About The Godzilla Shrine



The Godzilla Shrine and how it got started!

It first started when I got my first computer back in 1996 and I was surfing the Internet for information based on the Titanic, anything sci-fi monster related, and yes mostly Godzilla and wondering my stepson came up to me and said “since you like Godzilla so much why don’t you build a website” I just looked at him like he was crazy and I knew nothing about websites.

Anyway I dabble in so I figured it out and eventually got my first website online by 1998. It was one of the most popular Godzilla websites out there next to the Toho kingdom, Rodan’s Roost As Well as other sites that were popular back then. I had all kinds of soundbites, images from all of this, information based on Godzilla, and videos as well.

Within the last 10 years or so I have been running into problems with my computer and offloading the website to the servers. I was finally forced to take it down roughly 2 years ago and now I finally found a new home for this website. Believe it or not it is on a WordPress blog that has website templates, so I set it up one year.

Anyway as you can see in the navigation I have been doing a lot of writing in the last five years or so and I will be posting a whole lot more to go and check out all the information that I have based on Godzilla. Enjoy your stay here at The Godzilla Shrine.





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