside the cavern only the paleontologist and Max stay behind to see what this bird will do. As a military prepared to close off the entrance of the cavern Max and the paleontologist notices that the bird is looking up towards the ceiling it is as high as the ceiling and suddenly it start pecking at the ice. The bird starts to grow even more as it needs room to move it starts pecking at the ceiling rapidly. Max and the paleontologist knows he wants to escape and closing all the entrance would be a futile thing. Because this bird is going straight up to the ice. The paleontologist decides to name it Rodan and its Japanese name is Radon which simply is a contraction of the word “pteranodon” which is a species of bird which Rodan does resemble, but also has the characteristics of pterodactyl its wings look just like pterodactyl or Pteranodon.

Max-“We need to get here fast because they root for this cave is going to collapse in on us.”

Paleontologist-“Max this bird does resemble that of a pterodactyl or Pteranodan and we need to give it a name, and I say we need to call it “Rodan” the Japanese name for Rodan is Radon it simply means it is a contraction of the word pteranodon. This is why I want to call it Rodan!

Ice is falling everywhere and Max is grabbing the paleontologist and frantically trying to run towards the entrance of the cave…

Max-“Okay I get what you’re saying we will call it Rodan, now let’s go!”

Max and the paleontologist just reach entrance of the cavern before the cavern closes they are just outside of the cavern and now they need to close off the entrance. The EOD( Explosive Ordnance Disposal) that were sent ahead have arrived they immediately begin to lower themselves and set the bombs and head back up and set the bombs off.  The EOD and the scientists begin to climb the ropes and head towards the top they finally make it to the top where the military set up and ready to go in case Rodan comes through the ice.  Boom, Boom, Boom, Boom. One by one they go off and seal the entrance for good. They are hoping that Rodan is trapped within the ice and might go back into a deep sleep however Rodan is not going to sleep it worked his way up to the service. The military watch on with their binoculars because they are good 500 feet away and they suddenly see the ice slowly breaking away from the surface. As they watch they see a peak extruding out of the ice and suddenly the head emerges as it rapidly moves his head back and forth to free itself from the ice it manages to break away the rest the ice of the body. Rodan finally makes it to the ice and is now standing on top of the ice shelf and the military watch in amazement as this bird rose again only this time it reaches a height of 164 feet tall or 50 m tall its maximum height.

Cmdr. Chase-“That bird must be at least 200 feet tall?”

Paleontologist-“the birds name is Rodan is a species of pterodactyl or Pteranodan it seems to be a mix of both.”

Max-“Cmdr. Chase what are we going to do?”

Cmdr. Chase and the rest of the military are ready to fire on Rodan they have maser cannons and heavy artillery cannons that were taken off the ship in place on this ice shelf in a strategic manner to attack Rodan. Meanwhile Rodan is flapping his way strengthening his weightings and squawking like a bastard. It begins to start taking a little flight and then fallen back to the ground because it is not ready to fly but it is morning really quick so the military need to do something before it escapes.

Cmdr. Chase-“Okay man on my mark you will fire at that Rodan or whatever they call it!”

The cannons move into position and the maser cannons as well move into a position!

Cmdr. Chase-“Fire, Fire, Fire!!!

They fire on Rodan with their heavy cannons and it majorly effects Rodan’s skin. When the mortars hit it the skin it blasts the surface causing damage and to the point it’s agitating Rodan and then suddenly the other military fire their maser cannons to shock Rodan and Rodan is only getting really agitated now as he spreads his wings at an even faster rate causing high speed winds and suddenly all of the military maser cannons are blown away and the artillery cannons are also blown away. Thus the military cannot stop this creature right now as it flaps its wings even faster it begins to take flight. Keep in mind this Rodan has the capabilities of healing at a very fast rate. Rodan takes to the sky as he gets used to flying Rodan start flying at a very high speed and can now attain a speed of Mach 3. This is three times the speed of sound this bird is now flying at a very rapid rate around the planet. Meanwhile the military are at a loss because they really didn’t do anything to Rodan, so they head back to the United States and they warn the Pentagon of this incredible creature that is flying around planet Earth.

Cmdr. Chase-“Excuse me Col. Matthews I have to warn you of the impending dangers that is going to happen to this planet we were at The Siberian Ice Shelf and we went into the cave at Ice Shelf 15 and we discovered a gigantic bird that this paleontologist now calls it “Rodan” it is a gigantic pterodactyl/pteranodon type bird that is now around the height of the hundred 64 feet tall or 50 m and is flying around the earth as we speak and what kind of damage it will do we do not know, but we need to stop.”

Col. Matthews-Cmdr. Chase I appreciate you letting me know what’s going on I am sending out submarines as well as F-16 fighter jets to look for this big bird! It will take time, but once we find that damn bird we will shoot it out of the sky!”

Cmdr. Chase-“Col. Matthews I needed to keep one thing in mind your fighter jets will not be able to keep up with it because it can attain a speed of Mach 3 that damn bird is very fast!”

Col. Matthews-“We will do what we can to stop it!!!

The monster bird Rodan is flying above the clouds at great speeds getting a feel for his new impressive weapons and that is supersonic speed. The military has spotted Rodan on radar and they are watching him very closely. They watch his trajectory as he slowly emerges from the clouds he is losing altitude. As Rodan is flying through the clouds they are so dense that the radar is having a tough time keeping track of him and they eventually lose him. They eventually pick him up as he is seen flying over Osaka Japan. When he flies across the buildings because of his massive size and weight in the gigantic wings the force winds that he creates Rodan rips the buildings apart as he flies over them. The people of Japan are running for their lives as this gigantic monster crashes down to earth.

The Japanese Self-Defense Force are now aware of Rodan’s presence in Osaka and they send out their troops and military might to stop this monster. They lay into him with maser cannons, tanks, and anything he can throw at him. However it doesn’t seem to affect him. Rodan is destroying everything in its path as he squawks and destroys everything in site flying gracefully at first and then suddenly Rodan screams in such agonizing pain that the military watch on and they cannot believe what they re seeing this giant monster is slowly disappearing. It disappears into thin air and The Japanese Self-Defense Force can’t understand what just happened to that giant bird they call Rodan.

Japanese Commander-(In Japanese) “Did you see that. That damn bird just disappeared! What is going on here?”

Japanese Second-In-Command-(In Japanese) “I don’t know sir. How could a giant bird that is 164 foot monster just disappear into thin air!

Suddenly the sky begins to form red smoke. It the strangest thing the human has seen so far it was over Osaka and the military look at the smoke and realize something is emerging out of this red smoke and they now see it is a gigantic space saucer like thing. The Japanese realize it is a spaceship from another world. The spaceship lands in front of the military in an area where the buildings did not decimate, so they can land safely. The Alien that comes out of the ship and he is wearing a cybernetic type suits it protects them from other worlds and their diseases and bacteria and it’s a breathing apparatus as well. The alien leader they call Leader X approaches the military and asks for their leader. The Japanese commander steps up to the plate and says I am the head of this military might.

Japanese Commander-(In Japanese) “I am the leader of this military force. What brings you to our planet?”

Leader X-(Uses His Communicator to Translate His Language to Theirs) “I am Leader X I am from the planet Pegasus B is a planet on the other side of your galaxy and we have come to your planet to take it over.

Japanese Commander-“Why would you want to take over our planet?”

Leader X-“You have a natural resource that we lack on our planet because we have used it all up carelessly and now we will take control of your planet and your monster Rodan as you have seen he did disappear is in our spaceship and you will see soon enough a new Rodan!”

Japanese Commander-“You need to understand that we as humans may not be the strongest of all species, but we are the most resourceful and we will not go down without a fight. You will not take this planet like you think you will!”

Leader X-(Laughing) “You would like to think you can stop us! You can try, but you will fail! You now know our intentions so I bid you a farewell and we will take over your planet and the people and we will turn you into slaves!”

Leader X suddenly disappears and the ship reactivates itself and takes off very slowly at first that the Japanese force watches them disappear back into the red smoke.

Meanwhile there is a folklore that has been told that natives of a South Korean islands have protected and egg that would be their God. They have protected this egg for many centuries until modern times. Because it is said that this egg will hatch a gigantic Kaiju. The island is called on Hongdo Island it is an island connected with smaller islands within the main island the egg is located deep in the cave of this island. What part of the island we do not know?

An expedition is sent to this very island to locate a mythical obelisk they call “The Green Egg”. After many days of searching the island for the entrance to the cave in which the folk lore and legends say that “The Green Egg” is located at. All the while the natives of this island know that they are searching for that egg and they frantically tell them not to remove the egg because it will cause great harm to the planet Earth. And we all know they will not listen because they think they know what they’re doing. This is called human ignorance. They head into the cave in search of it they go deeper and deeper as they go into the heart of the cave they notice a cavern with very gaseous liquid surrounding a little tiny island in the center and they surmise that is where the egg is located at, but the question is how do we get to their without crossing this liquid. They stick a stick into the liquid and it catches fire. It is a way to let them know they should not touch this egg or try to get the egg.

Expedition Leader-“How in the Sam’s Hell are we going to get to the center of the island?”

Female Expedition Follower-“Well let’s think about this? The distance from here to the center of that island is like 10 feet so we just simply need to have something that will go across or withstand the liquid is leveraging recent center of that island!”

Expedition Leader-“What do you suggest?”

Female Expedition Follower-“you see those long plates they call Shale and all that bamboo over to the left we can somehow create a boat with the Shale on the bottom to protect us from the liquid and push off from the edge and hopefully we can make it to the center. The Shale should hold long enough for us to do what we need to do over there and then come back. What do you think?

Expedition Leader-“If you think it will work then let’s do it I want to see if that egg is over there.”

Meanwhile it would take the better part of a half-hour to set that up. It looks a little shabby, but it should do the job. They place the so-called boat into the liquid and it doesn’t seem to affect the shale because the Shale is located all over this cave. This little boat can only take two people, so the rest of the expedition waits behind while the Expedition Leader and his follower head over to the middle of that island. When they get there they step up onto the little island and they have to hike themselves up and when they do they discover in the center of this island is a beautiful jade color egg. It was so beautiful it looks like a gigantic emerald only it was in jade color. The Expedition Leader reaches for the egg as it is glowing when he grabs the egg and takes it the glowing immediately stops. He looks at his follower as if to say “did we do something wrong” anyway in his ignorance he puts the egg in the bag and jumped back into the boat with his follower and they head back over to the river shore.

They now have the egg and they head back out and the whole intentions was to take this egg and try to sell it on the market. These people do not realize what they have when they leave the entrance of the cave the natives are waiting and they are very angry. They try to stop the expedition from taking the egg because they do not realize what they have in their hands. They leave the natives ignoring their requests and they jumped on the boat and head back up the river and they’re going to head into the South Korean city of Seoul. While traveling up the river they are inspecting the egg and while holding it. It suddenly gets extremely hot and the Expedition Leader who is holding the egg suddenly drops it on the boat deck and it burns a hole right straight through the boat. The boat begins to sink as the river is not that deep everyone jumps in and including the boat owner was now extremely upset that they lost his boat and that is when they swam to the shore.

They look out into the river in hopes they will find the gg floating, but no such luck egg because they know it was valuable to them however the egg eventualy came up and started to float down the river into this little gully where it begins to soften because of the water and being surrounded by water the egg is now activated. Something is happening with e egg. What happens next is truly amazing.

The egg and the water around it begins to boil rapidly as it does the egg disappears under the water and continues to boil and then suddenly a little tiny creature comes up and sticks his head out of the water. No one is seeing this right now, but this little creature crawls out of the water and into the woods.

It would be days later that this creature is growing at a very rapid rate it now stands around 25 feet tall. It is a monster that resembles a bird it has the head of a bird with big eyes is a very cute looking thing. It has little knobs on its back which is to believe it could be the beginning stages of its wings. The birds head has a big beak and big eyes and it has a huge bone like axe configuration on its head. It squawks like a bird and it is very throaty when it does squawk. It has humanoid like features with long arms hands were gigantic claws and feet with the same situation.

Now we head back to Osaka Japan where the siting of the alien spaceship was last seen the people of Osaka finally see that red smoke again and suddenly the spaceship appears again, but this time it stays in the air as it proceeds to attack Osaka Japan by using Rodan. The people look in the sky and suddenly Rodan appears and he begins his onslaught once again and finishes what he started.

Person in the Street-(Speaking in Japanese) “Oh my freaking God what is that?”

A Female in the Street-(Screaming in Japanese) “ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh it’s Gyaos (Poke at Gamera)

People are running in the streets as Rodan destroys everything in its path. Leader X according to his sensors on his ship it detects another monster which is located in South Korea. He lets Rodan destroys Osaka Japan and he leaves and heads towards South Korea. It hovers over the location of where this monster might be and soon enough he sees the monster is now over 100 feet tall and Leader X says to himself I want this monster to help me take over this planet. So he takes the monster and he heads back to Japan with this monster. Leader X now suddenly appears in Osaka Japan and releases this new monster who now has gigantic wings and it is called “Garuda” this is a giant phoenix like bird of the South Korean legend. However it is still in its infancy stage, so it will act like a baby.  It has laser beams for his eyes and impressive wingspan that is a lot larger than Rodan’s. This monster is a little bit bigger than Rodan by maybe 50 feet. It also has the same supersonic capabilities of that to Rodan’s.

Both monsters attack Osaka Japan meanwhile the rest of the world is waiting for future onslaught by boat to these monsters. It is obvious that the American military and the Russian military as well as any of the military has to join in to stop these monsters in Osaka Japan. Both Russian and American military come up with an ideal that should be able to take control of both monsters because they are controlled by Leader X with some kind of mind control. The only way this country and world are going to be able to stop these monsters is to take them back. Because they are Earth’s monsters. After days of deliberating they finally come up with plan and now they have to build it. It is an EMP Pulse Cannon. What is does is it breaks sound waves and connections to brain waves and separates them from their point of origin.

The machine is called “EMP Cannon 120”, they finally make the machine and it only took 16 hours to create this machine because it is entirely computer-based and set up through radar dishes. They are equpped with two of them as they transport them onto “the USS Dakota” along with the military they both travel on the same ship both American and Russian people who are getting along and now theat this purpose is important to our world. They head for Osaka Japan. Once they get there they are close enough that they can direct the EMP Cannon 120 directly towards the area because of his range it has a 130 mile radius it will hit anything within that range. Meanwhile Garuda and Rodan are destroyed Osaka however Garuda being the child like creature that he s is playing around and Rodan has to preety much push him to destroy the area and the people are running frantically from the impending danger. The Japanese Self-Defense Force are doing all they can to hold these monsters back. Keep in mind both monsters are controlled by Leader X and now back on the USS Dakota they set up the cannon and fire the cannon. It lets out a gigantic EMP pulse that spreads across Osaka shutting all electrical down completely and suddenly hits both monsters breaking their connection with Leader X.

Both monsters as they were flying they crash and eventually they come to their senses and they both get up and look at each other and look around at the destruction that they have caused. Rodan eventually looked back at Garuda again and looks at him as if to say “I don’t like the way you look” something is going to go down.

Capt. of the USS Dakota-“I see that that EMP Cannon did work as both monsters are now looking at each other I think they are going to fight!”

Lieut. Banner second-in-command of the USS Dakota-“I have to agree with you sir it looks like they’re going to fight, but what kind of damage they are going to do it remains to be seen.”

Rodan takes to flight and takes off in the air and disappears into the clouds and Garuda looks on and Garuda looks around at all the destruction and starts bouncing up and down like a little baby because it is still a child in its mind. This is a giant playground for Garuda, so it is playing as if it were in a playground and then suddenly Rodan circles and flies into Garuda. Knocking Garuda into the buildings as he lays there squawking as if he was crying and wondering why he did that. Rodan crash lands and looks at Garuda as if to say you are only a child you act like a child. Rodan begins to fight with Garuda as Garuda is very resistant and doesn’t understand why are you trying to hurt me.

Rodan keeps attacking with his onslaught, but this bird Garuda is not fighting back it doesn’t want to fight. Rodan comes to his senses eventually realizes as Garuda is laying on the ground crying that it is just a infant in mind, but not in body, so Rodan knows he needs to take this baby and put it somewhere safe away from humans. Rodan has the capabilities of spaceflight and Garuda as well can also breathe in space. Rodan comes up with a plan and the plan is to take Garuda to a safe place and perhaps leave him, so that he can fly off and do his own thing as he gets older. Rodan suddenly takes flight and grabs Garuda from behind clipping his wings with his grip around his chest and Rodan begins to take off with Garuda into the air. Garuda like the child that he is Garuda is struggling and fighting Rodan and Rodan is insistent on completing his mission as he takes for the outer atmosphere of planet Earth.

Once they leave the outer atmosphere Rodan takes Garuda out into space and flies towards the planet Mars, and eventually he flies by the moon as he increase his speed because Rodan has a long flight to planet Mars. Once he gets to Mars both monsters crash land on Mars and waits for Garuda’s reaction as Garuda gets up he looks around and sees it is very different then where he was originally and the he looks at Rodan and squawks at him as if to say “Why are you picking on meeeeeeee!!!” with such sad eyes “why am I here” Rodan looks at Garuda and squawks at Garuda and tells him in his own bird language in which Garuda can understand. You are just a child I placed you here to keep you from harming yourself and to kep you from doing and reckless damage to planet Earth and human inhabitants. Garuda somehow understood what he was saying and eventually he came to terms with it all  and soon after he became bitter about the whole idea of being left behind. Rodan looks at him one last time and takes off and heads into space back towards planet Earth.

It has come to be known that Rodan is no longer a threat to planet Earth, but a protector of planet Earth and taking Garuda to planet Mars was one of the main reasons that the human beings understood Rodan’s real intentions here on earth. Meanwhile back on the moon Garuda is playing around and as he is thinking to himself as he matures he grows more evil and his resentment for Rodan is steadily growing. It will be a time when Garuda becomes full grown that he will return to fight Rodan.

The End


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