Daikaiju: Moon Wars

Written by Barney Buckley

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For many years I have been a fan of Godzilla and it goes all the way back to the later 70s when I first started watching sci-fi channels that would have monster movies on them. I have watched many incarnations of anything that was Kaiju related or Japanese related and I grew up on these things and Godzilla was my favorite of all the characters.

Many shows that I used to watch examples are clearly all the Godzilla movies that came out at that time and I used to watch The Space Giants, Ultraman, Johnny Sokko and his Flying Robot, and I even watched Speed Racer. It’s pretty much a given fact that I have been around for a while, but I have grown to appreciate these even though alot of people look at these kind of movies and shows as being rather cheesy. But that’s what’s special about these movies and shows.

I even grew up watching King Kong as you can see the pattern here is I am a big sci-fi giant monster fan. I have been a fan for well over 35 years now.

The Birth of a New Breed

The story begins with the actual creation of a creature that would eventually grow to 400 feet tall. The monster’s name would be called Gojimantus. We go to Whiteface Mountain in New York and there is a secret military base they call Project Kaiju. What has occurred is that approximately 5 years ago after the death of Godzilla there was an egg discovered in the East River along the subway tunnels and he was brought to Whiteface Mountain to the Military Hive when they have conducted experiments on it ever since.

It is now been five years since the death of Godzilla and we notice that the egg is located on a platform with many tubes and cables running around it and in it. They have been monitoring his progress and is growing within the egg. The egg has grown to 15 feet and is now on the verge of hatching. The scientist’s further study as they monitor its heart rate as well as many other tasks to make sure that this creature is doing well. What they don’t know is by doing the testing of cross DNA/hybrid testing it has mutated this creature into something different, but they will soon discover that once the egg hatches.

By doing all the hybrid testing it had hybrid geneticists injected the egg with a serum that will alter its body chemistry? One day the egg starts rolling and moving more rapidly than usual and all the scientist now the egg is getting ready to hatch as they watch and when it does out pops a creature that they did not expect. It looks like Godzilla, but it’s not Godzilla it is different and it feels different. The creature eventually gets on its feet as he gets used to balancing it begins to walk around however it is caged again so it does not escape.

Its inquisitive mind searches as it is curious in its surroundings. It does resemble Godzilla however it does take on a T Rex, but much larger in the body and legs. The scientist do further studies and decide to give it a new name scientifically it will be called Gojimantus Carnatarus Major. What this means is as I’ve mentioned before it looks like a T Rex but much more muscular and its dorsal plates are jagged with orange and yellow hues and the entire creature is green giving it a reptilian look. It resembles that of a supersize Carnatarus with a bad attitude.

Time would progress as the scientists are now having problems containing the creature because it is in fact growing at a very fast rate. The original Godzilla was in fact a Godzillasaurus it was very similar to this creature however this creature as mentioned before was injected with a serum making it a different species altogether. Its weapons are far more dangerous in that of any other Godzilla. It does have the atomic breath and it also has the nuclear pulse. It also has the capabilities of cyber technology.

What is meant by cyber technology it is capable of being fitted with an endoskeleton that can protect it from harm? The scientist do further studies and the days ahead is growing at a rapid rate it was originally 15 feet tall it has since grown to 50 feet tall. To feed this creature it doesn’t seem to eat, but it is surviving on some source of energy within the hive. The scientists are baffled at the fact that this creature is not eating however it is still growing.

Some of the scientists go on a search to find out the source of his energy and when they do they discover it is a radioactive source which looks like a meteor. Under a glass case and it is glowing red and orange. The scientists approach the meteor wearing radioactive suits because the Geiger counter is going, so they know they can approach it without a radioactive suit. The scientists figure out that all the while they were testing egg it was consuming the radiation and that is why it is considered a species of Godzilla. It is surviving on radiation.

The Anatomy of a Monster

The creature has now grown into a 100 foot monster and it is still growing. Because it is a breed of Godzilla they decided to name it something similar to Godzilla and they took the scientific name and gave it his first name. It is called Gojimantus. Gojimantus is a breed of monster that is in its own separate class and can grow at a height of 400 feet. Making it the biggest monster of all. The maximum weight distribution would be at 60,000 metric tons.

The scientist who are doing a study on Gojimantus no they need to get it out of the hive. To the right of where Gojimantus is our huge gigantic metal doors that slide open and he leaves out into a gigantic warehouse that stands at a high of over 400 feet tall and is over three football lengths in feet. They release Gojimantus into this warehouse and a few further studies on him. They notice as he is growing his dorsal plates are becoming more colorful as he is taken on his full shape they are changing as he grows.

The Gojimantus Carnatarus Major is a dinosaur like monster that has scaled the plates on its toes and fingers. And this particular monster does have a certain amount of spikes more so than usual. Gojimantus has a very large whipping tail that he likes to use a lot and as he gets bigger its tail gets heavier and it would smash the side of the walls of the warehouse however it soon would not be able to hold him back because the tail is seriously damaging the warehouse. The scientists are at their wits end and they don’t know what to do.

The Great Escape

Gojimantus is getting very restless and he wants to move around but he is too big and is trapped in the four walls so the scientist shoot him with drug-induced darts that could not get 10 elephants. So they shoot him he becomes dazed entire, but suddenly he snaps out of it and he is enraged and smashes through the warehouse walls and escape. Outside there is a 100 foot fence that wraps around the entire base and it only slows Gojimantus down temporarily.

This is because he has great jumping power as they soon find out he jumps the fence. He then takes off and begins to run at great speeds and can run to at least 300 miles an hour because of his size and his stride. He then jumped into the river and he disappears leaving the scientist worried and confused and wondering what to do next. The scientist contact the military to warn them that there is a no other creature heading down the river towards the East River.

The military have been warned about the monster escaping and they send out to USS submarines to search for the monster one of the submarines is called the USS Diego which is equipped with the highest tech of sonar and radar. The other submarine is fully loaded with nuclear weapons and is capable of firing on anything in its path is called the USS Washington and both submarines are all higher class submarines. The commander of the USS Diego did in fact spot the monster on sonar and radar and they begin to chase it down. The monster is too elusive like he was mentioned before is a different breed of Godzilla this one is a lot faster and stronger of course.

The two submarines eventually lose him in the East River they believe that this monster called Gojimantus has made its way out to the Atlantic Ocean.

They finally find the monster again and it is located exactly in the same area where the original Godzilla died. It is located at The Leviathans Twins and this new breed of Godzilla does in fact notice that there is something odd about the area is senses something is wrong. It swims further away where it eventually rests on the bottom of the ocean floor.

Gojimantus now goes through his final stage of growth and he grows to 400 feet and has a weight displacement of over 60,000 metric tons. It is extremely huge it has gigantic feet as well as gigantic hands. Its head is now three times its normal size it has two rows of teeth. This thing is massive.

The Secret Weapon

As they watch Gojimantus on the ocean floor resting we shoot over to the Siberian wasteland where something strange is going on and is very secretive. There are two scientists were traveling in a Jeep they are heading up the road when they are suddenly stop by the Russian military. They say you can go beyond this point in the sciences asked why and they respond with vague answers. They pretty much told the scientists to turn around and head back where they came from. The scientists are very suspicious about how the soldiers are acting so they had back however they walked back up the mountain which would take them anywhere from a half hour to an hour to reach the point of destination.

When they do reach their destination they do see a Military Hive with gigantic metal doors and a gigantic fence is wrapped around the front face of the mountain. Now the mountain ranges that they are at is the Crimean mountain range. They both looked at each other and say we need to find out what’s inside. They carefully eased their way down and make their way to the fence as they hide behind a bunch of trees. The fence is not electrified so they can easily climb the fence, but the hard thing is getting passed over military soldiers that are guarding the area.

They take your camping gear out of the Jeep as a rest for the night because their plan to jump the fence and night slipped by the soldiers if they are cunning enough. They make their way to the fence because it is now dark and there are only a few of the soldiers out because they assume it is safer at night and nobody would come out at night to bother them. This was the plan as they jump the fence they ease into by and until they get to a side door that the soldiers do not say.

They quietly grabbed the doorknob and to their surprise it was not locked. They both slipped inside and hid behind a bunch of barrels. As they look on they notice a bunch of rooms and a gigantic tunnel that seems to go on forever. They start to move and as they start to run towards one of the rooms they immediately get caught. The military and their leaders taken into the room and treat them harshly and asked him as to why they are here and it is very tense because the way they are acting they are hiding something.

Suddenly klaxon bells go off and everybody is running scrambling around. The scientists are looking at each other is like what is going on. Everybody scrambles and the scientists stick their heads out the door and when everyone is running they take off down the top they are curious to see what is down inside the tunnel. As their running down the tunnel they noticed gigantic vaulted doors that got the better of them and very serious about that, but they venture on until they get down to the end of the tunnel which seems like it took forever to get down there.

When they finally got to the main entrance they were totally shocked at what they saw. They looked around to see a bunch of scientist scrambling around and they look at each other and they were completely shocked.

Terraforming on the Moon

We now go to the moon where they have been terraforming the moon for over 30 years now they have colonized since then. The reason they are on the moon is because they want to set up military bases and creates new military advances in case we get attacked by other species from other worlds.

We now live in a world with that possibility could come true. Meanwhile in Moon Base Scimitar One we have a huge colony of people progressing and doing what’s expected of them. There are scientists and engineers as well as many other people who are creating the best weapons for such attacks.

During their stay there two other scientists decide to take a levy which is an all-terrain vehicle that basically travels across the moon surface and they decided to go to a certain area to survey the area to expand Moon Base Scimitar One.

We find many experts and scientists as well as workers excavating the moon’s surface to somehow sustain life on the moon. This is the plan. The terraforming on the moon has been a huge undertaking for better part of 30 years now. They are terraforming the moon so they can transform it into an earthlike habitat. It is said that such a project could take thousands of millennia to complete, but they are working at it diligently.

The question is how do you take a dry, desert-like my hand and turned it into a lush environment, where people, plants and yes animals can survive. The entire project will be a case in a huge Astrodome like the home. Within this project the dome will have large orbital mirrors that will reflect sunlight as well as heat.

These are like gigantic solar panel except they are mirrored. They also will have a filtration system that will track the solar radiation that produces greenhouse gas effects that could harm the animals as well as humans in this dome. There are many people working to get this done as well as people who are working on it outside they are wearing a cybernetic suit that will help them breath and deal with the pressure outside of the dome.

They have been working on this for 30 years now and it is very close to completion and it will house a small colony of people roughly around 200,000 people. All around the dome while they are working there are many all-terrain vehicles roaming around trying to get his dome completed and we have one all-terrain vehicle that wanders off to do some more geological and geographical survey for possible future terraforming.

They are getting a vehicle they call The Levee and they wander off towards the dark side of the moon and had to travel out the terrain to the top of the terrain they notice something horrible. They break out the binoculars and check out what’s going on and a notice a huge mountain that has a very wide opening and within this opening there is very bright orange and yellow lighting, and from the mountain which shocks them because they now know the moon is volcanic.

But what really disturbs them as they see it colony of flying drones as well as 15 foot giant robotic soldiers roaming around down there. And towards the entrance is they noticed a 15 foot alien like monster whose name is Cyrax and the 15 foot gigantic robotic soldiers are Mucurian Centurions or Mucurian Soldiers.

The drawings are flying they are about 20 feet across and wingspan and had huge guns or cannons and they are flying around as one of the drones flies awfully close to them as they take the Levy and pull back away from their site. They begin to head back and they warn the people at the terraforming moon base they call Moon Base Scimitar One.

The Dark Side of the Moon

When they ventured into this certain area they drove the levy up to the top part of the peak and they noticed not even 2 to 3000 feet clearance of the dark side of the moon there is a gigantic mountain like escalation going on and at the entrance you can see that it is totally lit up because of the volcanic action within the moon’s crust.

They break out the binoculars to get a better look and what they see is drones that are flying around they are very small highly sophisticated aircraft as well as they see what looks like a gigantic 15 foot robots marching around and guarding as well as directing a military force.

The entrance of the cave comes a different breed of monster by this time they are totally amazed at the same time petrified at what they see. What looks like to be the leader of the whole organization was a 15 foot skinny looking alien that had extreme amount of very sharp teeth in its mouth as well as it was fully armored with some kind of special plating?

What do scientists saw they immediately jumped back into The Levy and then headed back towards moon base scimitar one and they left their commander know what’s going on. On the dark side of the moon. So the Capt. jumped back into the levy with the other two sciences as they head back over and check it out and the commander notices it is a mining camp that is fully loaded with a military fleet. This is what team strengths to him this is just a moon and what they are mining they do not know but why is there a huge army of 15 foot robots.

They head back to the base and they call planet Earth because they figure it out that it’s possible they might be attacking the planet, so they warn Maj. Matthews and Lieut. Banner are contacted immediately headed back to the Pentagon because now they have to put the plan and project into play. The project is called Project Kaiju. Now what Project Kaiju is? It is the creation of Kaiju’s that will defend the planet against anything that threatens the planet’s existence. We headed over to the dark side of the moon where Cyrax and is Mucurian Soldiers are planning something as they are in the process of mining the moon. They are mining the moon for something we do not know.

We are inside the mountain where Cyrax is commanding his second-in-command to order the drones today faster for the mineral Bilaneum X is a mineral that is similar to the diamond on our planet and our planet has a lot of diamonds and the only difference between the two minerals is on the move Bilaneum X is a diamond that is not as hard as a diamond.

It is a great substitute for once done mineral is gone or depleted they will move on to the planet are and mine the entire planet of its diamonds. While digging for Bilaneum X the Mucurian soldiers can withstand the tremendously from the moons won’t happen activity they can withstand tremendous amounts of heat because of the way they are built.

They continue digging when suddenly the entire surface collapses in on them. They lose 20 Mucurian soldiers that are mining. They fall into this massive hole which now Cyrax knows is shallow or hollow and he takes his Land Rover which is capable of flying without air as he hovers over the whole he looks down inside the whole and notices something extremely huge curled up in a ball and is very volcanic. Now knows it is a monster that he has heard of from his home planet.

Cyrax’s Intention’s

The alien Cyrax knows exactly what he needs to do. Because what he has discovered in that hollow crater is a monster and not Bilaneum X. Bilaneum X would have been sufficient enough for them to keep their spacecraft’s energize and now that is not the case so Cyrax will now have to take over the planet Earth and excavate the entire planet of its diamonds.

Cyrax is walking back and forth and agreeing and disagreeing with his second in command.  Meanwhile outside of the mountain range Mucurian Soldiers are gathering in formations and getting ready to attack planet Earth.

On planet Earth they are notified of the alien atrocity on the moon as they try to figure out what they can do to further their advances in winning this war against the Mucurian Race. Cyrax is the lead Mucurian travels from the mountain range to the mother ship using a tele-transport device.

He walks in and heads towards the bridge of the ship where he looks at the control panel as he judges the distance from the moon to Earth is exactly 238,857 miles between the two so it should take exactly 2 hours to reach planet. Meanwhile back on planet Earth the military has gathered at the Pentagon and they now need to come up with a plan because the unexpected can happen and that is the attack of the Mucurians.

Meanwhile Cyrax comes up with an idea as he heads back towards his ship to gather information on this monster that was in the moves across as he was educated when he was younger about most of the monsters in space.

This one has become particularly fun for him because of his war against it was born of volcanic evil. So he is information that he needs to take control of this monster and use it for this purpose. Once he has gotten the information that he needs he heads back to the mountain and its opening and talks to his second-in-command and he commands them to tell the Mucurian soldiers to raise this monster out of the crater.

The Mucurian Soldiers rather heavy machinery from the mother ship as well as gigantic cranes that are capable of flight and can withstand weights up to 80,000 metric tons. This advanced technology does help them in a way that they can literally left the monster out of the crater. So the process begins.

Cyrax heads back to the mother ship to plan the attack of planet Earth. His plan is to send all his Mucurian Soldiers and their drones to the planet and with one big surprise they want to bring the giant monster, the creator and send it to the planet Earth to destroy and annihilate mankind.

The Planet Earth Prepares

The scientists who knew of the aliens on the dark side of the moon finally make it back to Moon Base Scimitar One and they warn their commanding officer about what they saw. The commanding officer hits back over to assess the situation and the scientists were correct there is a whole fleet of Mucurian soldiers and drones flying around as they look on they need to warm the planet Earth of its impending doom or possible doom.

So the commander contacts the Pentagon and warns them of the alien they now know is Cyrax and lets them know that there is a colony of aliens on the moon. The Pentagon acknowledges and tells them to keep you updated. The commander ponders on what to do next and now he wants to send someone in a little closer to find out the intentions of the aliens that they now call Mucurians.

So they go after one of the terraformers was very easy spying in moving close environments. His name is Gregory, so the commander talks to him and asks him to head down and find out what their intentions are. So Gregory suits up and he’s taking to the dark side of and even though there are flying drones and somehow managed to slip by them advance towards the mountains entrance where there he-behind a rock and listens in on the conversation of Cyrax and his second in command. However they are talking in a strange language so it is obvious he is not to know what they are actually saying.

But with new technology Gregory as a communicator that translates most languages. The alien Cyrax is language is very alien life however it has a similar context to Annunaki now Annunaki is an Egyptian language so he uses the Egyptian language to fit certain words together and what he comes up with is very shocking. According to the translator this alien Cyrax is planning on estimating the planet and taking all its diamonds the word diamonds and excavating are perfectly clear in the translator.

Gregory puts two and two together and realizes these aliens want to destroy our planet and estimates resources of diamonds. Knowing this he heads back to Moon Base Scimitar One.

Operation Gojimantus

Back on planet Earth we have Maj. Matthews and Lieut. Banner they are in the submarine USS Diego and they are monitoring the progress of the monster Gojimantus which was created by hybrid technology using certain DNA and crossing the DNA with other creatures and Gojimantus is resting on the ocean floor near the Leviathan Twins where the original Godzilla had perished recently.

The Pentagon contacts Maj. Matthews and Lieut. Banner and has been reporting back to the Pentagon. Lieut. Banner Lieut. Maj. Matthews and wonders what’s going on and they make it to the Pentagon they head into the main briefing room where they get the shock of their lives. They are told about a gigantic ship which is capable of being submerged in water as well as flying into space they are going to use this because they were now told from the moon base commander of Moon Base Scimitar One that the alien Cyrax and his colony of aliens are heading towards the planet Earth and planning on excavating the planet and killing mankind for its resources.

The general was talking to major Matthews and Lieut. Banner has come up with an idea and that is to take this new ship which is capable of transporting gigantic Kaiju’s and keeping them suspended animation or a cryogenic suspension so they do not wake up. The major looks at the Lieut. as if to say okay you say something crazy. The general then says we will need how stop the aliens from destroying our planet our cybernetic soldiers along with the military equipment that we are sending to the amount will not be enough.

My idea is we grab Gojimantus and sent him to the movie to fight for us and he will be fitted with a cybernetic suits that will allow us to control him in a way that he will fight for us. The major looks and Lieut. Banner and says “Oh My God” “this is going to be one crazy ride”.

The Transport of Gojimantus

Major Matthews and Lieut. Banner walked out and realize they got their hands full. The idea is to capture Gojimantus somehow transport him to the mother ship they call The Armageddon. Another man approaches Maj. Matthews and Lieut. Banner and tells him that they should talk to Dr Serizawa because he can come up with a chemical compound that contract will life Gojimantus and then you can transport.

Maj. Matthews and Lieut. Banner look at each other and nod yes. “Let’s do this.” So they had back to New York were Dr Serizawa and Dr Hiku Honda are waiting in a conference room figuring out what to do next. The two individuals are flown to New York where they had actually entered the conference room where they see Dr Serizawa and Dr Hiku Honda are talking about Gojimantus and how different he is to that of the Godzilla that was killed in the Atlantic Ocean.

Maj. Matthew sits down and Lieut. Banner stands right next to him and proceeds to explain to both Dr Serizawa and Dr Hiku Honda what their plans are. Dr Serizawa bounces head and grabs his hair and start running his fingers through his hair scratching his head like he is confused. The doctor looks at major Matthews and says “I would do it” Dr Serizawa looks at Dr Hiku Honda and asks him “would you like to help me create a compound tranquilizer for Gojimantus” Dr Hiku Honda responds by saying “I surely will, let’s go.”

It would be no sooner than a day later Dr Serizawa comes up and has created tranquilizers networking Gojimantus under control and they have to be shot underwater. The actual compound are loaded in three missiles which when they hit Gojimantus mechanical will automatically release at a rapid rate and surround his entire body and numbing his body. Mechanical will eventually soak into his body and his brain keeping him sedated.

This is the only way they can do. Meanwhile back at the naval base they are refitting the USS Diego with new torpedo shoots that will shoot out these smaller torpedo type torpedoes. They are smaller than the standard torpedo so they had to refit the inside of the shoots to accommodate their size.

They head back to the Atlantic Ocean with a positive approach Gojimantus and a set of coordinates directly on his back on around his dorsal plates and they began the countdown. 10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1, ….. 0 “Fireeeeeee.” They fire all. Torpedoes one after the other. The first one hits Gojimantus suddenly raises his head because he is so huge it really did not bother him. The second one hits the raises head again and looks around.

The third one hits then suddenly you try to get up, but the first one is already taken effect and he is starting to get paralyzed. He rocks back and forth unto the chemicals eventually soak into his body he lowers his head and falls into a deep sleep. Major Matthews and Lieut. Banner contact the commander of The Armageddon his name is Col. Holden the submarine reaches the surface and when it does it isn’t a surprise.

Maj. Matthews and Lieut. Banner peek their heads out of the door of the submarine and looked up to see a gigantic massive ship. The ship with wise is at least three football links in width. The entire length is at least five football lengths long. This ship is gigantic and yes it is capable of carrying gigantic Kaiju’s. They lower the anchors that have large grappling hooks which will grab Gojimantus and carefully raise him into the hall of The Armageddon. They raise him as he comes out of the water is assigned to say he is not fully developed and very colorful.

Gojimantus is risen into the cargo hold with the doors are carefully closed over him. The ship now takes off and heads back to California where he can land and they can refit Gojimantus with his cybernetic skeleton and placing back into The Armageddon.

The Cybernetic Transformation

Back in San Francisco the Gigantic Flagship/Transport the Armageddon has finally arrived and is lowered into this gigantic warehouse that is big enough to hide The Armageddon. They carefully remove Gojimantus and they start fitting him with a cybernetic endoskeleton. The endoskeleton has chest plates, side plates that cover the sides of his face and he is also equipped with gigantic shoulder pads that have huge cannons strapped to each side. His tail also has endoskeleton to protect the tale from any further damage.

The faceplate does cover his eyes when needed the shields will cover as they will convert to lasers is needed. The entire endoskeleton is capable of withstanding the tremendous needs that Gojimantus can give off when he uses his nuclear pulse. The main reason for the endoskeleton is for the actual control of Gojimantus when they transport Gojimantus to the moon. The cybernetic endoskeleton is now fitted and Gojimantus is ready to go. He is still under a cryogenic sleep.

He is carefully lift the back into The Armageddon where he is locked into a steel cage now team can still while he is being transported. Meanwhile the cybernetic soldiers for planet Earth are starting to board The Armageddon and they are a few hundred thousand of them. Along with the cybernetic soldiers Maj. Matthews and Lieut. Banner also board the flagship Armageddon. They will assist them in defeating the alien Cyrax and his Mucurian Soldiers.

As a board the transport they locate Gojimantus with such amazing this monster is extremely huge and it endoskeleton makes them truly unique looking. The all-terrain vehicles and cannons are being loaded as well because we are now going to war with the alien Cyrax.

The Mission to the Moon

The Armageddon is fully loaded and ready to go. They take off very slowly at first until they reach a certain height in the Earth’s atmosphere and they blast into space. The Armageddon is traveling at a great speed to reach the moon I believe I remember reading that the Saturn V rocket took three days to make the trip to the moon.

The moon is about 220,000 kilometers from the Earth. You do the math.(The number I am getting in my head is a little less than one kilometer per second, or about 3,000 km/h, or about 2,000 mi/h)so it is traveling at a decent speed at 2000 mi./h it should reach the moon in 22 hours.

Meanwhile on the transport live were also equipped with cybernetic endoskeleton that will protect them on the moon and are capable of breathing with it reading apparatus and the endoskeleton will also protect them from serious firepower. The endoskeleton’s are made of a titanium alloy similar to the one they fit on Gojimantus. They are looking at Gojimantus and talking about this monster and what its purpose will be once it gets to the moon. It has been 20 hours now they are two hours from arriving on the moon and an all-out monster melee and cybernetic attack will occur.

They are now one hour from the moon and they prepared their weapons to make sure that they are ready to go and other soldiers are checking their equipment and the military all-terrain vehicles as well as their cannons making sure that they work properly.

The thing we Gojimantus they will wake him up he had the capability of getting rid of the chemicals that are in his body by shooting an antidote into the body once he wakes the computers will take over his mind and they will control him. We are at the moon we are hovering very slowly over Moon Base Scimitar One.

Gojimantus versus the Mucurian Soldiers

The transport ship lands on a flat surface just 500 feet away from The Moon Base Scimitar One. The propulsion system on this transport is so massive that it literally sends swirls of dust that formed into a tornado. The dust would eventually settle however it was close enough to the dark side of the moon that Cyrax notices the dust formation coming over the ridge. Suddenly the shuttle bay doors open up and they are massive.

Once the doors are completely open hundreds of thousands of soldiers, marching out and is a great site to see. Following the soldiers we see all the military when it an all-terrain vehicles lead the transport at this formation for the battle of the century. The last thing they need to get out is their biggest and most impressive weapon that is Gojimantus. The transport opens up from the top being a wide open for all to see Gojimantus in his cybernetic endoskeleton and strapped to a cage. The scientist walked up to the computer to wake Gojimantus as they set themselves up they prepare to wake him up.

They wake him up injecting him with the antidote or serum that will get rid of the chemical that put him to sleep. One thing to note they will eventually put Gojimantus back to sleep and is equipped in the cybernetic endoskeleton. Gojimantus wakes up and he roars as if he was in great pain, but that is not the case he is just a mighty beast.

He tries to break free from his steel cage and the scientists said we need to release him or he will destroy the transport. They open the steel cages and Gojimantus walks off the transport and onto the moon and looks around as if to say “where the hell am I now” Gojimantus walks around as a scientist try to control him they give him commands voice commands. And he does listen they tell him to whip his tail around and he does with precision.

They tell Gojimantus to walk 400 feet and then turn around and walk back. The cybernetic endoskeleton is working well and better than they expected. They put him in shutdown mode which temporarily knocks him out, but leaving him on his feet. He is like a robot now. Cyrax sends his Mucurian Drones to find out what that dust is all about.

Suddenly the soldiers see the two drones as a watch with amazement and what they see in Gojimantus immediately fly back and worn Cyrax that they are about to be attacked. Cyrax immediately goes into the mother ship and programs and awakens the moon beast that they have risen from the crater. Cyrax now take control of the beast. The Crimson Arcane. Meanwhile Cyrax since his Mucurian soldiers and drones to attack the Earth defenders and the mighty beast Gojimantus.

The scientist wake Gojimantus up and Gojimantus begins to attack the Mucurian soldiers. He swipes them with his gigantic tail and once I have other Mucurian soldiers. The drawings begin to attack Gojimantus left the right with mighty cannon fire that only have to take this mighty monster. He uses his atomic breath and wipes out 5 to 10 other Mucurian drones. There are still at least 8 to 10 more client around and more Mucurian soldiers are coming.

Meanwhile Cyrax has finally waking The Crimson Arcane and now has taken control of this volcanic lava beast and is waiting inside of the mountains entrance. Cyrax will only use this beast when he needs it. It seems the Mucurian soldiers and drones are eventually losing too many to the likes of Gojimantus and the Earth Military Force.

The Crimson Arcane

The Crimson Arcane is a move these that was placed on the moon of about 20 million years ago and has been resting there ever since until Cyrax decided to waking it up and now of this moon beast. The Crimson Arcane is an evil monster that stands at around 400 feet tall and is capable of spewing lava and as very intense radioactive and volcanic heat.

It also has huge gigantic rock like hands and is capable of smashing anything in its path. It also has huge gigantic plates that connect its chest and it possesses a special weapon behind these plates. Cyrax controls The Crimson Arcane and pretty much tells you what to do to make sure they can do exactly what Cyrax wants it to do. Meanwhile Gojimantus and the entire earth force are pushing back the majority of these giant robots that stand around 15 feet tall but having endoskeleton that is very hard to penetrate.

The fight ensues Gojimantus keeps finding as a scientist control Gojimantus tells exactly what he needs to do militarily. Cyrax now senses it needs to release The Crimson Arcane on Gojimantus. Then and only then will Cyrax believe he has the edge.

Cyrax releases the Crimson arcane it walked out of the entrance and is often mighty roar and Gojimantus notices the roar and the Crimson arcane would eventually show up where Gojimantus is. Gojimantus turns around to see the mighty Crimson arcane and his instincts take over as the military now suddenly loses control of Gojimantus.

Monster Moon Wars

Gojimantus takes a stance and lets out a roar and whips his tail back and forth. It looks at the moon beast The Crimson Arcane and begins to charge the moon beast. However he gets caught by one of those massive hands that send Gojimantus to the moon’s surface. Gojimantus while lying there looks at the Crimson arcane and realizes he has his hands full.

He gets up and begins to use as a time breath however using the atomic breath only makes the Crimson arcane glow brighter red. By using the atomic breath it does increase the Crimson arcane’s strength. So this is a bad idea so now Gojimantus is beside himself as he does not know what to do with it. Gojimantus is made of flesh and the Crimson arcane is a different material is made up of lava and rock formation.

The Crimson arcane charges Gojimantus as the Crimson arcane is made of intense heat and lava it needs to avoid that it will burn Gojimantus up. But because of the endoskeleton that Gojimantus is wearing he is somehow protected. The military know that Gojimantus is an animal where this moon beast is not.

It will be hard for Gojimantus to defeat this creature. Meanwhile the cybernetic soldiers of Earth and the all-terrain vehicles are firing everything at this moon beast. But to no avail does it work. Cyrax is on moving rider that allows him to fly around and watch everything. The military try to take him out, but he is too evasive. The Crimson arcane is smashing Gojimantus in the head with those big heavy hands.

Gojimantus uses atomic breath and blasts the Crimson arcane directly in the face catching him off guard. Gojimantus gets to his feet and because chaos protected by the cybernetic endoskeleton he swings around rapidly and hits the Crimson arcane directly in the head knocking him to the ground. The fight ensues and the military knows that Gojimantus can only do so much. So they are going to bring in their secret weapon.

Operation Friendly Monster

The military callback to planet Earth to the base that is located in San Francisco there is another Military Hive. A robotic version of a gigantic Minotaur. This robot stands around 350 feet tall, and has gigantic horns on its head. This thing is very dangerous and can gore anything.

This monster resembles a gigantic Minotaur. The horns had a feature that allows them to glow in the dark red. So it must have intense energy within the horns. This beast has scaled like plates on its body and a can protect itself from intense heat. The military created to gigantic sledgehammers for this beast.

It has extremely powerful legs and is capable of shopping at great heights. The military contacts this particular Military Hive and warns them that Gojimantus they are aware of is not doing well with this moon base beast, and they need Bullmanus this is the monster’s name.

The Armageddon is just reached planet Earth and has been informed that he will pick up Bullmanus. The transport does the same thing with Bullmanus straps into a steel cage and begins to have back to the moon. It will take another 22 hours to reach the moon and hopefully will be able to hold back Cyrax and his army. The Crimson arcane is a force to be reckoned with a Gojimantus is doing his best to hold it back.

The fight will go on for 22 hours until finally the Armageddon shows up and it clearly lands in a safe spot as the new scientist who control Bullmanus will do the same thing and release this monster. They open the shuttle bay doors as some of the cybernetic soldiers look over and glance and were absolutely surprising what they’re saying is a gigantic version of a Minotaur that is totally mechanical and is equipped with two gigantic hammers.

The scientists who control this robot released a steel cages and let the Minotaur off of the transport. Bullmanus not only as red glowing warns its eyes are glowing red as well. And it seems that the flow between the horns and eyes are simultaneous.

The Shockimites

These three foot furry critters that are located on the moon and are part of Cyrax’s army a day are a great nuisance to something you. To further the damage of Gojimantus Cyrax sends out the Shockimites and their close to 2000 of these little critters and they rush towards Gojimantus because he is an animal and they immediately climb the great beast and proceed to bite the crap out of Gojimantus as the Shockimites have extremely long fangs a day that I poisoned that can paralyze a small creature, but something the size of Gojimantus will only irritate him.

Cyrax sent these creatures out to distract Gojimantus while holding his is the next target for the Crimson arcane. The Shockimites continue to bite Gojimantus as he whips his body around to shake off the Shockimites will because it had huge fangs they are hard to shake off. They climb all over his head and all over his face as now Gojimantus begins to be disturbed. Suddenly Gojimantus standstill and his body begins to glow at such an intense heat that it literally melts is cybernetic endoskeleton off his body and he uses his nuclear pulse and emits radiation at the highest level burning all the Shockimites into dust.

The Monster Melee

The Crimson Arcane is now getting ready to attack Bullmanus and Gojimantus is busy with the Shockimites however Gojimantus with his nuclear pulse manages to destroy all the Shockimites that were on hand. The Crimson arcane charges towards Bullmanus and Bullmanus is ready for this beast as he charges they collide knocking The Crimson Arcane off-balance and not into the moon’s surface.

Bullmanus resets itself because he is such a heavy robot that he cannot be knocked down. Bullmanus charges towards the Crimson arcane and proceeds to uses hammers using the right hammer becomes slamming down to the ground and missing the Crimson arcane because he moved out of the way. The Crimson arcane manages to get back on its feet and proceeds to use its destructive weapon. It manages to spew its lava all over Bullmanus as Bullmanus bounces back in a daze and as it staggers the lava slides off its body. Meanwhile Gojimantus notices this new robot like monster as it is fighting the Crimson arcane it gets the sense that it’s there to help Gojimantus.

With this in mind Gojimantus decides to help this robot to dictate the Crimson arcane. So Gojimantus stops over to the other monsters that are fighting and against to swing his tail hitting the Crimson arcane on his back and knocking him around as Bullmanus proceeds to use his sledgehammers and smashing the crap out of the Crimson arcane.

As he is smashing him with the hammers you can see this in pieces lava rock flying off the Crimson Arcane spotting. Bullmanus continues to smash this rock like monster as Gojimantus begins to use his untimely breath to superheat the body of the Crimson arcane. The Crimson arcane collapses to one knee as he knows is about to get destroyed, but suddenly the Crimson arcane its lava all over Gojimantus and it catches you off-guard befalls the ground. Bullmanus continues to hammer on the Crimson arcane. Gojimantus is rolling around in pain, but it does have healing properties so it will eventually heal.

The Crimson arcane years this is right hand and gives Bullmanus a massive uppercut that literally knocks his sensors off line and he falls immediately to the moon’s surface. The Crimson arcane collects itself and gets back on its feet and heads towards Gojimantus. While in the process the entire Earth force is given it all it can inspire you and the Crimson arcane. The Crimson arcane keeps moving as yet the military did not matter. Meanwhile the scientists are frantically trying to get Bullmanus back online before it actually kills Gojimantus. They finally get Bullmanus back online he is on his feet and he runs and charges the Crimson arcane.

It Came from behind knocking him to the ground and smashing the Crimson arcane in the face repeatedly. Gojimantus gets on his feet and proceeds to walk over and step on the Crimson arcane while Bullmanus begins to uses special weapon which is the horns. But Gojimantus cannot step on the Crimson arcane too long because it will burn his feet because of the Crimson arcane intensity heat. The Crimson arcane manages to get back on his feet and he is staggering while Bullmanus from Paris to charge and pierce the moon beast with his horn. Bullmanus charges but barely misses him and smashing directly into the moon rocks ahead of him.

Bullmanus heats up in charges again only this time Gojimantus literally jumps on the moon beast to distract him and he does successfully because Bullmanus charges in and does pierce him in the belly and chest. The horns begin to light up immediately as the energy surges through the Crimson arcane spotting the energy counteracts with the lava and totally liquefies the Crimson arcane. He dissolves into a puddle of lava that slowly cools to run.

The Reverse Attack

Cyrax is completely shocked at what he sees because now his monster is no longer there. Gojimantus looks at Bullmanus as if to say thank you. The scientists begin to control all matters again and this time because Gojimantus no longer has a cybernetic endoskeleton on it had the elements to put Gojimantus asleep. Gojimantus wanders off because that’s what monsters do. He travels towards the dark side of the moon because he senses there is something there.

Bullmanus is now going to try and get Gojimantus on the transport. Bullmanus walked over towards Gojimantus and you begin to fight each other and they began to slap each other around and Gojimantus tail swipes Bullmanus and he falls to the ground however the sciences.

What a special weapon in Bullmanus is a piercing dart that has the very same chemical that put Gojimantus to sleep. Bullmanus uses it piercing Gojimantus in the back by his dorsal plates and Gojimantus suddenly turned around and blasts Bullmanus directly in the face knocking him to the ground. Gojimantus starts to stagger and eventually fall to the ground and falls asleep.

The scientists controlling Bullmanus tells him to get out and take Gojimantus up and place them in the transport and he does this and places him in the steel cage and a lot the cage and Bullmanus takes his place in his own steel cage and shuts down. Cyrax knows he’s been defeated and headed back towards the mountain where the mother ship of his planet is located.

The Mother Ship Is Down

Flying back to his mother ship Cyrax knows he’s in danger as he tries to escape. He heads back into the entrance of the mountain and warns his second-in-command that things are not going as planned. They both had and headed towards the mother ship. Within this process the earth defense force and all its military might are heading towards the dark side of the moon to battle the Mucurian soldiers and their drones and a mighty battle ensues.

With all the cybernetic soldiers shooting constantly at the Mucurian soldiers which seems at times futile but they move on. They keep shooting at these 15 foot robots and the flying drones successfully are getting shot down. The D 300 is a super cannon that can pierce the Mucurian Drone’s one-shot and shoot them down if they are lucky. One nation at the 15 foot robots they only knock them off their feet because of their special endoskeleton they can withstand a lot of firepower.

The only way to stop these 15 foot robots is to decommission them all at once and in order to do that the cybernetic soldiers need to answer the mother ship of Cyrax. So the plan is to run towards the mother ship and bring all of the military all-terrain vehicles as well as the tanks and a special action type helicopter that has been shooting down and out of the sky.

It is called B-80 Hydra Assault Apache Helicopter. This helicopter is capable of flying without air it has a similar propulsion system to that of the Armageddon. It is a special helicopter because they can be submerged entirely in water and turn into an Apache submarine. The Hydra is flying around the mother ship while the soldiers enter the mother ship and another battle ensues because they are dealing with more Mucurian soldiers. Try to hold them back so that Cyrax can escape.

Cyrax manages to run from the bridge on the mother ship and disappear. The main soldiers now is to get to the overage and find a console that arms the Mucurian soldiers and it has a red bottom. They look at each other as if to say “is it really that easy” one of the soldiers slams a red button and all of the 15 foot robots that they call Mucurian soldiers suddenly collapse on themselves.

The soldiers looked at each other and share because they know they just defeated Cyrax. The question is where is Cyrax. The soldiers know their main objective is to destroy this mother ship. They made bombs and heavy ammunition all around the break because the bridge is the central part of his mother ship. These bonds are set on a timer so the soldiers only have a few minutes to get out of harm’s way. They say for 10 min. at this mother ship is extremely huge and will take time to get out of it and have no way.

They set the timer and all the soldiers start running at once and they run down the tunnel and a naked out just in time just to see the entire ship load. As is exploding they notice a suddenly shoots towards the sky and they know it was Cyrax got away and you can guarantee he will be back.

The Dark Side of the Moon Destruction

After the destruction of the mother ship and the escape of Cyrax the cybernetic soldiers on earth meeting cleanup and completely annihilate any alien entities. So they collect all of the Mucurian Soldiers and carry him to the transport and take them back to earth so they can do further studies on this technology and hopefully improve on their cybernetic counterparts using their technology for their own.

The Mucurian Drones are also collected for the same purpose to have this kind technology and use it for further military advances this is the major plan for the planet Earth and to protect itself from any further encounters of Cyrax or any other alien invasion. The destruction of any other equipment is located inside the mountain layer of Cyrax the plan is to take this mountain and destroyed, but in the process destroyed for the right reasons will not return and do any further damage or plans to attack planet Earth.

The cybernetic soldiers carrying over 1000 Mt of nuclear weapons that they will set off and destroy the mountain eating anything that was mined there. The nukes are set and positioned and ready to go. On the wrist of the dark side of the moon just as it separates from the light side of the moon we see the soldiers all standing at the top of the range with one of them holding a detonator.

He presses the red button and booooooom the entire mountain lights up like a Christmas tree however it seems to collapse in on itself Entire Mountain just drop into its own footprint. Being there is no air the immediate harm is over that quick.

Left Behind

The cybernetic soldiers pretty much cleaned up everything on the moon and they head towards the transport ship the Armageddon and get ready to head back home because the threat is no longer there. However there is one threat that the scientists and the military has not taken a consideration until now.

Gojimantus is that threat he is a huge monster that can wreak havoc all over the world. So the scientists and military are trying to come up with an idea of how to get rid of Gojimantus and one of the scientists said reluctantly why don’t we just leave them here. They looked at each other as if to say that is a good idea at the same time it will be a sad moment because they didn’t grow fond of Gojimantus and in the way that he did help to defeat Cyrax.

So you can imagine there is some serious hesitation here however they have come to the conclusion that this would be the best thing for whether he survives or not we do not know. So they already and they use Bullmanus again to carry out this dastardly deed. Bullmanus approaches Gojimantus and grants him why he is still sleeping and carries him off the transport and carefully lacing down on the moon’s surface and Gojimantus will be awakened before they take off.

Bullmanus as program walked back up on the transport gets back into his steel cage and shuts down. Now to wait Gojimantus will be used by one of the Hydra helicopters will have this serum in all bunch of special bullet casings and they will fire on Gojimantus and fly back into transport and land.

The transport loads all the military all-terrain vehicles and all of the cybernetic soldiers along with their prize of Mucurian soldiers and their Mucurian Drone they will take us back to earth. The Hydra takes and heads out the transport and waits for the signal to fire. The weight would not be a long one the Armageddon is in position and they immediately send the command to the Hydra to fire.

The Hydra fires six consecutive bullets into Gojimantus he immediately starts to shrug and went out the Hydra is now heading back into the transport and the lands. The Armageddon begins to take off as Gojimantus looks up as if to say why are you leaving me here is a very sad moment. The soldiers looked on as a close the main doors and take off leaving Gojimantus on the moon. It would be 22 hours later that they would finally reach the planet Earth.

The World Is a Better Place

Meanwhile back on the planet Earth the soldiers and all the all-terrain vehicles as well as Bullmanus are carefully unloaded off of the transport the Armageddon. Bullmanus is sent back into the Military Hive to be repaired and improved. The military cybernetic soldiers help carrying their enemies that the Mucurian soldiers as well as their drones. Everything goes according to plan and the earth is at peace once again.

The question that remains anyone’s mind is Gojimantus going to be all right on the moon. Meanwhile back on the moon we see Gojimantus walking around as serious as he can be when suddenly out of the corner of his eye he sees a flash and suddenly something lands on the moon as you look at it seriously is a space ship from another world. The doors open and we see space Martians walking down the ramp they are wearing black outfits with visors across their eyes.

Their called Xilliens and they look at Gojimantus and look at him as if they recognize him in some sort of way. This is not the monster that they dealt with in the past. This one is bigger and it does look a little different. They walked back up the ramp and headed back inside and run a diagnostic on this monster and they find out is related to Godzilla what is a different breed of monster.

The Xilliens take off with their spaceship and they however just about Gojimantus and huge blue being surrounds Gojimantus and suddenly a bubble of peers around him as they take off they take him with them. The problem is they are not taken into the planet Earth they took off in the opposite direction. Where are they taking Gojimantus? Meanwhile back on planet Earth major Matthews and Lieut. Banner have been told that they left the monster Gojimantus on the moon and that worries them.

Without further ado both of the military leaders decide to take the Armageddon back to the moon and pickup Gojimantus and bring him back to earth because in fact he was Earth’s Savior. It would be 22 hours later they would reach the moon and they scan the entire moon only to find that Gojimantus is no longer on the moon.

The Collection of Monsters

We begin this tale where we left off in the last book where the Armageddon and all the cybernetic soldiers of planet are decidedly Gojimantus on the moon. Gojimantus is a gigantic 400 foot relative to Godzilla only he has a little bit more power than Godzilla himself and he does look a little different is dorsal plates are an orange and yellow hue and is dorsal plates represent the original that represents the looks of a stegosaurus. He also has a reptilian/amphibian texture to his skin. His skin is a very light (lime green) color to. This is so you can imagine what it looks like. He looks more like Godzilla 1998 except he’s on steroids and he is a lot larger, and he has the same capabilities of Godzilla.

Gojimantus is taken from the moon by the aliens they call Xilliens. They hover over Gojimantus as he looks inquisitively at the spacecraft because he has never seen anything like it they send out a beam that surrounds Gojimantus and he is surrounded by a crystal ball that will transport him anywhere they want him to go. And that’s exactly what they did as it took off not towards the earth but in the opposite direction.

They travel through space for what seems like an eternity until he reached the far reaches of the other side of the galaxy as they come up to a planet that is literally the size of our sun. This is a Pegasus-M class planet now this planet is called Noraxius and it houses many many Kaiju’s. They reach their final destination of this planet as they land on the planet still keeping Gojimantus in his bubble and they had the capability of little equal in this bubble with Gojimantus and it like there is nothing in it it’s that easy one person can pull it. They bring it into the market where they see all the other Kaiju’s however Gojimantus is not the largest but he is very big compared to most of them. There are some extremely large monsters here some reach the sky at over 1000 m and so are at 500 m where Gojimantus stands around 400 m.

As the Xilliens are dragging Gojimantus through the market’s Cyrax the Mucurian Leader who escaped the last situation by trying to take over the planet and failed at the hands of Gojimantus and Bullmanus notices and recognizes the monster that the Xilliens have. Starts to scheme and hopefully he can make a trade with them and if he can succeed you will take over the control of Gojimantus and use him as well as other colleges to take over the planet Earth and again tried to take his resources.

Cyrax slowly walked over to the Xilliens and proceeds to talk to them.

Cyrax-“I see you have a big monster there.”

Xilliens Leader-“Yes we do we got off the moon over in the solar system where the planet Earth is located.”

Cyrax-“Would you like to make a trade for this monster. Is there anything that I have that you might need that we can trade for this monster?”

Xilliens Leader-“if you have the mineral enemy Dia-Z is a mineral that we need to power our ships.”

Cyrax-“Well I do have some of them mineral the question is how much would you need for this trade to happen?”

Xilliens Leader-“We would need an ample supply to run all our ships I would say a lot how much do you have.”

Cyrax-“would you like to follow me to my ships I can show you how much I have.”

Xilliens Leader-“I am not sure if I can trust you because I do not know who you are?”

Cyrax-“I am serious about trading with you because I want this monster so I think you can find it that one I am serious about something I don’t try to trick or play around I wanted deal to actually happen.”

Xilliens Leader-(Hesitates and look set Cyrax) Okay let’s do this!”

Cyrax-“As you can see on both sides I have well over 100 barrels of this mineral.

Xilliens Leader-“Okay Cyrax you have a deal you do have quite a bit here so I will take it all for my monster!”

Cyrax-(Bows his head as to say thank you very much) I thank you very much this is a gracious deal between the two of us.

Xilliens Leader-“You are welcome sir!”

Cyrax knows he just got away with giving the Xilliens 100 barrels of salt because they did not have enough common sense to examine the mineral itself. So without haste Cyrax takes Gojimantus and the bubble brings it into his ship and life Gojimantus in the ship so he does not hurt himself or do any damage. Once he is locked then the Xilliens release him from his bubble and there he is trapped inside the ship.

Cyrax takes off with Gojimantus and his other Kaiju that he just bartered with and got them they are also locked up inside his ship. The ship that he is driving is not the mother ship because it got destroyed on the moon. This is a world-class Axion- C Class ship. Onboard there are twin monsters they are called rock biters because they like the rock and spit out rock and they are also allowable based. Dragalanus and Magalanus are monsters that comes from the planet Pegasus-C this is a planet that inhabits fire breathing dragons and walking beasts this particular beast is built like a molten rock beast that we can withstand very high temperatures and that includes Gojimantus’s atomic breath. As you can see from the picture below it does have spikes and dorsal plates located on its back as well as spikes located on his forearms and this monster is very muscular and as it has very powerful arms that can snap anything he needs to.

So the good guy monsters do not want to get their souls entangled in these massive arms. He is built like a rhino. This monster is the heaviest of all the bad boys is tight stands at 300 feet and its weight displacement comes in around 60,000 metric tons the reason is it is because it is made of solid and molten lump rock. Dragalanus has a brother and he is an exact replica to his brother and they are both bumbling idiots that will eventually get on each other’s nerves as brothers do.

The next monster that Cyrax had bartered for is called Jigasaurus. Now this is a beast that is radioactive and is very wolf like so it has a decent amount of weapons to choose from. First it scales are very hard to penetrate so that is a armor plating that it will protect the monster. The body structure is that of velociraptor or dinosaur like so it is very quick and nimble. It has a dorsal plate type shielding on top of its body so it does not get struck from about. Is extremely fast and can outmaneuver any monster to date. It has incredible jumping power because it moves like a stealthy cheetah/Jaguar. This particular monster is about 300 foot in length and has the weight of 40,000 metric tons. This is a heavy beast.

The next monster is called Racon the Sea Monster. This particular monster is a humanoid shaped sea monster and has a very well defined midsection as well as very long arms with very sharp claws and when fingers and also webbing underneath the arms to allow it to swim swiftly in the water. Its head is shaped like a very nasty looking fish with three rows of very sharp teeth on top and bottom. It special weapons is one it’s very maneuverable in the water it. This particular monster does not have any special weapons other than its and maneuverability and the fact that can tear you apart with its teeth and claws. This beast stands at 350 feet tall and has the weight of 50,000 metric tons.

In the last characters I’m going include into this story are the gatekeepers of Tea Mountain. The twin gatekeepers that are located at the entrance of the Jade bamboo Forest in China are guardian statues and their names are Jingo and Jango that will wake up if any human presence comes around the area and they are on the lookout you cannot get past these guys unless you have one of the royal family this is the only way you ever get by and they will scrounge the entire circumference of the area and protect the entire area regardless of how fast you think you are that are faster and it will stop you the only way you can get past his skate or to get in. They will not know matter where you’re at note, get you have to have a royal family member.

The Good Guys

We will start out by mentioning a brief description on the monsters that will fight the bad guys. Let’s start off with the main character of this story his name is Gojimantus and he is a Gojimantus Carnatarus Major which is a hybrid mix of Godzilla and other dinosaurs. Gojimantus is a mutated dinosaur that was created using hybrid technology. He grew to be 400 feet tall, and has multicolored dorsal plates that represents that of a stegosaurus. He has the same weapons and capabilities as that of Godzilla except he is a little more powerful. His looks represents Godzilla 1998 et seq. is much more beastly than that of Godzilla 1998. He also has acquired the powers that Godzilla has and cannot be killed easily at all. He also has regenerative powers that allow him to heal at a very rapid rate. He also has an extremely long tail that is very heavy and very destructive when he swings at. On the other amazing feature of this Gojimantus Carnatarus Major is he has great jumping power. Our most famous friendly monster is common in at 400 feet tall he is the tallest of all the monsters because he is the hero he needs to be the biggest. And his weight displacement of the 60,000 metric tons and he is a heavy bastard as it is he is very muscular.

The next monster we are going to talk about is the monster called Gozedus. Here we have a gigantic version of Elder Dragon that has a wingspan of over 200 feet and is capable of converting to a smoke/fire monster. This burden can travel at speeds of over Mach 3 breaking the sound barrier with the slightest of these. The bird has huge legs with the biggest giant claws you have ever seen. Because of its mass is capable of using those claws and clamping down on its victim and literally picking it up and carry it away. It also has a history to it this particular Dragon is one of the oldest dragons and largest and most powerful of all the dragons and it is a sleep in the mountains as when it is needed the people of Earth will need to do something special to wake it up. However the entrance to the cave in which this Elder Dragon is sleeping is guarded by two gigantic hybrid guardians. Gozedus is in Elder Dragon that has a wingspan of 200 feet as I mentioned before from head to tail years 150 feet long and he weighs in at 50,000 metric tons he has a huge bottle.

The next monster we are going to talk about is King Krako is a sea monster that has been living in the city and sleeping for quite some time now. This monster resembles a gigantic sea monster that resembles a huge Sea beast that has an arm with many tentacles and it also has a beard that resembles tentacles. This monster stands around 400 feet tall and also has the body of a merman. Keep in mind as atrocious as this beast might be is a good guy. It is always someone through the merman of Marigold Island. Our good guy sea monster stands at 350 feet tall and has a weight displacement of 40,000 metric tons and that is because even though he is tall from his chest down to his tail the only get smaller so his weight displacement is a lot lighter than the other ones, but he can move quite swiftly in the water.

The next monster we are going to talk about is a robot of gigantic proportions. This is a different kind of monster and it is totally built by the human beings of planet Earth. This mechanical version of a Minotaur is 350 feet tall The Minotaur also has super eye lasers. Which is capable of slicing things in half. The hydraulic systems within this machine gives it tremendous strength that he can charge or push anything in its path and push it out away with these. This machine is extremely probable. It also has turbo boosters located on its back and behind its legs. It can fly if it needs to. It also has other weapons like super cables that shoot out of his chest and allowed them to wraparound nobody of its victim: in the fall to the ground helplessly. It also have to capabilities of extracting huge swords from each of his hands. They extract from the top of his hands as he points them for and squeezes his fists and will extract automatically. It also has the capability of using its huge tenants that are strapped to his shoulders. And now we have the heaviest of all of the monsters as I mentioned before it stands at 350 feet tall and has a weight displacement of 80,000 metric tons and that is because of all the metal that is made from. This is one heavy bastard.

And finally the last character of the story is a gigantic swamp like monster called King Golodon. This is also a special creature or monster that is located in the Lake of Yuelu which is located in and around the Lakeside of the Tea Mountains that are located in China. The monster is located at the bottom of Lake Yuelu. The only way to wake this monster of is it has to be a royal descendants of the usual Yuelu family and they have to roll out to the center of the lake and sacrifice other the blood. If they are of the royal family it should wake up King Golodon. To get to this Lake one has to travel through the bamboo forests of China. Okay this monster stands at 250 feet tall is one of the smaller monsters and its standup position than most monsters. Its weight displacement comes in at 50,000 metric tons.

Jingo and Jango the twin gatekeepers are also classified as good guys but they can come off as being evil but their intentions are good they are to protect the monster.

Barter Town

Meanwhile still on the Pegasus-M class planet now this planet is called Noraxius. Cyrax context is leader was called “The Elemental” and warns him of his good intentions and all the monsters that he did get from the planet Noraxius. The Elemental is pleased and Cyrax continues to barter for certain things on the planet, so Cyrax took off with his ship and left Noraxius and headed towards his home planet Magnus-1b is a Pegasus C class planet is a lot smaller than Noraxius. He picks up The Elemental and they take off for the long journey back to the moon with these monsters as they are doing this they are planning the Earth’s demise.

The Elemental-“We need to strip the planet Earth of its water and its diamonds and we will do right this time because you failed the last time Cyrax.”

Cyrax-“ye, ye, yes my liege. I won’t tell you this time because we have really great monsters that will help us achieve our goal.”

The Elemental-“you better this time, you better!”

The axiom ship is traveling at great speeds to reach its destination as a normal ship it would take years to get there it would only take a matter of an hour to reach the moon. However the fight will not be on the moon they are going directly to the planet Earth. Meanwhile walking all over the ship they are examining their monsters as they are asleep. The alien scientist aboard the ship are slowly altering the plane beasts into mind numbing terrible monsters. The elemental is walking with Cyrax as they examine the monsters and are talking in coming up with a plan to take over the planet Earth. They slowly walk up to Gojimantus as they insert a mind control substance that was around his brain and allow Cyrax and the elemental to control him.

The Elemental-“so this monster Gojimantus is a force to be reckoned with him are not correct Cyrax.”

Cyrax-“yes sir he did take care of the monster “The Crimson Arcane” this was my most powerful beast on the Moon and with this big robot called “Bullmantus” they did in fact be my monster.

Axion- C Class ship finally shows up just behind the moon so they are not detected by the Earth’s military. Now they will carry out their plans. The setting would be exactly 5 years into the future prior to the “Moon War” that occurred.

The Progression Since Moon Wars

Bullmantus the original cyborg that fault with Gojimantus against the moon beast “The Crimson Arcane” was severely damaged in the fight and could not be revitalized. The idea was to use all the resources to create a new army of super soldiers and a new army of super-giant robots. These new robots are now being created and have been creating since “The Moon War” they have been building gigantic 300 foot robots and now they have a total of 15 robots and they are placed all over the world. Each are unique to their own as they are being constructed by their respective continents.

The United States has a very expensive project known as “Project Robo” this project is the most expensive project that the United States has ever done.  Is a project that is a creation also the most powerful robots on the planet?  The robot is called “Romeo Jaxx this is an American-made robot that defends the eastern coastline. It was built in the the military hive of Whiteface Mountain New York. Romeo Jaxx is a Class B Robot. The cost to build this robot came in at $10 billion and is classified as one of the strongest robots however there are stronger robots and more profit robots out there. Romeo Jaxx is very resilient. This robot is extremely fast and has gigantic brass knuckles that can literally smash anything it hits. It also has a retractable sword because Romeo Jaxx is a samurai robot. 

Its weapons are quite impressive it has a huge sword, Brass knuckles for smashing faces, and it also is equipped with laser highs in the knees to use them.  The most impressive weapon that this robot has is an ice ionizer.  This weapon is located in the chest of the robot and when he opens up its yield to reveal the ionizer you really meant a very strong remedy that way makes contact it will freeze any thing is that Romeo Jaxx stands at 250 feet tall and has a weight this placement of 40,000 metric tons.  His head is the shape of a patriot with a gigantic patriotic hat.  And the entire body is painted red light blue.

Yes the military is getting ready to prepare this robot for Cyrax. However they do not realize that Cyrax is not, alone this time as he has his leader and other Kaiju’s that will eventually take over the planet Earth. The Earth people do not know what’s going on.

The Elemental and Cyrax Is Intentions

As the Elemental and Cyrax move in behind the moon with the axiom spaceship, and they are not being detected because of the moons frequencies are blocking the sound waves or any other, communications. The Elemental lead Cyrax know to get the monsters ready as they approached the planet Earth. The Axiom is now moving towards the planet Earth as they are ready for the final attack on the planet itself. Cyrax has now all the control for all the Kaiju’s and he will send them down one by one to do what needs to be done. This spaceship eventually takes position above the planet Earth and interferes with his communications on planet Earth as they convey their message and their intentions. The military are now on high alert because they know they are about to be attacked again only this time it is going to happen in their homeland.

The Elemental-“People of the planet Earth! I am called “The Elemental” and you will listen to me now. I am here to take over your planet and drain it of its resources. I will take what you call your water supply. And I will also mind the entire planet for the mineral they call “Diamonds”

Cyrax-“I am back and this time you will not stop me. I come prepared this time and this time you will meet your maker!”

Cyrax-“I will be sending down gigantic Kaiju’s to annihilate all you humans!”

The Elemental-“We have the monster “Gojimantus” and he is under our control! So do not try to stop us! Because if you do “Gojimantus” will destroy the entire planet! Hahahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!”

Cyrax-“Surrender now and no harm will be brought to you!”

The people over at found a way to communicate with the aliens on the Axiom. So they convey their message back to Cyrax and his leader The Elemental.

Gen. Arthur-“Aliens of the Axiom we have a little surprise for you if you decided attacked this planet. This is our planet and we will protect it regardless of what you say! As for you having Gojimantus we will take him back, so be ready for an all-out Kaiju War!”

Cyrax-“hahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! We will see about that, we would definitely see about that!”

Gojimantus Attacks the Planet Earth

Cyrax heads back into the bay and proceeds to tell his soldiers today Gojimantus ready for the attack on planet Earth. They program Gojimantus and he obeys everyone other commands and is sent on the teleport so he can be transported down to the planet. They program the coordinates in and Gojimantus disappears from the Axiom. He is immediately transported down into the heart of Los Angeles. There he is programmed to destroy everything in his site and he does diligently. Gojimantus heads for the major highways of Los Angeles and uses his atomic breath and rips apart the entire highway system before leave clover is no longer there. Gojimantus starts heading towards the city of Los Angeles were the building seemed to tower over him, but that does not stop him. Gojimantus walks down the streets of Los Angeles would each of his steps the ground collapses underneath him because of his tremendous weight and as he walks by the buildings he is ripping the buildings down without hesitation or slowing him down.

The military located in Los Angeles now have a very big problem and don’t really know what to do with them yet. Bullmanus is no longer in service so they cannot send him to stop Gojimantus. Which in this case they all know that Gojimantus should be Earth’s Savior. However he is under the control of the alien Cyrax and they do not want to calls too much harm to him because they have their intentions of using him back at the aliens if they can take control of Gojimantus. Gojimantus continues to destroy the entire city and the entire city is ablaze because of his destructive atomic breath things are being destroyed at the touch of his breath and the entire city is in flames.

The military need to come up with a way to get control of Gojimantus, but they don’t have a clue where to start. Suddenly someone comes up with an ideal to actually sneak into the spaceship Axiom and somehow take control of Gojimantus or destroy what is controlling Gojimantus.

Lieut. Banner head of military base Los Angeles-“I think we need to send in our military super soldiers and have them take control or destroy the controls that are controlling Gojimantus. We could use the robot Romeo Jaxx but he is still being fitted and tested he is not ready yet.

Maj. Matthews’s commander of Lieut. Banner’s force-“Lieut. I do remember them saying that there is another robot located in Japan. If I remember correctly it was called Yukon Samurai. This is a robot that has six arms and at the end of each of these arms is a samurai sword of very high grade metal and I say that because the Japanese specialize in absolutely very sharp blades. When this robot uses those six arms in succession it can slice and dice things into nothing, so maybe we can have to Japanese to help us by letting us use their robot. This robot also is equipped with a superheated cargo net that shoots from the robot’s chest and wraps around the monster burning through the monster until it falls apart in pieces this is an amazing weapon however it requires accurate aim. This robot represents Japan so it is built like a gigantic samurai warrior it has the helmet of a samurai warrior. This is the most expensive project that Japan has ever done. This robot stands at 300 feet tall and weighs in at 50,000 metric tons, so possibly this robot could help slow down Gojimantus.

Lieut. Banner-“are you going to contact them and see if we can actually borrow this robot!”

Maj. Matthews-“yes Lieut. I’m going to do that right now!”

Meanwhile the military are contacted with a secret mission to head up into space and enter the spaceship Axiom and somehow destroy the controls for Gojimantus or take control of Gojimantus. The super soldiers are cybernetic they are not human they are human and robot so they are very stealthy. They are called “The Guardians”

Maj. Matthews-“Col. this is Maj. Matthews we are in need of your assistance I am aware that you are head of the operations for The Guardians we are in need of your Guardians we need to have them sent into space there is a spaceship located just on the outskirts of our planet’s atmosphere and we need him to enter the ship and take control or destroy the controls that Cyrax is controlling Gojimantus. We need to take him back because I think we are going into an all-out Kaiju war.

Col. Jacobs-“Yes Major I will send them out!

Meanwhile back in Los Angeles Gojimantus is still destroying the city and they need to somehow stop the monster from doing any more damage. The Japanese do agree to send the robot Yukon Samurai he is sent on an aircraft carrier and eventually they make it to the Los Angeles area in less than a day. However Gojimantus has done way too much damage to Los Angeles is now totally destroyed and chances for it to recover will be a very long process.

As the aliens Cyrax and The Elemental have seen the damage they Gojimantus did to Los Angeles they decide to relocate Gojimantus so we destroy another city and thus he disappears. The military are now frustrated because they do not know or Gojimantus is an asked for the robot Yukon Samurai is just sitting on the aircraft carrier.

Air Traffic Controller on the Aircraft Carrier-“Did you see that Sir is apparent that Gojimantus is no longer a Los Angeles and what are we going to do with this robot they call Yukon Samurai.”

Commander of the Aircraft Carrier-“I think we’ll just do the robot on here and wait for further instructions.”

Racon the Sea Monster

Meanwhile the aliens decide to send them another Kaiju and this Kaiju is a sea dweller or a sea monster. Racon the Sea Monster is a humanoid sea monster that has a very well defined midsection as well as very long arms with very sharp claws and when fingers and also webbing underneath the arms to allow it to swim swiftly in the water. Its head is shaped like a very nasty looking fish with three rows of very sharp teeth on top and bottom. It special weapons is one it’s very maneuverable in the water it. This particular monster does not have any special weapons other than its and maneuverability and the fact that can tear you apart with its teeth and claws. This beast stands at 350 feet tall and has the weight of 50,000 metric tons.

So now Earth has another monster to defend from so they now need to get a hold of the water mermen located in the Atlantic Ocean they have a monster called King Krako which is also a sea monster, but it’s Earth’s sea monster and hopefully they can convince the mermen to use King Krako against Racon the Sea Monster.

Marine Biologist Samantha Jones-“we need to head over to the Canary Islands where there is a small island called Mermaid Inlet this is an island that is supposed to be inhabited by mermaids and mermen who control the King Krako. It is folklore but hopefully it is not because we need to contact them and get the monster King Krako if this monster actually exists.

Assistance Joan Barbie-“yes ma’am we will start packing and head over there immediately!”

Meanwhile on board the SS Salaco this is an expedition ship that would head over to the Canary Islands and head for The Mermaid Inlet. They finally make their way to the Canary Islands and head for that Inlet. It make it to the inlet but they do not see any mermaids or mermen. They wonder how they could get a hold of them as they ponder and look around the inlet they notice a gigantic war that looks like Copernicus as a step up on the platform and look around. The immediate thing is they blowing to this form could possibly contact them. They stay there until nighttime because it is the best time for them to come out as they say so they wait, but nothing happens. So Marine Biologist Samantha Jones decides to do something drastic and she blows on the form. Arrrrrrrrrrrrooooooooooooooonnnnnnnnnnaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh! The sound that comes out of the war is a very eerie sounds as a scientist weight on the seashore they hear a lot of splashing around but they can’t see anything. Until suddenly they float up to the island and shockingly the scientist discovered that mermaids and mermen do exist. The main mermen starts moving to shore as he suddenly has legs and begins to walk up on the shore and he approaches the scientists. Some say mermaids and mermen are very dangerous creatures as they could possibly eat humans, but that’s not the case. These are very wise creatures and they do resemble a man but a man that is over 8 feet tall these creatures are very large. This particular leader as a long beard that resembles octopus tentacles is a very unique creature. His name is King Merman and he is a leader of the mermaids and mermen who control King Krako. King Merman begins to speak to the scientists…

King Merman-“What and why did you bother to blow that horn and what is it that you want from us!”

Samantha-“We need your help, do you control the sea monster King Krako!”

King Merman-“Yes, but what do you want with King Krako!”

Samantha-“We have a problem in the Pacific Ocean there is another sea monster out there it stands around 300 feet tall and is wreaking havoc on the borders of California and other coastal regions we need to stop this monster, but in order for us to do that we ask that you help us by asking King Krako to assist us in stopping this monster.

King Mermen-“King Krako is not something you release just to help you it is a sea monster that will destroy everything in its path and it is our job to make sure that this planet is safe from this monster.”

Samantha-“you mean to tell me you don’t have control over King Krako or some, mind control!”

King Mermen-“I do, but it is a very hard thing to do especially if King Krako as is mine set to do something I can’t always control him. If I release into you, you have to promise me that you tell no one of our existence is absolutely important because we are the underwater gods that control King Krako. Do you honor our request!

Samantha-“Yes King Mermen we do honor your request as it is our civic responsibility to make sure our planet is safe to live on, so we have to do what’s right for this planet. So we will honor your request and make sure no one knows of your existence!”

King Mermen-“Then you shall have King Krako” will

King Mermen turns to look at his protégés as if to say it will be okay King Krako will protect our planet and it seas. The mermaid and mermen turn around and swim rapidly back out to sea and King Mermen gives a final order to release King Krako!


Samantha and the rest of the crew had back onto the ship and head back towards the Los Angeles-based which takes 4 to five days to reach its destination. As they board the ship the waters beneath them suddenly start to rumble violently and suddenly a huge gigantic monster slowly rises out of the sea to reveal itself. It is a sea monster that has been living in the city and sleeping for quite some time now. This monster resembles a gigantic sea monster that resembles a huge Sea beast that has an arm with many tentacles and it also has a beard that resembles tentacles. This monster stands around 400 feet tall and also has the body of a merman. Keep in mind as atrocious as this beast might be is a good guy. It is always someone through the merman of Marigold Island. Our good guy sea monster stands at 350 feet tall and has a weight displacement of 40,000 metric tons and that is because even though he is tall from his chest down to his tail the only get smaller so his weight displacement is a lot lighter than the other ones, but he can move quite swiftly in the water.

The monster looks at the people on the ship and knows that it is no harm to King Krako and also as if to understand what it needs to do is start swimming towards the Pacific Ocean. The scientists and people on the ship were shocked because they never knew a monster like this could exist on planet Earth. King Krako and the ship finally reach their destination and warned the military a King Krako is floating around in these waters waiting for Racon the Sea Monster.

The military weight on the aircraft carriers as well as other ships that are floating around in the Pacific Ocean they wait for the sea monster to rear its ugly head, and the weight would not be a long one. Racon the Sea Monster suddenly jumps out of the water and on the aircraft carrier trying to pull it down into the water but the ship is much too massive. So he jumps up and down on the aircraft carrier to see if they can sync it and it plays with it as if it were a toy. The monster walks around the aircraft carrier and then suddenly a huge chemical comes out of the water grabs Racon the Sea Monster by its neck and literally pulls it into the water.

The two monsters battle it out as it is clear King Krako is a much stronger and larger monster so Racon the Sea Monster has his hands full. Because of Ray Collins impressive clause is slicing King Krako and it is losing its tentacles at the sea monster slices at it.

King Krako has these massive hands as he smashes down on Racon the Sea Monster’s head and continued to pound and punch Racon in the head and Racon begins to lose consciousness however Racon manages to swim away from King Krako. King Krako is persistent in stopping this monster as it swims towards it and goes after the monster. They battle underneath the water smashing each other into the Reefs below. Both monsters are badly injured from their deadly undersea battle as they begin to resurface they are still fighting. Racon because he is humanoid he has the capabilities of climbing and clamping onto its victim and in this case he does that with King Krako as he tries to break King Krako’s neck. This will do so King Krako reaches up with his left arm which is very tentacle like an draft King Krako influence of over into the water, but still holding onto him as they drop back down underneath the water King Krako now manages to wrap his entire body because he has a service like body so now he completely wraps his entire body all around Racon’s and begins to squeeze one in Anaconda.

The squeeze is so tremendous that Racon eventually passes out and then suddenly a special weapon comes at a King Krako all over his body are like blades as he begins to twist and turn around Racon’s body and literally slices and dices Racon’s body until it falls apart in the ocean. Racon the Sea Monster is now no more as once again the Europe has been defended by its protector a monster known as King Krako.

King Krako resurfaces to look at the people on this ships as well as the aircraft carrier and look at them as if to say I did my part I’m going home now. King Krako drop back down into the sea and swims back towards the Atlantic Ocean and heads towards the Canary Islands to his resting place.

The Attack in China

With the frustration and loss of Racon the Sea Monster Cyrax and The Elemental are now both a little upset at the loss of their monster so now they send a new monster to attack the people of China. This is an all-world attack. The monster they send to China is no other than is Jigasuras now this is a beast that is radioactive and is very wolf like so it has a decent amount of weapons to choose from. First it scales are very hard to penetrate so they are an armor plating that it will protect the monster. The body structure is that of velociraptor or dinosaur like so it is very quick and nimble. It has a dorsal plate type shielding on top of its body so it does not get struck from about. Is extremely fast and can outmaneuver any monster to date. It has incredible jumping power because it moves like a stealthy cheetah/Jaguar. This particular monster is about 300 foot in length and has the weight of 40,000 metric tons. This is a heavy beast.

Jigasuras shows up in Shanghai China and destroys the entire city because it has the capabilities of running and charging and destroying buildings is like a gigantic rhino and Jigasuras is destroyed Shanghai at a very high rapid rate. What will stop this monster no one knows again the earth needs to figure out another way to stop this monster from doing any further damage and the question remains where is Gojimantus. The military must come up with another monster or an equivalent to stop Jigasuras.

A Chinese descendent walks up to the commander in charge of the Los Angeles-based military command site his name is Maj. Matthews and Lieut. Banner they are in charge of all world events that are happening on the planet Earth. A Chinese descendent walks up to them and begins to explain the folklore and supposed creature that lives in China.

Lo-Shen-“I am a descendent of the Zhenjin Royal Family our family have been protecting a legendary creature they call King Golodon this is a legendary late monster that is a special monster that has protected our family for many generations and it is located in the Lake of Yuelu which is located in the Tea Mountains that are located in China. The monster is located at the bottom of Lake Yuelu. The only way to wake this monster of is it has to be a royal descendants of the usual Yuelu family and they have to roll out to the center of the lake and sacrifice other the blood. If they are of the royal family it should wake up King Golodon. To get to this Lake one has to travel through the bamboo forests of China. This monster stands around 250 feet tall is not one of the largest monsters what is very resilient as it is made of stone and rock and has an element within its body that is capable of giving it massive strength against worthy opponents. The monster is also quite heavy because of its rock displacement is at a weight displacement of 50,000 metric tons is very hard to stop this monster.”

Lieut. Banner-“you say you have a monster hidden in a lake in China and we have Jiguirus attacking Shanghai maybe we can more the monster over to the tea Mountains. Would this be possible Lo-Shen can you wait the monster?”

Lo-Shen-“There is a trick to waking up the monster in order to get out to the lake you need to get past the twin guardians and their names are Jingo and Jango they are twin samurai stone warriors that guard the entrance to the bamboo forest which leads to the lake.

Lieut. Banner-“You say there are twin statues that guard the entrance to the bamboo forest how is that a problem?”

Lo-Shen-“let me tell you the story about Jingo and Jango they are twin gatekeepers that were originally samurai warriors from ancient Japan that were cursed to remain in front of the entrance of the bamboo forests for all eternity. Here is the trick with these two guys anyone approaching the entrance without the secret password and one of the royal family will never get into the bamboo forest. If you approach them they will wake up and chase after you regardless of where you go you will not get into the Jake forest without the royal family and the password.

Lieut. Banner-“okay I guess that would be a problem and do you have a member of the royal family that can actually access the bamboo forests and get to the lake?”

Lo-Shen-“that’s Sir will be my honor because I am a member and the only member left of the Zhenjin Royal Family. What I would have to do is make entrance to the bamboo forests go to the lake and sacrifice some blood into the lake and the monster should wake up.

Lieut. Banner-“would you do this for us in order for us to stop Jigasuras?”

Lo-Shen-“I will do this for you start!”

Lo-Shen is transported to China as they head towards the tea Mountains they finally make their approach to where they see to gigantic artesian samurai warriors standing at attention as they make their approach the twin samurai warrior suddenly wake up and lust for with their weapons. The people standstill. Lo-Shen slowly walked up to the statues as they look at him and says that he is of the royal family and he gives them the password that they need. They are guarding the entrance to the bamboo forest and they will not let no one pass until they are given the password and the password is Zhenjin this is the only word that they will accept.

Lo-Shen looks about both the statues and says the word “Zhenjin” the two statues Jingo and Jango look at each other as if to say “okay that’s the right password” so they step aside and the people slowly walked by the statues very hesitantly and once they make past they had towards the bamboo forest.

There are many paths to the bamboo forest and you can see nothing but bamboo forest far as the eyes can see. It is illuminated with such intense green jade colors that it is a truly spectacular sight to see. It would take them almost a day to make into the forest to the lake in which King Golodon is located at. They finally make it to the lake but they do not see any King Golodon and that is because it is located at the bottom of the lake. Lo-Shen walks up on the pier where there is a boat on the left-hand side and over on the right are two Chinese made buildings that are very ancient looking. The lake has a very peaceful feel about it and he slowly jumped in the boat and he has a knife with him. He looks at his people and begins to row…

Lieut. Banner-“Lo-Shen thank you for doing this!”

Lo-Shen-“I am doing this because it is part of my history for my family and to protect our country from this monster Jigasuras!”

Lo-Shen rows out to the middle of the lake where he has to say a few words

Lo-Shen-“The Revolution is so that people can live, not so that they can die!”

Lo-Shen takes a knife slices his hand and squeezes his hand over the water and the blood drips into the water. Lo-Shen wait for a second and then begins to row back to the pier. The look on, but nothing happens as they start walking up the other side of the hill they notice of the water is boiling and steaming something is happening in the lake. They look on with such amazement that suddenly this year’s rock formation literally sits up and begins to stand up this monster is about 250 feet tall and has a weight displacement of 50,000 metric tons as it stands straight to the sky it looks like petrified wood but it is made of solid stone with green eyes and large brown vines wrapped around his entire body. They called this monster King Golodon. This monster has the capabilities of withstanding and fighting most monsters out there today even though he is just a little guy.

The monster senses Jigasuras is nearby and he walks out of the lake and heads towards Jigasuras. King Golodon walks through the woods and straight to where Jigasuras is located at on the outskirts of Shanghai. It would only taking 20 min. to get to that location.

Jiguirus spots King Golodon and doors with a mighty roar eeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh!!!! King Golodon does not make a noise is because he is made of stone he just takes off running and heads towards Jigasuras and at great speeds he smashes into Jigasuras who apparently supposed to be nimble not to jump out of the way but was caught offguard. He was hit with such force that it literally through Jigasuras directly into three buildings consecutively. Jigasuras gets up regains himself and his composure and begins to charge at a very nimble rate where he bounces from one side to the other confusing King Golodon and smashing directly into King Golodon’s chest. King Golodon flies back into the woods crashing and breaking all the trees and sliding to an extreme halt.

King Golodon gets up runs towards Jigasuras and as Jigasuras runs towards goal of they collide with such force that it started a dust storm. As the dust collected and settled King Golodon is punching with such force all over Jigasuras his body and head by the time King Golodon stop punching Jigasuras was days completely. Almost to the point where he was staggering and he eventually fell over crashing to the ground. Jigasuras laser contemplating and carefully watching King Golodon when King Golodon is not looking Jigasuras gets up quietly and begins to rush towards him jumping on his back and biting down on his shoulder however King Golodon is made of solid stone so Jigasuras loses a few teeth when he bites down. He jumps off and screams in pain and now is his mouth is bleeding profusely. King Golodon suddenly turned around and kicks Jigasuras directly in his midsection bruising and cracking his ribs to the point is now severely injured and bleeding internally.

Jigasuras is enraged and does everything he can to stop this monster however he can’t do anything with it because Jigasuras is like an overgrown dinosaur and King Golodon is made of stone. Jigasuras jumps up on the buildings and flies towards King Golodon but King Golodon wraps him in the air throws a further into the lake that is near Shanghai. Jigasuras can swim so he does his best to get out of the water but King Golodon jumps into the water grabs a Jigasuras by the tail drags into the deep part of the lake and proceeds to drown him after what seems like forever the monster stops moving. King Golodon walks out of the lake looks again to make sure that Jigasuras is dead as he sees Jigasuras suddenly disappears. King Golodon looks confused. The threat is gone for now.

The Terrible Twins in Russia

We go to Russia Moscow preferably as we see the city and always beautiful landmarks is graceful and yet peaceful. Cyrax decides to send a terrible Twins Dragalanus and Magalanus these guys are watching bad boys. Dragalanus and Magalanus are monster twins that comes from the planet Pegasus-C this is a planet that inhabits fire breathing dragons and walking beasts this particular beast is built like a molten rock beast that we can withstand very high temperatures and that includes Gojimantus’s atomic breath. As you can see from the picture below it does have spikes and dorsal plates located on its back as well as spikes located on his forearms and this monster is very muscular and as it has very powerful arms that can snap anything he needs to. So the good guy monsters do not want to get their souls entangled in these massive arms. He is built like a rhino. This monster is the heaviest of all the bad boys is tight stands at 300 feet and its weight displacement comes in around 60,000 metric tons the reason is it is because it is made of solid and molten lump rock. Dragalanus has a brother and he is an exact when and they are both bumbling idiots that will eventually get on each other’s nerves as brothers do.

They suddenly appear in Moscow and now Moscow has a problem with these two idiots they are so destructive and dominant the same time that the damage they do will not affect them in any way because they are made of moon rock and lawful along with heavy gauged steel straps that hold their bodies together. They both decide to go ahead and destroy the entire city as they had for the Kremlin they destroy that as well they hit all the other major landmarks and Russia needs help that. The Russian consulate decides to call the president of the United States to see if they can assist with something to help them as they talk to the president of the United States of America they come to an agreement that they will send to robots over to help them with Dragalanus and Magalanus. The first robot that unassigned number is a very robot that is located in the Pacific Ocean called Romeo Jaxx which is the American-made robots and they’re sending over the samurai robots Yukon Samurai. These two robots or equal in height however Romeo Jaxx has more impressive weapons than that of Yukon Samurai and Yukon Samurai is exactly what his name is a samurai he has six arms that will slice and dice anything in its path were Romeo Jaxx is a very nimble and powerful robot with impressive ice cannon.

Both robots are sent over by aircraft carriers and they make it within eight hours as a robots jumped off the aircraft carrier they make their way toward Russia. Romeo Jaxx testing capabilities applying solely grabs Yukon Samurai by its waste and takes to the air as they make it to Moscow within a half-hour they crash land the two monsters Dragalanus and Magalanus notice of two robust crashing down. The two robots automatically separate as they begin to fight Dragalanus and Magalanus. Romeo Jaxx takes on Dragalanus who is the red beast and Yukon Samurai takes on Magalanus wizardry beast. They both fight ferociously as Romeo Jaxx watches the crap out of Dragalanus because Dragalanus is not that coordinated it looks very funny when he gets punched. Meanwhile Yukon Samurai is slicing and dicing Magalanus but is not doing anything because he is made of stone and all you see is a bunch of sparks flying. Magalanus backs off confused like a little child he doesn’t know what to do with this robot. Like the dummy that he is he begins to charge Yukon Samurai and at the last second Yukon Samurai steps aside and in the process is him a roundhouse kick to the back of the head knocking Magalanus to the ground. Magalanus sits up and rubs his head and starts to cry like a little baby. Yukon Samurai to scratches his head and says to himself “it’s like fighting babies”. Over on the other side Moscow Romeo Jaxx is having the same situation with Dragalanus and comes to realize the same thing it is like fighting babies. Both Romeo Jaxx and Yukon Samurai look at each other and come up with an ideal they need to somehow take these two guys went somewhere safe where they won’t harm each other or anything for that matter.

Romeo Jaxx comes up with the ideal that Dragalanus and Magalanus are volcanically created so why not take them back to their original birth. The idea was to transport both of these babies to the multihull that is located Kamachatkas Volcano located at the Komandorskiye Islands. Romeo Jaxx takes to the air and unfortunately is the only one that can do this because Yukon Samurai does not have flight capabilities. Romeo Jaxx season behind Dragalanus grabs him as he struggles and he is one heavy bastard and Romeo Jaxx is struggling with him because of his weight and the peninsula is located 5 miles from where they are at hypothetically speaking. He manages take him up the volcano and drop them in and Dragalanus is never seen again. Romeo Jaxx returns to Moscow and watches as Magalanus is just sitting there playing with cars like a little boy with his toys. As he is falling he is screaming ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!

Romeo Jaxx heads back to Moscow and takes up Yukon Samurai it takes him back to the aircraft carrier. They both look at each other because they know that these monsters were just babies and they felt kind of bad about it.

The Elemental Surprised

Cyrax and the Elemental all of the monsters that they sent to the planet has failed in doing so simply because they did not come to realize that the year had its own, monsters. They were just simply hidden from the public eye until brought to their attention and when they were brought to their attention they came forth and fall for the planet Earth. So far they have come out on top but now the plan for Cyrax and The Elemental is an all-out monster attack. They send all the monsters that once down to the planet but in different areas to do further damage. Racon the Sea Monster shows up in Lake Michigan this monster will have to face yet again King Krako because they are both see monsters other than robots there is nothing else to stop Racon the Sea Monster other than King Krako., Dragalanus and Magalanus are sent to Osaka Japan.

Gojimantus is placed in New York City where he can do his destruction there. Jigasuras is sent to Australia to destroy the wastelands of Australia. A brand-new monster is created that comes from outer space and is sent to the planet to destroy everything in an aerial assault. This new monster is equipped with an endoskeleton with rocket boosters on its back with gigantic wings it has a wingspan of over 300 feet it is Dragon like but it hasn’t one had it is not a King Ghidorah, but it is a descendent of King Ghidorah it is called King Mandar, so this creature is sent to a heavily populated Beijing to destroy that city.

Now their counterparts that will try to stop these monsters for King Mandar we will be sending the legendary beast from the Emerald underworld is an elder beast of a Dragon and it is called Gozedus. This is also a Dragon but a very huge and extremely powerful Dragon it has been around as legend says for over 10,000 years is resting in the mountains of Loral which is located in the South American mountains Nevado Sajima is hidden in this mountain and has been resting there for over 10,000 years and needs to be wakened to defeat King Mandar. It is encased and a meteoric type crossed that needs to be cracked open in order to release this monster.

They had to Nevado Sajima and again to place Admium bombs these are special bombs that when they explode they spreading chemical all over a surface and literally dissolve the surface. So these bombs are strategically placed inside the crater around the so-called meteor crossed. The military said there sites on a countdown “10, 9,8,6,5,4,3,2,1,0 detonate” the bombs go off one by one like dominoes and this huge missed and eventually settles down on the surface as it begins to soften the service and eat away at the surface.

We can see the beast is curled up in a ball as the air hits it is suddenly wakes up and knows what he needs to do it climbed out of the crater and the people run frantically away from him because he is such a huge beast. When he makes it to the top of the crater its wings fully stretched to its full 300 foot length this Dragon is extremely huge. And let out a roar like never heard before “arhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ah aha ah aha ha ah” it starts flapping his wings to get a feel for it and it does eventually take off and start flying this monster is capable of flying at Mach 3 speeds as big as it is it can attain that speed. It also has a capabilities of firing plasma balls from his mouth. So now Gozedus heads towards Beijing China. Jigasuras will be fighting Thunderbolt Zin this is a new robot that is built by the Australian government and it cost this project $15 billion and it drained all his resources into this robot. This robot is a Class A Robot what is meant by that is this robot is the top-of-the-line robots it has missiles coming out of its chest it has turbo workers on its back as well as missiles coming out of its fingers it also has the capability of separating into two different vehicles. This robot stands in at 300 feet tall and weighs in at 40,000 metric tons. This robot will be fighting Jigasuras.

In Osaka Japan we have the twins Dragalanus and Magalanus destroy Osaka Japan they will have to face to robots one day are ready have met his name is Romeo Jaxx you will be sent to Japan to fight these two monsters. The other one is a new one from the United States it is called “Stryker Patriot” this is the truest USA patriotic robot that they have. It is literally painted in red white and blue collars. It is a very expensive robot the most powerful robot they have is a Class A Robot this robot stands in at 350 feet tall and has a Megatomic Hammer which is capable of smashing anything it hits. The helmet of a patriot and it has missiles that come out of its mouth is necessary. The mouth is guarded by a shielding and it has missiles wrapped around his forearms and it also have the capability of extracting its hands which are bomb capable they will explode on impact. It has tremendous picking power as well as a gigantic sword that a strap on its back. The Megatomic Hammer is close to its hip and the sword is the robot’s main weapon. The armor shielding on this robot is superior over all the other robots it has a special army Teflon coated armor piercing plates, so this robot will withstand most attacks that come at. The main objective is to destroy all these monsters however there is one plan that your people want to do and that is take control of Gojimantus.

Boarding the Axiom

The guardians are super cybernetic soldiers then stand about 15 feet tall and are very indestructible and cannot be stopped with conventional weapons. They are not human they are robotic and they have mega-thrusters located on the back so they can take off and the bitter Earth’s atmosphere without a problem they are very heat resistant so they can withstand that they eventually leave the Earth’s atmosphere and head into space and head towards The Axiom this is the station that Cyrax and The Elemental are controlling all the monsters including Gojimantus. They slowly however and search the outside of the ship for overweight and the only way in that they can see is through one of the long tubes that have a high propulsion jet system that would literally burn them to pieces that is the only way in and now they got to figure out a way to get him without being destroyed by the propulsion system.

There is a walkway that they noticed that goes right by the propulsion system however the extreme heat could do further damage to the cybernetic robots but there are 15 of them and the ideal is to surround five of them and protect them from the heat while the rest of sacrifice themselves this is the ideal. They form a shield around the five cybernetic soldiers as they fly through the walkway past the propulsion system which is literally burning up the robots after them are now destroyed and their only halfway through as if I make it to the other end they begin to cool off and they need to break off because they are melted together. The five demands to survive as they make it into the ship. Because there are 15 feet tall and very heavy they need to walked very quietly otherwise they will sense their presence they make their way into the main bays where they held their Kaiju monsters. They walked very closely and notice that the controls to Gojimantus are right there by Cyrax. They hold back as they try to figure out a way to get to the control panel without being noticed. The cybernetic soldiers are equipped with advanced bombs that when you throw them that connect to whatever they touch.

Kaiju versus Kaiju

Back on the planet Earth the monsters that were sent down by Cyrax and The Elemental are destroying the cities as we speak and one by one the other monsters and robots show will to defend the city. King Mandar in Beijing China is slowly destroying the city with its missiles that is strapped to his body and eventually the elder dragon they call Gozedus shows up to do battle with King Mandar now compared in size Gozedus is almost twice the size of King Mandar, but King Mandar has more pressing weapons. But the elder dragon will do its best to defend China. A major aerial assaults is occurring over the city of Beijing as King Mandar fires its weapons on Gozedus it misses and the missiles hit the Beijing Olympic Stadium destroyed it completely. The people in China are running frantically away from these two gigantic monsters as they continued their onslaught. Eventually Gozedus any aerial assaults manages to claw and grabbed King Mandar in his chest cavity and plunge into the air. By doing this it destroyed one of his flying wings and now I can no longer fly. Gozedus is flying around while King Mandar lies on the ground helpless as he eventually gets to his feet Gozedus with his massive speed picks up his feet to Mach 1 and flies towards King Mandar at this speed and he launches his head down because he has this huge acts like horn on its head and it flies directly through King Mandar literally splitting him in half. King Mandar falls dead and explodes the nothing. Gozedus thanks for the sky and disappears. Meanwhile back in United States in Lake Michigan Racon the Sea Monster as just showing up and has walked on land and is destroying all the harbors and peers along the coast of Lake Michigan.

Racon thinks it’s safe however King Krako shows up again and decides to finish them off once and for all he slowly eases out of the water while Racon is destroying everything on the border of Lake Michigan. King Krako slowly eases his head out of water and with his tentacle hand it slowly grabs Racon and pulled him back in the water and thus a fight ensues again and Racon says you again and this time this fight is much more ferocious than ever before. Slashes at King Krako for all it is worth and King Krako is severely damaged however because he has snakelike features he can outmaneuver Racon. He swims underneath the water in each and every time he swims by Racon he slices him with his very sharp fangs on his back Racon is heavily damaged in the midsection and in his back because of the slicing of King Krako. Racon is bleeding profusely and getting weaker and then suddenly King Krako flies completely out of the water and into the air with a full swing slaps him with his huge tail literally knocking Racon head off his shoulders. His body shakes and quivers and slowly sinks back into the water never to be seen again. I

The fight in Australia with the new robot “Thunderbolt Zin is just happening and Jigasuras is fighting this robot for all it’s worth. Jigasuras is just a simple creature with heavy plating he does not have any special weapons so we has to rely on his own tenacity and do the best that he can and why Cyrax decided to get this one is beyond our imaginations. The robot Thunderbolt Zin literally picks up Jigasuras slams him to the ground and steps on him profusely and injuring this for monster and what happens to make a short and sweet Thunderbolt Zin has these missiles at his fingertips he fires on Jigasuras and explodes and the monster is on fire it screams in pain until it eventually dies. Thunderbolt Zin then stand straight up realizing he has won expected base in Australia.

Now we have Racon is dead and King Krako has gone back to his sleep and Jigasuras was killed by Thunderbolt Zin and King Mandar was destroyed by Gozedus and Gozedus is flying around somewhere. We now head back to Japan in Osaka where the two twins are destroying the city Dragalanus and Magalanus however this time they no longer are perceived as babies because Cyrax has changed their personality so they are more monstrous and deadly. Romeo Jaxx because he can fly lands their first and right behind him and also fly is Yukon Samurai. They both went in Osaka and yes Dragalanus and Magalanus both see the robots and immediately attacked them in a vicious manner Romeo Jaxx realizes that these monsters are no longer babies and attach them with such resilience that they keep coming at hand owned by the way he is handling Dragalanus the red molten dude and Yukon Samurai has to handle Magalanus he’s the green dude. Romeo Jaxx is fighting off Dragalanus and Yukon Samurai is using his six source and doing everything he can to stop these monsters in the fight ensues as we now had back to her Gojimantus is. Gojimantus was last seen in New York City and he is destroying the city with the slightest of these in the military are doing all they can to stop had without truly harming him. They need to react fast to get control of Gojimantus otherwise there can be forced to kill him.

They Lose Control

Meanwhile back on the Axiom the 15 foot cybernetic soldiers are hidden away from Cyrax and The Elemental’s eyesight as they prepare to throw the spider bombs which have the capability went wrong it will stick anything. So they carefully aim for the council that is controlling Gojimantus and the other Kaiju’s if they destroy this all the other Kaiju’s will no longer be controlled by the aliens. Cybernetic soldier number one has the spider bomb and carefully aims and throws it and when it’s flying through the air it seems like it’s takes forever to reach its destination but when it does it hits it spot perfectly, and Cyrax The Elemental do not notice. They continue to do what they do all and the cybernetic soldiers look at each other and realized that this could possibly happen. They step back towards the doorways of the Axiom and they set off the bombs that are controlling Gojimantus and the other Kaiju’s it explodes knocking Cyrax and The Elemental to the floor not know what’s going on. They get up frantically and suddenly see the cybernetic soldiers as they suddenly plant more spider bombs all over the door of the ship. They sent him off the doors exploded off as all of the cybernetic soldiers jumped out of the ship.

Kaiju’s Are No Longer in Control

Unfortunately for Cyrax and The Elemental the Kaiju’s that they had were just not enough to do any damage to the Kaiju’s on the planet Earth, so the main reason why they blew up the console was to get control of Gojimantus. Meanwhile the military are fighting Gojimantus and suddenly the side of his head bursts out with a blood spot and realize that Gojimantus as calm down and is looking around because now they know is back under his own control. Gojimantus is extremely exhausted from all he has been through and decide to head back out to the ocean to rest, but he knows he can do that because he senses there are dangers here on this planet. As he heads back out of New York City he jumped into the Atlantic Ocean and swims towards Osaka Japan is he eventually makes it to Osaka Japan within less than an hour as he enters Osaka city he realizes all the destruction has occurred by the two monsters Dragalanus and Magalanus however they are no longer there. They have made their way to Tokyo destroying everything in its path while the robots are fighting them and Gojimantus eventually nation towards the twins. The twins are not aware of Gojimantus and his presence. The robots are fighting the twins viciously as they do everything they can to stop them. Gojimantus fires on Dragalanus striking him just above the shoulder knocking him to the ground and then he fires on Magalanus and he falls to the ground as well then the robots take over and destroy both Magalanus and Dragalanus. With their conventional weapons destroying them for good.

The Final Battle

Gojimantus looks at both robots as if to say “you guys are helping me and I do appreciate what you done” the two robots take off and headed back to their prospective basis Yukon Samurai heads back to the military base located on the other side of Tokyo and Romeo Jaxx is back to his military hive in Whiteface New York located in the Whiteface Mountain. There he gets upgraded and repair. Gojimantus on the other hand heads back into the ocean to rehabilitate and regenerate. However the fight is not over yet as they think it is. The monsters King Mandar, Racon the Sea Monster, and the twins Dragalanus and Magalanus are all dead and the good guys are still alive and they have left. King Golodon has gone back to the lake. However something doesn’t feel right there is something going on where is the elder dragon Gozedus suddenly he shows up and lands back in the mountain in which he came from and against rest again.

Meanwhile in the spaceship they call The Axiom Cyrax and his leader The Elemental are extremely upset and irate about what just happened because again they lost at the hands of Gojimantus and other Kaiju’s on planet Earth. However they have one more trick up their sleeve. What people don’t realize is The Axiom is a living breathing monster that can transport like a spaceship. The ideal is to leadership and The Axiom would do what he needs to do.

So Cyrax and the Elemental leadership in a small transport ship that will time warp them to a different area in space when it is needed. Suddenly the ship starts turning and it reshapes itself into a gigantic monster and this monster is cybernetic in nature as well as Kaiju. As it is transforming into its true form we now see it is a gigantic Kaiju that is about 800 feet tall and about 400 feet wide with tentacles about 10 of them with gigantic metal claws at each end as well as the capabilities of having bomb burster’s shooting out of those tentacles. The most unique thing about this monster is it is a gigantic eyeball monster. It now descends into the plans and the sphere where it lands in the ocean without anyone’s knowledge.

The monster is called Karrilien it is a big giant I monster this is something different. The monster is floating around on the ocean floor however the earth people are not aware of its existence. The Karillien is making its way to an offshore Pacific island where the battle will ensue it makes its way up to Faroe Island and makes his way into the middle of the jungle where it then suddenly collapses and goes into hyper sleep. Meanwhile in the Atlantic Ocean at the Leviathan twins Gojimantus is resting and recuperating and suddenly he wakes up and senses there is another monster on this planet that he is not familiar with.

The military are watching Gojimantus and notice that he is on the move again and heading for the Pacific islands. Meanwhile Gozedus the giant elder dragon senses something is different and wakes up and takes flight. King Golodon that is located past the Tea Mountains suddenly wakes up because it has not gone into its deep sleep yet and makes its way towards the Atlantic Ocean which could take days but it traveled all the way through China and worked his way to the Atlantic Ocean there a jumped in and travels on the ocean floor straight for the Pacific Ocean and the Pacific Islands. Gozedus would be the first to show up on Faroe Island and it flies over, but doesn’t notice anything different and it lands near the Karillien which is a monster that Gozedus and other monsters will have to fight and defeat. Suddenly the monster wakes up it does resemble Biollante except it has one gigantic eye in the center. Gozedus takes to the air immediately only to get caught by one of the tentacles on his way as it cools Gozedus to the ground. Then suddenly the tentacles all 10 of them start smashing Gozedus all over his body.

Gozedus would be taking a beating as it tries to take flight the Karillien only stops it and smashes Gozedus to the ground. This would go on for quite a while until finally Gojimantus steps up onto the island and started walking through the woods towards the event. Meanwhile the military have noticed that Gojimantus is on the run and they call on the two robots to assist Gojimantus and Gozedus in defeating what they think is a gigantic monster, but they don’t have any idea what’s going on yet. But they contact the military and they send Romeo Jaxx and Striker Patriot to Faroe Islands. It would be less than an hour that both robots would show up and land in the general area of the Karillien. Gojimantus walks through the woods knocking trees down as the Karillien hears his huge footsteps as he makes his way towards the center of the island. Meanwhile the Karillien is getting the better of Gozedus who was trying to get in the air but can’t because of the tentacles. Gojimantus steps through and sees the Karillien is one big beast is way bigger than Gojimantus and Gozedus so he has his hands full.

Gojimantus immediately fires on the Karillien and the Karillien reacts by smacking its tentacles into Gojimantus’s face into the ground. He is based and he shakes it off and gets back on his feet and charges the Karillien as the tentacles flying towards him he sidesteps and grabbed the tentacles and uses atomic breath and burns all for tentacles is able to the ground. The Karillien is now in pain because he now knows Gojimantus is a threat. Distracted by Gojimantus Gozedus manages to escape into the air. A little while later Romeo Jaxx shows up with Striker Patriot as a form an alliance with Gojimantus to destroy this big bastard. They all take for size and do what they can to stop this huge monster.

Gojimantus is using his atomic breath as well as his tail and he manages to hit the Karillien’s eye not really damaging it bought enough to get his attention. Romeo Jaxx uses his missiles and fires on the Karillien with little or no effect. Striker Patriot takes to the air and literally plunges down directly on top of the monster only to bounce off. This monster is very resilient as a further try to defeat the Karillien it would be like a half hour later Gojimantus and Gozedus are tired and the robots are doing all they can and finally King Golodon finally shows up and sees the Karillien and all five attack him at once with King Golodon he has massive punching power far more powerful than the other robots and he keeps punching at the eye of the Karillien. Gojimantus is doing his thing and Gozedus is flying above and shooting his plasma balls directly at the Karillien eyeball and eventually with the help of Gojimantus they fired once along with the robots firing at the eyeball the all fire simultaneously destroy the eyeball.

Now they know the Karillien is hurt they do everything they can they fire atomic breath, plasma balls the ice ray coming from Romeo Jaxx and they throw everything at this monster and after that mighty assault the Karillien eventually loses the fight and catches on fire and burns to death. Striker Patriot and Romeo Jaxx step back Gozedus glance towards Gojimantus at the all look with King Golodon as they see the Karillien burning to the ground. They looked at each other and realize they just won the fight of a lifetime. Meanwhile in space Cyrax and the Element are at each other’s throats as they take off into space and they warp to the other side of the galaxy and realizing they cannot take over this planet because of all of the Kaiju that are on this planet.

Conclusion of Kaiju Wars

As the monsters look at each other they sense that they do not want to fight each other because they all came here for the same purpose and that is to protect the planet that they live on. Gojimantus this really shakes the hand of Striker Patriot as he looks at this robot he realizes is a very patriotic robot. You could possibly see a smile on his face. He then shakes the hand of Romeo Jaxx who is red and looks kind of like a modern looking jet Jaguar. He looks over to Gozedus as if to say “thank you for your help” and then finally he walks over to King Golodon and thanks him as well. They all part the ways and the Faroe Islands. The robots take off and head back to America, King Golodon works his way back to China to the Tea Mountains, the elder dragon they know as Gozedus edged back to his mountain rest and it closes up leaving him to rest until he is needed again. As for Gojimantus while the earth people in the military now know that they not only need him there for possible future attacks, but they also appreciate what he does for this planet. Gojimantus is kind of a treasure and at the same time a safe year of planet Earth.

The En


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